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Discuss Why Physicians Have Been So Reluctant to Remove a Patient’s Life Support Systems It should be admitted that the question of the assisted suicide is considered to be rather ambiguous and unpleasant. The matter is that health care professionals are in need to face with such problem due to the peculiarities of their work. The removing of a patient’s support systems deals with an amount of items that is regarded as significant and essential concerning this particular question. It is relevant to talk about medicine, medical ethics, theology, sociology and public policy issues (Pozgar, 2012). Health care professionals are reluctant to remove a patient’s life support systems in a huge number of cases. That is happened because of number social, ethical, moral and legislative problems that are connected with the discussed process.
The dimension of social problems is connected with the relatives and friends of a patient who desired to die. The matter is that close people of a patient do not always share his/her decision and attack doctor with the reproaches of poor treatment or bad medication. That is considered to be a situation of emotional tension that is not pleasant for both health care professionals and patient’s close people.
It is important to mention that the ethical issue is regarded as highly difficult and ambiguous for the physician particularly. It is admitted that health care professional are in need to perform everything possible for the health and comfort of a patient (Pozgar, 2013). In the situation when a patient desired to make the assisted suicide the role of performer comes to the doctor. He/she is considered to be a person who takes the life of the other person. The problem of quality of life stays as an important issue in front of the health care professional. Ethic is closely connected with the moral side of the discussed issue. Helping a sick person with no chance for a normal life is on one side, while becoming a ‘ murder’ is on the other side. Such ambiguity makes the situation difficult and unpleasant from the point of view of ethics and moral.
The last but not the least is the problem that is connected with the legal aspect of the assisted suicide. It should be admitted that the norms and regulations of this procedure is registered by the government and public law (Pozgar, 2013). What is important is that “ the legislative and executive branches in our system are uniquely well equipped to pursue these issues” (Pozgar, 2012). It is relevant to follow all the regulations that are predetermined by law for the sake to avoid troubles with law. The matter is that the patient’s desire should be documentary certified and agreed with the both sides (Pozgar, 2013). The department of Health and Human Services is considered to be “ the main sores of regulations that affect the health care industry” (Pozgar, 2013). Patient and health care professionals are in need to agree all the details of the case and made the most appropriate decision.
Taking all facts under consideration it is relevant to admit that the problem of removing a patient’s life support systems is considered to be rather unpleasant and ambiguous for physicians. Together with the acquired situation a number of social, ethical, moral and legislative problems are occurred. Such issue is highly serious and difficult from the different sides as it is connected with the life of a person, particularly with the deprivation of life. Health care professionals prefer to treat people and to maintain their health, but not to help them die.
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