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Youth culture in japan.

The History of Youth Culture in Japan In order to understand youth culture in Japan, it is necessary to examine its history in comparison with youth in the United States and the United Kingdom. Advanced Consumption Culture and Youth Culture: After the Second Half of the 1970s From the latter half of the [>]

Seminar on ubiquitous computing essay

For example, a context-aware map might use the information that the user is away from home, has no appointments, and that the time is 6: 00 in the evening to determine that the user could soon be interested in dinner. The idea behind natural interaction is for the computer to supply services, resources, [>]

Genetic diversity of african trypanosomes in tsetse flies and cattle from the kafue ecosystem

Previous studies have detected a high prevalence of these Trypanosoma the eastern and southern province of Zambia, where the majority of infections were attributed to T.congolense. Extending these studies to assess the genetic diversity of trypanosomes found in tsetse flies and cattle from the same ecosystem can enable a more in-depth understanding [>]

Intelligence, cognition, and language of green plants

The more exact the fit the higher the level of information involved in the interaction. In the nematode connectome, the average degree is again about 7 and the distribution of degrees is a power law with a minority of neurons with very high degrees of connection and a long tail down to 3 [>]

Comparative analysis of clinical parameters and sputum biomarkers in establishing the relevance of filamentous fungi in cystic fibrosis

Whilst the association between pathogenic bacteria and airway inflammation, infection and disease progression is well established, less is known about the role of fungi in the CF airways and their impact on airway inflammation and lung disease progression. In the absence of ABPA, it is not clear whether the detection of fungi in [>]

Spatio-temporal assessment of the european hake ( merluccius merluccius ) recruits in the northern iberian peninsula

European hake is one of the most important commercial species in the northeast Atlantic and is assessed by the International Council for the Exploration of the Sea in two units: the northern and the southern stocks. Concerning the environmental variables, bathymetry was the most important predictor to defining the distribution occurrence and abundance [>]

Genetics and the individualized therapy of vestibular disorders

Mutations in MICA, TLR10, and NFKB1, all of which are associated with the immune system, have been associated with differences in the occurrence and rate of progression of SNHL in sporadic MD patients. In addition to the isolated vestibulopathies, dizziness, and episodic vertigo is found in combination with moderate or severe hearing loss [>]

Fluid bolus therapy in pediatric sepsis: current knowledge and future direction

The worldwide burden of sepsis in pediatric intensive care in terms of morbidity and mortality remains high and is a key healthcare priority. Yet, in the face of many unanswered questions and associated harm, the imperative to investigate the role of FBT in sepsis exists.

Faith-based coping among arabic-speaking refugees seeking mental health services in berlin, germany: an exploratory qualitative study

The sharp rise in numbers of Muslims in Germany has inevitably led to a significant shift in the sociopolitical landscape within Germany and in Europe. This included questions regarding the nature of the war and conflict they fled back home, the experience of their displacement journey, and current challenges faced or experienced following [>]

The four deadly sins of implicit attitude research

For example, responses may or may not be fast and efficient, respondents may or may not be aware of the purpose of the measure, may or may not intend particular outcomes on the measure, and may or may not be able to intentionally alter responses on the measure. This suggests that the evaluations [>]

New reflections on gravitational duality

We start from the partition function Z = D A D G e i L P d D x = D A D G e i [ g G a G a + G a F a ] d D x, where F a = A a - A a + g f [>]

Diagnosis of covid-19 pneumonia based on graph convolutional network

Limited by the insufficient training samples and the great number of parameters in deep learning structures, the ACC of the above methods based on 3D-CT images is not satisfied. As the equipment information is usually acquired and is an essential feature to images, we propose to utilize the task of predicting equipment type [>]

Important law enforcement facts assignment

Immigration and Naturalization Service agents and inspectors facilitate the entry of legal visitors and immigrants to the U.S.and detain and deport those arriving illegally. Private detectives and investigators use many means to determine the facts in a variety of matters.

