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Giving voice to values essay

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Giving Voice to Values Famous Physics laureate Dr. Albert Einstein has rightly said, “ Try not to become a man of success but rather a man of value. ” This doesn’t mean one should never aim for success, however it emphasizes that one should never compromise his/her values for success. Values are the faiths and beliefs a person has which define his actions. In other words, values define your personality. Therefore, becoming a man of value is most vital in order to shape your personality and character in the right path. Relating to my personal experience, I can rightly say that following this motto in my life has been the key to my success.

As I look back upon my life and take a step into nostalgia, I realize that the values that I learned from my parents, teachers, friends and most importantly through the mistakes of my life, have been the major stepping stones to my success. In this report I will discuss some of my ethical dilemmas and why ethics are important to me in Business. I would also discuss my perception of ethics and will talk about some of my deepest values. Almost everyone likes fame. Somewhere deep inside the heart everyone wants to be remembered and like everyone else even I am greedy for fame.

But I don’t want to be remembered in this world for my wealth, business or success but for my values. I want to be successful but not at the cost of my values. Ever since I was a child my parents taught me some of the basic values of life. As I grew up I learnt more about values from my friends and especially my teachers. But the story that completely changed the way I thought about values was the Indian Epic called Ramayana. Prince Rama was the eldest of four sons and was to become king when his father retired from ruling. His stepmother, however, wanted to see her son Bharata, Rama’s younger brother, become king.

Remembering that the king had once promised to grant her any two wishes she desired, she demanded that Rama be banished and Bharata be crowned. The king had to keep his word to his wife and ordered Rama’s banishment. Rama accepted the decree unquestioningly. “ I gladly obey father’s command,” he said to his stepmother. “ Why, I would go even if you ordered it. ” And then he was exiled for fourteen years. The most important lesson I learnt from this story was that even in the extreme circumstances a person’s values should always be above all. The story gives me an insight to vey high moral and ethical standards of the yore.

Obedience, loyalty, truth and respect are the qualities that I as a business man would pursue. I want to become a successful entrepreneur and create a business where profits are generated by company’s ethics and values. I believe that an ethical company is a successful company. Upholding ethics of the company promotes a better working environment, and at the same time a good reputation for the company. I believe that both of these contribute to high productivity and profits. But however hard one tries avoiding conflicts at work place is not easy.

There are always ethical dilemmas that a person has to face sometime during his work. There are many ways to resolve a conflict but according to me a healthy communication is very essential to avoid a conflict. Thus I believe, one should not be non-confrontational as it just escalates conflicts due to misunderstandings. If there is a conflict, I stay focused on the issue at hand and speak with a lower tone to calm the mood. Respect everyone’s boundaries and actively listen to everyone. I try and change responses so that they in-turn will calm down because they are not getting the response they expected.

It is a said that a pen is mightier than a sword. Many conflicts can be avoided through written communication. However, I believe the real beauty of language is in active communication. When we communicate in-person, we are not only speaking words but we are adding emotions to it. We add tone and mood to the conversation. This greatly affects the understandability of the speaker. Our thoughts are clearer when we add emotions to them. Moreover, in-person communication has the advantage that the speaker receives instant feedback from the listener.

Hence, one can quickly change and restructure his thoughts to suit the understanding of the listener. Due to these reasons, I prefer communication in-person over writing. As said by Paul Tillich, “ He who risks and fails can be forgiven. He who never risks and never fails is a failure in his whole being. ” I strongly believe that without taking risks one cannot succeed in life. I am a risk taker and I believe that taking risk is an important part of my life, but my passion to take risks will never overpower my passion to be ethical. American author Napolean Hill says, “ Lack of loyalty is one of the major causes of failure in life. Yes, I do feel loyal towards my family, friends, work, and last but not the least, customers and I feel it important to be loyal. To me, loyalty is the reciprocation of trust. When people trust in you and you keep up that trust, you are being loyal. Loyalty increases trust and trust increases loyalty. Hence, loyalty is one of the most important values I have learned that have helped me in my life. Your personality takes its shape from the values incorporated by your family. Hence, you are what you are mostly due to your family. Hence, I feel most loyal to my parents and my family.

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