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Response to the age of reform

Shehroze Hussain October 20, Response to the age of Reform " The age of Reform" refers to a period of great social development in America during the nineteenth century. Here, we will discuss how the age of Reform contributed to the United States' sense of morality and what are the effects of [>]

Chartered portfolio manager- week 8 discussion post and student responses

After highlighting the importance of social media to individuals and firms, Roland should also add the limits that should be in place to ensure safe and efficient advertising of financial firms. In addition to this, he should also consider adding information on what FINRA stands for, and its functions in advertising when he [>]

Identity response

The value system gives a framework or moral reasoning and ways to have moral judgment of sexual behavior. I higher my standards and set a goal to marry prior to any sexual behavior.

Music for the mind analysis and response

Music for the Mind The purpose of this essay was to inform and explain to individuals all of the several ways for people to enjoy music as well as to explicate that the readers should strive for a more active type of listening. I, of course, will often listen to music and enjoy [>]

Movie response paper

of the Modern American History of the Concerned 20 November Too Big to Fail- An Inside View of the Worst Economic Debacle in the Contemporary History The 2008 financial meltdown was something, the impact of which is still imbued deep into the very vitals of the American economy. Yet, in a historical context, [>]

What were the major foreign policy issues of the 1950s justify your response by addressing the significance of each. (do not just list them)

The Truman Doctrine, Marshall Plan and the Containment Policy were the major foreign policy issues for the United States in the 1950's. Although this policy was created before the 1950's, the substance of the Truman Doctrine helped create the Containment Policy.

Mechanisms of stress and our responses

Both the SNS and the endocrine system prepare the body for the flight or fight response in two different ways, the SNS through neurons and electrical charges and the endocrine system through the release of hormones into the bloodstream that is fast and simultaneous. Stage one is the alarm reaction stage where the [>]

Natives responses to modernity

As they migrated, the Indians encountered different cultures and even when they encountered land that was different from the one they used to know they resolved to burn it in order to transform it to the original land that they used to know. In this essay, I will discuss the numerous ways in [>]

Explain the contribution to the development and expression of judaism of one significant person

EXPLAIN THE CONTRIBUTION TO THE DEVELOPMENT AND EXPRESSION OF JUDAISM OF ONE SIGNIFICANT PERSON Rabbi Abraham Isaac Hacohen Kook, also known as Rav Kook, has made contributions to the development and expression of the Jewish religion that were of absolute importance. This was due to the resettlement of the Jewish people to their [>]

Response to progressive reforms

Response to Progressive Reforms and American Capitalism Drafts Response to Progressive Reforms and American Capitalism Drafts Rough draft 1 The writer of rough draft one notes from the beginning that progressive reform did not restrain the power of American capitalism, but the reform rather altered the strategies that the capitalists used against the [>]

Reading response

Therefore, Wal-Mart is of benefit to the underprivileged members of the community. He states that this policy is helping employees, and so it would be unfair to blame the company.

A response to kant’s first analogy of experience

Leibniz, one of the famous philosophers, once wrote, " I believethat the consideration of a substance is one of the most important and fruitful points inphilosophy." Kant expressed his agreement for this statement in the way he presented the " First Analogy of Experience". In this part, Kant's primary objective is to explain [>]

Reading response from a piece of writing

In the text, he analyses the strengths and weaknesses of using either the word or syllable in measurement of speed. Note that the author introduces the concept of speech stretch in order to explain the application of tonal variations when one is speaking.

Response: commentary: morphologically distinct escherichia coli bacteriophages differ in their efficacy and ability to stimulate cytokine release in vitro

A commentary on Commentary: Morphologically Distinct Escherichia coli Bacteriophages Differ in Their Efficacy and Ability to Stimulate Cytokine Release In Vitro by Dufour, N, Henry, M, Ricard, J.-D, and Debarbieux, L. Despite the suggestion to the contrary provided by the Dufour et al.commentary, the reduction and quantification of endotoxin in phage preparations remains [>]

Martin luther king quote response essay

I understand why people are upset of the decision the judge in charge of the trail, but it was also wrong for people to riot and destroy the city property in their rage of injustice. It is destroying other people's home and property that are not involved in the acts of violence of [>]

R848 is involved in the antibacterial immune response of golden pompano ( trachinotus ovatus ) through tlr7/8-myd88-nf-κb-signaling pathway

Subsequently, the cells were incubated with R848 and the proliferation of the cells was determined as described above. Then, R848 was added to the cells, and the proliferation of the cells was detected as described above.

