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Abstract usually depend on the host plant

Stem parasites such as dodder plant, is aparasite that attaches to the host's stem while root parasite mainly target, attack and attach to the root of the host. Thisorgan of plant is important for the parasitic plants as it somehow connectsthem to the host plant.

Consider the significances of innocence in part one of atonement essay sample

It was him.' By McEwan doing this, the reader is able to question Lola's ability to understand the consequences of her actions; it is clear to the reader that Briony will blame Robbie as a ' maniac' for her assault. By McEwan doing this, the reader knows that ' the magic of naming' [>]

Social consequences of the internet for adolescents

Valkenburg and Jochen Peter " Social consequences of the Internet for adolescents " tends to claim that adolescent are currently the highest number of users on the internet and that they use the internet mostly for social interaction than adults do. The author relies on studies geared towards the positivity of the Internet [>]


On the second result, it is observed that to declare happiness as a law of necessity allows science to emphasize the subcellular processes inside the brain at the expense of everything else. Science may say that it is the nature of man to require basic happiness but if the natural desire for happiness [>]

Hiv and aids stigma health and social care essay

The laterality of the biomedical position in the construct of wellness and healing where professionals are viewed as holding the cognition has had a batch of impact on public wellness globally. Using Deems taylors, partnership of the ballad position and public wellness resources as a construct of wellness and healing, this paper will [>]

Arts-based community development: rural remote realities and challenges

Community leadership in the arts recognized the importance of supporting creators and teachers in the arts and providing opportunities for leaders to be involved in wider community issues. The need for fresh thinking and new ideas was put forward to encourage creative ways to engage the community in all aspects of rural life [>]

Study proposal: causative mutations in optic neuropathy

It is often described as optic atrophy that means loss of few or most of optic nerve fibers [1]. While in non-syndromic optic nerve is affected only and it also shows familial transmission more than one members of same family can also be affected [Hereditaryopticneuropathies: from clinical signs to diagnosis].

Nuclear power as a suitable power source for the philippines

With this power crisis in front of the Philippines, to look for a plausible answer to the problem requires us to think outside the box, look around and search for the most suitable power source for us. The suitability of one form of energy for a country may be decided by 3 factors: [>]

Analysis of raymond carver’s “cathedral” essay sample

But once Robert arrives at the narrator's home, the narrator is shocked that Robert does not conform to the narrator's idea of the blind. After the narrator fails to describe the Cathedral, Robert asks the narrator to draw the Cathedral with him.

24 hours without technology

But the question is " Are we advancing with technology? ", " Is technology really taking us to the future? " With opinions varying among every age group about technological advancement, the youth are in total favor for the advancing technology whereas the elderly and the middle aged have a rebellious opinion about [>]

Clinical impacts of antimicrobial resistance

However, the continued evolution of antimicrobial resistance in both the hospital setting and the community does occur nowadays and is on the rise. The emergence of antimicrobial resistance is the greatest challenge and hindrance to the effective treatment of antimicrobial infections.

Consensual relationship agreements case study

That is why it's always important to ask yourself if Grayson 4 the relationship with your coworker really worth all of the hassle and if you really think it is, you must be prepared to have a personnel officer, store manager or the assistant manager of the retail company come to you with [>]

The life of alexander the great

On July 20th 356 BCE, Olympia, the, the daughter of King Neoptolemus and King Philip the second gave birth to Alexander the great in the ancient Greek Kingdom of Macedonia. Later in his life, Alexander encountered a dreadful time when his father remarried to Cleopatra and forced Alexander and his mother to leave [>]

The imperfections of imperi

In the beginning of the passage, Pa Mowi and Mama Kaide arrive in their hometown of Imperi, Sierra Leone with a dismissive attitude due to the damage within their village without knowing the cause. Towards the end of the passage, Mama Kaide and Pa Mowi become even more despondent as a result of [>]

The times of my life: periodization

I truly enjoyed the time I spent there, I was a child, and thus I had little to no worries. I was I middle school, I was about to become a teenager, and I had many friends.

