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Ethics and brazilian market

Within our study, we will discuss the research questions and hypotheses that were formed to guide us in our research. We will also discuss the variables that need to be considered, including the ethical issues we must take into account. Finally, and most important, we will discuss the significance, scope, magnitude and feasibility of finding a solution to any dilemmas that may exist due to our opportunity to expand into the new market. Research questions and hypotheses- Andi Claborn #2- What would the hypotheses be?

When expanding into another country or a new country there are differences in the way meals are prepared and what the culture as a whole prefers as far as ingredients and overall taste. In our study one of the hypotheses is that in order to be successful in the Brazilian market we will need to add more fresh ingredients to our meals as well as adding spices or other ingredients that are common in Brazilian menus. Our second hypothesis is that our overall atmosphere including decor and music will need to be changed according to the Latin culture.

We want our patrons to feel at home in our restaurants and our food to be to their liking so that they will return day after day. The questions that need to be asked are: 1. What have other successful restaurants done to adjust their menus and atmosphere when entering the Brazilian market? 2. What cultural preferences or customs are Brazilian patrons used to when dining out? For the first question we can look at secondary research done by other successful restaurant chains before entering the Brazilian market.

Secondly we can conduct survey’s that will be filled out by Brazilian patrons who eat out frequently. Variables that need to be considered- Roobina Gabri Ethical considerations that need to be taken into account- Brandy Carl The goal of ethics in research is to ensure that no one is harmed or suffers adverse consequences from research activities (Cooper & Schindler, 2011). There are two ethical considerations that are extremely important when conducting research within a new market. The first consideration is understanding the goal of research ethics.

This includes protecting the rights of the participants by ensuring that they do not suffer physical harm, discomfort, pain, embarrassment, or loss of privacy. This can be accomplished by explaining the benefits of the study, explaining rights and protections, and obtaining informed consent. The second consideration that needs to be taken into account is understanding the privacy laws in South America. According to Rich, Agarwal, & Wugmeister (2013), “ The privacy landscape in Latin America is undergoing significant changes. As of January 2012, 11 countries in South America has adopted a Data Protection Act. Currently, Brazil is not one of the 11 countries, but is currently considering passing a similar protection act. Organizations doing business in Brazil should apply their own ethical standards, but at the same time, they should also pay close attention to any changes in the law, for protection laws within Latin American regions are very different. The significance, scope, magnitude and feasibility of finding a solution to this opportunity- Brandy DuFresne

Adjusting flavors to satisfy a Brazilian palate will make it challenging to maintain the identity of the restaurant. Ensuring that the atmosphere is in line with what Brazilians feel comfortable with would highly impact the atmosphere of the restaurant, but is possible. The scope of this could mean changing how the company works, at least in this area. These changes do not need to be made to locations outside of Brazil, but the impact would mean a different dining experience depending on locale. This could cause some confusion for travelers, so keeping some of the original restaurant visuals and flavors is essential.

The magnitude of these changes would mean creating a test kitchen specific to the Brazilian locales and then conducting research in the form of focus groups to determine what flavor profiles work best and would sell best as well as the type of setting that is most inviting. These are all significant steps in ensuring the success of the new locations, but could lead to new menu items inside of the United States and other locations as well creating more international flavor options and generating additional revenue for the company.

This type of research and expansion is challenging, but completely feasible so long as a process is set forth and followed. Conclusion- Emily Kern Chili’s Bar and Grill received an opportunity to enter the Brazilian market. The demographics as well as the customer’s needs and wants are important when looking to expand into this new market. We looked at research questions as well as hypotheses on meals that are prepared as well as the overall taste. To be a successful chain in the Brazilian market you need to concentrate on country specific spices, fresh ingredients and flavors that attract Brazilians as a whole.

It is very important to mold the menu into one that will draw business country wide. We have found that it is possible to make Chili’s a popular chain in Brazil with focus on the country’s current tradition. When taking a chain to a new country it is very important to identify your strengths and weaknesses. A strength and weakness for Chili’s Bar and Grill is offering a wide dimension of meals. This would be considered a strength because it will meet the needs of all people.

It is a weakness because a majority of the menu wouldn’t be something Brazilian’s are interested in. If Chili’s can pinpoint their strengths and narrow their menu to one that will attract Brazilian’s in masses, they can become a successful restaurant in the Brazilian market References Cooper, D. , & Schindler, P. (2011). Business research methods (11th ed. ). New York, NY: McGraw-Hill/Irwin. Rich, C. , Agarwal, M. , Wugmeister, M. (2013). Privacy in Latin America. Retrieved from http://www. globallawwatch. com/2013/01/privacy-in-latin-america/

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