Response to “the survival lottery”

The proposal of the survival lottery mainly centres on the claim that there is no difference between killing and letting die, and that leaving Y and Z to die without any interventions would be the same as murdering them. This loss of security or terror in society is a form of pain that [>]

Speak response to literature

The foreshadowing presented several times in the story reinforces the mystery and the intrigue in the reader as it discovers and resolves the conflict and causes of it. The author does this to emphasize a sense of interest, charm and curiosity as a hook to capture the reader's attention from the beginning to [>]

Philosophy of david hume in response to rene descartes

Show how the philosophy of David Hume was a response to the philosophy of Rene Descartes, and how the Philosophy of Immanuel Kant was a response to the philosophy of David Hume. Since an a priori knowledge is essential to rationalists, Descartes subjects the ' senses' to doubt and substantiates his perspective of [>]

Editorial: molecular basis of the response of photosynthetic apparatus to light and temperature stress

Editorial on the Research Topic Molecular Basis of the Response of Photosynthetic Apparatus to Light and Temperature Stress The fast growing world population requires an increase in plant productivity. Photosynthesis is an intricate and crucial function in plant productivity, and the ability of plants to adapt to changing environments is related to the [>]

Media effectiveness of humanitarian responses to crises

Many articles and books have argued the importance of media as an actor in enabling humanitarian response and that media has the assumed power to influence and drive local and international government, humanitarian agencies and non-governmental organisation to formulate responses to crises, such as policy responses, delivery of aid and interventions, to save [>]

Response strategies

Identification of possible risks is through careful examination and research of all factors linked to the objective of the entity. The risks may be in form of opportunities or threats.

The flowering response of the rice plant to photoperiod

2 The flowering response of the rice plant to photoperiod Most of the wild species of Oryza and many of the primitive cultivated rices are photoperiod sensitive and may be classified as short-day plants. 12 The flowering response of the rice plant to photoperiod The earlier the interposition of the light during the [>]

Corrigendum: zika virus infection results in biochemical changes associated with rna editing, inflammatory and antiviral responses in aedes albopictus

In the original article, we neglected to include funding from Pacific Southwest Regional Center of Excellence for Vector-Borne Diseases funded by the U.S. Its content is solely the responsibility of the authors and do not necessarily represent the official views of the Center for Disease Control and Prevention or the Department of Health [>]

Growth and yield response of chinese cabbage essay sample

According to Muller, photoperiodism is the influence of light exposure of different duration of plant growth and development. A meter stick is used to measure the height of the plants.

Response to an article od the new york time

Having observed in my own community, the variety in the said parental stimulation that occurs from family-to-family has produced diverse results in the cognitive, social, as well as in the emotional development of the children. It is in this premise that, I concur with what was presented in the article, " Understanding ' [>]

Usa: threats, challenges and responses

The country faces some threats and challenges about the prosperity as the natural disasters are a big threat to the peace and prosperity of the country. United States is taking step to make appropriate strategies for the security of its people and the partners of the country.

Response to article

Generation Y in the Workplaces Emily Thatcher in the article how those millennials will make the workplace better for every one recons on the changes expected in the corporate society in the near future. I believe that the corporate society will have to change to accommodate generation y since they need new and [>]

Week 2 response papers

Hardin foresees the world reaching its human carrying capacity in the near future and advocates for the practice of sustainability in respect of regulating reproduction rights. In agreement with the student post, teaching people and making them aware of the consequences of their actions can play a lot in changing people's negative behavior.

