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Globalization Leadership Challenges in a Global World Globalization can sometimes pose challenges to leaders if they do not understand the dynamics of operating under such circumstances. For instance, leaders face challenges pertaining to language barriers and culture shock, which arises due to diversity of workers and clients. This may make it difficult to issue instructions or commands to workers who are not bilingual. Another leadership challenge caused by globalization is the lack of experience and skills to manage multinational organizations (Walker, Walker & Schmitz, 2003). For instance, managing a company in Dubai may expose challenges to a leader who does not understand Arabic language or the oil industry. A leader should be able to adopt changes that suit different markets and countries in order to attain organizational missions. In this regard, some leaders do not know how to change strategies due to inexperience and lack of exposure (Walker, Walker & Schmitz, 2003). The other leadership challenge in a global world is international politics that shape the external factors of an organization. These comprise of the legal and political aspects that influence operations of firms in international economies (Walker, Walker & Schmitz, 2003).
Developing a global mindset in the general perspective entails the use of a strategy that can suit different markets and organizations. For instance, adopting a strategy that incorporates all cultures and suits the market demands (Bikson, et al, 2003). The global mindset in an organizational life can be developed by having an organizational culture that describes the values and procedures. The work style global mindset is developed through directing workers to provide unique and quality services that differentiate the company (Bikson, et al, 2003). The view of change concept is the approach given to operations in international markets by being flexible to emerging trends. The learning concept can be developed in global mindset by developing employees to improve their skills and creativity.
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