An analysis of hell-heaven by jhumpa lahiri essay

First of all, the first important event is when OSHA and her mother met Kaka in the beginning of the story, and he became art of their family making a change in their routine lives, and gave us an idea on how shocking could be life in USA for international students. In editions, [>]

Armenian genocide

To this day, Turks still continue to deny that this event ever occurred, but the destruction of the Armenians exhibits and illustrates various examples of the word " genocide": The deliberate and systematic destruction, in whole or in part, of an ethnic, racial, religious, or national group The massacre in the Ottoman Empire [>]

Acoustic treatment for critical listening

The client; s instructions were to add timber to the wall to reduce space and use alternative dimensions for the rooms after addition of the extra wall; 2. 2 Rooms to be worked on The rooms to work on were six in number, the first thing that acoustic engineers should take care of [>]

It’s a wonderful life essay

The film editing technique used by the director Frank Capra at the time has been timeless and fluid, with brilliance in execution of the smallest details which are captured as an essence in the movie to bring out the storyline and the plot as well to develop the characters. The technique and the [>]

Starbucks 1996 case study

Leveraging the Starbucks brand into other product categories- Starbucks must identify new products that uniquely belong to, or can be associated with their brand. Starbucks may be able to create a new segment/category within the coffee industry.

An other. living with a rickety infrastructure is

Already, there is a sharp regional imbalance in infrastructure development and such a variation will perpetuate the backwardness of one region at the cost of development of the other. In some of the big cities two or three hours of load shedding is the order of the day while the state electricity board [>]

The american heart association

The American Heart Association Lateisha Bellmon HCS/310 1/19/12 Ruthann Vaughan In the United States heart disease victims and survivors is the voice of the American Heart Association. The American Heart Association worked on educating public on both the prevention and dangers of heart disease in 1915.

Hercules script essay

And the greatest and strongest of all these heroes was the mighty Hercules. Hercules: My friend, I need you to build me a huge pile of wood on the top of Mount Oeta.

The portman hotel essay

As the Portman Hotel experiences higher than expected occupancy it must find a system to engage the personal valets in order to provide to the hotel guests the level of service required of the Portman Hotel. With the introduction of the 5-Star Program, the Portman relied on the PVs to participate in the [>]

Appendix b

It is hard to determine how long the coping of a situation in which the person was stereotyped lingers, but it is sure that it has a lasting effect on the person. A stereotype is a generalization about a person or group of persons that we develop when we are unwilling to obtain [>]

Paul klee: art analysis

He was a natural draftsman who experimented and researched most of the time in obtaining new color combinations and most of them in natural and shining forms. The other fishes are small and are in different colors in order to get the feel of an ocean or sea.

Kellog brown & root in nigeria corruption case

In the end, it was revealed that this was only a cover, and that the real reason why so much money was given to Tesler, was that he had to use part of that money in order to bribe to the General Abacha, some governmental officers and executives from the consortium. Also, Is [>]

Paying student athletes

While the NCAA requires the student-athletes to have some type of insurance, unclear standards and confusion as to the conditions of the insurance, leaves the student-athlete responsible for most, if not all of the medical bills. Sports agents feed off of this urge and capitalize on the opportunity to have a star student-athlete [>]

The torture of sign waving

When I begin work in the morning I stare at the same gas station, the same Taco Bell, the same run down furniture store all day until the end of my shift. Most of the time I have no money and I sit and look at the clouds on the curve of the [>]

Stop and search powers assignment

When using any power they must always have regards to the Police and Criminal Evidence Act 1984 codes of practice." The effectiveness of the police stop and search procedures being used as a valuable tool in the detection of crime can be measured by looking at the role that stop and searches play [>]

“behind the scenes at the museum” – kate atkinson

At the beginning of the book, we are not quite sure how these footnotes are relevant, but realise after a short time that they are vital to the insight and understanding of many of the complicated characters in the book. The grandmother of Bunty, mother of Nell and great grandmother of Ruby, Alice, [>]

Reasoning and assumptions behind one’s maturity

This can cause him to become the immature character that he is because his childhood lurks about him and is always there for him to think about. Other factors that can contribute to this can be gender as explained in the modern sources.

