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Satirical analysis of jonathan swift’s gulliver’s travels

The corruption of secretaries of state as well as the inventory made of Gulliver's possessions after a security check is suggestive of real events at the time, the latter alluding to the similarly minute investigation that took place in 1715 involving the Whigs and the fallen Tory leaders Oxford and Bolingbroke. Swift is [>]

Introduction to social media plan proposal marketing essay

To put it differently people use the social web instead of the old media for all the services supplied. The influence economy is compelling the people to become more open and social.

Essay dialog essay

The abundant coral reefs off the northern coast of the island are home to a huge variety of colorful tropical fish within easy reach of the shore. There is a beautiful hike up to the Seven Wells on the north of the island or the absolutely beautiful cable car ride up to the [>]

The recipe for truly great counseling

Counsellor Awareness of Assumptions, Biases and Values Attitudes and Beliefs The starting point of multicultural counselling is within the counsellor in that to be effective in working with people who come from different cultures, one must become aware of one's values, biases and beliefs. Knowledge Among the many characteristics that counsellors must have [>]

The history and background of drug addiction

The patterns of correlations across the two waves of the study were correlated with conduct disturbance resulting in substance use in both males and females, but depression leading to smoking, drug use and, to a lesser extent, alcohol use in girls. In a current study, Cleveland, Feinberg, & Jones, authors and researchers of [>]

History of cloning

Cloning is a costly experimentation and it has depleted the American society's economy and it is very unhealthy because it can lead to diseases which are very costly to treat which could make the American society to be forced to budget for medical treatments instead of the welfare of the people. Additionally, research [>]

Relationship between consumption and the self – essay

The consumer revolution, the birth of which is a subject of debates, represents not just a change in tastes, preferences, and purchasing habits but a fundamental shift in the culture of the early modern and modern world. However, from a critical point of view, seeking to create the self through symbolic consumption can [>]

Most nazi propaganda was ineffective essay

Not all the propaganda in Nazi Germany was successful but I believe that overall propaganda was massively successful in gaining Hitler and the Nazis support and influencing Germans with Nazi ideas and attitudes. By dominating all aspects of society many Germans were well informed about the policies of the Nazis and the success [>]

Editorial: arterial aging and age-associated arterial diseases

The inflammatory regulatory cascades are the key signaling that drives the cellular changes involved in the adverse arterial wall remodeling thus facilitating the exponential increase in mortality and morbidity related to hypertension and atherosclerosis. Aging increases the deposits of the advanced glycation end-products, the long-lived molecules of advanced glycation of extracellular matrix in [>]

Stoichiometry quiz essay sample

Calculate the number of grams NH3 produced by the reaction of 5. How many moles of N2 are produced by the decomposition of 2.

A commentary on: affective coding: the emotional dimension of agency

00608 We welcome Gentsch and Synofzik's review of the role of affect in modulating a person's sense of agency. In this commentary, we describe recent findings that suggest that one way in which negative affect plays a role in the development of AH is by reducing the SoA associated with self-generated cognitions and [>]

Effect of the internet on brain and cognition

The idea behind this study is that, theoretically, one individual and the Internet can form a sort of transactive memory system in which the individual feels that the vast stores of knowledge on the Internet are readily accessible at any time, and the individual will feel much more confident in his or her [>]

Allied powers between the conferences yalta and potsdam

The most major change was that the war had ended, and this altered the mindset of the allies greatly. Furthermore, immediately after Yalta, Russia began the sovietisation of the areas it occupied, and did this without any consideration to the policies of the allies in the west.

The philippine environmental policy

Title three of this decree is the Land Use, the purpose of this title is encouraging conservation of land resources and to prevent imbalance in the environment. The Natural Resources Management and Conservation under Presidential Decree 1152, aims to give the basic management and conservation of the Philippines' natural resources.

