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I live alone in a flat off campus and discard rubbish every day. Through eyeballing what I have thrown away, I found out some facts about me and my way of living; moreover, I pointed out my pernicious habits and factors that could interfere with my health. Through my household rubbish analysis, I arrived to a conclusion “ We are what we eat and we are what we discard”.

I kept my rubbish under a seven days observation. That is what I noticed: the food that I eat is somewhat fast-prepared food (I have no time to prepare complex courses), so the main waste products for such eatings were remains of bacon, sausages, ham, a butter parchment and a bottle of sauce. I also discovered that I eat a lot of vegetables – bits and pieces of tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuce, and cheese. What is more, I understood that I do not value the bread I buy – I threw out an entire loaf of bread (at this point I recalled that I used to throw out a loaf of bread nearly every week)! I also noticed that I consume a lot of water within a seven days’ time – 5 flasks of water are on my waste`s list. I ecorded one bottle of beer this means that I do not drink alcohol (one bottle a month is the maximum I can afford myself to drink). I must say that I am a religious person, so I do not take pleasure in drinking. Notwithstanding my indifference to alcohol, I could not help noticing my passion for sweets – I observed 6 wraps of chocolate bars and several pastry boxes, along with numerous tea bags. Fruit, as well as vegetables, is the food that I prefer; agreeably, an abundance of pits, and peel of grapes, apples, grapefruit, oranges, tangerines, bananas, and even coconut were found in my waste-bin.

In addition, I found out to be a Coca-Cola addict – 4 liters of Cola are on my record. By the way, it turned out that I smoked about 5 packs of cigarettes within a week. I also wrote down a coffee can of 500 mg; to my mind, it is a great quantity of coffee for a single person. As a matter of fact, this means that I am a coffee addict too. It emerged that yoghurts are my weakness – I placed on record 8 bottles of drinking yoghurts.

The last but not the least is my examination of the psychologicaal aspects of my discarded possessions. Last week I threw out a lot of my old CDs, exercise books, student`s books and aged stationery. A heap of wastepaper was thrown out, too. Moreover, I threw several of my worn-out clothes, likewise two or more pieces of old furniture. Through analyzing this kind of garbage, I understood that I tend to liberate myself from the past and direct myself towards future. Remains of incense sticks` cinder reminded me that I adore to relax at home with fragrant smells of opium or sandal wood all around the flat. Such kind of refuse bears evidence of my home based rest.

All in all, the ‘ garbage experiment’ redounded to my personal advantage – I saw with my own eyes the food that cause damage to my health and the approximate amount of cigarettes I smoke every day. Further still, I gave myself a promise to smoke less because of the staggering quantity of ashes and cigar butts in my dustbin (it made quite a big impression on me). I also considered my food predilections – most of them are not healthy at all, so, I decided to brace my energies and gradually change my ‘ menu’.

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