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Gender roles in families

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Mad Men
The show on the “ Mad Men” is an interesting series that reflects on the societal changes in terms of gender roles and issues that concern the women today. These issues were neglected by the past generations of women and they saw them as normal. According to the different views in the article I would like to conquer with some of the views and opinions of the various writers who have expressed opinions about the value that the show portrays in the contemporary society.
First Response
According to the first respondent, the show is based on the past, the 1960(s). During this time, there were different gender roles as women were viewed just as subordinates and not equal partners in the society. The series presents, through its characters a society that undermines the power of women. For instance, women are given tasks that are feminine in a way. In the whole series, the women are just secretaries that are working under their bosses who are males. There are also women who are homemakers . There is a scene where the sectaries discuss the contraceptive pills. They take pills in order to continue sleeping with their bosses. This shows how men viewed women in the past.
The series is a throwback. However, things have changed since that time. The current society is a totally different society, women have been empowered by the changes in time and societal beliefs. The women are voiceless in the whole series in that the males mistreat them and no one talks about it. For example, when Joan is raped by her fiancé, she never talks about it in the first place. This is a violation of her rights. She is rendered voiceless in this scene. This typically describes how women were viewed back then.
Second Response
The second respondent views the series as a reminder of how the situation was for women in the 1960(s). This is, in my view, appreciating change, because of that past we see women appreciating how much space they have in the contemporary society. The society of back in those days had so many stereotypes about the women and gender roles. On the other hand, it also presents two choices for the women today. The two choices are detailed in two characters in the series. In the series, we have the characters of Betty and Peggy. Betty is the stylish wife while Peggy is that woman who is keen about her career and really works hard in her job. This show emphasizes the changes that have occurred at the work place as being of help to the women. The changes have given them space to perform, unlike in the past that there were a lot of stereotypes that hindered their performance at the work place.
These two scenarios are of importance to the current generation. They are presented with a chance to be either of the two. This move is positive in the fight for equality in the 21st century. However, most of the women today have had to choose the lifestyle of a Becky. They admire that life that is of less hard work and more of just being provided for. A few in the society have learnt to appreciate the women taking advantage of the empowerment that has since enabled them be major partners in various ways in the world issues.
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