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Agroforestry: agriculture and non-timber forest products

Knowledge, careful selection of species and good management of trees and crops are needed to optimize the production and positive effects within the system and to minimize negative competitive effects. Hence, agroforestry, farm forestry and family forestry can be broadly understood as the commitment of farmers, alone or in partnerships, towards the establishment [>]

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The arena

The story circles around the protagonist of the story, who is the father. This and the point of view are also shown in the language of the story.

History of us voting rights

Our state and federal governments, however, have been instrumental in the past in denying different groups of people-including women, African-Americans, young people, people who did not own land and who could not pay poll taxes, and people who could not read and write-the right to vote. It took 75 years of protesting before [>]

Book review the immortal life of henrietta lack essay

Rebecca Skloot wants Henrietta's story to be told, and the injustice or her family by not receiving any kind of compensation or benefit from all that the HeLa cells provided to medicine especially since she had no knowledge or consent in the matter. One of the biggest contributions of the HeLa cells were [>]

Separating and chronicle of a death foretold

In their respective novels, Separating and Chronicle of a Death Foretold, they unfolded the society in their real vicissitude and delved upon the relationship of the members of the society to each other. In a Chronicle of a Death Foretold, Angela was abandoned by the same man she never loved only because she [>]

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Public administration assignment

Riggs believed that the degree to which each component of a society differs from another In function Is measurable, and that measures of functional differentiation an be used to locate the three societal types along a continuum. Monroe also considers the prismatic model a reflection of Western standards, and urges Riggs to study [>]

Relationship between metacognition and constructivism

And, it is clear that metacognition and critical thinking are rooted in the constructivist theory. So, to sum up metacognition is an aspect of constructivist view because it lead monitoring and regulating learning process when individuals construct knowledge by internalizing it from within, in interaction with the environment.

Metaphors as euphemistic action in tragedy: indirection, staging, and bloodshed in agamemnon and antigone

In this way, metaphors in tragedy such as the carpet scene in Aeschylus' Agamemnon and the " marriage" of Antigone to Death in Sophocles' Antigone allow a tragic poet working under the constraints of Ancient Greek staging to depict violence onstage in a way that more effectively informs the audience about the characters [>]

White collar crime: the influences of the social class

According to the sociological textbook Sociology: The Points of the Compass, this paper will use the sociology viewpoint which is from Chapter 5 to analyze how the white-collar crimes influence of the social class. However, more and more criminologists argue with the Edelhertz's offense-based approach, in which an increasing number of white-collar crimes [>]

Viable system model

The VSM expresses a model for a viable system, which is an bstracted cybernetic description that is applicable to any organization that is a viable system and capable of autonomy. System 4 The bodies that make up System 4 are responsible for looking outwards to the environment to monitor how the organization needs [>]

First council of nicaea and jehovah s witnesses

Moreover, the Son can have no direct knowledge of the Father since the Son is finite and of a different order of existence, Brown, and Heresies. The other definition of Arianism is that, Arianism is the idea that Jesus Christ is not equal to the Father by nature, but He is the first [>]

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Causes of the salem witch trials

In the article, The Salem and Other Witch Hunts, the author connects the actions of the girls to an explanation as to what happened in Salem. This article connects the actions of the girls in the Salem witch trials to the other townsfolk.


Ultimately, it will become impossible for the brain to give directions to the rest of the body without sleep; the brain needs time to rest. How much sleep do we need to get that good grade on a test the next morning?

Editorial: interaction of nanomaterials with the immune system: role in nanosafety and nanomedicine

In this perspective, it is of major importance assessing the interaction between ENM and the immune system, since in all living organisms the immune system is deputed to defending and maintaining the integrity of the body, and its failure is cause of damage and disease. The Research Topic " Interaction of nanoparticles with [>]

Overrepresentation of minority students in special education programs

Research has also suggested that bias at the prereferral stage of the special education eligibility process is a cause for disparity of African American students being placed in special education. The purpose of this study is to determine the personal characteristics of the general education teachers that have the greatest influence on their [>]

