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So how does the religion of the Faith ofthe Seven from Game of Thrones relate to Catholicism?  Well, the Faith of the Seven is actuallyfundamentally the same as its non-fictional analogue. In an interview, GeorgeR. R.

Martin states, “ Instead of the Trinity of the Catholic Church, you haveThe Seven, where there is one God with seven aspects. In Catholicism, you havethree aspects- the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost…” As you can see, bothCatholicism and the Faith of the Seven believe in only one deity along withdifferent aspects that represents a different virtue. Additionally, both havehierarchy in the religion. Catholicism conveys with it a power structure thatis hierarchal, with the most elevated positioning clergy, the Pope, who livesin the Apostolic Palace of the Vatican, and a council of Cardinals. The Faithof the Seven, correspondingly, has the High Septon as the most elevated positioningclergy, who lives in the Sept of Baelor, who manages The Seven together with acouncil of the most astounding positioning septons.

Furthermore, both religionshave a holy text; Catholicism has the “ Bible” and the Faith of the Seven has” The Seven-Pointed Star”. When it comes to morality, both look down upon gambling, prostitution, homosexuality, and incest. And finally, linking the Sparrows tothat of the Protestant Reformation, which I will go in more detail in thefollowing paragraph.

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