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Genetic diseases

Genetic diseases are disorders, which emanate from an individual’s genes or chromosomes abnormalities (Chantal & Farndon 544). Mainly, these abnormalities may range from a small mutation in a lone gene to either addition or substation of the entire set of chromosomes (Chantal & Farndon 545). People experiencing genetic diseases normally inherit them from their parents, though current studies have also cited one’s environment as one of the key contributing factors. Genetic diseases have two modes of inheritances, which include single gene and multifactorial inheritance (Chantal & Farndon 548). The latter mode of inheritance entails the involvement of environmental factors besides multiple genes’ alterations in an individual’s body. For illustration, different genes that cause breast cancer where researchers have unveiled the presence of 6, 11, 13, 14, 15, 17, and 22 chromosomes besides environmental factors (Doak 10). Other multifactorial inheritance disorders include diabetes, obesity, cancer and arthritis (Doak 29). Single gene inheritance mainly emanates from mutation changes, which take place in the DNA sequence (Doak 10).
Breast cancer and diabetes where after they have reached advanced stages, medical practitioners normally result in the application of their respective management practices. This is to length the patient’s lifespan, and it entails occasional gene therapies coupled with doctors advising relatives to offer the ailing person both the necessary material and moral assistance (Chantal & Farndon 550).

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