Counselors from the odyssey and the epic of gilgamesh

In The Odyssey by Homer, and the Epic of Gilgamesh the titular protagonists of their respective narratives, Odysseus and Gilgamesh face their own perilous journeys, by their own hands and at the caprice of the fickle gods. But fortune does indeed favor the bold, as throughout the story, Odysseus and Gilgamesh each receive [>]

Story about myself

First one is I am was a friendly person, I like to make new friend at every place that I visit. When I am at school I always help my friend that have problem in study and problem in other thing, I also like to help the teachers when they need a help [>]

Reality versus glorification of war: close readings from here, bullet

Here, the speaker describes war as " a language made of blood", meaning that war is gruesome, bloody, and something that is not to be taken lightly, a sentiment carried throughout the collection. Furthermore, it is these differences between the reality and glorification of war is what create a culture that supports and [>]

Qaid e azam

Jinnah rose to prominence in the Indian National Congress initially expounding ideas of Hindu-Muslim unity and helping shape the 1916 Lucknow Pact between the Muslim League and the Indian National Congress; he also became a key leader in the All India Home Rule League. As the Indian National Congress and Muslim Leaguefailed to [>]

Fleeting trusts and moldy crusts

Primo became keen to the inner workings and motives of these camps fairly early on in his journey, realizing that " if we want to keep [our names], we will have to find in ourselves the strength to do so, to manage somehow so that behind the name something of us, of us [>]

Seoul south korea

Although the crime rate in the Republic of Korea is low, there is a higher incidence of pick pocketing, purse snatching, assault, burglary, and other crime in major metropolitan areas, such as Seoul and Busan, than elsewhere in Korea. As long as you have a valid U.S.passport, you can enter the Republic of [>]

Kurt vonnegut’s harrison bergeron essay

The story takes place in 2081, 120 years after the date of the book's release when the new amendments to the Constitution have been introduced. In the context of the time when no one is eager to struggle with blatant violation of a right to be someone, not a philosophical zombie, the protagonist [>]

Effect of aging on the reproductive systems biology essay

Effects of aging on the male reproductive system The male reproductive system consists of the testes, a series of ducts and glands and a penis. This relates to the slow but steady reduction of the production of the hormones testosterone and dehydroepiandrosterone in middle-aged men which is associated with a decrease in leydig [>]

Essential questions of hinduism

Stories of the creation and all the gods and events that follow, are passed down In the Purina's and the Veda, through the scripture or crust and smart. The Brahmins are the highest in society and are the priests and teachers of the others.

Strategies to measure poverty

In the UK, it is " the most common measure of poverty", and a household is said to be in poverty if its income, after taxes, is less than 60% of the UK median for that year". On the other hand, it could be argued that this weapon can be used in a [>]


This claim can only be assessed after the definition of key words in it have been decide, and realising that what we are debating is that whether science is the best route to truth and not the only route. The route to truth that science or art can offer will then have to [>]

Portrayal of muslims in indian cinema essay

The sign of terrorism and the picture of Muslims as terrorist, invaded the world almost at the same instance. Yousfani says that " Regrettably, most Indian movies happen to depict Muslims and Pakistanis through a predominantly negative lens." Bollywood is one of the famous and the strongest industry among the film industries around [>]

Overcoming sexual wrongdoing: blindness v. salvage the bones

Although the circumstances may be different in Blindness, the group of hoodlums in the story use the mass rape of the women as a means to become the most powerful group in the asylum, and thus control their only life source, food. Although in different forms, there is a singular moment for both [>]

Weeding out the “socially not useful”

Weeding Out the " Socially Not Useful", 2008report In his classic essay " What is seen and what is not seen" the shamefully underrated and neglected French economist Frederic Bastiat 1 declares that what distinguishes a bad economist from a good one is that the bad one can only see what is to [>]

Girl analysis

Throughout the essay the narrator of the essay " Girl," uses a lot of examples to show the expectations placed on women and girls, actually the whole essay is mostly examples of this. This is all used at the start of the essay to show responsibilities of a young girl.

