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Genetic experimentation and development

7/15 Should Genetic Engineering be Allowed? Genetic experimentation largely falls under a ification of activities used to deliberately manipulate a living beings genes to deliver a determined conclusion or outcome. The essential utilization for genetic experimentation or engineering concerns the treatment or curing of genetic infection or genetic diseases. Yet even this ought to be approached carefully. Positively inside a Christian perspective, getting rid of pain wherever conceivable is to stroll in Jesus steps. The very first gene treatment or therapy trial in people rectified a life-devastating immune disorder in a two-year-old young girl who, now after ten years, is doing great. The gene treatment has spared the family from a $60, 000 annual bill for essential medication treatment without the gene treatment or therapy. As of late, sixteen coronary illness patients, who were truly waiting for death, got an answer through duplicates or copies of a gene that triggers vein development and growth by infusion direct into the heart. By developing fresh vessels around obstructed arteries, each of the sixteen patients’ demonstrated change and six were totally rid of agony. (Bohlin, n. d.) But this therapies were only used as a last resort, when all else failed. The most important question here is what about when genetic engineering is used other than life-threatening situations. For example, when it is used, by parents who can afford them, to genetically enhance the intelligence of their children or the physique of the person is changed according to his or her liking; thus, initiating a chaotic situation in our elite classes who may start a war to create the genetically ‘ perfect’ human beings. Thus the prospect of any equality between human beings would be eliminated altogether just because e. g. their parents were not able to afford a genetically enhanced mind. Coming towards the stem cell research, it has a lot of potential. A stem cell is a cell that can make precise duplicates of itself for an indefinite period of time. This cell can produce special cells for different tissues in the human body, for example, cerebrum tissue, heart muscle and liver tissue etc. These cells could be spared and utilized later to produce special cells, when required. (University of Maryland Medical Center, n. d.) But this is usually seen as a way of human cloning. But it has greater potential than that, for example, growing broken teeth or ruptured arteries or veins. The main question hair is that should genetic engineering be allowed for further development? Yes, it should be allowed but under some restrictions. Genetic engineering should only be allowed when all else fails. It should be used as a last resort for cure of incurable or life-threatening diseases. What it should not be used for, is creating ‘ perfect’ human beings or in fact ‘ super’ human beings. If the development of genetic engineering is directed towards a more urgent need of eradicating life threatening diseases from the face of the earth, it would be a great success.
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