Useful Thesis Proposal Examples for Writing

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Sample thesis proposal on methods

This is a set of questions prepared by the researcher with expectations that respondent will be willing to fill in the required information. This is the process of sampling individuals in a population to give you given information.

Nuclear weapons – thesis proposal example

Nuclear Weapons Nuclear weapons have been ranked as the most dangerous weapons that exist in the world. In spite of the apprehensions that have been elevated about the nuclear weapons, those who are taking part in the creation and development of such weapons have stated that the weapons are not intended to [>]

Effective crisi communications ( ) – thesis proposal example

When planning for crisis management, it is important to keep in mind the public image of the organization, will the general public perceive the actions taken by the organization in a crisis situation. What needs to be done once the crisis is over to restore the daily life and maintain a good [>]

13 ingredients of a winning thesis proposal

Next restate the question in the form of a statement: note the adverse consequences of the problem. Hypotheses State clearly and succinctly what you expect the results of your study to show.

The role of gender on motivation to learn a foreign language – thesis proposal example

Through the literature reviews that will be conducted of credible and recent studies in the Middle East, it will be investigated if the females are more motivated in terms of their attitude in the foreign language class and the amount of hard work put in the class. The study will also strive to [>]

Faculty of business and law candidature – thesis proposal example

FACULTY OF BUSINESS AND LAW Candidature Proposal Project Settlement of Disputes Caused by Electronic Commerce Contracts: A Study about the Cooperation Council for the Arab States of the Gulf for the award of Student Name Student ID principal Supervisor Co-Supervisor School / Centre Date Section 1: Aims and context of Project Over the [>]

To study the relation between satisfying and dissatisfying factors affecting workers productivity – thesis proposal example

There is dire need to study the relationship between the potential satisfying and dissatisfying factors so that measures taken by employers can be made effective in drawing the desired results by simultaneously addressing both satisfaction and dissatisfaction. If measures are taken to improve the workers' satisfaction in their work, their dissatisfaction also declines.

Use of succession planning by government leaders in preparation for future staffing thesis proposal examples

Research methodology focuses on the methods that the researcher will use in the study; the section will guide the researcher because it discusses the techniques of data collection and analysis that the researcher will apply to ensure that the study succeeds. The researcher will use methods and strategies that fit the study to [>]

On the book vox by nicholson baker – thesis proposal example

In this analysis, the main focus will be to evaluate the quality and general impact of the book. In his book, Baker also tries to reveal that there are a number of media through which sexual activities can be perpetrated within the society such as through the phone as evident through the two [>]

Thesis proposal on resort design

There may be numerous form of resort like, - Sports Resort - Adventure Resort - Nature Resort - CEO Resort - Agro- Resort - Health Resort However, the purpose is same, that they all serve people and among them majority is foreign tourist. Anchor Attribute: It is minimum number of amenities that a [>]

The role of for-profit colleges and the problems of student success, retention and thesis proposal examples

The fact that for profit colleges are managed by private organizations and corporations creates a desire for this research. On the other hand, students from for-profit colleges stand fewer chances of employment and earn less than students from public schools.

Thesis proposal on ethical outsourcing for starbucks coffee company

Starbucks Corporation, one of the best known brands in the United States of America and the largest coffeehouse in the world, too has outsourced some of its functions such as IT, customer service and growing coffee beans at some parts of the world. Starbucks has been known for its ethical sourcing of highest [>]

Project outline thesis proposal sample

Working title: Research into projects in organizations in order to determine whether failure to deliver on time, in-scope and budget is as a result of poor sponsorship, mismanagement, or lack of flexibility and support throughout the organization. If the scope of a project becomes greater, then the project time and budget have to [>]

Good defining innovation in an ngo with new strategy thesis proposal example

In the same respect strategy is a key element of analyzing and assessing organization performance which is crucial in the development of staff as well as in the adoption of change in the organization. The management of NGO group for CRC coordinates operations of several NGOs around the world, due to the nature [>]

Thesis proposal on problem statement

It suffers risk particularly as far as control is concerned since some partners feel like they are more superior to others; improper agreement to run the business is also attributed to the failure of international venture to last. Inappropriate management technique to smoothen the operation is also has been a factor to poor [>]

Conflict management in the banking sector – thesis proposal example

Due to the ever increasing and complexity of organizational conflicts, this research will be effective in helping organisational leaders to solve this problem and will be used a guideline in solving of organisational conflicts for leaders in the corporate world more so in the banking sector. Research Objectives Define what conflict management and [>]

Example of thesis proposal on human resources

This report digs deep into the food processing industry of Iggy's Bread of the World to establish their recruitment and selection mechanisms, the difficulties they continue to face and the relationship they have in the industry performance." Work/life benefits can bolster recruitment efforts" Recruitment and selection from the baseline that defines the nature [>]

Human development/ social justice thesis proposal

Because of this reality, I decided on an action item that would distance from research and give me the opportunity to study fatherlessness as represented in the real world. After forty five minutes of discussion, the panelist came to a consensus that fatherlessness was undeniably a societal problem that needed to be addressed.

