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Facility planning part 1

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Facility Planning – Part I Gail Ashley HCS/466 July 11, 2010 Jennifer Freel Facility Planning – Part I The southern end of Virginia Beach was underserved in the area of health care. The distance to travel to the closest hospital is approximately 25-30 minutes, more during rush hour traffic. The Sentara Healthcare Organization decided it was time to locate a facility in the area to provide health care and also to provide health care to the neighboring city, eastern North Carolina and an island between Virginia and North Carolina.

The organization began with a freestanding emergency room with an advanced imaging center attached to provide health care with a plan to build a hospital within two years. The economic downturns caused the facility to be put on hold for several more years, now completed and ready to open August 4, 2011. Community or Facility Need for the Building or Renovation The population on area of southern Virginia Beach has grown exponentially over the last 10-year period to almost 500, 000 people, leaving this area vulnerable and a drive quite a distance for health care in an emergency.

The hospital will provide health care for the rural areas, the oceanfront, and neighboring communities. The population in this area is continuing to grow as new roads are built to connect different areas. The area doubles in population during the summer months because of the resort community status, requiring more health care availability. The general population has grown approximately three percent in the last 10 years with people growing older and requiring the need for more health care.

The facility is located across the road from the city’s Sports Plex complex that provides softball, soccer, and this year a United Football League team, all of which will require health care, emergency health care, and orthopedics. Next door to the campus is a music revue complex that requires emergency services. Type of Population to be Served The Southern end of Virginia Beach was mostly a rural area until a population explosion several years ago. People from other areas of the city wanted to move away from the overcrowding and traffic that the other areas experience.

The population in the area has moved away from farmland to growing multi-family communities, aged 0 to 100. The population is consists of Navy personnel and other armed forces personnel as this area is the largest navy base on the east coast, physicians, lawyers, corporate CEOs, police, firefighters, nurses, and a variety of other professions. The community is multi-national because of the Navy base. The Eastern North Carolina communities are also being served along with a small island between Virginia and North Carolina.

This area is also a hurricane relocation site for another island in the Chesapeake Bay. The area also provides service for vacationers, as this area is a resort area. The city’s sports arena located across the street from the campus that provides baseball, soccer, and football to the area. Next door to the campus is a music revue complex that provides concerts during the summer months. Description of Facility Selected The facility is a new hospital in Southern Virginia Beach built to meet the needs of this area, Chesapeake, and Eastern North Carolina.

The hospital has a full service emergency room with 42 rooms and a 10 room dedicated observation unit for the patients requiring what is known as a “ 23 hour admit” or for patients having to wait for a room to become available at another facility. The impatient portion of the hospital has 160 beds, combining medical beds, and critical care beds. The new facility has a Family Maternity Center with a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. Medical and surgical oncology services will be provided as well as general and specialized surgical services.

The hospital will have an array of experienced board-certified physicians, award winning patient safety initiatives, groundbreaking technology and a patient-centered approach to care. The campus is home to an outpatient diagnostic center, an oncology center, and multiple primary care physicians and specialty physicians, along with a large orthopedic group. A Children’s Hospital outpatient facility is on the campus. The new hospital with a large emergency room of 42 beds and a 10-bed observation unit will open on August 4, 2011 to provide care to the southern end of Virginia Beach and surrounding areas.

The campus provides inpatient services, surgical services, maternity services, and imaging services. The new facility will provide care for the athletes at the Sports Plex and the consumers visiting the music complex. The facility will provide health care for the visitors at the resort oceanfront. The area has grown because people want to get away from the rush of the rest of the city that has grown throughout the years. The population consists of new multi-family communities that consist of people from all walks of life.

The area is also home to the Sports Plex that provides baseball fields, soccer fields, and now is home to a United Football League team. The new facility has a full service emergency room and 160 inpatient beds divided between medical and critical care beds. The facility will also have a maternity center and a neonatal intensive care unit. Experienced board-certified physicians will provide medical and surgical services. A children’s outpatient center is on the campus as well as multiple primary care and specialty physicians. References Sentara Healthcare, (2011), Retrieved f rom www. sentara. com

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