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Letter of recommendation

Considering his performance records and other activities, I place him in the top 5% in his class. Considering his enthusiastic quest for knowledge and intellectual capabilities, I strongly advocate him for Master's program in your honored university.

It now stand repealed by the hindu marriage

In other parts of the country in absence of custom divorce had no recognition under any circumstances. The parties to a marriage solemnised under the Special Marriage Act, 1954, could obtain a decree of divorce under the conditions laid down in chapter 3 thereof.

Poor terms of communication between businesses

Communication is one of the vital aspects for any successful However, of contemporary times, there have been various cases of incompetence in the field and this has led to poor terms of business between organizations. This is due to the high amount of doubt and fear bore in terms of investment.

Fitness movement in the usa

Fitness Movement in the USA What were the reasons for the rise of fitness faith, centres, and its churches? In conclusion, the fitness movement focused on health and individuals' responses to building self esteem.

Big five inventory

The personality traits of the " Big Five Inventory" help us determine many things including how a person would respond to different stimulus. There are a few tests to determine the outcome of the Big Five Personality Traits which include; Big Five Aspect Scales or BFAS, The International Personality Item Pool developed by [>]

The value of victory in emily dickinson poem “success is counted sweetest”

The point of the first stanza is that the value of success feels the best to those who did not succeed for a long time. But the value of the victory or of the success is very high to the defeated, because they paid with their life.

Normally, i would have just felt really

It was amazing though that Sammy did not forget my shoes as I slipped my feet into a pool of his saliva that had accumulated inside the only decent pair of shoes that I had. He had taken a page off of my calendar and I realize that my date was for tomorrow [>]

A person’s mind is a very simple venue for many interesting cognitive

They were initially made to believe that the persons who gave the speeches were freely given a choice as to what stand to make, the subjects naturally rated the persons who gave the pro- speeches as having a positive attitude towards Castro, and people who gave anti- speeches as having a negative attitude [>]

The great influenza essay

By using repetition, Barry is able to instill the ideas he has about the field of science to the reader over and over again. He explains the certainty and uncertainty of a scientist to overcome the hardship of their work.

The genus homo

The increase in brain size and decrease in jaw and tooth size are associated with the first appearance of the genus Homo; the archeological evidence of a shift in subsistence patterns is often assumed to be associated with behaviors unique to Homo, although this point remains to be definitely demonstrated. These involve a [>]

Misy tia chapter 3

Most popular web browsers features EXCEPTtacked browsing E-commerce that uses social network to assist in marketing and purchasing productsSocial commerce Web based universal chat service that let you communicate with users on a variety of IM services from a computers without having to install a special programMeebo The internet isa large network of [>]

Institutional developments of congress

al Developments of Congress The article covers myriads of factors that lead to the al development of the congress body and how some of them later lost consideration thus leading to modification and expansion of the existing chambers. They also created a domineering force in enabling the formation of these committee members.

Agenda assignment

Jack and Lima researched the basics of a Geneva mechanism and what it would generally be used for, the main use of a Geneva mechanism is clocks, gears and rotating disk shafts. We then realized the basis of engineering and understand the general terms of the engineering In the construction of the Geneva [>]

I like to ask about family

Differentiate and compare the values of instructional materials.3. Present a vocabulary tree with the following words: Instructional Materials B.2.A.B.2.B.

Discuss how you perceive risk. what toxicological risks do we experience in our daily lives, sometimes without recognition wh

The potentency of risk varies owing to its virulence and the efficacy of the immune cells. Use of pesticides and other chemical substances to control microbial infections can also cause toxicity to human health; the toxic substances gain entrance in the body through inhalation and dermal route leading to mutations, oncogenesis and teratogenesis.

Business paper

Editing Revising a Business Paper Revising a business or technical paper as one would a typical composition may mean modifying the structure of the paper's arguments or presentation so as to bring about the desired level of impact upon critique or evaluation. Through the stage of editing, it is crucial for one to [>]

Fahrenheit 451 free essay

In the future, books were knownas bad and shameful and if anyone had possession of a book whether it was intheir house or in another person's house, then the house was to be burned. This conversation makes him think about what booksreally have to offer and that is why he decides to slip [>]

Ap english essay lewis lapham

Though the idea that Americans favor and respect a high economic status is true, Lapham's claim that they do so because they are socially forced to is not accurate because they still have the ability to make a choice. When Lapham states that " Men remain free to rise or fall in the [>]

What a brother knows essay

Levi's main relationships are with Boaz, Perl and Zim, along with Christina. While she was waiting to talk to Boaz Christina and Levi had a close conversation.