Factors affecting empathy: theories analysis

Despite all the contradictory and confusion concerning empathy it would be impossible to understand what regions of brain are active in the process of empathy, what is the mirror neurons purpose in this, how parenting and personal characteristics affect the development of empathy and how loneliness or personal distress influence empathy if the [>]

Moringa oleifera medicinal uses

Moringa oleifera Lam belongs to a monogeneric family of shrubs and tree, Moringaceae and is considered to have its origin in Agra and Oudh, in the northwest region of India, south of the Himalayan Mountains. It is used in cough, asthma, bronchitis, pectoral diseases, splenomegaly, epilepsy and cardiopathy, also used for poor circulation, [>]

Exoffenders and there social life out prison criminology essay

The stigma and discriminations against ex-felon/offenders are evident all over the world especially in the United States, who has the highest prison population, with 756 prisoners per 10000 inhabitants. The first step would be to take a look at the reasons of these stereotypes and the possible rectification for them.

Factors influencing the success or failure of small business

Another constraint that led to the failure of this firm was with credit conditions and access to credit. Another constraint faced by Jason Fast Foods that led to its failure was with regards to growth and development and the competitiveness of the operative industry.

Behaviour management flashcard

This essay will compare and contrast two theories of behaviour management by Carl Rogers and BF Skinner and argue ways in which one of these theories could be implemented for a particular context and practice. It may be necessary to adjust a behaviour management plan after putting it into practice, depending on the [>]

Micro-organisms in the human digestive system

There are thousands of different species of bacteria in the world and one group of bacteria Gut Flora has become proof that bacteria is a big benefit towards our survival. Gut Flora are a group of bacteria that consists of microorganisms which live in the digestive systems of humans.

Note notes, forsooth, and nothing: themes in much ado about nothing

Noting is something which motivates the characters to take actions which greatly affect the plot, and it is an idea which reflects the theme of reality versus appearance, in which reality is nothing and appearance is due to noting. The important chain of events which follows the pastime of formulating a romance between [>]

The merit of ipseity

However, through valuing objectivism and thusly the pursuit of happiness, Equality endows himself with the will to defy the decrees of the society and to fulfill his yearning of knowledge. This passion instills in Equality the power of martyrdom; the strength of his will to bestow upon mankind the gift of electricity is [>]

The theory of constructivism education essay

In order to develop full understanding of the knowledge presented in a particular activity, the students need to think and reflect on this knowledge and ideas. In the subsequent two lessons, I designed a WebQuest that helped the students in learning about a number of input devices.

British colonialism and its linguistic consequences

Such impositions regarding language and life styles reflected and altered the identity of the colonized people and, according to T rkmen, played an important role essential to colonialism to be successful:" Identity is one of the indispensable components of colonialism, if we consider colonialism as a body; identity constitutes its spirit while the [>]

Do mncs help or hinder less developed countries economics essay

By the end of the 19th century, with globalization and opening up of the world economies and communications, multinational companies became the instruments of bettering global relations through commercial and economic ties. Countries like Africa, Latin America that has poor economic, infrastructural and industrial base, with most of the population being in the [>]

Regenerative dentistry

In medicine however, almost all treatments are based on an understanding of the biology of the tissue or disease processes and the latest developments in gene editing, genomics, single cell analysis, and stem cells are rapidly driving medicine toward a new era. The ability of cultured adult " stem" cells to contribute to [>]

Analysis of transcript – young ones

When Rick is discussing his poem about Cliff Richard, Neil is talking about how he is going to kill himself, this is an attempt to change the topic of conversation, however he fails as Rick is the dominant speaker. The repetition of 'Or are you Cliff?' at the end is a feature used [>]

Case studies: false imprisonment and neglect

They barricaded the door to Dalton Chandler's office, the president of the school. Steve knew that climbing the tower could be dangerous, chose to drink and climb it during a thunderstorm.

The be attempted, because it is bound

Similar frameworks for the customer and the learning perspectives give both the architect and the clients a common ground from which to consider the setting of strategic objectives. The second step of the development process is designed to build consensus among the members of the executive team around the long-term strategic priorities of [>]

Arguments of political representation in the us

Smite them," Henry Knox urged Rufus King sitting in the Philadelphia Convention, " smite them, in the name of God and the people".[1]The jostling of various interest groups, the self promoting ambitions of lawmaking, the persistent adhering to popular demands, these " excesses of democracy"[2]instigated the meeting at Annapolis, and consequently the convening [>]

Nursing: a discipline and science

The unique synthesis of the art of caring and the empiricism of science distinguishes nursing from other health professions. The art and the science of nursing was taking place simultaneously for the betterment of patient care.