Quantitative techniques

The company had a sales goal to reach a certain figure in terms of sales. The company had been in business over the past few decades in the automobile industry and was a reputed brand when it came to cars.

African american women overcoming masculinity and oppression

In the novel, The Color Purple, Alice Walker documents the struggle of many African American women in rural Georgia in the first half of the twentieth century in order to delineate the ability of someone who is oppressed to emancipate from the an unjust reality and to empower and make readers aware of [>]

Religion in schools

However, what happens when religion is not only taught in Church, the issue of religion being taught in schools has been brought up to the School Board and to the students parents. Public school students have the right to pray on their own in a non-disruptive fashion, and schools may teach about religion [>]

Becoming comfortable with being different

Racially, there was no one in the school who looked like me," The feeling of being different, coupled with his introversion, made him wary of socializing with people to whom he could not relate." Walking through the mall made me feel like I was intruding on a Polo Ralph Lauren photo shoot," he [>]

Beowulf literary analysis essay

" The legacy of heroes is the memory of a great name and the inheritance of a great example". The epic poem of Beowulf, rewritten in English by Seamus Heaney, is a grade-A caliber source of how people viewed a " hero' back in Anglo-Saxon times.

The dissociative identity disorder psychology essay

Dissociative Identity Disorder, is defined in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders as " the presence of two or more distinct identities.that recurrently take control of the person's inability to recall important information that is too extensive to be explained by ordinary forgetting". The reality of Dissociative Identity Disorder is [>]

Cataracts leverage

He wanted to differentiate and create a distinct identity of Cataracts and so was not receptive to the idea of selling prepared drinks. La Morocco machines were put up which added to the distinct taste of the coffee and the Barista that operated the machines stood as an unique attraction.

The economy of berlin essay sample

The years 1918, 1933, 1939, 1945, 1961, 1989, and 1990 represent special markers in economic upheaval; in each the city of Berlin figured prominently as a locale and as a symbol: World War I and the 1918 November Revolution led to the establishment of the Weimar Republic; Hitler's rise to power, with the [>]

What does the internet mean for traditional tv media essay

The inevitable question that must be asked here is: " what does all of this mean for the traditional television?" According to Nielsen, in the United States, " 143 million people watched TV on the internet in 2011". We should not look at the internet as an enemy to television, but as more [>]

Taekwondo and chinese martial arts with traditional korean

The name Taekwondo means the way of the foot and fist. Rods are locatedoutside the macula and extend all the way to the outer edge of the retina.

Identity response

The value system gives a framework or moral reasoning and ways to have moral judgment of sexual behavior. I higher my standards and set a goal to marry prior to any sexual behavior.

Determination of heat of neutralization assignment

0 M Number of mole of solution used = [pic] = [pic] = 0. 75 no of moles= 0.% Total= 14.

The broken spears: the aztec account of the conquest of mexico

Cortes played a large role in the conquering of the Americas, and both Traditions and Encounters and The Broken Spears document his actions. The Broken Spears provides the reader with a greater sense of what the indigenous people had to go through than Traditions and Encounters could ever.

Data collection and analysis of sports games

In Europe, they are big soccer or football as they call it there fans, during a game of soccer, if a riots breaks out they have to stop the game completely for the safety of the players and the fans, sometimes these riots last for days...the understanding of these fans can tell you [>]

Privacy and security

According to the glossary of terms in the court of common pleas, eminent domain is " the power of the government to take private property for public use through condemnation." While condemnation is defined according to the same glossary as " the legal process by which the government takes private land for public [>]

Effects of electronic health records on transforming health

Electronic Health Records Aiding Documentation The Medical Informatics Committee of the American College of Physicians conducted a review of clinical documentation to observe what best meets the needs of patients and their families. Enhancing patient safety and quality of care by improving the usability of electronic health record systems: Recommendations from AMIA.