Denver neighborhoods

With this increase in population, the rate of crime in Capitol Hill has also escalated. The crime rate in this neighborhoods is far beyond the average crime rate in Denver as well as nationally, with 212 crime incidents in every 1000 people being reported.


My hypothesis is that extreme temperature ranges, detergents, detergents and organic solvents damage plasma membrane of the beet. The other conditions that disrupted beet cell plasma membrane include the presence of detergents, organic solvents, extreme high temperature, extreme low temperature, low pH and high pH.

Short essay on school

The reason why most teens do not come to school is because they feel like sleeping in, or there parents do not make them come to school. School could be six hours long because then students would have more time to do more things.

Boy and girls differ in their socializatioin experience

Gender socialization includes the processes through which the boys and girls learn the behaviors and personality characteristics appropriate to their gender. Family plays primary and the most important role in the socialization of children enabling them to become the successful citizens of the society.

Lab report paraphrasing

The number of harmonics involved in the calculation determines the accuracy of the Fourier series. The term, total squared error, is used in defining the accuracy of the original signal in the Fourier series.

We in hurry and pressure of work. in

Here we can quote the feelings of a great English poet Davies who never likes the over-burden in life and wishes to have some leisure in the following lines: What is this life, if full of care we have no time to stand and stare. Although it is on our disposal and we [>]

Social psychology in the new millennium assignment

Cognitive Perspective: Social psychology is the field that studies both social behavior and social thought. Multicultural Perspective: the field of Social Psychology has adopted an increasingly multicultural perspective, an approach that pays careful attention to the rate of culture and human diversity as factors that influences social behavior and social thought.

If under section 213: 1. a person

If punishable with imprisonment for life, or with imprisonment:- and if the offence is punishable with imprisonment for life, or with imprisonment which may extend to ten years, will be punished with imprisonment of either description for a term which may extend to three years, and will also be liable to fine; and [>]

Similarities and differences of drama, poems, and short stories

Similarities and differences of Drama, Poems, and Short Stories Affiliation Similarities and differences of Drama, Poems, and Short Stories Differences The major difference is drama exhibits extensive dialogue and can be non-fiction or fiction. The setting adds attitude to poetry, drama, or short story, and a good example of attitude is the change [>]

Use of forensics in the court system

Use of Forensic Science in the Courts Introduction Forensic science entails the application of science to solve legal questions. Appropriate and ethical application of forensic science enhance the effectiveness in criminal justice, and powerful in seeking justice and truth.

Introduction to ms project 2003

Introduction to MS project 2003 affiliation Microsoft Project 2003 is a computer program that was developed by Microsoft Company to help its clients to carry out various tasks associated with programming. To conclude, this Microsoft Project 2003, is useful for business management.

50 p questions

In this case, I will direct his concerns to another staff that is not engaged and is in the best position to handle the case. I will make him know how unfair it is not follow through on what I am supposed to do and promise to attend to him afterwards if his [>]

Hospitals in islam

The physicians and attendants operating the hospital were paid for their services and it was at the hospital that Greek medicine together with Persian medical practices began to thrive. The task of operating and heading the facility fell to Jibrail Bakhtishu, who was a well-revered physician.

Bu340 managerial finance 1

For example, if partner A and B contribute and of the capital respectively, limited partnership dictates that partner A is liable for only the initial contribution.). Inflation is an increase in the price of goods and services over a certain period of time.

Bitcoincity – bitcoin boulevard in the netherlands

A group is hoping to continue this with Arnhem Bitcoincity, taking place in, well, Arnhem in the east of the Netherlands". A bitcoin ATM will be on-hand at the event for those who need to acquire bitcoin before heading out.

How to make a bread box from timber

Received long piece of timber for 12 slats and cut each to mm long.- Japanned dozen slats Toledo thick and chamfered each to mm.-Marked rebate joints on top and cut with electric router and Gig.- Marked curve on both sides of breadbox with pencil and template.- Nailed sides together with mm bullet-head nails [>]

One prozac a day

In the US, one of two countries in which medication is advertised directly to consumers, antidepressants are represented in the media as the answer to all of our discontent. Happiness is related to serotonin, but " given the ubiquity of a neurotransmitter such as serotonin and the multiplicity of its functions, it is [>]


Many Filipinos know who is Andres Bonifacio but aside of his name many of people does not know what Andres Bonifacio have done and his achievements for the freedom of the Philippines. As a youth and a student, the legacy of Andres Bonifacio for us is to be strong and brave, be confident [>]

