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Fatal attraction

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Into Thin Air Rhetorical Analysis: Fatal Attraction mettle play at tragedy because they do not believe in the reality of the tragedy which is actually being staged in the civilized world” -Jose Ortega y Asset In the personal account Into Thin Air, Jon Krause gives a detailed account of the 1996 Mount Everest Disaster by accusing the inexperience and arrogance of both the climbers and guides. Krause wrote the book in order to endure with survivor’s guilt, to expose centralization, and to explain the tragedy to the public and to himself.

Squeaker’s appalling account proves the fact he is living with survivor’s guilt. He experienced one of the most gruesome tragedies ever to happen on Mount Everest. Not only were other clients lost, but his personal friends were, ” Four team mates with whom I laughed and vomited and held long, intimate conversations lost their lives”(283). The team came to have such a close connection from spending so much time together, that such catastrophic events that took their lives drastically changed the few survivors minds forever.

Krause had a very long lasting effect of guilt from he mountain, he started placing the blame of death not only on other inexperienced and arrogant climbers and guides, but mainly himself. ” My actions-or failure to act- played a direct role in the death of Andy Harris”(296). The intriguing thought of how one man takes all the blame onto himself after enduring such a traumatic event captures the interest of all, making it easier to get the forgotten word out of all the dangers. Outside Magazine sent Jon Krause to Mount Everest to write about the centralization of Everest.

Why are ” tourists” with more money than expertise being taken up Everest in the first place? Krause, an somewhat experienced climber, fell into the trap of the childhood dream of climbing Mount Everest. Though not nearly skilled enough to climb alone, Krause Joined a guided team to be taken to the top. He discovers that the other clients are inexperienced, and yet are being taken to the top anyway for a very high fee. The Journey is not Just a stroll in the park, but a death defying, horrific race to the top.

It is not easy to make it to the top, let lone come back down, ” Reaching the top of Everest is supposed to trigger a surge of intense elation; against all odds after all, I had Just attained a goal coveted since childhood. But the summit was really only the halfway point. Any impulse I might have felt toward self-congratulation was extinguished by overwhelming apprehension about the long, dangerous descent that lay The Journey was a lot harder than Krause could ever had anticipated. ” The stain that this has left on my psych is not the sort that washes away after a few months”(283).

Krause s claiming that Everest was a life risking endeavor, and he barely managed to escape the Jaws of death himself, while others weren’t as lucky. ” l was a party to the death of good people which is something that is apt to remain on my conscience for a very long time”(lento. ). The sheer illusions of reliving the storm and creating it in such a strong image, Krause has done with out compare. He has been trying to recreate the tragedy so everyone who dares to read his story will be haunted and moved by how horrific and godly Mount Everest really is.

By doing this Krause is trying to warn people of the risks of climbing Mount Everest. The inexperience along with the arrogance of not following the rules placed by the Sharper generally lead to the death of many. From the tone of how Into Thin Air was written the conclusion of what Krause is trying to get across to others is to not climb Everest unless you are a very experienced climber and are willing to risk your life in order to hike up the most invigorating mountain in the world. Jon Krause has been one of lucky few to climb Mount Everest and make it home safely.

Though luck has nothing to do with it, Krause had an experience he will never forget, and not let anyone else forget the costs. Why would you climb Mount Everest if you know you will probably loose your life and your sanity? The simple answer is your probably inexperienced and arrogant; making the climb even riskier, for not only yourself but others. ” The problem with surviving was that you ended up with the ghosts of everyone you’d ever left behind riding on your shoulders”(Post. ). Krause through his whole personal account not only got across his story, but his mint of what really happens.

Everest is clearly not a mountain for inexperienced or arrogant climbers, and this should be fully taken into account for future climbers of Mount Everest. Even though some will choose to risk their life and sanity for the adventure, Krause does not recommend the Journey even though it is one of the most exhilarating in the world. All who perished on the mountain will never be forgotten. For their dreams of standing on top of the world is sought by all. May those who were lost rest in peace.

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