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Foundation engineering

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ENVIRONMENTAL, SOCIAL AND ECONOMIC IMPACTS OF THE DESIGN AND PROJECT: INTRODUCTION The above project and design will have both positive and negative impacts to this locality. These include and not limited to:
1. Environmental Impacts
The Ecosystem has a high level of bio-diversity which makes it be at stable equilibrium and resilience. However, rolling-out this project will cause migrations of organisms, (Hansen & Andersen) and loss of plant cover which if not handled in well planned manner could cause volatility on both the earth balance and the eventual structure.
The project will add aesthetic value to the locality as well as providing a renowned landmark.(point of reference)for directions.
2. Social Impacts
The roll-out of the proposal necessitates a heavy man power to: design the site; deliver resources and actual construction. This in return demands both skilled and unskilled labor from the locals, making it a source of employment to the residents. (Howard)
In the cause of execution of this project and its completion, demographic status of this locality will be varied, considering the influx of persons drawn from different inclination of life, to help in ideologies among other resources necessary for the project.
The above mentioned, if not well observed, may come along with vices such as crime and ill health
Besides it will provide a source of livelihood and assist in raising the living conditions of the workers and other parties involved directly and indirectly (Jerome, 46) in rolling out the project.
More important, there shall be formal and informal transfer of knowledge, amongst the working team, which shall play a big role on cultivation of innovation to residents at large.
3. Economic Impacts
In the longer stint, the project will provide reasonable living standards growth for a cross section of people involved. Such growth shall comprise quick overall productivity evolution, and a balance of income.(Cook, 185)
Moreover, it will lead to emergence of SME, micro and macro business units aimed at satisfying the varied needs of the project which may include, ready foods, fruits for the workforces among others. This shall expand the circulation and consumption of indigenous products within the locality (Jerome).
On a larger scope, it shall be a source of revenue to municipal through either taxation or otherwise.
The positive impacts have an upper hand making it a viable project and a valid investment
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