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Essay on wegman's social initiative

What are the potential ethical or moral effects of Wegman’s social initiative or potential social initiative?

Wegman’s customer service initiative has changed the way societies undertake their shopping. He has been rated as the best and a champion of customer service. His social responsibility initiatives have earned him extensive recognition featuring in leading publications. Wegman’s company is the leading corporation in America that has achieved to be among the top five best companies. Furthermore, his social initiatives have placed him severally in magazines as the most ethical company in the world. The company takes pride as the best in corporate social responsibility initiatives and implementation of its code of ethics (Solomon 2008).
Wegman’ s is a strong ambassador of social responsibility. His social responsibility initiatives emphasize on the need to balance business accountability and the needs of customers, employees, stakeholder, and society. People make options of a company based on the company’s actions making Wegman acknowledge the role of social responsibility. Wegman’s initiative of accommodative social responsibility has enabled him to take responsibility of other people’s problems. He has initiative that aims at assisting his employees as well as the community members whenever they have problems. These initiatives have made people believe in him thus becoming much closer to him (Solomon 2008).
Wegman and his businesses have been able to earn enough trust from customers and the community due to his accommodative social responsibility initiatives. His businesses are perceived to be caring and value people and their opinions. Wegman does not hide, distort, or lie about facts, and this has earned the trust from consumers. Consumers have been able to monitor how Wegman runs his chain of business just by listening to the news and reading the publications. Wegman believes that people are valuable just as his businesses are and he acknowledges that people are key factors of his success (Solomon 2008).


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