Editorial: wayfinding and navigation: strengths and weaknesses in atypical and clinical populations

Editorial on the Research Topic Wayfinding and Navigation: Strengths and Weaknesses in Atypical and Clinical Populations Navigation is an essential activity of everyday life, related to both work, and leisure. The encoding of environmental information in forming a mental representation or cognitive map and the retrieval and use of that information rely on [>]


There are some of the basic concepts of e-commerce that applies to understanding the difference of the relationship formation and maintenance in the market space and also in the market place. Furthermore, since the scope of the e-marketing is huge, there was a decision to create 3 categories in order to cater all [>]

A history of the 16th century england flashcard

The wars ended in 1485 when Henry Tudor won the battle of Bosworth and gained the throne of England. In 1520 Henry met the king of France at the Field of the Cloth of Gold.

The effectiveness of the violence against women act criminology essay

This paper looks at the Violence against Women Act signed by congress in 1994 and its effectiveness as well as the results of mandated batterer intervention programs in the United States. Funding and implementing the VAWA promoted education and training for judges and had them remand perpetrators to batterer intervention programs which had [>]

The machine gunners essay

The author grew up during the Second World War also the book's setting so his novel, " The Machine Gunners" echoes the author's experiences and feelings of the war but the book's plot and location are fictional. The readers' feelings also change as the writer moves from the striking of the bombs to [>]

Fundamentals of the christian worldview

While in the garden, a paradise created for all creatures to live with God, Adam and Eve, the first man and woman created by God, ate from a forbidden fruit tree, establishing the original sin, and what we now know is the nature of all humans." Even with the commands and words of [>]

The property of luminescence biology essay

The practical pick of a scintillator stuff is normally a via media between those belongingss to outdo tantrum a given application.the light end product is the most of import, as it affects both the efficiency and the declaration of the sensor. The light end product is a strong map of the type of [>]

How far was the first world war responsible for the downfall of the romanovs 1917?

It was only in the summer of 1914, however that there were " huge demonstrations against the monarchy", showing for the first time that the tsar had lot the respect from the majority of the Russian people. After the start of the war and after nationalism had worn down, the popularity of the [>]

Need and new faces

In the same token, the old and the established stands for ' the familiar and comfortable', ' knowledgeable and therefore able', ' mature and therefore trustworthy',' rugged and therefore reliable.' But all this goes with accusations of ' stagnation and staleness',' out-of-date and outmoded ness' and ' the slow and the stumped'. Our [>]

Exposing the mommy myth: a book review

Media and the images of motherhood they produce are at the forefront of this endeavor to promote and protect the ideal of the Perfect Mom. In the ' 90s, it is the turn of the celebrity moms, who made ordinary women insecure and less confident of their motherhood skills, and the criminal and [>]

Editorial: innate immunity in the context of osteoimmunology

Editorial on the Research Topic Innate Immunity in the Context of Osteoimmunology The term " osteoimmunology" identifies the research field aimed at studying the crosstalk between cells of the skeletal and immune systems. The close relationship between these two systems is apparent based on the sharing of the same microenvironment, but it also [>]

The relationship between islam and science philosophy essay

And it is this empirical verification that is the essence of modern science. This shows that they need to study the religion, which can help them understand the phenomena of nature and in the mean they should accept that there is a creator for these.

Report on port productivity

The call size in case of 14000 TEU vessel with 3 port calls and a TEU ratio of 1. ECONOMICS AND COMMERCIAL VALUE OF PORT PRODUCTIVITY One of the effects of terminal productivity is call size.

Models in the search for knowledge

Most scientific models assume that there is an obvious relationship between the structure of a model and that of the real world system, that is, the objective. This leads us to the importance of language in a model.

Review of the history of management

The pyramids remain one of the wonders of the world and we have early management to thank for it. The second and third main ideas of management are that of bureaucracy and administrative management.