Ethical climate(s), distributed leadership, and work outcomes: the mediating role of organizational identification

This evidence motivated the examination of OI as a mediator between ethical climate as well as DLA and measured outcomes: Hypothesis 1b: OI will mediate the effects of ethical climate and leadership style on work outcomes. While some scholars have focused on the transmission of organizational values from the leader to the employees [>]

Tele-education 18627

For this case, the signals or information transmitted do not arrive at all the receiver at the same time, for example, the question raised by the lecturer might not received by the students at the same time and this is not a good environment for Tele-education system. This study covers the background of [>]

Enterperneurship and notes

7th Century In the 17th century the entrepreneur was a person who entered into a contract with the government to perform a service Richard Cantillon, a noted economist of the 1700s, developed theories of the entrepreneur and is regarded as the founder of the term. The entrepreneur " contributes his own initiative, skill [>]

Psychiatric advance directives and artificial intelligence: a conceptual framework for theoretical and ethical principles

The Joint Crisis Plan involves the patient and the care team in a negotiation process with a third-party facilitator who may be a mental health worker, a family member, a trusted person, a custodian, or a lawyer, and the quality of the document could be assessed with a " quality of crisis plan" [>]

Recognition of procurement functions in an organisation essay sample

2 STATEMENT OF THE PROBLEM The Public Procurement Act of 2004 established the National Public Procurement Authority which is the regulatory body for all public procurement in the country. The procurement process in North America usually begins with the review of an organisation's spend portfolio, and the development of appropriate strategies, and proceeds [>]

Pain across the menstrual cycle: considerations of hydration

Of these pain stimuli, the cold pressor task and muscle ischemia are thought to be the most clinically relevant, as the deep and aching pain produced by both of these stimuli may better replicate the pain experienced by patients with chronic pain. There is a roughly equal number of studies that observed variations [>]

R848 is involved in the antibacterial immune response of golden pompano ( trachinotus ovatus ) through tlr7/8-myd88-nf-κb-signaling pathway

Subsequently, the cells were incubated with R848 and the proliferation of the cells was determined as described above. Then, R848 was added to the cells, and the proliferation of the cells was detected as described above.

Comparison of alginate utilization pathways in culturable bacteria isolated from arctic and antarctic marine environments

All the genomes contain the genes encoding the 5 key enzymes involved in alginate utilization, except that the kdgF gene is absent from the genomes of 5 strains. Most of the aly genes are clustered in the alginate utilization gene clusters, which belong to PL6, 7, and 17.

Legal and regulatory issues governing cannabis and cannabis-derived products in the united states

In the United States in the years following the Act, and as the physician's armamentarium expanded with new medication options, interest in the therapeutic effects of cannabis and cannabinoids waned until cannabis use increased in the 1960s, coincident, and indeed entwined, with antiwar and other social protest movements. Its purposes were twofold: it [>]

The attention schema theory: a foundation for engineering artificial consciousness

The body schema is an internal model, a rich and integrated set of information that reflects the state of the body, how it moves, and its relationship to the world. One of the most important and overlooked aspects of the body schema is that it is not just a representation of the body [>]

The dynamics of high performing organizations essay

And as such, it is the passion about this existence that engages the employees and the customers, which drives the long-term success of the organization. And it is about helping members of the organization to reach the emotions of their customers and to provide the kind of service that makes those customers emotionally [>]

The roles of embryonic transcription factor brachyury in tumorigenesis and progression

In addition, the role of BRACHYURY gene in developing mesoderm, morphogenesis, and cell fate is evolutionarily conserved. Formation of mesoderm tissue requires a regulatory loop in which Xbra activates the expression of a member of the FGF family and FGF maintains the expression of Xbra.

Clothing store case study

Maria B.s a brand that reaches to all sectors of both the traditional and urban female fashion demand through a unique combination of pricing and the diversity in the fashion lifestyles that she offers. About Us, 2004) However, the council's main attempt to collaborate the efforts of fashion designers failed partly due to [>]

Plague vaccine development: current research and future trends

In case of LcrV, immunization with both native purified and recombinant LcrV provides protection in mice against bubonic and pneumonic plague. The RCN-F1/V307 vaccine also provided protection in mice against an F1-negative strain of Y.pestis.

