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`A mental mindset model is how one thinks and interprets working things in the context of the real world. It is something which is being realized in human head and it affects how someone thinks. The mental mindset of people is different and it can be corrected when one has negative minds. As we all know that change is inevitable and not everyone in the society is flexible for change. In our context of AAA Company, Vernon and Bud are resistance to change in the transportation industry. They might be influenced by several forces such as mental ability, how they think, their psychology and the social change. (Johnson-Laird, P. N. 2006). In this paper, I am going to analyze how the mindset models can be used to make the two individuals conform to the change. The paper will also include the forces which are undermining the use of mental model/mindsets.

Four Steps to Change Mental Models/Mindsets

In dealing with the problem of refusing to change the company by Vernon and Bud, there are four steps to change their minds. These are called the four steps to change models/mindsets. The first step is recognizing the power and limits of the mental model. This will help us to understand how our mindsets are shaping the world. Vernon and bud through this step will realize that it is our mindsets which shape this world. They will again prove that the company has to grow and by growing there are several changes which must be included. (Byrne, R. M. J. 2005). The company must venture into the transportation of non perishable goods in order to stay relevant in the market for along time. The next of change is ensuring that the models are relevant. The model should be kept relevant in order to have the power of realizing hen the changes are necessary. It will help in looking at the market in a unique way and simplify any complexity of any. The market in this place is that most of the routes do not require the transportation of a full container. Therefore Vernon and bud should realize that the space left can be utilized by including non perishable goods for transportation.
The third step is overcoming inhibitors to change which enable the company to have anew order. Since the company does not want to do away with he two individuals because of their experience, they will be taught and counseled on the importance of the new initiative. The last step is transforming the world. (Johnson-Laird, P. N. 2006). Of course the world cannot be transformed without change. Transformation of the world relies entirely on how we think and our perspective on many things. We should change our actions and look at the world with a different mind. The four steps if managed carefully can help in changing the minds of Vernon and Bud towards the implementation of the new idea.

Forces against the mindset models

There are several forces which hinder the implementation of mindset models. The first one is the thinking capacity of an individual. People do think in different ways and some are very hard to see sense. Secondly, social change also affects the implementation of mindset models. For instance, Vernon and Bud have worked for the company for 20 years and they have never experienced such a change. They are being influenced by the customer-centric mindset since they fear loosing the good relation and reputation they enjoy with the customers in case they fail. Psychology and mental ability of individuals also hinders the implementation of the mindset models. The psychology of someone must be upright and able to reason out well with a view of making a change and accepting challenges. (Byrne, R. M. J. 2005).
The process of changing the mental mindset of Vernon and bud involves the implementation of the model as well as assessing the model and finally the models should be strengthened continuously. I always work on the principle of transforming the world. It influences me since it encompasses the remaining mental models. . (Johnson-Laird, P. N. 2006). Transforming the world means a positive change and the ability to think right. The two individuals are used to the old ways of doing things therefore find it very difficult to conform.


Mental Models/Mindsets form part and parcel of our thinking. They are there to stay and guide us even at times we fail to recognize them. They are very influential and guide us on how we think and view the world. If we fail to embrace the mental mindset models then we will end up seeing the same opportunities and the same development as well as achieving similar results. Possibilities will be opened while we shift from one mental model to the next. (Byrne, R. M. J. 2005). All in all, the use of mental model/mindset should be adopted in any organizations which prepare to change its operations. individuals are different in terms of understanding and thinking capacity. Therefore, using this strategy will make them conform.


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