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Fitness movement in the usa

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Fitness Movement in the USA
What were the reasons for the rise of fitness faith, centres, and its churches? The movement was a response to crises due to health and identity. The fitness movement drew the interest of “ individualism” and “ conformity” to men as well as women of sexual orientations (Rader, 2008). At the same time, the movement challenged and confirmed stereotype perceptions concerning manliness and femininity. Those who resisted the movement found reprieve in making peace with the larger society and affirm the authority to rule.
The movement was real since it sustained development indicates. Several fitness businesses ranging from small storefronts to multipurpose clubs, women-only bastions to muscle gyms dotted the sporting landscape. Stand-alone clubs donated the industry until the twentieth century when the industry was transformed by the large centrally owned chains. According to Costa & Guthrie (1994), the last decade of the twentieth century was depicted by formation of “ Chandlerian” core, a contrast to the peripheral industry. The fitness movement thrived successfully in an environment that gifted collective individualism; an environment where labour of public exercise initiated individual virtue. The shifting gender relations and the interest of women and men in moulding a fit toned but healthy body were the founding issues of the movement (Costa & Guthrie, 1994).
In conclusion, the fitness movement focused on health and individuals’ responses to building self esteem. The movement serves a positive and vital need while focussing on profits from people and depend on insecurities and the desire to have a glimpse at commercially constructed images of aesthetic value. The images of beauty taking the form of fitness in hyper-competitive, zero-sum, winner-take-all environment with an evanescent mirage security lead to deteriorating human happiness and self-esteem.
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