Ethics modules

Question1: If disclosure of a subjects involvement in a specific research study can be potentially harmful to the subject, and the consent form is the only record linking the subject to the research, which of the following would be most helpful: Your answer: Obtain a waiver of documentation of informed consent. Points Earned: [>]

The normalization of conservative gender politics in chile and the role of civil society

After the end of the military dictatorship, some protagonists of the women's movement became members of the national women's secretariat, thus shaping the gender politics of the young democracy. The study of Chilean women's movements is based on a literature review of the role of women's movements in transition and on a secondary [>]

History of ethics and social responsibility business essay

KKK Amotion.jpgTable of Contents In this team research project, we aim to identify the nature and scope of the managerial problem outlined in the case study Kosmic Kiwi Kosmetics and through collection, collation and analysis of both secondary and primary research by team members, to report on team's research findings and application of [>]

Spectrum of hypertension and high blood pressure biology essay

Treatment of high blood pressure and its associated complications will increase the load on the wellness attention system and loss in the quality of life for 1000000s of patients. The enzymatic cascade of RAS is initiated by release of renin, an aspartyl peptidase by the juxtaglomerular cells located in the sensory nerve and [>]

Generation, gender, and leadership: metaphors and images

This article explores the metaphors and images used by different generations of women to describe women's leadership in higher education and the impact on their careers and career ambitions. It will examine: The metaphors and images masculinist organizational cultures in universities use to legitimize the low percentage of women in top leadership [>]

Importance of smes sector business essay

In this study we are trying to bridge this gap by addressing the component of the corporate governance and how it is impacting the innovation at all stakeholder levels with the aim to develop a new model that studies the impact of Corporate Governance on the success of Innovation Process Innovation is a [>]

Producing electricitys with different technologies engineering essay

The rotor is positioned perpendicularly of the tower axis in the direction of the wind. In this application the rotor speed is proportional to the wind speed, and the frequencies of the ac currents produced by the generator are variable.

Organised pharma retail in india

Going by an ORG-Marg study on the emerging scenario of Pharma retailing in the country, small chemists are likely to close shop with the emergence of big retail Pharma chains promoted by Pharma companies themselves, thereby marking the end of unorganised Pharma retailing in the country. The Research stage Objective of the study [>]


The development is proportional to the reinvestment and accumulation of the profit in the free. These are the City of Beijing in China, City of Manchester in the Great Britain, and the city of Nairobi in Kenya.

Tourism and social exclusion in the dominican republic

It is the oldest and one of the most developed tourism areas of the country, and it continues to grow. In due course, the growth of the tourism industry became a " peaceful" method of attaining long-lasting political power and financial control in the markets and politics of the South.

Fabrication and analysis of reynolds experiment setup

Flow in Pipe For flow in a pipe or tube, the Reynolds number is generally defined as Where: - - is the mean fluid velocity in D is the diameter - - - - - is the dynamic viscosity of the fluid is the kinematic viscosity is the density of the fluid Q [>]

Aircraft engineering argumentative essay

AEROSPACE ACRONYM & Abbreviation Guide 3D, 4D three- or four-dimensional 3G third generation 4096 Code combinations of four-digit transponder code A A A-BPSK A-QPSK A-SMGCS A mpere autotuned navaid aviation binary phase shift keying aeronautical quadrature phase shift keying advanced surface movement guidance and control systems autobrake aircraft analog-to-digital air/ground; air to ground [>]

Azim premji assignment

He was also declared the Businessman of the Year 2000 by Business India and is featured in the Business Weeks all-time top 30 entrepreneurs of the world in 2007. Programmes of the Azim Premji Foundation focus on " creating effective and scalable models that significantly improve the quality of learning in the school [>]

Islamic banking and mutual funds finance essay

In 1980, the process of economic liberalization started in both nations by presenting the idea of privatization, but the results were different from those of governmental uncertainty in Pakistan and the economic climate was poorly handled under the reduces to govt involvement. Shariah-compliant ways of funding like Musharaka mudaraba and motivated so that [>]

Problem statement and plan of analysis business essay

Identification of Disruptive Growth OpportunitiesCompanies that express the need to build disruptive growth opportunities usually have one of the two options at their disposal namely; being able to compete against non consumption that in the end lead to an establishment of what is commonly referred to as the type one disruption or they [>]

Upsee 2009

1) 1 only 2) 2 and 3 3) All 4) None of these 4. 1) 1 and 4 2) 2 and 4 3) 3 and 4 4) None of these 13.