Credit card debt analysis

To determine the amount of interest and the amount that will be applied to reduce the principle we must use the formula, I = Prt. I = interest, P = is the principle or the balance, r = is the annual percentage rate, and t is the time frame.

Reasons behind the high rate of dropouts

Many ex-criminals go in and out of prison due to the fact they can not find a decent job. When that child makes the decision to drop out of high school they could talk it over with their parents first.

Social teachings of the church

Social Teachings of the Church Catholic social teaching is a body of doctrine developed by the Catholic Church on matters ofpovertyand wealth, economics, social organization and the role of the state and according to Pope John Paul II, its foundation " rests on the threefold cornerstones of human dignity, solidarity and subsidiarity." It [>]

Was occupy wall street a failure?

The protests were a part of the news for months, with even the president of the US making a comment on them. They protested against wealth inequality and the general tenets of wall street, at the same time the protests attracted other dissatisfied people who felt that the politics of the US were [>]

Banning tobacco advertisement:the necessity of a consequent solution

The belittlement of the harmfulness of smoking in advertisement is one of the main reasons why Health Organizations and Governments worldwide enforce the banishment of cigarette promotion from the world of advertisement. The tobacco industry took advantage of the development of color lithography in the late 1870s and new approaches to advertisement arose [>]

Comparing “osama” and “a thousand splendid suns”

Mariam's upbringing shaped her in a way that caused her to accept her own oppression, until she realized that she did not have to respond in this manner. Osama's response to oppression is very different than both Mariam's and Laila's, due to the circumstances of her childhood.

The concept of conversational style

The purpose of this essay is to discuss the concept of conversational style in terms of the structure and function of conversation in general and focusing on cultural and gender differences in particular. It may be said that the ways in which people use the various aspects and features of conversation make up [>]

Essay summary of the department of homeland security

Although the primary purpose and very reason of DHS existent is securing the homeland, DHS is also in the forefront in providing assistance to people during natural calamities and disasters. With the huge effort and major help the agency has provided and will provide in the near future it is important to understand [>]

Latvians the heart of latvia history essay

The distribution of Latvian local groups in the Middle Ages still shows in the geography of modern cultural areas: Latgale in the East, Vidzeme around the Gulf of Riga, Zemgale in the South and Kurzeme in the West. By the end of the eighteenth century, the great majority of the Latvian population was [>]

Saving a life

You need communication skills in any workplace but mostly when you are a neurosurgeon because you are going to be having patients that you are talking to and they need to be able to understand you clearly when you are speaking to them. Benefits Although you have to have a lot of skills [>]

Predicting antibiotic resistance, not just for quinolones

There are four types of resistance mechanisms: modification of the antibiotic, modification of the target site, efflux of the drug, and reduced permeability of the cell. Linezolid is the only drug in its class approved for use, and it was highly surprising when resistance in the form of the cfr gene appeared.


The three main sites in Rickmansworth, Hull and Leeds together with the call centres in Clevedon and Corby were provided withCiscoSystems solutions for the wide area network and 3Com solutions in the local area network.ntl was also responsible for the design and installation of a Category 5 standard structured cabling system for a [>]

Systemic lupus erythematosus test questions narrative

It is important for the patient to work closely with the doctor and take an active role in managing the disease. It may be used alone or in combination with other drugs and generally is used to treat fatigue, joint pain, skin rashes, and inflammation of the lungs.

