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Preschool boys can be easily guided into pattern and behavior which will help creating a strong and friendly personality towards others in long run. This can be done so by eradicating the stigma of masculine appearance and strong appearance as a whole. Discouraging the trends of being the protectors of the female and the family are few of the possible options that can be undertaken in this regard. Being responsible for bread earning is also an area that should be re visited.
Activities that may not be strictly of the boys will allow overcoming this problem. Parenting is one of the factors they may be familiarized with. Guys made to work as subordinate to the girls and allowing girls leading the ranks is an example. A pre school boy may be introduced to the house cleaning concept, cooking and other errands handling.
The girls on the other hand should be introduced to the types of works that are more often associated with the guys. A girl being made the group leader is also one of the manner in which the conventional mindset can be discouraged. Encouraging a girl into becoming an active citizen, learning to drive, learning to become a professional woman and not just look after the infants and house hold chores will make for the stereotype mindset changing.
Sharing of literature that guides the young ones into equal responsibilities and equal rights of the two and equal abilities in parallel. Neutral environment based activities must be promoted and practiced in children in order to reduce the stereotypical trends of gender schema (Bukatko and Daehler, 508).
Bukatko, Danuta and Marvin Daehler. Child Development: A Thematic Approach. Cengage Learning, 2011

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