Internal factors affect change of leadership in organization

The purpose of the present study is to investigate whether negative work-related health attributions are separate from ill-health, and if the concept contributes to the understanding of negative attitudes towards the job and the organization, and turnover intentions.1. The present study The purpose of the present study was to investigate the role of [>]

The improvement of quality education education essay

ICPIC encourages the improvement of quality education and promotes the setting up of regional centres of Philosophy to help in assisting and designing of PFC and philosophical enquiry courses. Membership to this organisation is open to all those who believe in the philosophical enquiry approach and encourages teachers to share and bring their [>]

India’s ban of chinese toys- wto report essay

1 per cent by mass of plasticized material.* Of the sampled toys that children generally put in their mouths, 29 per cent exceeded the phthalate limit.* Of the 24 samples picked randomly, 14 were found to be from China and 2 from Taiwan 57 per cent of the China-made toys and 100 per [>]

The customs and administrative entry procedures economics essay

Indeed, the multilateral rounds of negotiations and the unilateral liberalization have led to significant decrease in the use of trade barriers. As the name suggests, these measures are adopted to restrict the quantity of goods entering the country.

Acca paper p1 governance, risk and ethics june 2011 assignment

Any change in the risk profile or environment of the KAPLAN PUBLISHING 5 ACCA P1: GOVERNANCE, RISK AND ETHICS rganisation will necessitate a change in the system and a failure or slowness to respond may increase the vulnerability to internal or external trauma. Governance actions that will be implemented In order to ensure [>]

The effect of mobile technology intervention as business solution to customer satisfaction

To determine if the patients will be satisfy with the mobile technology, to know if there is a significant effect using mobile technology than the existing process and to determine the difference between the existing process and the process applied by mobile technology to the end user and to the hospital. THE PROBLEM [>]

The financing problems for manufacturing industry economics essay

There is a wide disparity between the ownership rates in the rural areas and the other parts of the country. In the 1950's, the advent of the digital computer and associated technology and its initial application to manufacturing was seen as a watershed event.

State administration for industry and commerce economics essay

Of the total retail sales in China, the government targeting to get more than 5 % online shopping sales by the end of the Twelfth Five-Year Plan. Therefore, in aggregate, the effects of this group on the retail sector and the economy as a whole should be more apparent, driving the consumption level [>]

Service process improvement: improving the order to cash process

2) Project Objective a) To collect the data provided by the MIS team and get primary data from the data entry team.b) To analyze the secondary data to present my findings on the reasons for rejection of applications.c) To analyze the primary data to find out the reasons for the delay in overall [>]

Exploring consumer perception about premium watches in indian context

The instance delved into several facets of the perceptual Fieldss associated with consumer behaviour with the aim of happening the most appropriate attack to foster the chances of the Xylys trade name. No technetium The liberalisation of markets.the lifting disposable income.exposure to western life styles.and the demand for the new coevals to set [>]

The catering skills of uphsd essay

71 Very Good in other areas of the kitchen Students can assist in setting up and serving catering 4.40 0. 60 Very Good Students as a commitment to the service values and ethics of the client company 4.32 0.

Black house chapter fifteen

And there's the smell, the ancient, seagully odor that works deep into your nose and awakens the back part of your brain, the part that is perfectly capable of believing in monsters when the sight lines shorten and the heart is uneasy. The lobby of the Nelson Hotel always smells of the river? [>]

The enigmatic essence of alan turings entity film studies essay

Alan's tryst with the rigors of life at a public school brought to the fore the existence of a shell which protected his spirit from wilting due to the mockery he encountered for his shrill stammer, apart from the constant admonition he was subjected to on account of his shabby appearance and blotched [>]

Cardiovascular disease cause of deaths

Although many surveies have been conducted describing the positive effects of aerophilic exercising as a method of forestalling CVD hazard factors and increasing RMR, there is limited and controversial research sing the effects of opposition preparation as a method of forestalling CVD and increasing RMR. However, due to the deficiency of literature, a [>]

Introduction of information security systems cis4385

DDoS middle c.replay d.smurf Grade: 1 User Responses: c.replay Feedback: a. SQL c.web Grade: 1 User Responses: Feedback: a.

Different methods of performance appraisal business

Employee rating is one of the indispensable undertakings of HRM that is why the specializer selects the topic of public presentation rating and the consequence of the rating on occupation fulfilment. Comparative analysis of assessment system of two companies, and the impact of the public presentation assessment on the degree of occupation satisfaction [>]

Nursing care plan essay

Vasculitis is a narrowing of the inside of a blood vessel that can obstruct the flow of blood to the tissues. 0 albumin is a protein that is formed in the liver and that helps to maintain normal distribution of water in the body.