The bonfire of veracity

This is one of the many questions that Tom Wolfe addresses in his novel " The Bonfire of the Vanities". Because these characters represent the society of that era, Wolfe is conveying the idea that the denizens of 1980s New York City are more than willing to twist the truth when it suits [>]

The relationship between pozzo and lucky

The debate about the relationship of the two characters Pozzo and Lucky has existed since the original performance of Waiting for Godot and has failed, much like the rest of the play, to suggest any kind of concrete conclusion. When viewed in this way, we can see that Pozzo is actually the most [>]

Internal auditor

According to marginal analysis, the band leader should add a keyboard player if, ceteris paribus, she costs less than * a) $90 b) $100 c) $900 d) $1700 Q8 On a Production Possibilities Frontier a change from economic inefficiency to economic efficiency is shown by a) a movement along the frontier * b) [>]

Lab 1: measurement and microscopy

Cover slide to remove some of the excess water to make the slide more stable to use and view under the microscope. Use the tweezers and add some drops of water to a glass slide.2.

Man versus nature: descriptions and messages in when the killing’s done

Boyle's use of weather is used constantly throughout the novel to depict that Alma's argument is the correct one, even when it seems immoral, while Dave's surface level plan to protect the animals who were introduced to the Island by humans, will further disrupt the ecosystem. Boyle utilizes the weather to subtly signify [>]

Elements of religious tradition

Components of Religious Traditions The first component is what does a religious tradition communicate? These contrasting examples show the diverse nature of religious traditions and how they share the common component of what is communicated by a particular religious tradition.

Editorial: el niño-southern oscillation on a changing planet: consequences for coastal ecosystems

The collection of articles presented in this Research Topic illustrates the interaction of ENSO dynamics with human-related stresses and its effect on biological processes of coastal species and biogeochemical processes of the Oxygen Minimum Zone in two major EBUS the Humboldt and California upwelling systems. The collection of articles in this Research Topic [>]

The concept of the evils of society in the bluest eye by toni morrison, two kinds by amy tan, and i want to be miss america by julia alvarez

In " The Bluest Eye", Pecola desired to be accepted, but in the long run her interaction with people, such as Maureen and Junior, and the idea of beauty has negatively affected her self esteem thus degrading her idea of her own self worth. By judging her and touching upon a sensitive topic [>]

Week 1 discussion question

All of the mentioned theories are able to explain how the society works from the beginning of the industrial revolution until the modern age, as well as in how the actions and interactions of all members of the society are able to influence the state's growth and development. In the condensed version of [>]

Peer assessment

Peer Assessment Peer Assessment Peer assessment is an assessment done by on works of other In this kind of assessment, summative grading is conducted to offer results while formative review is conducted to offer feedback on what the students have learned. In order to enhance opportunities for good feedback, it is significant to [>]

Where is pediatric rheumatology going, and why a new section of frontiers in pediatrics?

It has gathered the interest of hundreds of physicians and health professionals alike, who are involved in both the clinical part of the work and in all the other research and educational activities that are connected to the field. The interest for clinicians and clinician-scientists alike is growing at a fast pace, and [>]

Dental fillings: a threat to your health or harmless?

However, the F.D.A.stills deems amalgam fillings safe for adults and children over six, leaving the general public with the question, " Do amalgam fillings pose a significant threat to human health? " Since the F.D.A.eemed amalgam fillings safe for the public, many people hold the view that the mercury used in dental fillings [>]

Hard rock cafe essay.

Hard Rock cafe was found in 1971, and from that point of time, Hard Rock applies the famous concept " experience economy" to its global business. The opening and closing of Hard Rock cafes in some non-standard tourist destinations in the UK have shown the Achilles' heel of the strategy.

Interest group report

Youth and Diversity campaign is about how people of every age and background embrace the Sierra Club's motto to " explore, enjoy and protect the planet". To become a member of The Sierra Club you have to sign up on the website and choose an amount of dollars to pay monthly and go [>]

Health care provider and faith diversity assignment

A description of what was learned from the research and how this can be applied to health care providers is present. A description of what was learned from the research and how this can be applied to health care providers is present with adequate detail.