Immune response against hiv

The portions of the virus that are displayed on the surface of the macrophage inform the T-cells of the foreign invaders that need immediate attention. The destruction of CD4 T-cells results to destruction of many cells by the replicating HIV viruses.

African insurgency groups: causes and responses

But, in order to foresee, and perhaps assuage, the consequences of this campaign, and to limit the devastation we are likely to witness, it is paramount that international interventions adapt and correlations be drawn between this rising contention and contemporary conflicts that define modern warfare. So, while the hopes of assisting in curtailing [>]

A response to the bell jar

This is a highly auto-biographical account by Plath of a young girl finding that when she should be most excited about her life, she instead finds that things are not what she expected, and that the culture of the 1950's does not seem to allow for all that she wants, which begins her [>]

Eliza haywood: the rise of the woman novelist and her response to feminine desire through the form of the masquerade

Ros Ballaster has a different aspect on the foundation of women writing, stating, " The novel, identified at every stage as a ' female form,' was, in this period, refined by purging it of its disreputable associations with female sexuality and the subversive power of female ' wit,' or artifice" If women's writing [>]

Week 5 response papers

Response to Post While the is en d to his/her views regarding the responsibilities of the developed and developing countries inrespect of climate change, I am opposed to his view that the developing countries do not have a valid point. Jia's suggestion that the deployment of clean technology be used as a measure [>]

Emergency response plan mod 1 slp

All these are hot sports for fires and disasters and hence mitigation plans to prevent such disasters as well as plan on emergency response in case the fire disaster happens should be in the plan. The military has been an enemy of terrorists and hence are likely to attack the county as a [>]

What you pawn i will redeem response paper

Jackson's culture also proves to play a substantial part in his decisions in regards to the money he needs for the regalia. Jackson's longing to redeem his home in India also contributes to the theme of a lack of a place to belong.

Discuss and assess the potential for multiplied penalties for egregious violations. your response should be approximately 200-300 words and include a reference citation for your sources

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration rules on egregious violations might result in multi-million penalties for employers because instead of combining the violations and issuing an aggregate penalty for such violations, the OSHA now issues separate penalties per violation. Egregious violations are serious violations.

Reading response

A major factor with propaganda is that it plays with the emotions of the people and their intellect to affect their mentality. Likewise, Hitler understood propaganda as the best medicine to have the masses embrace a particular ideology.

The incredible journey reading response

I finished the book in no time at all and along with several generations of readers, was captivated by this amazing story. The book is amazing because there is actually no verbal communication among the three lead characters, even if the story is focused on their journey and the trials they face in [>]

Discussion question response

You reflected on the historic days when business communication used to take days. Thus, we can conclude that though technology has improved business communication, it has also brought many challenges to the modern business.


The National Park Service, a federal agency working under the United s Department of the Interior, has developed ethnography program to highlight the historic role of African-Americans in cultural development of the United States. The national parks and preserves are of great historic importance in several ways as they represent historical events and [>]

The law of formalities is really a series of ad hoc responses

The person entitled to it can assign it to the third party directly; can direct the trustees to hold the property in trust for the third party; can contract for valuable consideration to assign the equitable interest to him; or can declare himself to be a trustee for him of such interest". In [>]

Discussion responses

Organizations also affect individuals that are in the organization. The habits of individuals in a business setting are likely to be repeated.

How does fitzgerald develop your responses to gatsby’s parties from p26 the opening of chapter 3 to p31 essay

It focuses on the gap between perception and reality and is devoted to the introduction of the main character Jay Gatsby and the lavish, showy world he inhabits. By first exposing Gatsby's status by describing the exceptional extravagance of his house and the preparations of the party enables the reader to imagine what [>]

Analysis and response assignment of joan didion’s on going home

So, from her nuclear family life in Los Angles, Didion visits her extended family in Central Valley, California to celebrate the first birthday of her daughter and importantly to connect with her childhood life and recollect the nostalgic memories. I keep on having nostalgic memories about my past life and childhood in South [>]