Managing peoples activities and roles and organisation essay

This is the chief ground why the enlisting procedure and the methods related to it are possibly the most of import and with the highest precedence in the HR direction. The function of the HR directors in this procedure is to give valuable advice sing the Torahs of employments that apply in the [>]

Examining the conceptual framework of feminism essay

Gender believing adopts this feminist stance, with small or no alteration or retouching and with few or no disclaimers, so that it is conventional gender believing to situate work forces as the culprits of female-oppression and favoritism in a society which is viewed as male-dominated, a society in which this sad scenario is [>]

Waste generation in india environmental sciences essay

Each human activity produce waste but quantity and composition of waste differ by lifestyle, and with urbanization life of people is changing with very high rate, as per ministry of Urban development and Ministry of environment of Government of India this present speed of urbanization will result in increase of urban population upto [>]

Lecture notes for bio 106 essay

Reproductive roles Male's job is to get the sperm to the egg The sperm are specialized to deliver the male's genes to the egg Female's job is to produce a gamete containing the female's genes Egg is specialized to nourish the embryo Egg is large and contains nutrients Egg must be moved along [>]

The cleveland school district essay sample

As the educators of the nation work to ensure the success of its students in the community, they must remember that each child is capable and, more importantly, has the right to learn, regardless of age, race, gender, income, or social upbringing. The preparation for a seamless transition has to be embedded in [>]

Analysing foreign markets essay

Purpose The purpose of this thesis is to develop a theoretical framework to analyze foreign markets and apply it to the French market of direct sales in cosmetics and Oriflame. 5 Purpose The purpose of this thesis is to develop a theoretical framework to analyze foreign markets and apply it to the French [>]

How can delhi traffic be more human centric sociology

As portion of the thesis the writer will loosely research the impact of people in the Delhi conveyance system and its different aspects. South territory is considered to be the most flush of all residential territories of Delhi.

Comedy and british identity essay

It is the perceived differences and the way we talk about television, especially that of British and American television, that led me to this study of British television and specifically at the reflection of the dynamic of the British and American relationship within television. Examining the development of the industry helps to understand [>]

The piano lesson

The trauma at the heart of this family history is precisely the traffic in human flesh echoed in the song, the sale of the totemic figures depicted on the piano's legs. The Ghosts of the Yellow Dog, the ghosts of Willie and Berniece's murdered father and his hobo companions, and the ghost of [>]

Netflix case study

Through the beginning and even until today Netflix has been able to stay ahead of their competition; this mainly due to the seemingly flawless method of getting the product to the end user, and back." No one is going to out-hare Netflix," Hasting said. Netflix launched its movie rental service in 1999 with [>]

The human environment relationship environmental sciences essay

The Stockholm Conference in 1972-at Stockholm adopted " Declaration on the Human Environment " and " Declaration Principles " In short, the Declaration states that the man is both creature and moulder of his environment and the protection and improvement of human environment is major issue for the survival of human race. The [>]

Du journalism syllabus assignment

The Delhi College of Arts and Commerce was the first to start this prestigious course and today five colleges of the University of Delhi are proud to offer the same. The controller of examination, University of Delhi, South Campus will conduct the Central admission test with the help of the Dean, Faculty of [>]

Representation and democracy in britain, 1830-1931 essay sample

Much of the discontent was caused by the economic downturn following the ending of the Napoleonic Wars and the demobilisation of c. The franchise extension of 1884 was to be the ' herald of far reaching changes in the elemental structure of society'.* The new electorate would be the means to the end [>]

Cobbler scam essay

This was one of the worst scam in India that cheated the poorest people of the society and benefited a lot of rich and elite people. On the basis of the complaints, the police carried out its own investigations, and a diligent officer in the office of the Registrar of Cooperative Societies decided [>]

Credit link capital subsidy scheme

1 crore.he rate of subsidy has been enhanced from 12 per cent to 15 per cent.the admissible capital subsidy is to be calculated with reference to the purchase price of plant and machinery, instead of the term loan disbursed to the beneficiary unit.the practice of categorisation of SSI units in different slabs on [>]

Equity valuation

To identify the price of the equity share and the required rate of return? The property, capital and income of the Exchange, as per the Memorandum and Articles of Association of the Exchange, will have to be applied solely towards the promotion of the objects of the exchange.

Visual merchandising in line with apparel, book essay

The success of the program will be reflected in the better presentations, displays, indoor and outdoor communication about the stores. Visual Merchandising is the way we can differentiate between the products and create an image which matches to that of the value proposition of the store.