Balance between wireless security and performance – thesis proposal example

The amount of security that should be incorporated in the system normally depends on the size and the nature of information being handled by the organization as well as on the devices being used. This research will seek to come up with a way of securing the wireless network and enhance the security [>]

Legal means to protect the cultural heritage in the middle east thesis proposals example

In 1972, the World Heritage Convention was adopted by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization with the aim of facilitating cooperation between nations to protect heritage, wherever it exists in the world, that is of " such outstanding and universal value that its conservation is important for current and future generations". [>]

I believe thesis proposal examples

For instance, considering the fact that some of the things that the parents or the older people might find normal may not be understandable to the children, the only thing that should change in this case is the medium through which the parents communicate to them. However, while at it, is necessary for [>]

Public policy administration thesis proposal example

With the improved benefits and the rules and regulations that come with this law, it is expected that the quality of health insurance will be improved. Although many are in opposition to the provisions of this law, this paper aims to defend that, if properly implemented, the ObamaCare program will help solve many [>]

Chinese economic reforms thesis proposal

The reforms given to China by Comrade Mao are still pretty much relevant in today's China, and they have made China an economic power of the modern world. By allowing the free market in the country, China flourished as new entrepreneurs came forward to set the foundation of new and economically strong China.

Vote smart thesis proposals examples

He holds a Bachelor's Degree in Medicine from the University of Oklahoma Medical School and has a Bachelor's of Science in Accounting from the Oklahoma State University. In addition, he is a former chair to the Obstetrics and Gynaecology Department of the Muskogee Regional Medical Center.

Animals rights thesis proposal example

Thus, the animals' rights should be put in place to avoid overexploitation of these animals.D. Thus, the animals should be entitled to some kinds of rights.

Process of (research) investigation of geodetic engineering for the designing of high speed (train) main railway line – thesis proposal example

Since the world has been concentrating on construction of roads in most of their economic activities, reverting to construction of railway lines would be an improvement to the transport system. This is due to the development of the networking in these countries, especially in relation to railway transport.

Role-taking and altruism thesis proposal sample

The occurrence of this opportunity is called Altruism, it may also be defined as an activity repaid with an intrinsic reward and extrinsic gain. Then the act of recovering an ally, is expanded as an act of heroism and will be celebrated as extrinsic gain.

Deviance and race thesis proposal samples

Deviance attributes to the actions of one defiling the social norms engrained in the society, which causes one to be marginalized in a given society. Both the conflict theory and the Merton's structural theory try to explain why deviance is in a given society and why it is often linked to one type [>]

Hypothesis research proposal sample

The second issue is that the type the drug will determine the sentence. However, mandatory sentencing can do a lot of good for the fight against drug abuse.

Providing healthy food at schools thesis proposal sample

The main aim or role of food to the human body is maintenance of health and prevention of diseases; also food directs the development of products and especially with respect to the functional foods or the nutraceuticals. The whole approach of the school food programs depends on the finding of children ability to [>]

Free obesity thesis proposal sample

Nearly quarter of the children in Australia and 63% of the adult population are overweight as reported in the journal The Lancet. This technique can help in the study of cells and tissues that are related to the release of proteins or hormones involved in obesity.

Free thesis proposal on offshore engineering

In this case, these tasks arise from the analyses of fatigue involving all the joints in a structure especially where this kind of analysis can not proceed without the proper use of a code. The Principles of Tubular Analysis.

Coping strategies for mothers who have children diagnozed with adhd thesis proposal

The fact that mothers are the primary care takers of affected children in majority of the cases has potentiated the need to explore the coping strategies utilized by these mothers. A systematic review of parenting in relation to the development of comorbidities and functional impairments in children with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder.

Example of thesis proposal on bloom box energy

We are collegiate of group officials and experts in the field of energy conservation and global warming wish to help educate America about the importance of stopping global warming through this great alternative technology of Bloom Energy. The project aims at creating awareness in universities and major companies of the need to embrace [>]