Story response..2

The story starts a far distance and finally brings the reader home having painted a clear mental picture of the geography of the place and the time at which the story takes place. Maybe you could also have given a bit of background story to let the reader know how the characters had [>]

A response to william harris’s wide sargasso sea criticism: carnival of psyche

William Harris's Carnival of Psyche: Jean Rhys's Wide Sargasso Sea, an analysis of Rhys's 1966 postmodern " prequel" to Jane Eyre, Harris attempts to evaluate the significance of " intuitive myth" on the novel's psyche." Attempt," however, is the operative word here. This allusion is not difficult to recognize; Rhy's description of the [>]


Thus, the paper is a response of the Hunts view on globalization as it analyzes its advantages and challenges that it faces due to diversity in ideology. The book argues that history is being used wrongly, and I tend to agree with the idea.

Response to progress report

Due to the importance of the impending event, there are some instructions, which I want you to follow. In addition, I would like to get some recommendations from you, suggesting how to solve the problem of decline in charitable donations.

Seminar in criminology classmate response 7

In my opinion, it is not clear whether these are the authors of another article or researchers that are mentioned in Kalven and Zeisel's article. In my opinion, it was also difficult to tell whether these were researchers in the article by Kalven and Zeisel, or authors of a new article.

Historical response to disability sociology essay

Support administrations: A As administrations focused on specific damages and support for households grew, so consciousness of handicapped people and the figure of services available increased such as, the Association of the Friends of the Blind in 1889, the precursor of the Royal NZ Foundation of the Blind in 1890, CCS in 1935 [>]

Question response

The separation of state and church means that people are limited in their capability to profess their faith through religions within certain state. This means that The Free Speech Clause is partly violated by the law that restricts funding of religious organizations." Faith-based" organizations funding is rather contradictory topic, because to finance them [>]

Reading response to summer by edith wharton

From the quiet and reserved girl at the start of the novel, Rachel develops to the point whereby she is sexually awakened and is conscious about all the happenings surrounding her. Therefore, the author has developed charity from the shy and reserved girl in the local setting to a mature girl who is [>]

Response to anti british monarchy question

Since you are too well versed in economics and politics, have you ever compared royals to the president of the U. Who in the world would even like to know the name of British President?

The incident response coordination team essay sample

Specifically, the duties and responsibilities outlined in the Department of Health and Human Services' Disaster Behavioral Health Concept of Operations for both the Behavioral Health Liaison Officer and the Behavioral Health Safety Officer. In coordination with the BHSO and MHT Lead, develop mental and behavioral health in- and out-processing briefings for all federal [>]

Article responses – adorno

A basic summary of the main points can be seen in the first paragraph, which is a quote by the author, and it states, " The history of philosophy viewed as the science of origins is that process which, from opposing extremes, and from the apparent excesses of development, permits the emergence of [>]

Romeo and juliet response to lit essay

Respond to love can motivate people to do the things they would not normally do in Romeo and Juliet. In Romeo and Juliet, many of the characters are stirred by the forces of love to do things that they would never initiate to do.

Reader response

Supervisor's due: Response to the story ' a good man is hard to find.' The story pictures the outstanding short story anthologies by O'Connor. The tragic Misfit character in the story eventually takes another turn to be a redemption story of the grandmother at the mercies of the violent criminal.

Response: night by eliezer wiesel

Wiesel continues to shift his attitude as he notes that things such as the crematorium's tall chimney, and the begrudging way he now gave his father his soup, no longer shocked him they way they would have at the beginning of his time in concentration camps. As he stopped believing in the grandeur [>]

Policy responses during the great recession

The economic recession affected the housing and labor market that led to the increase in the housing prices. The professor further indicates that the majority of the home owners were unable to settle their mortgage debts because of the increase in interest rates imposed by the financial institutions.


