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Evolution--creationism and intelligent design

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Evolution Task: Introduction The debate on creation has been there for a long time with some supporting the creation theory while others believe in evolution (Olsen, 2010). Therefore, this paper attempts to assess the extent to which parents or school boards should decide on the science theories presented in schools. Additionally, it evaluates the views of creationism and its direct relations with Christianity.
Parents and Science Theories
Parents must have the right to participate in decision-making as to scientific theories concepts and ideas to be incorporated in school curriculum. For example, such ideas should be in tandem with the current educational standards in the new age. This suggests that the knowledge imparted upon the students should reflect the ideals and ethos of all science theories that help humanity survive and prosper. On that aspect, a controversial theory, such as creationism, that insists on the existence of human life and the earth as the work of a supernatural being called Abrahamic God is paramount in within the framework of this research. Alternatively, there is also the intelligent design whereby some believe the creation of the universe should be questioned on the basis of a scientific and an intelligent cause rather than natural selection. In other words, parents or school boards should constantly review the syllabus of the science subject in order to ensure only the right material is fed to the students. In the account, the scientific theories presented in schools should improve the both analytical and research skills of the students in respect to discovering the truth about God and other elements of the universe (Dembski, 2002). Additionally, parents or the school boards can petition the government through the Ministry of Education on the type of scientific theories and ideas are valuable for students in schools.
Consideration of Creationism
I think the views of creationism that are primarily based on a particular type of Christianity should be given special consideration based on certain factors. For example, this will have the effect on transforming the perceptions that students have on other religions, such as Islam and Hinduism among others. Additionally, creationism is a widely accepted doctrine because of its belief in the Abrahamic God and, hence, it is a yardstick for guiding other religions in knowledge enlightenment. Alternatively, it is fundamental to observe that Christianity is the largest religion in the world with one-quarter of Christians having residence in Europe alone. In other words, the influence of Christianity around the world should encourage special consideration in the creationism in order to prepare students for analytical and evaluation skills of understanding situations (Olsen, 2010). Furthermore, in disputing the evolution theory that is mostly supported by the natural selection and intelligent design, creationism through Christianity is the most valid. In other words, the fact that God created the universe in a span of six days and rested on the seventh day is testimony of the power of creationism.
There are various issues I have learnt by reading this paper. For example, the urgency of reviewing what students are taught in school is important to encourage gaining of useful knowledge (Dembski, 2002). Additionally, creationism is still a fundamental theory in respect to Christianity within the context of explaining God’s existence.
Dembski, W. (2002). Intelligent design: The bridge between science & theology. New York, NY: InterVasity Press.
Olsen, A. (2010). Evolution, creationism, and intelligent design. New York, NY: ABC-CLIO.

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