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Evolution of american football assignment

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Evolution Of American Football American Football has emerged as one of America’s most popular sports to watch and favorite pastime in the fall and winter seasons. This intense and competitive sport was invented in the early 19th century by the “ father of football”, Walter Camp (Camp 1). Walter Camp was a football captain and head coach at Yale University. The historical figure, Walter Camp, invented the rules that transformed rugby football into American football, which he all told in his book American Football.

He created the rules of a team having eleven men, the use of a line of scrimmage, the point system, ND a system of four downs. In the 21 SST century, which we are currently In, football Is almost played the same way but has changed dramatically over time. Many aspects of football have changed including equipment, rules, the popularity of the sport, and athleticism of the players. The first professional game of football ever played was at the college level.

It was between two Ivy League schools named Rutgers and Princeton. The historical game was played on November 6, 1869 In New Brunswick, New Jersey (Dancing, Intro). Before a standard number of players were regulated to play on a team, there were twenty- eve men on each team. Football games were played in a series of three games and whoever won two of the three would be declared the winner, similar to NAB and ML playoff series. The team that scored six goals first would win one of the games in the series (Dancing 3).

The game was won by Rutgers university, at a time period where the captains of the teams would debate the rules right before the game. All of this was before Walter Camp stepped onto the football scene. Walter Camp is known as the father of American football for creating important changes in football that make the game so unique now. He developed the system of downs and yards you have to gain to get a first down, first it was five then turned into ten (Dancing 9). He also adopted the line of scrimmage, which is a line a team is not allowed to cross until the next play has begun.

One of the most Important changes he put In place was setting the number of men on each team to be eleven Instead of the previous numbers 25 and 15. Rule makers also adopted Walter’s system of numerical scoring and allowing players to tackle below the waist. On January 12th, 1906 the National Collegiate Athletic Association and he American Football Rules Committee, which was led by Walter Camp, merged together under the same name and adopted all of Walter’s changes that made football amazing.

They also introduced the forward pass and enforced “ a setting of fair play and sportsmanship” (Dangling 11). The amazing athlete Walter that excelled In baseball, track & field, tennis, gymnasium, and water sports was Yale’s first football coach. Walter Camp completely changed the game of football forever and died in 1879. Many football changes were still to come. One of the most important changes in football was the scoring system that determines If a team wins or not. The scoring system of the value of touchdowns and field goals changed a lot over the years.

The first system came from Walter Camp. In touchdown two points, goal after touchdown four points, and a field goal five points (Dancing 10). In 2012, this scoring system would be very odd for a field goal to be more than a touchdown. The scoring system right now is entirely different and seems to be working Just fine. A touchdown is worth six points; an extra point conversion can either be one or two points. If a team decides to go for two points, they will have to line up at the two yard line and score in one attempt by either running or passing onto the end zone.

If a team decides to only go for one point they have to kick the ball into the goal posts. A field goal is worth three points and a safety is worth two points (wantonly. About. Com). This scoring system is currently the same on all levels of football including Pop Warner, high school, college, arena, and professional football in the National Football League. This scoring system is most likely going to stay this way forever, because it makes the most sense and has been used for a long time.

Another major thing that changed in football is the safety of the game and equipment. According to placeholder. Mom, football is considered the third most dangerous sport in the world and is responsible for 460, 210 injuries a year (www. Scientifically. Com). It’s not as bad as the early 20th century when football played on college football fields “ was something close to a street fight” (Greene CNN). Between 1890 and 1905 “ 330 college athletes died as a direct result of injuries sustained on the football field” (Wisped. Rag), this was when the equipment and rules were lax. These deaths brought up issues and concerns, and many people were thinking about banning it even President Theodore Roosevelt. President Theodore Roosevelt requested that rules and regulations be made. The movement brought about the creation of a body, AAAS. In 1910, it became known as the National Collegiate Athletic Association. Since then the NCAA has been the major power in creating rule changes and in setting up and policing the conduct under which members operate their football programs.

Equipment has completely evolved between these time periods including shoulder pads, thigh pads, and most important helmets. Early helmets became popular after NCAA was a major power in college football. Most injuries came from early helmets made of leather, along with shoulder ads, that only covered part of the head and was not very protective; players wore long hair to provide a mat of protection to their skulls. As the sass’s came by, helmets were being made of plastic and more comfortable. The helmets were lighter, stronger, more durable, and water resistant, which helped prevent many injuries.

Iredell manufactured the more advanced helmets. New helmets by Iredell are concerned in the prevention of concussions, and their primary goal is to improve the health of football players. Even though many changes were made to make football safer there are still many injuries in the 21st century. The most concerned injuries in football are brain injuries. No other contact sport gives rise to as many football injuries as football does. High school football players ” alone suffer 43, 000 to 67, 000 concussions per year… s more than 50% of concussed athletes are suspected of failing to report their symptoms” (Gregory The Problem With Football). Many people believe that concussions will get worse because of how different players are developing. “ The speed and size of pro athletes have made the game more dangerous” (Gregory TFTP). Offensive linemen now average nearly 31 5 pounds, football. Player getting hurt.. Decomposition. Com) One of the most noticeable changes in football is the size, speed, quickness, and height of pro athletes in the 21st century compared to the early 19th century football players.

The average offensive and defensive lineman in the sass weighed approximately 200 pounds. This is very hard to believe since the average wide receiver now weighs that much. As time went by linemen have gained much weight and they average more than 300 monstrous pounds and stands at 6’3. Football players are now faster than they were in the early stages of football. Running backs ND wide receivers ” are clocking 4. 3 seconds” in the 40-yard dash (Schultz, Football Payer). This is almost twice as fast as football players in the sass.

All of this makes football more dangerous, because of how big and fast these collisions are happening when a player forces his opponent to the ground. Many of these collisions are equal or greater than force from a severe car accident and on average, “ 4. 56 seconds for the 40-yard dash can produce up to 1600 pounds of tackling force” (Gay 10). Many people believe football players have evolved this way because of the advance training quenches and strength and conditioning programs that trainers have developed over the years.

Another benefit most players have now is the supplements and nutrition available now. All football players know the dangers of playing this brutal sport but continue to play for the love of the game, entertainment and most importantly money or scholarships they receive. College football players usually get most of their college education paid for depending on the size of the school they attend. If one attends a Division one or two school they are eligible to receive a full or partial scholarship, depending on how evilly they were recruited.

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