Theories of intelligence

In order to try and measure intelligence, tests have been made to investigate and to further advance the unanswered field. These theories, tests, and investigations have created a better understand of what intelligence is, at least to an extent.

Western washington university

The governmental assistance policy assuming that 'work first' is the means to leave poverty, does not take into account the need for education, the lack of social and interpersonal skills, the cultural factors that affect women's employability, or the lack of sufficient, satisfactory employment for these women. The cultural factors that have contributed [>]

Human allegory in ”lord of flies” essay sample

The reason that the author, William Golding, chose the characters to be kids and not teenagers nor adults is because of their innocence and lack of knowledge of the civilization that they came from. The story Lord of the Flies teaches us that a society without order and rules could be really dangerous [>]

A trade environment and the rights of patients – dissertation example

This dissertation endeavors to examine the tension between intellectual property law and the right of the patient to health care, and to explore the specific ways that the latter can be compromised by the former. 6, Symposium of the Law in the Twentieth Century, pp.

Selective attention essay sample

They were shown a warning stimulus near the fixation point followed by a target stimulus, which was a letter displayed to either the left or the right of the fixation point. The Psychology of attention.

The stranger abroad: ideology and impotence in our sister killjoy

Additionally, the reference to Sissie as a " stranger" is especially pertinent to this discussion; it is specifically this Otherness that enables her to identify the hypocrisies in the ideology of marriage. While Sissie's role as a stranger to Europe is integral to her ability to function outside of the ideologies Marija exists [>]

Kimmel financial accounting solutions assignment

Major sources of cash in a statement of cash flows include cash from operations; issuance of debt; collection of loans; issuance of capital stock; sale of investments; and the sale of property, plant, and equipment. The advantage of the direct method is that it presents the major categories of cash receipts and cash [>]

Ecological systems on gene-environment correlations essay

Next the Secret Annex is connected to Anne by the Active gene-environment this place had a big environmental influence on her in a positive and negative way. These four things are connected to Anne and everyone else on the map through the evocative gene-environment because they all caused a reaction out of everyone.

‘night, mother by marsha norman: a critical analysis essay

The entire drama is contained in the single act of the mother and daughter talking. Through the past and present lives of Jessie and her mother, a ' bi-regional' perspective is evidenced in the play.

Editorial: bifidobacteria and their role in the human gut microbiota

Furthermore, thanks to recent discoveries about the microbial diversity of the human gut, we have started to achieve detailed insights about the composition of the bifidobacterial communities in this complex ecosystem and to understand the intricate relationship with their host as well as with the other members of the gut microbiota. The 21 [>]

Simulation lab

The vibration of this press was to be dissipated using a mass and spring sized appropriately for the size of the press and its motion. The simulation was run on the system and a plot of the displacement of the table vs.time was created.

The era of the common man

The Era of the Common ManThe Jacksonian period from 1824 to 1848 began a new era of change and growth, which is celebrated as the era of the? common man? The birth of the Whig party and the development of the Democrat party opened a broader world for the common man, and gave [>]

Employment at will doctrine assignment

To limit the liability and impact on the company as a COO, I would simply arrange a workshop on the code of ethics and conduct for the individuals working in the company. Being an internal issue within the company, as a COO I will talk to Jim in person and issue a letter [>]

Setting some themes

The estimation of intrinsic value based on the two elements, which are the future performance and the discount factor. The two most common indicators to measure the fund's performance were the regenerate of annual growth rate of net asset value assuming reinvestment the total return on investment) and the absolute dollar today of [>]

The history of winchester and his firearms flashcard

The three most important parts of Winchester are the life of Oliver Winchester, the creations of Oliver Winchester, and the guns that won the West. When Winchester died in 1880, he willed the ownership of the Company to his only son, William Winchester, who later died in March of the next year of [>]

Netflix case study essay

The beauty of online distribution is that as soon as a digital copy of a title is catalogued, you have unlimited copies of that title to rent or sell forever. Also, no need to worry about the availability of the next Netflix movie in the queue, or the timing of the postal delivery [>]

Economic and educational factors education essay

The availability of resources such as scholarships, loans and grants is a major factor that facilitates a person in the realization of medium to long term personal learning or career objectives. In the event that institutions are ready to appreciate the challenges and requirements of mature students, these students will realize their medium [>]

Aztec and inca dbq

The photograph of the Chinampa system shows the importance of the agricultural method as well as how the geography of the area promoted its use. The photograph of Machu Picchu shows the great amount of effort and skill required to create a society that could be depended on and maintained in the mountains.

