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Fast food college

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Fast food is named after the process of being made and prepared quickly. You can find fast food restaurant everywhere and anytime. People just buy what they like and eat what they like from these type of restaurants no matter how old they are or what are their health conditions, all they care about Is It’s taste.

“ Fast food has a negative effect on Health. All fast food should come with a health warning. ” There are three mall reasons why fast food could affect health, It could cause obesity, contain bad chemicals, and effect growth.

I believe that eating fast food is one of the main reasons of causing obesity. They contain high saturated fats and calories. For example, eating a burger turns out to be at least 500 calories.

Imagine eating fries that are full of OLL In addition to topping and drinking a soft drink, how much calories do you think have been eaten? Imagine if you were a child and fast food was known as your daily routine, how healthy will you become? I don’t blame children for eating fast food because they don’t understand how our body works, I blame society.

The children might think that it is fine to eat fast DOD, they might not had been taught what is right, so it leads to a variety of diseases, mostly obesity. In this generation they sell large portions that Is more than what Is needed. Around 60% of children are overweight or obese due to fast food. Obesity means danger.

Fast foods could even cause the rate of digestion to become slower. Would you want to be in this position? Therefore, fast food should come with a health warning to assure that people are aware of what does this fast food contain and the negative effects.

I believe in this, could save many children from obesity and diseases. Where do we get our food? Mostly from plants and animals.

Did you know that the majority of fast foods contain chemicals? I would never even dare to eat something that would kill or harm me, then why do they put them in food? There Is an eight- syllable Ingredient that produces Silly Putty, but since the society wants to prevent the fryer OLL from foaming while cooking, they have decided to use this same type of chemical.

Therefore we have eight-syllable chemicals in our food They use wood pulp (cellulose) in cheese, salad dressing and muffins, they use sand (silicon dioxide) in chili, and soil fertilizers (ammonia sulfate) in bread! All people care about is the dodo’s taste. A tiny help from each restaurant will cause a huge difference. They could simply print a warning sign that shows the chemicals that are added, just for people to become more aware and eat less of these kinds of foods.

Order to grow they need healthy food, but sadly there are many happy meals that encourage children to get addicted to fast food restaurants. Fast foods lack vitamins and minerals that are needed for children especially in times of growth. For instance if I eat fast food almost everyday, there would not be enough for me to eat vegetables and fruits because I would already be fixated with fast foods. Imagine if you were the reason for one having an unhealthy life that would barely last long, awareness has to be raised and children have to be aware of this issue.

Taste does not matter, what really matters is nutrition and health. Do not be the reason for chaos, be the reason for peace. Fast food can affect health by causing obesity, adding chemicals in foods, and by the lack of growth. I believe that there should be warning signs on each of the fast food restaurants containing the chemicals added, the correct amount of calories and fats, and the side effects.

By this way anyone could be aware and the world will become healthier.

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