Case study on robin williams: substance abuse and depression

Williams needs a mix of psychoanalytically therapy over a long period of time to target the reasons of his depression as well as shorter term cognitive-behavioral therapy to encourage him and teach him how to better maintain his life and disorder. Williams has turned to substances and focus on his work and shows [>]

Case study takeaway coffee marketing essay

The coffee chains have made it possible for the customers that like a coffee in their way to work or while the going around to do shopping or to attend other tasks that they have to do by not sitting down but by moving around as the time is so precious in this [>]

The qualities of an american

A significant amount of Americans have become oblivious to the importance of dedication and do not put in the work required to fully utilize their opportunities. The first American colonists volunteered to settle the new world in an attempt to start a new life where they could create without the limitations of their [>]

Contextual factors of the classroom

Space Contextual Factors of the Classroom, School, and Community and How They Affect the Teaching and Learning Process Many people think that there are not many contextual factors within the teaching profession. Teachers need to realize that not all students are on the same level, and that instruction should be differentiated to meet [>]

Super sad true love story compared and the threat of american dystopia

In conclusion, from this point on the government and the society is in total disarray with nowhere to turn. Lack of Education in the youth is another force that has lead to the novel's dystopian society.

Stability seen in brave new world

Religion, which is the way one sees creation and life, is also gone." the world of Huxley, human beings are limited in...mental abilities to meet the needs of government". The society in Brave New World does have a good side to it: there is no war, and very little diseases.

Editorial: anthropogenic impacts on the microbial ecology and function of aquatic environments

The Editorial on the Research Topic Anthropogenic Impacts on the Microbial Ecology and Function of Aquatic Environments Since, the beginning of the industrial revolution, anthropogenic pressures on natural environments have steadily escalated due to increased human population size, modification and destruction of habitats, and pollution. During the last 40 years, a growing awareness [>]

The confucian concept of ren philosophy essay

These translations reflect the two senses in which Confucius used the word " Ren," that is, " Ren of affection," and " Ren of virtue". Although the relation between " Ren of affection" and " Ren of virtue" is subject to different interpretations, one aspect of this concept is certain: a person cannot [>]

Green roofs advantages and disadvantages

The green roof helps to filter out most of the heavy metals and nutrients present in rainwater. Some types of green roofs especially the intensive green roof require a very strong water proofing material to prevent water and roots from penetrating the water proof membrane.

Organisation: international business

Due to the pressure in the business arena, many companies are compelled to conform to these corruption practices. The reason is that most companies and organisations at large think that this value is obvious and it encompasses the rest that are mentioned above.

Dear journal argumentative essay

I live with my 11 year old sister Lara, my father Mark, and my mother Lynn. I have a strong bond with my father and a loving relationship with my mother.

The turn of the screw and the lord of the flies

Simon is there to stand for the kindness of the human heart, to listen to the others and to interpret the evil " the Beast", who is inside each and everyone of them. We do not see the evil as an object in Golding's " The Lord of the Flies" like in James's [>]

Editorial: heart rate variability, health and well-being: a systems perspective

In the first of his two articles, Ernst returns us to the origins of modern scientific appreciation of HRV with citations from classic work of the 1980's and 1990's and even back to the 1970's, In the second of the two joined-at-the-hip articles, we go even farther back in time, to antiquity and [>]

The original and history of the word clinic health essay

In Malaysia's government clinic, I would like to conduct research on proper design and the effects of healthcare environment design on medical outcomes. He holds the position as director of the Centre for Health Systems and Design; which is a multidisciplinary centre housed jointly in the colleges of Architecture and medicine.

Environmental factors influencing alton towers uk tourism essay

Economic development If the Alton theme parks does a good business ever year such as many people or tourist love to come to UK for enjoyment and in this case Alton theme park Is a good example of entertainment and many people would like to visit it due to this it will have [>]

New treatment perspectives in autism spectrum disorders

In the past 10 years, research on autism spectrum disorders has made a considerable progress, leading to the identification of a number of genes and signaling pathways associated to ASD pathogenesis. The role of melatonin in the establishment of circadian rhythms and the synchronization of peripheral oscillators is probably linked to the synchrony [>]

Nosocomial infections

The MRSA, Gram positive bacteria and Acinetobacter which is considered Gram negative are the cause agents of nosocomial infections. The Gram negative bacteria so classified because of its reaction to the Gram test has been known to cause infections of the bloodstream, urinary tract and severe pneumonia.

