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Girl Underground – by Morris Glitzman Good morning/afternoon Miss Yanai and 7N. Girl Underground by Morris Gleitzman reflects the main themes of family morals. What is right and wrong, power and powerlessness of children and growth and change. Gleitzman has used a captivating story, a fast paced plot and an appropriate setting, humour and simple language to reflect these important themes. By setting this book in Canberra, a political position is achieved by using children as the main characters and the author brings about the idea that children can have a say in politics.

This reflects the idea that children can be involved in important decisions if they are serious enough and dedicated. Morris Gleitzman writes in the first person and the story is told in the past tense. This allows the reader to feel as if he or she is on the adventure with Bridget and Menzies. Through the plot we see Bridget grow and change. At the beginning of the story she knows little about the world. She did not even know that the refugee children are held in detention centres in Australia.

She matures in the understanding of the world but her values do not change. So the author has used this character to reflect the theme of growth and development. Bridget believes that her parents are deep down good people. She has a close knit family and even though they run an illegal import business and her brother Gavin is in jail for shoplifting, she believes her family are good and they care for each other. This raises the important theme of what is morally right from wrong. Bridgets parents are good people but they are cheating the government.

They do have good morals as they believe that their son being in jail is ‘ fair cop’ and he deserves it for doing the wrong thing. But, technically they are criminals themselves. The words ‘ fair cop’ show that the author uses everyday language, making it easier for twelve to fourteen year olds to relate to. He also uses a little humour, for example, Menzies was actually the name of a Prime Minister, like one of the main characters. Finally Gleitzamn raises the theme of friendship. He does this through the plot and characters.

Bridget was sure the she would not make friends at her new school because she feared anyone finding out about her parents. However the author shows that if a friendship is going to grow it will. This occurred between Menzies and Bridget. As it can be seen, the author Morris Gleitzman raises the important themes of family, morals, children having power, growth and change through his adventurous plot. Also through well chosen characters, language, use of first person and past tense. Thank you for listening.

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