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Susan Antony

Susan Brownell Antony was born on 15th February in the year 1820 in Massachusetts. She died on March 13 of the year1906. Her Quaker family was well endowed with activist traditions. This made Susan develop a moral zeal and sense of justice in her early life. Susan was a well-known feminist and civil rights activist and leader in America. She played a very instrumental role in the movement of women rights of the 19th century in America leading to the introduction of the women suffrage in the US. Susan also worked with Elizabeth Candy Stanton as the founders of first of the women movements called Women’s Temperance Movement. She also co-founded the journal dealing with women’s rights min America called The Revolution. She made visits to Europe and the US making many speeches pertaining to women in many years. She advocated for the acknowledgement and institutionalization of the women rights by the government of America (Susan, 2013). Her great efforts and achievements in advocating for the women’s rights made her Birthday commemorated in the US as Susan Antony Day in Winton and Florida states.
Susan worked as a teacher for a period of fifteen years and she later became very active in temperance and activism. She was given the opportunity and time to speak in rallies relating to temperance since she was a woman. This made her actively engage in women’s rights activism and women suffrage. She ignored the opposition b and she actively engaged in campaigns for women to have rights of ownership to property as well as abolition of slavery. She also participated in advocating for the organization dealing with women’s rights. She also engaged in persuading the admission of women in the University of Rochester. She was a compassionate and aggressive woman who never got married in her life.
Susan was an abolitionist since she was active in the movement against slavery in America. She engaged in the activities and movements in order to push for the abolition of slavery in the US. She got a great support of her family which against slavery in America. Susan participated in activities like making speeches, posters, distribution of leaflets as well as arranging meetings in order to advocate for abolition of slavery in America. She was threatened arms and hostile mobs but she kept her spirit up towards abolition of slavery in America. She also campaigned for the full citizenship of women in America which including their rights to vote irrespective of race. She also advocated for equal rights of the citizens of America.
Susan was also an educational reformer as shown by the various positions she took in her school life. She actively advocated for admission of women into the university as well as better payments for the women teachers. She advocated for equal opportunities in education for both the boys and girls in the schools claiming that there was no difference the brain of a girl and that of a boy. She also advocated for equal opportunities in education for all citizens irrespective of their gender or race in America. She actively participated in allowing the enslaved children to attend the public schools.
Susan was also a labor activist in that she participated in advocating for equal labor rights for all citizens regardless of their race or gender in America. She campaigned for equal work and equal pay. She also promoted the buying of the American goods as well migrating to the south in order to rebuild the whole nation. She advocated for labor unions in order to advocate for the rights of the labors in America.

Clara Barton:

Clara Barton was born on 25th of December in the year 1821 at Massachusetts. She lived up to 12th of April in 1912. She pioneered in working as a teacher, nurse, patent clerk and as a humanitarian. She build a career in helping others at the time when few women could work outside their households. She was a founder of the American Red Cross Society which help the victims of disasters and wars (Hamen, 2010). Clara never got married though she was in a relationship with a person called John Elwell. At her teenage, she helped in nursing their brother who was ill for a period of two years. This experience enabled her to gain courage in medical training.
She started working as a teacher at the age of eighteen and later moved to the patent office where she worked as an office clerk. Her position was eliminated here because the boss was against women working at such high positions.
The civil war broke out when she was working in Washington, D. C in the year 1961. Maassachsetts infantry was also attacked by the sympathizers from the south. Clara Barton took supplies from her home and help them. This was another stepping stone in her career which enabled her rise up her ladder of career. She participated in helping the wounded soldiers during the war where she started an agency of distributing supplies to the battle fields. She was given permission and authority of distributing the supplies to the battle fields. She provided the supply to all the surgeons and doctors who were working in the battlefields especially in Virginia, South California and Maryland. Clara also helped in locating the soldiers who were missing at the end of the war. She helped in marking the graves. She therefore played a very important role in humanity especially during the war. She helped save many lives by treatment and nursing of the wounds and injuries during the civil war (Hamen, 2010).
She learned about the Red Cross while she was in Switzerland. When she came back to America, she started teaching and educating people about the essence of creating the Red Cross society in America. The association of Red Cross in America was formed after she met with the president of America at that time. Clara was elected to the position of president of the association. The local chapters of the Red Cross society were formed all over America which helped during the times disasters.
Clara Barton used most of her lifetime in the leadership of Red Cross. She participated in teaching and educating people on disaster management both at their homes and in the whole society. She also engaged in helping the poor and homeless people. Clara therefore played a very important role in helping the society during the times of war and natural disasters.

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