The ozone layer depletion environmental sciences essay

The thickness of ozone is measured in Dobson Unit." One Dobson Unit is the number of molecules of ozone that would be required to create a layer of pure ozone 0. The main cause of this is the liberation and discharge of chlorofluorocarbons, used in refrigeration systems, air conditioners, aerosols, solvents and in [>]

Leadership research paper managing across the organization

The culture was one in that the superordinate goals of winning their division, making the playoffs, and eventually winning the Super Bowl were the only goal for the team. In the simulation Managing the Organization, there is a point where the fitness company promotes the role-player to the vice President of the Production [>]

Internet service provider narrative

I had to install the greylisting service on the new server and everything was? ne but it was a huge change. I also set up a provisioning source for the mail system and a test package to test the PayPal payments.2.3.

Solution to auditing and assurance service: 1,12,b, 3

Key questions include " Are the accounts valued correctly? " and " Are expenses allocated to the period benefited? " Classification and understandability assertion: The objective is to establish with evidence that presentation and disclosures are properly classified on the financial statements and that financial statements including footnotes are understandable to the financial [>]

Miracle of life

Baby's 1st experience to feel his sense of touch Baby's 1st experience of the impact of light and sound We cannot say exactly how the baby feels by conscious awareness and memory, but we cannot assume that he is insensitive to all the factors.' mneme' Recording by the unconscious memory of all the [>]

Content and formal schemata in esl reading essay

In fact, in the case of both content and form, what we are interested in is the interaction between the content and form of texts and the content schemata and formal schemata, respectively, of readers. The title of this article is taken from the perspective of the reader, the research design of the [>]

Strategies for financing real estate development in ghana

0 Theory of the Real Estate Industry and the Provision of Finance......................29 2.2. 4 AIM The chief purpose of the survey is to lend to a better apprehension of the fiscal patterns and jobs on the growing of existent estate houses in Ghana.

Real exchange rate determinants in ghana economics essay

Previous empirical studies on the determinants of the real exchange rate in Ghana have ignored the possible effects of the 1983 economic reforms as well as the effects of the changes in the BOG's behaviour in NFA holding. The task in this approach is typically to estimate the extent of misalignment, which is [>]

The alpha point our heritage theology religion essay

There are many aspects of it: the shock of the colonial experience with all that this brought in its train, the introduction of Western model as a universal value, the now widespread shake-up of this model, the systematic intra-national impoverishment of the third world, and also the ambiguity of certain traditional African values. [>]

The overall agri environmental performance environmental sciences essay

The present paper places the movement within the analysis of a conflict between two symbioses, between the community and the environment on the one hand, and between the corporation and the state on the other. In order to show the degree of the community's rejection of the mine to the state and corporation, [>]

Kant and weber’s concept of freedom

On the one hand, history is the actual sequence of struggles by which political com- munities successively emerge to negate and tran- scend the cultural values of their predecessors; objective reason is the progressive embodiment of that struggle in the form of increasingly perfected systems of morality represented by the state and its [>]

The market segments retailing formats economics essay

Concerning the above issues, it is critical to understand the competitive landscape in China retail market, the success factors, the factors lead to the loosed to local retailers, consumer buying behaviour in China, and what does the future hold for retailing in China. To address the issues raised in the problem statement, the [>]

At&t u-verse marketing plan assignment

The marketing goals are on track for achievement and the progress of the U-verse is not lagging from any elements that compose the strategy and positioning of the product. In order to meet the future needs of its customers, AT&T needs to expand its U-verse infrastructure from fiber-to-the-node to fiber-to-the-home.

Chapter 1 accounting tb flashcard

Answer: FalseDifficulty: 1Objective: 3 Terms to Learn: supply chain The value chain refers to the sequence of business functions in which customer usefulness is added to products or services.21. Marketing Answer: dDifficulty: 1Objective: 3 Terms to Learn: marketing 102.__________ is the delivery of products or services to customers.a.

How to improve organizational performance through learning and knowledge?

Findings The results indicate that: HRM strategies result in better organizational learning, organizational innovation, and knowledge management capability, which ultimately contributes to achieving organizational performance; organizational learning improves organizational innovation and accumulates knowledge management capability; organizational innovation results in knowledge management capability development, which contributes to the establishment of organizational development; and technological [>]