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Flight 001 was started as a way of helping to mitigate the problems associated with last minute rush especially during overseas trips. The main driving force behind Flight 001 was the ordeal that the co-founders were often trapped in, when planning for a trip. Despite having sufficient time to finalize on their preparations, they still found themselves in very tricky situations whereby they had to rush in order to get things done before departure. This was realized to be a common problem with most travellers. Therefore the founders set on a mission to come up with a possible solution to this escalating problem so that travellers could have easy time when planning for overseas trips. Flight 001 was aimed at offering a one stop shopping experience for the travellers so that they could not be involved in the tiresome rush when doing the last minute touches. Fight 001 offers most of the essential goods needed by travellers while on trips abroad. Some of the essential goods dealt with by Flight 001 include: guidebooks, cosmetics, laptop bags, luggage bags, electronics and passport covers and other personal consumer products. The main purpose of coming up with Flight 001 was to bring back the fun involved in travelling and helps the travellers to acquire most of their requirements with least inconvenience.
Each of the co-founders had instrumental contributions towards the establishment of Flight 001. They brought together their expertise knowledge in different fields which helped in the successful establishment of Flight 001. The two have worked together to expand Flight 001 so that their presence can be felt across the globe. Input from the store managers and the two professionals have also helped in enhancing the expansion strategies of Flight 001. Purchasing and sales data have also proved to be of utmost importance since the co-founder can be able to establish which products have better markets across different cities covered. Despite the numerous challenges posed to Flight 001, the co-founders have been able to contain most of them by applying some strategies which have also worked quite well. Some of the strategies include employing trustworthy employees known to the company. Thorough analysis and a reduction in spending have also contributed greatly towards the success of the company.
The company is also working towards having a transition from boutique to brand by manufacturing items with the brand name Flight 001. This can play a very important role in the expansion program being pursued by the company. The company intends to add value to their new crop of products and ensure that they gain customer value through such initiatives. This gives the company a competitive advantage as they will always be seen to be the market leaders. There are several companies offering similar services with even a wider range of products being sold. However, Flight 001 intends to focus mainly on the fashion industry and ensure that they beat their competitors through quality and strong Customer relationship management product (Parasuraman, 1997). Flight 001 is still on the verge of expansion while laying more emphasis on the initiatives that puts it on top of the business. The unique product line and location are some of the strong points that have helped the company realize its development goals. The co-founders are happy to have realized their dreams of having a one stop shopping that eliminates the inconvenience associated with last minute preparations.


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