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Facts and inferences

F&I Page 1 Facts & Inferences Richard Melton 2/01/13 Fundamentals of Interpersonal Communications – 97 Zelda Togun F&I Page 2 Facts & Inferences

It was a real “ eye opener” to see how much people make inferences when they aren’t sure what the real facts are. I noticed that even though I was taking notes and looking for inferences I am guilty of making them myself. For example, my best friends’ husband is at home all the time and they struggle to pay their bills. My friend is always asking me to loan her money. I was talking to my sister about it and I told her I thought my friends’ husband was lazy and shouldn’t be relying on her to take care of him.

My sister agreed and we left it at that. Later on that day my best friend called me and asked if I could help her till next payday. I said sure and asked her why her husband isn’t working. She told me he has bipolar disorder and can’t hold a job, he has tried numerous times but has difficulty concentrating. They were in the middle of applying for S. S. I and that it was a long drawn out process. He is very ashamed of it and that’s why nobody knows about it.

I should of thought it through when I was talking to my sister before I made the inference that he was lazy. Now that I know the truth I feel really bad for talking about him that way. F&I Page 3 References: Wood, Julia T. (2010). “ Interpersonal Communication-7th Edition”. Boston, MA. Wadsworth; Cengage Learning.

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