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Essay on early childhood observation

Arguably, understanding children development is very essential; this is because it enables us to comprehend the emotional, social, cognitive, as well as physiological growth of human beings. During my assignment I spent most of my time in a public ground and observed children whose age ranged from two to nine.
The kids were doing different types of activities; hence I had to spend some time with them so as to draw some characteristics. The children could be joined by their parents and other older children. As a matter of fact children from different ages could be seen acting in unique manner. From this group of children most of them came from different backgrounds, (Slentz & Krogh, 2001).


The children were playing together in different groups, in some occasions others could leave while others joined the group. The play ground has a perimeter so has to prevent the children from going beyond the field.
One the child was very curious with those individuals who were outside the play ground, while others remained unmindful to the surroundings outside the field. Some of the parents could interrupt the children game by calling their children and talking to them.
Actually in the course of the observation, most of the children were interacting either alone, with guardians or a sibling. Majority of the children seem to be socializing and interacting with their own family members. During observation some older children could join the groups and interact with other young kids freely. The older could lead the young children in playing and constricting of castles. They seem to know more of the games and activities as compared to other young children.
At some corner of the field, there are two young boys, they seem to be discussing their issues and looking away from the field. They could occasionally turn and observe what other children are doing. Other children could communicate to each other easily, while others seemed to only understand. Some children could also sing and recite poems.
During playing other children were fast while others were slow; furthermore some even had little ideas on how to play. In most cases boys could overcome obstacles so easily. Some of the parents are very less concern with their kids playing, while others could follow every step of their children.
Perhaps based on the observations above, the information could be interpreted. It was clear that kids during the age of 2-9 years come in all sizes and shapes; each one of them was special and unique in their own way. From cognitive view children think differently as compared to adults. It was significant that has the child grows the mentally growth too takes place. They play actively both physically and mentally so as to gain knowledge of the world. The children advance in interacting and observing skills. It is during this stage that the children learn to talk, store, be creative, process, and use information. Age ages 2-9 years the children develops mental reasoning, symbolic reasoning and magical beliefs, (Slentz & Krogh, 2001).
Physiologically, there was some correlation between age of the children and energy. The older ones were faster in playing; the children had different physiological features. Some could control the entire game because they could talk well and even could use some adult speech and language, (Slentz & Krogh, 2001). The children between ages 2-9 years had variance in size and shape. On the other hand children biologically have different genes and hormones, therefore girls have fats while boys develop energy.


Slentz, K & Krogh, S. (2001). Early Childhood Development and its Variations. New Jersey:
Erlbaum Press.

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