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Girl stolen

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Girl Stolen Being kidnapped and held against your will is hard enough for a person who can see, let alone a person who is blind. In this story Girl Stolen Cheyenne the main character was kidnapped and went through a dramatic struggle with her disability. But what other people don’t know is that being able to see is a gift its one of the most valuable things you can have. No one can ever imagine what it is like to never be able to see the world ever again. Well what this girl went through you would be surprised how a young girl who’s parents loved her dearly wounded up kidnapped and held for ransom. Cheyenne was sick with pneumonia so her step mom went to get her medicine at a drug store but what she didn’t know was that she was going to get kidnapped on accident. A large man so keys dangling and opened up the car door started it and drove off, but what he didn’t know was that Cheyenne was in the car. All he was wanting to do was jack a car like his dad told him to and go straight home. When Cheyenne heard a big thump in the car she knew that it wasn’t her step mom because her step mom opens the door slowly and says “ im back” before she even shuts the door. The next thing she knew was she was driving and she was getting shook around she leaned down from her cane breathing hard and scared she couldn’t find it. She made to much noise the guy heard looked back saw a girl underneath a blanket and freaked out and he actually took her to the house. When they got to the house the dad was furious and they were going to kill her until they found out that her dad was the president of a huge business and said he would pay as much as they want to give her back alive and not hurt. As any criminal knows they will take that so they locked her in a room, she was scared had no clue if she was underground or in a cell all she knew is she was tied to a bed scared and had no cane no familiar objects around, just the cool air in a small enclosed room all alone. She was regreting not locking the doors or going in with her, she felt around the room and ran into all different objects. When they came in they told her to stay and not leave or move a single muscle, she heard the doors slam and heard a car drove off so he grabbed a glass of water they gave her and threw it on the ground and broke it to pieces. Next she took it cut her ropes walked herself out the door and smelled the fresh pine needles. She then went towards the smell of the pine needles and walked through the woods slowly and carefully. She didn’t know where she was going but then she heard a noise, so she fell to the ground and didn’t move she heard a man call her name saying”Cheyenne where are you! This is the police! Come out so we can help you. ” so she believed him and came out screaming “ Im here! Over here! Don’t leave me! ” when the man came over she hugged him and he said we need to get u in the car and to the police station so he walked her to the road and she thought to herself “ how did he know im blind? ” she knew it was a trap so she went along with it when she got in the car she found a piece of wood and smacked him in the head and say “ get out of the car! ” so he did and she locked the doors got in the drivers seat and started driving. The man chased after her, she found a phone on the floor felt the buttons and dialed 911 they picked up and she told them everything she listened to the tires on the road she didn’t know where she was at she just listened whenever the tires hit the gravel she knows to turn. Because Cheyenne didn’t give up and she followed her heart she made It out alive and she learned that being blind isn’t as and as everyone says it is because sometimes it can save your life. Her life was changed after all that and if you were in her shoes would you have done all that and believe you made it out alive? Cheyenne escaped with her life and lived on.

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