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Evidence-based decision making

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Evidence-Based Decision Making and Discovery Paper 1) Connect, compare and contrast quantitative and qualitative research. (Berg Latin, 2003).

2) Present the categories and components that are common to a research publication, using the following headings to address each of the topics listed: 1) Evidence Based Practice 2) Research Methods 3) Manuscript Organization Evidence has always had several impacts on scientific discovery. When evidence of vast pools of water on Mars was conclusively discovered by a pair of wheeled robots, signs of life were predicted by the editors of the scientific journal. NASA sent two Mars rovers to the planet and found clear evidence that Mars was once full of water in history. The previous evidence from the robots became a scientific discovery and a great breakthrough of the year 2004. A business plan is useful to a new business, a running business and when applying for business loans.

An effective business planning procedure involves creation of mission or goals of a company. An effective business plan contains strategic, marketing and business plans for both big and small and both profit and non-profit organizations. A Business plan is the cornerstone element in business planning. A business plan contains a summary, market analysis, financial operations and product/ service descriptions. A strategic plan is created by the business owner and it helps in outlining the organizational goals, objectives and short term opportunities. Marketing plans are useful in marketing and selling products.

In the process of marketing, consumers become aware of the products helping the owner achieve gross income and sales goals. An effective marketing plan must adopt a SWOT analysis, i. e., strengths, weaknesses and opportunities. Acme insurance adopted an effective business planning technique in order to increase gross sales by 10% and profit by 15%.

To achieve this, they had to identify target markets, institute proper and better property inspection program, provide small businesses with affordable insurance packages and start an insurance partners program.

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