Family therapy concepts and methods

The main advantage of a genogram is that its structure provides family therapist with detailed information about a family in treatment. The fact that genograms cover events that transpired across at least three generations of a family enables family members to gain proper self-knowledge, understand consequences of their actions and hypothesize ways to [>]

Consumer compliance- ftc review

Further, it is evident from the mailer that the ad " applied to both new and used cars" because the ad announced that a buyer would be " entitled to buy a new or used car at a price lower than the current retail selling price". The offer was to be on for [>]

What does make occasions special

For Roman Catholics, there is a time to commemorate the passion and death of Jesus Christ yearly through the observance of fasting and abstinence during Holy Week. Further, there are special occasions that are deemed extraordinary only to the individual, the family, and closest friends.

Instruction of indra: an overview essay sample

The story teaches us to live out life simple but efficient The story is about a man/God named Indra who thought he was the greatest because he has done something heroic. The beautiful blue black boy explained to Indra that there were a lot of Indras before the present Indra that what Indra [>]

Found objects

Another reason why family is important to my life is because of the knowledge I am exposed to. I have finally found my passion for helping others and I never want to let go of it.

Discuss the military campaigns and battles of zachary taylor in the mexican war. how would you rate him as a commander what impact did the war have on taylors career

Discuss the military campaigns and battles of Zachary Taylor in the Mexican War. The Assault on Monterrey and Battle of Buena Vista are the other two military campaigns and battles by Taylor where he recorded notable success against the enemies.

Male verses female leaders

Women have been subjected to a lot of subordination and domination especially in leadership, due to the prevalence of patriarchal practices in several societies. As women struggle to identify the origins of their oppression in the society, they have realized that patriarchy has remained a significant obstacle in achieving equality in leadership.

Modern arab american fiction. a reader’s guide. by steven salaita

A readers Guide is to shed light into the socio-political and intellectual background of the Arab American fiction. The author tries to focus upon some prominent Arab American writers, in the form of a critical analysis.

Cost management

The article not only highlights the current trends and challenges of e-commerce in the United States, but is also points out the ways in which on-line merchants can manage their FX risks. Managing foreign exchange is a complex affair in cost accounting and the merchants in the article have to do so with [>]

How is south african culture deferent from or similar to u. s. culture?

Answer: The 2010 World CupSoccertournament put South Africa In the global spotlight and brought the country much needed economic growth. For years, the government failed to address these recent hosting of the World Cup has created new Jobs and provided many people with new skills, but more remains to be done.

Heavy machinery is the prime need of industries

The machines like bulldozer, Skid Steer Machinery, excavator, wheel loaders, drilling machine, mixer trucks and many more are used for the construction purposes, while the cranes, industrial truck, forklift and other such machines come in use in the production industry. For industries like construction and production, the heavy machinery is used for the [>]

Tragedy of the commons assignment

As seen in the movie Milagro Beanfleld Wa r and the events hat took place in the water privatization protests in Bolivia, By destroying a sense of community we are doomed to experience the tragedy of the commons. Similar to this, the private water industry, dominated by a handful of multinational co rporations [>]

Journal entry

Imagery and allusion get used in the poem to depict the nature of the speaker. Symbolism and irony are also key components in the poem.

Brave new world essay

They wear the color grey, and are the tallest and most good looking. Gammas, Deltas, and Epsilons are in the lower half of the cast system.

Generals die in bed assignment

For this essay, read the selections from the novels of Armature and Harrison in the Reading File and compare and contrast the two accounts. Topic B Much of the force of the videos in the series A People's Century comes from the personal testimony of participants.

Finance and leverage buyout

What are the concerns and what are the bargaining position of each group of Nicholson stockholders? WHAT IS THE SIZE OF THE POTENTIAL REWARD FOR THE MANAGEMENT OF THE CONGOLEUM IN THE LEVERAGE BUYOUT? 6.

Capital accumulation

The Transportation Revolution was one of the most important periods concerning the rise in urban growth and commerce, especially technological developments and inventions, such as the Canal system, steamboats, and railroads. The factory system was probably one of the most distinctive transitions that marked the settlement of the Industrial Revolution, in which it [>]

Social pressure essay

This social phenomenon is called social pressure which, to a lesser or greater extent, forces individuals to do their best to be like the rest of society, or normal. By succumbing to social pressure, people lose their own identities, uniqueness, and, instead of enjoying life as it is, begin mimicking others and their [>]

The business enterprise trust

In this particular case that is concerned with the development of a drug that will combat river blindness, a widespread disease among third world countries, it can be said that the primary stakeholders are composed of the employees of the Merck Company headed by John J. By analysis, the primary stakeholders are interested [>]

Reflection essay for pharmacy essay sample

I am able to observe the pharmacist and technicians, and can interact with patients. I was able to see the working relationship between the pharmacist and the technicians.

