Useful Statistics Project Examples for Writing

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Interpretation of statistical tables

The Kaiser-Meyer-Olkin and Bartlett's tests are preliminary tests to evaluate the appropriateness of factor analysis as a statistical procedure for the given data set. Meanwhile, the output of Bartlett's test of sphericity from Table 1 has a value of 694.

Santorini – climatic onditions and economic factors

Similarly, the number of tourists also vary from one month to another.the main prominent seasons in Santorini are summer and winter. Summer begins in May and temperature peak measurement increases to 22 degrees Celsius as the rain drastically falls to an average of 7mm.

Analyzing crime on aggravated assault

The results found with this essay show that while proper functioning of a police has a positive impact on overall index crime rate decreased in 1990s, current policies implemented by Chicago Public Schools have a sever negative impact on crime rate among juveniles. Medill News Service has reported on January 12, 2005 about [>]

Theory of constraints to achieve breakthrough performance

Most of the time project managers fail to accept from the onset that there could be constraints, which can militate against the success of the project. The use of requirements documents and work breakdown structure has however proven to give good support to scope statements in ensuring that they work perfectly.

Consumer attitude questionnaire

The second question helps determine just how the consumer uses the tablet. The fourth question asks a question that will enable the cross analysis of why the progress of the tablet is moving in the way it is.

Data interpretation practicum

Hypothesis The correlation test will test the level of association between injury rate and number of hours worked will be investigated consequently, our hypotheses are as follows: Null Hypothesis, H0: Injury rate and hours worked are correlated Alternative Hypothesis, H1: Injury rate and hours worked are not correlated A scatterplot of the data [>]

Oakland, illinois – a typical american town

In line with the 2010 population census, the city has a totality area of 2. The ethnic composition of the city is 98.