2) I consider the following sentence to be the most informative information in the abstract paper." It is further premised on evidence that language differences can be linked to legitimate historical and cultural legacies, and the positively framed presentations of language differences in sociocultural and social historical contexts can effectively counter dominant, seemingly [>]

Readers response

To His Coy Mistress" presents the fictional thoughts of the poet through the eyes of an impatient young man. She seems to be somewhat unhappy and dejected by the fact that his key motivation behind his advances is not that of love but of lust or carnal desire and passion.

Antigone written response

CREON AND ANTIGONE: The most often asked question about the play Antigone by Sophocles, one of the three great Greek of tragedy, is who is the tragic hero of the play; is it Antigone or is it Creon? As the play is titled Antigone, one tends to assume that she should be the [>]

National response framework

Coordination during disaster management is done at various levels due to the fact that the tasks of assistance during disaster management are often interconnected and demand coordination of activities for a positive outcome. In situations like this, it is extremely important that the agency which determines the magnitude of an expected disaster provides [>]

Local responses to the english reformation essay

In 1530, he declared himself as the ' supreme head of the Church in England.' The parliament approved of Henry's act since it would increase the coffers of the kingdom and temporarily relieve the former's tax burdens. Catholics who refused to acknowledge the king as the head of the Church of England were [>]

The yellow wall paper – reader response

As a way of getting a lot of air, John allotted themselves the nursety at the top of the house where there would be a rather obstruction free flow of of the major things that this woman observed and disliked was the yellow wall paper that covered the walls of the room. [>]

The comedy of errors: reading response assignment

The plot Of the play is only able to develop and continue if the characters opposite of the Antiphonal and/or Dross believe that the person they are responding to is their corresponding Antiphonal or Dorado.Ant.S. And instead of Antiphonal thinking him not his Dorado, he thinks that he is just playing around by [>]

Computer security incident response team incident handling

A Computer Security Incident Response Team is an association or team that gives, to a well-characterized constituency, administrations and backing for both avoiding and reacting to computer security incidents. To offer help to on the anticipation of and reaction to IT related Security Incidents.

Literary response #5

For her work, Brooks won the Pulitzer Prize in 1950 and garnered the attention of Richard Wright, who described the way she captured black urban life as, " the pathos of petty destinies, the whimper of the wounded, the tiny incidents that plague the lives of the desperately poor, and the problems of [>]

Response / summary of john urry’s globalizing the gaze

" Globalizing the Gaze" by John Urry is a chapter that discusses the implications of globalization in tourism and travel, examining the ways in which tourism has changed since technologies like mobile phones and the internet have pervaded global communities. The author contributes this diversification of travel destinations to the rise in certain [>]

Market size response the urban population economics essay

Market growing rate is the growing rate of the market gross revenues or gross revenues of merchandises or services in the comparative period. Therefore the buying power will be better in the auto industry market in the hereafter.

Reading response

The process of racialization was explained by the Mexican Americans from the ability for being considered as an ' insider' in various revolutionary ethnic communities to the racialization process as nonwhite persons. The research paper poses some questions related to the racialization of third generation of Mexican Americans.

Reader response criticism to romeo and juliet

These are all renditions of the original and are unique in their own way, West Side Story is a musical, Princess Bride is a medieval story, and Romeo and Juliet is a tragedy. In Romeo and Juliet the two opposing families are the Capulets and the Montagues.

Discussion question response concerning writing

I feel that writing is more than a form of communication. You can select fonts, but the act of writing is a creative art form, which is another aspect lost when writing is neglected.

Minority in women- classmate response 11

Above all, I agree with Garcia when she says that the migration opportunities for women have positively changed in the last several decades. The in-text references are there, but she forgot to include the full information for her source.

Reading response

His fourteen points were the basis of reducing the arms and the destruction caused by wars. The major nations and their leaders were dubious of the practicality of president Wilson's fourteen points speech.

Reading response questions to chapter 10 and human sexuality article

Sex has been freed and separated from faith and the moorings of a serious relationship in the society today. This is because they do not know what love is and they do not understand the role of intimacy in a relationship.

