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Ewrt 211 lessons

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Reflective Essay Not being quite proficient in both the written and spoken English language, I will admit that I had to struggle through most of ourEWRT 211 lessons. After all, I had to retrain my brain to think and process information in a language that it is not accustomed to reading, writing, or speaking. That is why my grades at the start of the semester was quite dismal and not really at par with my personal expectations. However, I knew that given enough time and practice, I would be able to accomplish the objectives of this class.
I was truly interested in being able to accomplish the coursework and requirements of this class because I wanted to prove to myself and to others that I would not be held back in academic accomplishments just because I am not a native English speaker. This was a difficult task but I somehow managed to perform and achieve in relation to our class lessons and the like.
To begin with, the lessons in organization and analysis helped me to improve upon my reading and comprehension skills because I was forced to read and understand the new language that I was learning. I will admit that it was a struggle at first and I wished to have translations available for me but I knew that it would defeat the purpose of this class. So I applied my analytical skills as best as I could and, even with my grammatical mistakes, I am able to say that I was able understand the lesson. Although my own thoughts on the topic might have been unclear to the reader at the start due to my language limitation.
I found myself improving quite a lot when the lessons allowed me to develop my own vivid examples, which in turn helped me to better convey my thoughts in compelete sentences. The chance to proof read myself also afforded me to catch my grammatical errors and correct them whenever possible. As my professor, you will also note the great improvement in my written assignments as I progressed in class. Finally being able to provide specific evidence for claims and discussing them in depth has helped me mature as a writer and developed my brains language skills as well.
The result of my hard work in this class is that I am now a more accomplished writer in the English language. I am also able to completely analyze the written word and convey my own opinions on the matter in a method that is easily understood by others. My academic maturity in terms of English language use has become more pronounced and has resulted in a remarkable improvement in my confidence as a student when submitting my written work.
I fully expect to continue evolving as a writer and improving my English language skills as I progress with my academic studies. I fully expect to be able to use English in the same way that the native speakers do over a short period of time because of my ability to apply myself to my lessons which always results in further improved English skills. Having mentioned everything that I have learned and struggled through during the past term, I believe that I have made a solid case for my inclusion in the upcoming EWRT1A class. It is my personal belief that my continued progress with written English will allow me to perhaps achieve an A in that particular class. However, I will only be able to prove my theory if I am allowed a student slot in the class during the upcoming semester.

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