Communication in the doctor-patient relationship

In this paper, Claramita and her colleagues want to address the questions of patients' attitude to the use of the paternalistic consultation style, the effects of patients' educational background on their attitude to the paternalistic consultation style, and the key cultural factors related to this common paternalistic communication style. This large-scale study has [>]

Mental illnesses: when demons live inside your head…

This proves that the false accusation is that mental illness is someone's fault and that a person chooses to have it, when in reality they do not. That is not only devastating for the person that suffers from a mental illness, but it is for their parents as well because they feel like [>]

Bladerunner and do androids dream of electric sheep?

The Protagonist of Bladerunner does not grapple with the same dilemmas of identity that are dealt with in Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep, and the ultimate message is lost in the action film because of several inconsistencies and one glaring mistake made in the definition of what an android is in the [>]

Editorial: charged particles in oncology

Physics, biology, and medical contributions in this field will be found in the volume, owing to the fact that the field of charged particles in oncology is highly interdisciplinary. Finally, a few articles are dedicated to the analysis of facilities for ground-based space research and preclinical radiobiology, mini-beams in therapy, and networks and [>]

Effects of stress on the reconsolidation of memory

Question 2 In your own words, describe the aims, design, methods, and results of the paper. The aim of this paper is to investigate the effects of stress on the reconsolidation of human autobiographical memory.

Two angry social classes

In Reginald Rose's Twelve Angry Men, the equilibrium between the social classes in the courtroom and the social class of the accused determines the final verdict given by the jury. Juror 8, who implies that he endured the slum life as a younger man, has sympathy for the accused because he recognizes how [>]

Understanding of how the counselling works sociology essay

Counselling has been defined by the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy as " talking therapy," which " involves a contractual arrangement between the therapist and the client where they meet, in privacy and confidence, to explore a difficulty or distress the client may be experiencing". It works through the development of a [>]

Gucci market segmentation – an analysis

Over the years its customers have been aristocrats, song stars, super models and those that want to associate with the noble Gucci operates in the fashion luxury market, their brands are of high quality, it has a strong reputation; its collections are exclusive and expensive, and it has a history of brand loyalty. [>]

Nestle boycotting essay

The case provides the opportunity to examine the ethics of marketing practices, as well as to discuss the role of ethical consumption in curbing perceived ethical violations. Many of the initial problems for Nestle, and one of the main reasons why it has continued to spark hostility, arose from the claim that it [>]

Difference between acclimation and adaptation biology essay

The sugar in DNA is deoxyribose, the sugar in RNA is ribose 10/10 Starch used to store energy in plants Glycogen used to store energy in animals Chitin used to provide structural support for the cell wall of bacteria, as well as the exoskeleton of crustaceans and insects Peptidoglycan used to provide structural [>]

John brown: abolitionist assignment

In the years before the Civil War, Brown and his followers took the first step against slavery and fought the Missouri Border Ruffians. In order to free the slaves of the South, Brown came up with a plan.

A model of consumer buying behavior

At first consumer finds the goods which he wants to consume and then he select the goods which fulfilled his need and after selecting the goods consumer check the availability of money which he wants to spend and at last consumer check out the price of goods and take the decision. Consumer behavior [>]

Maximizing the impact of control at all levels

In all these areas, the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Control Systems Society and the International Federation of Automatic Control have made extensive analysis of what the main research challenges are, and for sure, it appears that control systems will be the cornerstone of the society of the future, given their capability [>]

The definition and differences of complicated grief reaction

The first page contains the introduction of the research paper, definition of grief and the differences between normal or uncomplicated grief and complicated grief. The third page outlines the warning signs of complicated grief reaction and the four major categories of complicated grief reaction: chronic or prolonged, delayed, exaggerated and masked reactions.

Nickel and dimed by barbara ehrenreich

It can be argued that when trying to place herself in the shoes of her subjects, she possessed some essential advantages that the average poor working class citizen simply do not have such as her level of educational attainment, White privilege regardless of her class status, and start-off funds that allowed her both [>]

The paris peace settlement

But the more he promised in the way of reform, the louder grew the demands for an overturn of the whole monarchical regime, and to such demands the counsel of the American President, Woodrow Wilson, gave point and cogency. The history of the German Empire of the Hohenzollerns was thus almost exclusively the [>]

Reducing risks of catheter associated utis

The longer a catheter is in place, the higher the risk of infection. However, the insertion of a urinary catheter provides a pathway for pathogens to enter the bladder either through the catheter lumen or from around the outside of the catheter.

