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Essay on stakeholder analysis

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Evergreen International Aviation has several stakeholders in form of other aviation companies, air carriers as well as governmental agencies. Stakeholders are essentially, companies, businesses and people who are affected by the performance of Evergreen International Aviation Inc. These include the strategic partners who have forged business alliances with Evergreen so as to enhance performance of their own companies. If Evergreen happens to perform poorly, these partners will be negativity affected and their business is likely to suffer as well. Partners include U.

S Customs Service, Corcoran Associates, the WeatherBug Corporation, Belgium Silverfleet, Civil Air Patrol, Universities Space Research Association, Cargolux, Sojitz Corp and Pratt and Whitney Global Service Partners. Evergreen is also linked to the Criminal Intelligence Agency and has supported several of its operations. The Evergreen Maintenance Center was obtained from CIA and Evergreen provides occasional flight services to the agency (Sourcewatch, n. d)). As a result, the agency is affected by the performance of Evergreen. IFS also have a stake in the operations of Evergreen International Aviation Inc.

as of 2002; Evergreen forged an agreement with IFS that led to the deployment of IFS applications in two Evergreen operations within the United States: Evergreen Air Center and Evergreen Aviation Ground Logistics Enterprises Inc. The contract value between Evergreen and IFS has been given as $1. 5 million. As a provider of aviation solutions, IFS is a stakeholder at Evergreen and is likely to be affected by Evergreen’s performance (allbusiness, 2002). Evergreen has a wide range of global customers from places such as Africa, Pakistan, China and India. These customers are mainly those who wish to transport cargo around the globe.

One of the key customers of cargo transportation services of Evergreen International Airlines is the U. S army (Portland Business Journal, 2006). Evergreen has also supported several humanitarian initiatives and communities which benefit from its relief services can also be termed as stakeholders in Evergreen’s performance. Students who have receivedscholarshipfrom Evergreen International Aviation are also likely to be affected by the economic performance of Evergreen (“ Local students”, 2005). Evergreen International Aviation Inc is largely a success story.

This can, to a very large extent, be attributed to the company’s organizationalcultureand management style. The partnerships which it has forged through the years have also helped it greatly enhance the performance of its business operations.


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