Asset management discussion post 6

Asset Management affiliation Asset Management For a client to be able to make the investment of $200, 000 in a portfolio for Walmart Stores there are certain questions that a broker must ask. This information helps to verify identification of the client and check whether the client appears in any known or suspected [>]

Punishment to fit the crime: dantes contrapasso

The paper " Punishment to Fit the Crime: Dante's Contrapasso " is an outstanding example of a literature essay. It takes in the concept that when Dante's characters reached Hell, they had to travel in a contrary direction to how they operated in life.

Uav history

The US also used lightning bugs a type of UAV that was released from an airborne C-130s for several missions over china and Vietnam. In late 1970s and 80s, Israel came up with the scout and pioneer which may be a representative of the modern type of UAV used today.

Chapter 6

Dial-upWhich of the following is NOT a broadband connection to the Internet? Activating packet switchingWhich of the following is NOT used to protect a wireless network?

No paper/ just questions

M1 will decrease because of withdraw of the money supply and M2 will increase because of the short-term deposit made during the transcation. PV = [1/t ] At where, R= 20% T= 1 year A= 120, then PV= [1/1] 120 PV= 100 I would take the $100 today because of the time value [>]

Answer the three questions

GHG Emissions The Copenhagen Accord is a pledge signed by various countries like China, India, and the US agreeing to take actions and draft goals in order to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions leading to global warming and drastic climate changes. 13 Apr.2011.

Thurgood marshall analysis essay

He achieved national recognition for his civil rights achievements as a lawyer and later as an associate justice of the Supreme Court of the United States. Justice Marshall received many awards and citations for his outstanding contributions to the field of civil rights.

Nyu diagnostic medical sonography program

For this, I decided that I would take up a course from the medical field when I go to college. This is something that I can hold on to for the rest of my life.

Who is really in charge of platos republic

He is of the opinion that the political power of the State is in the hands of wrong individuals. Thus, Plato is convinced that the solution to the problems of the state is possible only when philosophers become rulers or rulers, philosophers.

Fast food essay essay sample

The busy life is one of the top reasons of eating fast food the modern. And with the students, who still not have a job to earn money and depend on their family, the cheaper choice when eating fast food is one of best way for they can save money.

John f kennedy profile of president

Well as the president I have decided for the betterment of America I am going to sign the limited nuclear test-ban treaty with the Soviet Union and the United Kingdom. It is an honor of mine to announce the fact that my goal is to have a landing man on the moon before [>]

How social influence affects beliefs and behaviors

My home life of rewards and punishments has shaped me to be a cautious person desiring to do the right things always. I believe that being focused will help me to be a relevant and a responsible member of the society.

Antigone: marxism point of view assignment

The Sentry and King Croon go through some conflict with the way Croon is talking to the Sentry. King Croon shows that he Is the top of class structure a lot throughout Antigen.

Personal plan assignment

Obtaining the results from the multiple questionnaires in my career plan and my personal ethics, will guide me in my academic journey as I work toward receiving my bachelor's degree. My competencies displayed my strengths and weaknesses, which will help me choose my career interest to guide me in my arsenal, academic journey.

Old versus young: the cultural generation gap

The emergence of the generation gap in afamilyis theresponsibilityof parents and children, parents often complain that children now too do notrespecttheir parents; the children also complain that their parents do not understand children, making the original and the happy family have strife. It contrary to the point of view for the parents, children [>]

North korea at the winter olympics

The Olympics are the international celebration of human excellence, Kim's North Korea falls far from the definition of excellence. In north Korea Kim has established political prison camps where men women and children can be found, it does not matter whether the person is young or old.

Problems caused by mercantilism for the american colonists assignment

They enforced many policies such as the Stamp Act, the Townsend Duties, and the Tea Act which caused many problems for the colonists. It was not the cost of the stamp that angered hem, it was the principle.

Education and student council essay

The Students Council is a group of people who gets elected every year by students and help the school improve different things. On the day of the actual debate, they presented a colorful PowerPoint with a clear and professional explanation.

Long-term social and economic outlook essay sample

In the early ages of the American society, there were two major parties that were the factions of society. The Hamiltonians viewed the perfect government as one that was able to tax the people and stay debt free.

Life in the past and life now-comparison.