Compare mass market and niche market marketing essay

Leadership has been described as the process of social influence can be assigned formally and informally but it must exist and a group of individuals to achieve a common goal, A leader is not the boss of the team, but on the contrary, that efforts to carry out the business mission. The manager [>]

Evaluate the claim that personal identity is self-defined

Evaluate the claim that personal identity is self-defined In order to evaluate the statement, this piece of work will identify what defines a person identity, what conflicts in life can alter our identity, theories on identification and then a look into a person's ethnicity and how this defines and alters a person's identity. [>]

Pramanik containers and the bottleneck assignment

Shank and his crew often had to work overtime to complete the orders due to mismanagement of plates. To introduce technology for maintaining data of printing plates and customers orders.4.

Simple differentiate nearly all types of bacteria. these

In this type of staining, the simple stain is applied to the heat fixed film and allowed to react for 30 seconds to 3 minutes. Remove the excess stain and wash the slide with excess of Gram's iodine solution thoroughly.

The idea of role playing

The games were originally designed to incorporate the strategy of the war games and board games with high fantasy and storytelling. In general, the role of the game master is to tell a story.

Celebrating the different cultures around the world

Ashura or " the day of Ashura" is the 10th day of the first month of the Islamic calendar. The day remember as of the martyrdom of Imam Hussein bin Ali was the third Imam and the grandson of the Islamic holy prophet Mohammad at the battle of kabala in Iraq on the [>]

The curriculum for excellence

The Herald online reported the teaching unions advising that teachers across Scotland are facing " burn-out" over the delivery of the new school curriculum because of a lack of time and resources, and the Edinburgh Evening News online reported that Liberal Democrat MSP Margaret Smith regarded the SNP government's handling of the introduction [>]

Analysis of financial and non financial motivation business

The Company ignored the feelings and conditions of the employees and managed the employees to overwork for more net incomes. In the graphic, the biological demands is the most necessary posit and the ' classes ' of demand are satisfied from the underside up.

Platonic and aristotelian metaphysics assignment

The idea of the good is the most important knowledge, According to the Plato's " Republic". The idea or eidos of Aristotle's views is inside of the object.

Important the person being interviewed may go off

Try always to get a sense of the time-factor in their lives, to assess whether you have to extract information fact, or have time to work up to the relevant questions. If you work out a set form of introduction and get into the habit of using it to preface every interview and [>]

Church as pneumatic community

A Pneumatic Community sharing the Divine Wisdom-spirit Reading the Bible from Feminist, Dalit, Tribal and Adivasi Perspectives Introduction The transforming power of the Spirit is evident at the beginning of the history of the Christian church, The church is a transtormed by Spirit into Pneumatic Community. The Holy Spirit and the Social Experience [>]

Orthotics in neurology: disorders, treatment and causes

Orthotics in neurology encompasses all the elements that relate to the functioning of muscles, organs and joints which are utterly controlled by the nerves which carry the orders of a brain to the respective body part. The initial indicator of orthotics is identified by a defect in the motor neurons that carry the [>]

Apocalyptic literature – the book life of pi and film big fish

In Christianity, content of apocalyptic texts like the book of Revelation in the New Testament paints a vivid image of symbolism in creating a vision surrounding the end of the world. In this context, it is undeniable that " Life of Pi" and " Big Fish" tries to create apocalyptic visions similar to [>]

What is better: living in a city or the country essay sample

Introduction Thesis statement: In my opinion, living in a city is much better than in the country due to well-developed infrastructure, education and work opportunities and variety of entertainment.II. Supporting idea a): Well-paid and interesting jobs Supporting idea b): Opportunity of advanced schools and universities Supporting idea c): advantages of self-development Body Paragraph [>]

Children car seat injury in abudahbi (program plan)

In addition to this, The National reported that a study of car accidents in Al Ain reported that about 98 percent of passengers involved in a car accident did not wear seat belts and no one used a child safety restraint in the car. The law in Abu Dhabi.[Online] Available at: [Accessed 10 [>]

The crucible analysis

In the play Abigail wanted to get rid of Elizabeth and she wanted John proctor. Once again all of this started because Abigail wanted John and it shows that the saying " you want what you cannot have" is true.

