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Examining government regulations assignment

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Melissa Ellison In order for any organization to run properly there must be regulations and laws in place. The Human Services Department of any state must adhere to strict guidelines provided by the federal government; If these rules are not followed there would not be enough resources to help every individual that desperately needs it. My target population In week two was Hispanic immigrants. Many of these people rely on the services provided by their local Human Services Organization.

These immigrants come to our country with nothing more than the clothes on their backs so they depend on Human services to help them with things Like money for food and everyday necessities, interpreters during interviews, medical, and even behavioral medicine. The Temporary Assistance for Needy Families Carry-over Fund is the final Implemental rule statutory change to section 404(e) of the Social Security Act as enacted by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (regulations. Gob).

This change allows Temporary Assistant to Needy family (TANK) to be carried over room the prior year to the current year for any allowable TANK service or activity. There Is also the Medicaid: Federal Funding for Medicaid Eligibility Determination and Enrollment Activities. This rule would revise regulations for the processing of Claims Processing and Information Retrieval Systems. This proposal is to include systems used for eligibility determination, enrollment, and eligibility reporting activities.

It Is also a proposal that all Medicaid Management Information Systems (Mils) meet certain standard and criteria In terms of timeliness, accuracy, Integrity ND efficiency and high positive levels of consumer experience acceptance and satisfaction are achieved. I am unsure if I am understanding all of this correctly or even the assignment Itself, however I cannot see that either one of these would propose any problems for a Human Services worker If anything it would make it easier. The carry over fund could be useful to help in another need for TANK recipients.

The Mils maintaining all standards of timeliness helps the worker with the efficiency of their caseloads and clients. The only obstacles I can see In this Is that systems are not kept up to date resulting in not being able to sufficiently provide services than many clients rely on. I feel that future policies should be established to limit the amount of time some clients receive benefits. There are far to many Americans and Immigrant Americans abusing the Human Services system. I feel that part of the deficit problem that America is facing is because of this Nation’s welfare system.

There are far to many people able bodied people that are able to work that will not. Where immigrants are homeless rather than government assistance. I fully understand there are immigrants that are here illegally, and came here for a better life for themselves and their families. They should not have to fear deportation, but understand that they will be able to receive help as long they in turn try and help themselves. There are rules and regulations to be administered within the Human Services Departments in the United States, and these services are needed to provide services to those living within the poverty levels.

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