Obviously, it is hard to compare the life of the ancient people and the life of the people of the twenty first century because so many changes have occurred. On the other hand, however, life now is much faster and busier than it used to be in the past.


HP entered the tablet market with the HP TouchPad in August 2011. Once they began lowering their prices the law of demand kicked in and the TouchPad began to sell.

Corrigendum: lymphocyte autophagy in homeostasis, activation, and inflammatory diseases

A correction has been made to the section Autophagy in Peripheral T Cells, Macroautophagy in T Cell Activation, paragraph 2. It is possible that mitophagy and mobilization of lipids through lipophagy might be important, as for T cells" has been corrected to " Chen et al.showed that autophagy in memory B cells limits [>]

Swot analysis and organizational development in the nigerian public service

Using secondary data and a purely descriptive approach, the paper examines the concept of public service and organizational development and prescriptively presents SWOT as one such tool that can enhance the performance of public service agencies. In view of the expected benefits of SWOT analysis, we recommend that public service organizations should take [>]

Finishing the new year and starting something new

On Tuesday, at South Campus, the first exams are from 7: 20-8: 20am for periods 1 or 1-2 A, 8: 30-9: 30 for periods 2 or 1-2 B, and 9: 40-10: 40 for periods 3 or 3-4 A. Busses leave every day at 11: 00." It's been really stressful studying for exams but [>]

This of trade restrictions would generate a persistent

Stability of Exchange Rate: An exchange rate is said to be stable if, with given demand and supply schedules of the home currency in exchange markets, it has no tendency to change. Here, a fall in external value of the Rupee below OA leads to an excess of its supply over its demand [>]

Chapter the researcher chose the sample because the

It is presented under the followingsub-headings research design, population, sample and sampling procedure, instrument for data collection, validation of instrument, reliability ofinstrument, procedure for data collection, method of data analysis.3. 6 PROCEDURE FOR DATA COLLECTIONThe researcher would write to Dana airlineand their stakeholders' months before the actual take off of the study, intimating [>]

Groups: process and practice

Once members begin to appreciate differences and gain slight understanding of one another, they can start developing friendship and openness, which can help establish and build trust Another opening exercise may involve diving members into groups of three people and asking the different group to engage in games of counter pulling of ropes. [>]

Queen elizabeth rhetorical analysis of tilbury speech

Queen Elizabeth's speech invigorated the troops and ensured her faith in them and her capability as a leader through the use of repetition, juxtaposition, persuasion, amplification, and diction. Elizabeth uses the value of trust, nationalism, faith, relation, and material reward as a means to convince her troops to defend their homeland.

Direct advertising. on the other hand, indirect

Indoor and Outdoor Advertising: Advertising can also be classified as: Indoor, and Outdoor advertising. An important point of distinction between indoor and outdoor advertising is the cost.

Creon not covering polynices and that the lord

Creon requested that Eteocles, who passed on protecting the town is to be covered with full respects, while the figure of Polynices, the intruder is left to decay along these lines, Creon announced that any individual who set out to endeavor covering Polynices will be stoned to death. Antigone expresses that his request [>]

Whether heredity determines personality

That is, heredity only establishes the basic foundation of one's personality particularly the physical aspects, while the environmental factors, which are represented by the cultural, social, and situational factors, more greatly influence the actual development and evolution of personality. From this analysis, it is clear that heredity alone does not develop personality, but [>]

Hr contributes at sysco

VRC enhanced the administrative efficiency of HR and it also contributed to the responsiveness of HR to employees and regional managers. HR devised and implemented a number of programs and services such as conducted a survey of employees and managers to analyze the reasons of turnover.

Camille saint saens

Regarded as one of those rare and gifted prodigies, Saint-Saens, learned to play the piano from his aunt when he was only two and a half years old and composed his first piece when he was three. In 1908 Saint-Saens had the honor of being the first composer to write a musical piece [>]

Informative speechexample essay

Body Washing your hands with soap and warm water is the single most important thing you can do to help reduce the spread of infections and protect you, your family and those around you. As for Children it is vitally important that all children are made aware of the importance and benefit of [>]

Current market conditions competitive analysis

The amount of demand by any service that Samsung andAppleis significant to the amount of the services that the buyers are willing and able to purchase. Finding the equilibrium price which is the amount of the goods that people who are willing and can afford to buy.

Baroque art assignment

In architecture the period is exemplified by the palace of Versailles and by the work of Bernie in Italy. Having long since shed its derogatory connotations, " baroque" is now simply a convenient catch-all for one of the richest and most diverse periods in music and art history.