The myth of the robber barons essay sample

Folsom Jr.'s illustrative work, The Myth of the Robber Barons, unfolds the manufactured myth of Robber Barons and manifests the misplaced victory of industrial and economic progress of America. Folsom further illustrates the traits and characteristics of these two types of entrepreneurs and says that political entrepreneurs fit the traditional robber barons class [>]

Alterations of epigenetics and micrornas in cancer and cancer stem cell

Aberrant DNA methylation and/or histone modification at the CpG island promoter may induce inactivation of tumor suppressor genes and play critical roles in the initiation and progression of human cancer. Disruption of the expression and function of microRNAs in lung cancer as a result of epigenetic changes.

Ronald gene taylor and the innocence project

Ronald became a suspect in the case purely due to him living close to the victim and was soon called to a lineup, which was recorded and sent to the victim, where she identified Ronald as the attacker. When he was released in 2007, though he had been found innocent from DNA evidence, [>]

Internet fraud essay

The Internet provides facts and ideas that are useful for the society, but the Internet is also a tool for fraud. This is the problem of Internet Fraud.

Constitution became independent from british rule, but

As per Indian Independence Act, 1947, the Government of India Act 1935, was implemented as constitution of Pakistan, but the drafting of new constitution through elected legislators of the people and a complete independence held much significance for the citizens of a sovereign state. Hence, a constituent assembly was made, which had two [>]

The areas of potential conflict between these departments, to finalizing new product design

In such a case, the new product might not be what the marketing department had in mind when thinking of promotional campaigns and advertising campaigns for the market introduction of the new product and could encounter major problems when testing the product as the customers will notice the difference between the promised and [>]

Editorial: sirtuinome rewiring to hijack cancer cell behavior and hamper resistance to anticancer intervention

Unfortunately, despite the broad interest in this field, results currently available are still insufficient to draw definitive conclusions about the role of the sirtuinome in the regulation of key aspects of tumor cell biology, as well as of the interactions between cancer cells and the surrounding environment. The dual role of sirtuins in [>]

The space race essay sample

Introduction The space race was basically a competition of space exploration between the USA and the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics who by then were the two superpowers, the race grew as a result of an increased rivalry between the USA and the USSR immediately after the second world war with each country [>]

Alternative ingredients in making moisturizing lotion essay sample

General Objective: The main objective of the study is to prove that citrus peelings and other natural extracts used as alternative ingredients effective in making Moisturizing Lotion that will prevent dry and unhealthy skin. Significance of the Study: The useful and relevant information acquired from the study will encourage people to use the [>]

Benjamin franklin analysis assignment

This letter was written by Benjamin Franklin long before he came president of the United States of America, Benjamin at the time was In the midst of his life. It was also made clear that Franklin put the interest of the American colonies as a priority.

The violence against women criminology essay

This study was intended to expand our awareness concerning the media's depiction of femicide and the media's strong grip on the conception of violence against women as a social dilemma. The researchers examined the validity of these existing by examining the components of additional media frames-the sources used, language and word choice, and [>]

Paper vs electronic media

With the advent of electronic reading devices such as Apple's Pad and the Amazon Kindle, the Idea of the paperless office Is back in the spotlight. The second part compares paper books and electronic reading devices and discusses whether electronic books might actually take the place of paper books.

The life, literature, and abolitionist influence of frederick douglass

While Douglass does employ the use of a very romanticized and optimistic view of the American Dream, he also never minces his words in order to softens the harsh realities of his experiences as a slave. In it Douglass details his experiences as a slave in the south, explicitly elucidating his audience to [>]

Challenges to kingston’s tourism industry

However, it is the social problems that are faced by Kingston, in the form of poverty, crime, and violence, that form the strongest arguments in favour of the development of tourism infrastructure in Kingston. It is recognized that the successful development of tourism in Kingston requires the involvement of the central government, local [>]

Humans needs can in some ways, but not

He finds himself with more food than many of the other road travelers due to the sacrifice of his father, and had his security and belonging needs also seen to fruition because of his relationship he has with his dad. After they reach the coast, a man steals all of their belongings and [>]

Book review: deep inequality: understanding the new normal and how to challenge it

The explicit goal of the book, largely met by the authors, is to clarify the development of the new normal ideology as a way of justifying the status quo of economic relations. The most significant accomplishment of the book is to clarify the origin and development of the new normal, and to point [>]