Critiqueassignment assignment

It is also defined as a projection of character traits of the writer matching the reader and the topic. Root meaning model of argument can be defined through a question querying on what are the original origins/meaning of the words used in the argument.

Compare & contrast two approaches to psychology essay sample flashcard

Whilst there are no 100 % right theories in Psychology to assist to understand a individual.we do need to compare and contrast the advantages and disadvantages of each theory in order to work out which is more good for the topic. Basically.behaviorism is the survey of the relationship between a individuals environment and [>]

The continued discrimination against homosexuals

The words " gay" and " lesbian" are used to refer to homosexual men and women and " bisexual" refers to those that are attracted to both men and women. There have been many incidents of bullying and victimizing homosexuals that led to deaths in the US.

Cultural landscape essay

Landscape Structure And Intensity Of Land Use Odum and Turner found that the landscape elements of the Georgia landscape in the early 1930s had a higher fractal dimension than the elements of the same part in the 1980s. Assorted surveies suggest that the rate of landscape transmutation is a map of land-use strength.and [>]

Summarise and discuss the presentations of mental health in the two newspapers given in appendix 1. assignment

Summarise and discuss the presentations of mental health in the two newspaper articles given in Appendix 1. The second article is titled ' Antidepressant use rises as recession feeds wave of worry', and this article focuses on how prescriptions for antidepressants have doubled in a decade, and the reasoning for this is believed [>]

Overview of the research process for business students

A well-constructed research question is one described by Maylor and Blackmon which " identifies the scope of the research and guides the plan of the project". Criterion Purpose Transparency The meaning of the research objective is clear and unambiguous Specificity The purpose of the research objective is clear and easily understood, as are [>]

Marines at iwo jima essay sample

The use of tunneling by the Japanese protected them from the firepower of the Americans. He never fired on the American's as they landed to lure them deeper into the island that is when the Japanese would start their defense of Iwo Jima.

Modes of seduction as political discourse in aphra behn’s “oroonoko”

Seduction, both sexual and deceptive, is prevalent in Behn's Oroonoko, with the king's failed seduction of Imoinda, the false promises of the slave-traders, and perhaps most significantly, the narrator's own seduction of the reader; indeed making the ' story of seduction' a ' mode of seduction.' If indeed Ballaster's statement is true, it [>]

Website enhancement essay

The investment required is $167, 200 and cash inflow recouping is sensitive to the rate of occupancy and the rate of cost of the bed. Models and Theories of Change Review In this section the following five models and theories of change will be discussed for validity and utility: The Generic Change Model; [>]

Evaluation of patient outcomes pressure ulcer prevention mattresses nursing essay

However, the author did not mention about the study design and purpose of the study and where was the study done. Introduction: Theoretical/ Conceptual framework The framework of a study should direct the researcher in the development of the study and explain the significance of the study in nursing practice.

Death of the american – great gatsby and death of a salesman

From the time of the discovery of the New World, millions of individuals have flocked to the United States in the hopes of capitalizing on the opportunities that accompany the freedom available to American citizens. The nobility and viability of the modern version of this quest, historically lauded as an American ideal, is [>]

Nihilism in turgenev’s fathers and sons essay

The base concept of nihilism is to deny or negate, and as we learn later in the same paragraph, to negate everything. Bazarov's nihilistic nature is a product of the corruption he sees in the nation.

Connection of biodiversity to international relations commerce essay

All of that is part of an evidence to say that international relations and biodiversity are connected and also we can say that the first one can define the course of the last one; as international relations evolve, biodiversity may decrease. In conclusion, biodiversity and international relations have important connections because as more [>]

The face of mass destruction essay

She and her three children cope with illness and radiation poisoning for years after the bomb, and she faces tremendous difficulties finding work and housing in the years after the explosion.Mrs. Throughout the narrative there seems to be a basic acceptance of the fact that life is capricious and random.