Response to coments on dq1 hunt and dq2 smithw11

Another great attribute about learning about accounting is that that knowledge can be used to improve a person's ability to analyze investment opportunities. The use of accounting is very important to effectively run a hotel operation.

Disaster preparedness & response

This is just due to the nature of the emergencies and the parts of the cycle that handle them, and it is the nature of any plan that certain parts are going to work better in certain situations. And last but certainly not least, The Recovery part of the cycle also has its [>]

Case responses

The length of the critical path is 18 days of duration.c) If the Maser has to be completed 2 days earlier, would it help to: i. Yes, if the company is willing to pay the expedite charges; the lead time could be reduce considerably.d) How might resources be borrowed from activities on the [>]

Effects of alzheimer’s on response times

The researchers in this article are doctors Maylor, Watson and Muller and they studied the subject of visual enumeration in patients with Alzheimer's in the year 2005. The hypothesis of the study was that the participants' with Alzheimer's would have a significant increase in response time in counting numbers, subitizing numbers and finding [>]


Inherent in Barry's analysis of the female perception of beauty is the influence of popular culture in the formation of females' standard of beauty or attractiveness. Like Audet's feelings of pride and embarrassment in having a scar, Valdes's wide hips reflected the different ways in which different societies perceive an individual's attractiveness, which, [>]

Response 3 fielding

Though there are some valid arguments in favour of the claim, which portray a very humorous picture of the parson, yet there exist so many touching lines and incidents, during the development of the story of the novel, which make the parson as the most loveable character of Joseph Andrews. His relinquishing of [>]

World liturature. response paper to the odyssey

Your 23 February Response Paper to the Odyssey Composed by Homer around the eighth century BC, the Odyssey is a tale about Odysseus, a king who has successfully won the Trojan war, and who now seeks to find his way home but is delayed for one reason or another. The story ends by [>]

Seminar in criminology -classmate response 11

For example, as noted in Sykes' study, majority of inmates in prisons get deprived of some of the freedom that people outside prisons take for granted. Rodriguez has made a perfect comparison between the study and the events occurring in the documentary.

Individual reflection sheet response template

Group Working Affiliation While working in a group of six members with a task of identifying pro-active measures for participatory activities undertaken in the work places by units group, I learned a lot about working in a group and this helped me to develop skills when working in a future team. As we [>]

The protection of biodiversity involves a multi-pronged approach in response to numerous threats, challenges and pressures. desc

This paper discusses the approach that the Canadian government applies in protecting the endangered species the primary threats, challenges and pressures that the approach addresses. To ensure that these measures are adhered to, the ministry responsible undertakes constant supervision of the endangered species and their habitats.


Complains About Auto Tariffs The article here is about the U. The article reinstate that the Chinese government is acting soberly on the complaint of America to The WTO relating to the hike in tariff of automobile and midsized cars.

Maya angelou response essay

In her essay " Graduation," Maya Angelou recollects the experience of her eighth grade graduation in the 1930s to examine the personal growth of humans caught in the adversity of racial discrimination. Before the graduation ceremony, Angelou uses visual imagery to vividly accentuate the appearance of her and the other graduates.

Reflection response

Even though some educators fear that curriculum standards only increase the likelihood that some teachers will only " teach to the test", it is my opinion that one set of standards will make things easier for educators, while multiple sets will only create more work and handicap the students. Having multiple standards will [>]

Text response

The film depicts the journey of our coming of age and our adventure and turning point during the holiday of 1960 in Australia. This creates a lot of tension and our friendship is tested leading to formation of new alliances to compete for the opportunity of being in a real family which was [>]

Reading response ln 4

It is this verity that leads to the authors indicating that cartoons can be categorized as visual humor that is simply put across in pictures. Still, more needs to be done to evaluate the place of visual humor in the humor in general.

Response paper for art

The name of this work is " Moulin Rouge: La Goulue," and it was created by Lautrec two years after the launching of the dance hall and drinking garden of Moulin Rouge boulevard de Clichy in the year of 1889. One of the art elements that can be noticed in the picture is [>]