Self-reflection on drug round in nursing

The first cycle of Gibbs Model is to describe the events, I had been working on the ward performing the drugs with my mentor for four weeks, I was second checking all medication with her administering it to the patient and waiting whilst the patient took their medication. Understanding why my body reacted [>]

Why is orlan’s art, particularly her use of plastic surgery, so socially and politically important and rebellious

If almost all the fashionable magazines and high-rated TV-programs show us the side of the plastic surgery in a " before and after" format missing the main part of the process, Orlan reveals through her works those realities that usually remain hidden. She is not afraid to turn the private art of surgery [>]

Failure in care homes essay sample

The worst case of fire in a care home was at Rosepark Nursing Home in Scotland in 2004 in which 14 people died. Some of the night staff did not know what to do in the event of a fire.

Gbe assignment brazil essay

As the graph and the map below show, Brazil remains the safest " BRICK" country and is close to the advanced ones in terms of political stability. 17 The two main types of companies in Brazil are: the Corporation which is similar to a US stock corporation.

Editorial: novel concepts in cardiac energy metabolism: from biology to disease

In the healthy adult heart, the majority of ATP is generated through the oxidation of fatty acids, and a tight balance between the utilization of fatty acids and other energy substrates is maintained. Metabolic remodeling and the decline of cardiac ATP production precede structural remodeling of the stressed heart and result from progressive [>]

Ap psychology learning test

Most research psychologists today agree with 1, but not with 2Unconditioned Stimulus In classical conditioning, a stimulus that unconditionally - naturally and automatically - triggers a response Unconditioned Response In classical conditioning, the unlearned, naturally occurring response to the unconditioned stimulus Neutral StimulusIn classical conditioning, a stimulus that produces a conditioned response Conditioned [>]

Music class paper assignment

Before I take this class and listen necessarily orchestrical music pieces which are not familiar to me for my assignment, I always assume that the meaning of music lies on the lyrics of the song. It is one of the great music I have ever heard and also very touching to me.

Performance-based assessment essay sample

Performance based assessment is most commonly known as and educational assessment which judges the student knowledge and skills based on observation of the student behavior or the inspection of students products. My view is that performance based assessment should be the primary form of assessment used to determine the success of students knowledge [>]

Career engineering research paper

The roots of aeronautical engineering can be traced to the early days of mechanical engineering, to inventors' concepts, and to the initial studies of aerodynamics, a branch of theoretical physics. This type of Engineer studies the necessary physics for designing aircrafts that will fly; they are involved primarily in designing aircraft and propulsion [>]

Coca cola brand, which has had a

As a production unit, Coca Cola Company only produces the syrup leaving the rest to the franchises carrying the Coca-Cola brand to package the products and distribute the products to retailers and stores that sell their products. Claims have been severally made of the company overusing the water near their production unit, which [>]

Ibm case study

The biggest problems in Vim's case are that the company's infrastructure is not designed for easy collaboration among the different business units and the rotational culture does not encourage employees to think ' outside the box'. So if I am the new manager of a business that Just transitioned from H2O to HI [>]

Economic issues simulation paper

As a representative of Castor Insurance, the job is to maximize profit and minimize risk for the company. Castor Collins earning is high and is adequate to cover the risk insuring Constructit.

The the prospect’s resistance or ‘loss’ into a

The adoption of a particular policy depends to a great extent, upon the nature of the product to be sold, the characteristics of prospects, and the circumstances of the sale. Getting a Series of Positive Answers: Moving towards closing a sale, the salesman should ask the prospect a series of questions in the [>]