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Ethics Life is like one great play field wherein every individual has to play his or her own part in ways acceptabletoo their neighbors. This is to imply that every individual not only has his or her interests at heart but those of those around him. This is a typical summary of what ethics in all its considerations entails. It is through ethics that formidable relationships based on mutual respect are formed. It is however disheartening to see people associate ethics with formal situations such as work places. This tends to assume that even informal situations would call for ethical considerations. The article under study depicts to a larger way the flip side of the situations, albeit informal, that would warrant proper and efficient ethical mechanisms. While in formal situations, individuals are required to act in ways that would not only withhold high levels of respect but also maintain a positive drive towards the realization of the set goals, informal situations would require individuals to reproduce certain levels of the values and virtues that they posses. These include respecting human dignity as well as applying prudent decisions in tackling various situations that may warrant ethical considerations. In the article provided, Robin and her friends decided to maximize on the absence of her parents to throw a party. Being an informal scenario, not many thought that certain circumstances would arise to warrant the application of certain ethical principles as resolution mechanisms. With plenty of drinks (alcoholic so to speak) involved, much was at stake. Considering ethics entails to a larger extent the application of values, desirable qualities and virtues, its application became highly necessary in light of the aftermath that was poised to occur after a lot of drinking. The values that were require in this scenario for instance included among other things respect for human dignity, trustworthiness and regards for upholding duties and/or obligations. The virtues that would be of necessity in this situation included among other things; self-restraint or self control with regards to personal behavior, self-respect and/or maintaining one’s good character, modesty, courage and lastly prudent reasoning or practical wisdom. By hosting a party behind her parent’s back, Robin was at higher risks of liability in case of any mistakes. Ethical considerations dictate that she was responsible for everyone. This was in relation to their safety and any related issues that would come into play as a result of the party. All those present at the party also had their shares of responsibility. It was in their duty to maintain morally accepted standards and situations so as to keep the party in order. Ethics involve maintaining morally accepted standards. As such, all the members of the party owed a duty of care to their neighbors as dictated by the principles of ethics. Robin and all the friends who were in the room acted ethically in assisting Jen after she had drunk a little too much. Morally, it was the best solution they could have offered. They acted in the best way to uphold the obligations that faced them. When Chris walked in, they decided to trust him with Jen; a nice idea considering he was a friend they had probably known for long. They bestowed a high level of trust in him but as the bad scenario depicts, this was a bad move. Chris ought to have respected Jens dignity both as a friend and a person of the opposite sex. Apart from that, Chris was supposed to exercise a high level of self restraint on the part of his poor behavior as well as a high level of self respect. The fact that he decided to force himself on Jen clearly shows that his actions were ethically incorrect and overly uncalled for. He lacked, in all sense, the modesty and respect that was required of him. His viewpoints of the whole situation clearly indicated that he never made the prudent decisions and as such rendering his actions morally incorrect and ethically unacceptable. On his part, Chris had failed to realize that however informal the situation might have been, he was required to act in ethically correct ways. Much of the unethical dispositions are clearly presented in Chris’ actions. The fact that he wanted to leave early meant that his unethical actions had taken a toll on him and guilt was burning him up. On her part, Jen showed a high level of self restraint and courage to ward off Chris whose immoral considerations seemed to have blinded him. However, ethical considerations seem clearly spelt out in the second scenario whereby Jen instead of dozing off, decided to join the rest in dancing. This acts to put a sour taste on Robin’s action in the first scenario. This is so because Robin had doubted Chris’ trust but still left him to take care of Jen. She ought to have made sure that Jen slept off well and safely. The events occurring in this article expose the various situations that would warrant proper and efficient ethical channels as well as morally accepted actions. Work cited Markkula Center for Applied Ethics. Date Rape. New York. Santa Clara University. Print.

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