The application of blue ocean strategy

Console power was a measure of the sophistication of the game and it was on a scale of 2 to 10. In the next round we decided to modify our offering and appeal to a large proportion of the non customer base.

Covid-19 infection in cancer patients: how can oncologists deal with these patients?

Certainly, triage by telephone with the possible identification of symptomatic patients and at the entrance of hospital structures with the monitoring of body temperature and saturation could reduce the probability for health personnel and for the patients themselves to be exposed to the risk of contagion. It's a challenging and stressful time for [>]

Identification of poisonous and non poisonous snake

They are interesting as for the purpose of study as well as research and that is so because of the one character they possess in them and that is there Poison which is called by the name of Venom. Electrostatic and hydrophobic interactions are suspected to be involved in the binding of the [>]

Move and position individuals in accordance with their care plan essay sample

It is also important to move and handle correctly to ensure nerve fibres are not damaged as they are delicate structures and also important as they send impulses to muscles which enables the muscles to contract and relax. If you are assisting an individual to move it is joint responsibility of yourself and [>]

The departed” and its theories assignment

Costello tells Costigan that he knew, and respected his father and Uncle Jackie, the latter of whom was a bookie and associate of Costello, the former of which worked a the airport and did not want to be involved in the underworld. Barrigan reveals to Sullivan that he is also a mole in [>]

The impact of the 1900 buganda agreement history essay

One of the noteworthy effects of the Buganda agreement was the doing away with the ultimate functions of the Kabakaship. Following the signing of the 1900 Buganda agreement was the reduction of Buganda's boundaries as well as the division of Buganda's land.

Conformity by rebellion assignment

From the day I began school at the age of five, it was obvious that I was somehow different from the rest of them. So try as I might to bang myself into the " acceptable" state of existence, I could not, and it was apparent to all the nice, shiny cute little [>]

The looking-glass self by charles h. cooley essay sample

Out of all the theories that are at our disposal in sociology, this is the theory that interested me the most and here is why. This is one of the very few concepts that is unique to us as humans and the simplicity of the concept of the looking-glass self makes for an [>]


Be it the launch of dual SIMI phones, QWERTY phones, water-resistant models, attractive designs for women or a tablet for less than RSI 10, 000, MicroVAX has managed to understand the pulse of the local customer and quickly move to address gaps in the market, through innovation. Commenting on the launch, Rashes Augural, [>]

A merciful god from violent imagery

In his sermon, Edwards identifies the human condition and man's depravity while justifying the building wrath of God only to use such harsh and violent imagery to paint a picture of a merciful and just God. Edwards is simply painting a violent picture in order to highlight the mercifulness of God and the [>]

Deception in romantic relationships

The difference between men and women is not in the number of lies that are told, but in the purpose of the lie. Ludics who are not as concerned about honesty and who themselves believe that dishonesty is acceptable within the context of a romantic relationship would be less likely to be concerned [>]

Why did the reformation matter to ecclesiology?

The purpose of the presentation is to help them understand the significance of the Reformation and the impact it had on the Anglican church to which they belong. However the influence of the seventh century figure Pope Gregory who endeavoured to bring the whole world into the Christian faith and succeeded in bringing [>]

Advantages of internal and external recruitment business essay

The shift from the industrial to service sector has had a great impact on the trend of the recruitment and selection process. Another disadvantage of external recruitment is that the process can be time consuming because it takes the new recruits some time to orientate themselves and adjust to the culture of the [>]

Morphological properties of s. cumini

Out of all the fifteen mango genotypes, the fruit weight was maximum in Mallika and lowest in Selection-4. The maximum fruit length and fruit breadth was observed in Mallika, whereas it was minimum in Selection-1.

Macys and dillards differences amongst competitors

In conclusion, Macy's and Dillard's both relatively have the same number of likes and differences. Macy's and Dillard's are two of the top leading department stores in the nation today.

Editorial: toward consumer 4.0 insights and opportunities under the marketing 4.0 scenario

0," which influenced subsequent research on the opportunities and challenges inherent to Marketing 4.0. The role of information usage in a retail supply chain: a causal data mining and analytical modeling approach.J.Bus.Res.