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1. Hallucinations
Hallucination is affection by the sensation that appears real but created by the mind. Therefore, hallucination caused by fatigue that affects the body and the function of the mind but not the senses.
2. Stage 3
Sleepwalking is the movement that seems purposeful. This occurs while in a state of partial wakefulness from deep sleep. The sleepwalking occurs because of the effect from the brain due to the disability of the immature during the sleep period.
Sleep terrors are a situation that the individual wakes up immediately due to the nightmare. The sleep terrors occur due to restless of the individual that affects the brain of the discrete.
3. Sleep apnea
The treatment for sleep apnea is to ensure the individual does exercise during the day and engage themselves in changing of sleeping sides during the nights.
4. Continuations of mental processes occurring when the person falls asleep
According to my own words dreams are series of thought that occurs when the individual is asleep that caused by the imagination of a current situation during daytime.
5. Encoding, storage and retrieval

Encoding memory is the stage that receives the processes information that the individual sees and combines it.

The storage stage does create and receives the record of the encoded information.
Retrieval stage is the process of recalling back the stored information and responds it with the action.
6. Procedural memory
The reason why Lacey cannot remember the vocabulary is that the individual mainly remembers the details that are practical and completed than the theories.
7. Episodic memory

The memory could be the flashbulb because the individual remembers something and the occasion due to a particular event.

8. The primacy effect
The process of remembering the details is retrieval process. The process does happen when the individual remembers an event due to the snapshots and celebration occasion.
9. Flashbulb memories.
I can remember the Hurricane Katrina. Hurricane Katrina was the deadliest events that occurred in Atlantic tropical during the Atlantic hurricane season that affected individuals, it also led to disaster and destruction of the affected areas.
10. The three levels of awareness include the conscious mind that comprises everything that we think and talk. The part that takes place during this process is our memory that is always part of consciousness.

The preconscious mind includes the information easily retrieved at any given time.

The unconscious mind is the reserves of feelings, thoughts and memories of a current situation of an event. The unconscious mind contents the feelings of panic and anxiety that affects the individual.
11. Three structures of developing personality are id that operates on the pleasure principle. The id operates according to the reality principle and the superego of the individual

The ego of the person depends on the individual background and his morality principle.

The superego is involved on the conflicts between the ego and the ego that resolves in shaping human personality.
12. Transcendence.

The Maslow suggests that the individual can only succeed from facing the realities of life to rise as superiors.

13. Prejudice.
The possible outcome that can result from the social phenomenon is that most of the individuals affected. These is because the individual can be discouraged from doing something important since they believe other individual can do better in that field.
14. Bipolar disorder
The individual is required to be active an engage in activities that they enjoy in life. The disorder causes the mental illness that can be caused by additional stress due to the loneliness.
15. Panic disorder
The treatment for the panic is too optimistic and associate with another individual. The panic causes the brain damage due to hallucination of the events and images that are not real.
16. Social phobia
The individual advised to involve with the activities with her peers to be able to have the courage to the facade crowded environment. The situation of social phobia causes bashfulness that affects the individual throughout his life.
17. Major depression
The treatment for this order is actually finding the solutions of the cause of the depression. The disorder can cause stroke and heart attack if not treated.
18. Agoraphobia
Kenny is supposed to engage in the class activities. The disorder can lead to the dormancy of the individual.
19. Hyperactivity

The individual may appear confused because he may keep changing his action from being excited, energetic to an emotional person.

20. Seeing visions
The individual may suffer the disorganized subtype of hallucination. These are because the individual reacts according to the visions seeing.
The main subtype of the Schizophrenia that the individual has the best chance of responding to treatments is the paranoid subtype. These are because affected respond positively to their work and they may be able to discuss the symptoms of their illness.
22. All of the above
The psychological disorders affect most of the individuals in the society. Some of these disorders causes of the lack of treatment in early ages. The most effective idea of presenting this topic is by visiting hospitals and get intact with the individual affected.

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