Useful Quantitative Research Examples for Writing

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Quantitative techniques

The company had a sales goal to reach a certain figure in terms of sales. The company had been in business over the past few decades in the automobile industry and was a reputed brand when it came to cars.

Doctoral education in quantitative research methods: some thoughts about preparing future scholars

To exemplify the complex nature of social science data and the types of techniques required, consider the impact evaluation of the Head Start program. On the other hand, once graduated and employed in the field of social science research, junior researchers need a broad repertoire of analytic skills [ 1, 4, 16 ] [>]

Quantitative research methods involve conducting true experiments health essay

This form of data collection is flexible as the researcher can evolve in tandem with the changes the he observed in the natural setting of the research. A mixed approach to research methods requires the researcher to integrate qualitative and quantitative approach of addressing research questions in a single study.

Quantitative research in health, safety, and environment

Quantitative Research in Health, Safety, and Environment A vital primary tool utilized in the health, safety, and environmental field is the safety committee. However, a roadblock with many safety professionals is the ability to convince upper management that quantitative research is vital in supporting production operations.

Quantitative assessment and validation of network inference methods in bioinformatics

We believe that this plurality denotes the diversity of usages and interpretations of such networks, while it may also reflect the lack of agreement due to the interdisciplinary nature of network inference in Bioinformatics. On protocols and measures for the validation of supervised methods for the inference of biological networks.

Case study: quantitative reasoning

Specifically, the new treatment was found to delay complications of congestive heart failure according to the following distribution:[3, 5, 6, 6, 8, 8, 9, 9, 9, 10, 11, 45] Accordingly, the researchers indicated that the average number of months that the new treatment was able to delay the progression of complications was 10. [>]

Hypotheses- quantitative analysis

However, in order to improve the health outcomes of a patient, hypothesis is applied as a method of statistical inference. In addition, a sample data is used to determine the validity of the statistical hypothesis being formulated.

A quantitative problem

We need to know statistics to live in this world, not calculus. Statistics is used in most jobs daily, and we the people are going to need to know statistics to work.

Literature review analysis quantitative study

The literature review was minimal and not used for the basis of the problem or the research question. The majority of the review was used to address critical analysis and the use of it to validate the research being conducted.o How clearly is the literature review written?

Bradford assay: standard quantitative method determination

Comment on the value of R2 Using the values of the equation of the line of best fit, the absorbance value for each standard was used to calculate the actual concentration of protein in each replicate. In an investigation using the Bradford assay, two detergents at different concentrations were exposed to a set [>]

Summary of a quantitative study on mental health and exercise

Mental Health and Exercise Health and Exercise The health benefit of regular exercise is something everyone knows about because of all theresearch done over the years. This result can be used to justify the need of people under going mental therapy to take part in physical exercise to improve on their chances of [>]

Bhs 420 mod 1 slp (quantitative reasoning)

Given my interest in the human mind and the ongoing research in mental health studies, I believe one of these topics will be both interesting and informative. Culture and the Restructuring of Community Mental Health.

Quantitative methods essay

Shadow pricing in business is the maximum price which the company is willing to pay to purchase an extra unit of a limited resource for production. The Shadow price and the Dual price form a linear combination gradient for optimization.

What you need to know about quantitative risk analysis

Quantitative risk analysis is one type of analysis, but it usually follows after Qualitative Risk Analysis. When you need to know the risks of failure for a large project, consider doing a quantitative risk analysis.

Basic concepts of quantitative reasoning

The study was quantitative research made up of the use of a number of numeric indexes in the data collection and analysis processes. The organization of the study made it highly easier to follow and understand.

Quantitative trading strategy

The returns of the portfolio of my trading strategy are higher compared to the UM Super Combo. The annualized return of my trading strategy is much larger than market portfolio's compared to.

Quantitative communication research variable

After alteration to " experience working as an engineer" it acts as contingent condition in the hypothesis: " If a majority of people in the audience has experience working as an engineer, a speaker presenting a technology-related topic gets less open-ended questions than a speaker who is delivering a presentation on a topic [>]

University of phoenix

UNIVERSITY OF PHOENIX Discussion on Quantitative Reasoning for Business Course Self Reflection Paper 10/15/08 Discussion on Quantitative Reasoning for Business Course For many years, the quantitative or mathematical approach to business problem solving was the cornerstone of MBA programs worldwide. The Quantitative Reasoning for Business course would provide me with the prerequisites necessary [>]

Qualatative and quantitative analysis

The researcher briefly explained to me the purpose of the survey and I agreed to be a part of it and be interviewed. I was given a sample of the soft drink to have a taste and based on the packaging, flavor and brand, I was asked some questions.

Quantitative article critique

The abstract accurately describes the key features of the report by describing the problem in general, the methods that the research used, the results and the conclusion of the study. The hypothesis is also explicitly stated in the research, and it sufficiently expressed the study variables and population.

Fundamentals of quantitative research template

The approach used in collecting the data used in the research suits its context. Although the sample was chosen is unaware of the hypothesis of the study, they were well briefed on the research and those willing to, participated on a voluntary basis participated in the research.

Quantitative analysis of pressure ulcers

The study can be applied to the nursing practice and strengthens the guidelines on prevention of pressure ulcers and possibly how to increase the quality of life on patients at risk in LTC facilities. The article states the strength and weaknesses of the study and arrives at a logical hypothesis.

Quantitative research

I have found that so far I have learned a lot by comparing qualitative to quantitative research methods to understand each of them better. I also learned that there are times that research design cannot be used because some research questions may not meet the requirements of a reliable and valid research design.

Cultural differences in turkey

Social studies Cultural differences between the youth in Turkey and the Netherlands.penn Cibii 012013001 Inhoudsopgave Introduction This project is made for the cultural studies class and will contain the differences between the younger people in Turkey and in the Netherlands. I chose Turkey and the Netherlands because i am from the Netherlands but [>]

Research design, measurement, and analysis in a quantitative research method

Research Design, Measurement and Analysis Quantitative Research Method Measurement levels Measurement is important because it connects the observed and the mathematical expressions to be used. Creswell, J.W.

Quantitative critique

In this study, Miles et al.sought to determine the efficacy of an HIV self-care symptom management intervention in reducing emotional distress and improving health among low-income African American mothers with HIV. The 5-item General Health Perception subscale measured overall perception of health rated on a scale ranging from 1 to 5.

Quantitative methodology

Purpose of the Study: The purpose of the study was to investigate the different usages of online form of communication and the online communication patterns between the children and adolescents with self-reported solitude and social apprehension, and those without. The research also attempted to find out the motives behind the lonely and social [>]

Quantitative analysis for bussiness

What is the average amount you might expect to lose on such a diet, given that X is the number of kegs you will lose and 5 Assume that he is guessing when answering each question. If the product is a complete failure, the representative feels that a loss of 60 000 would [>]

quantitative analysis for management essay sample

How many undergraduate and graduate courses should be taught in the fall so that total faculty salaries are kept to a minimum? Answer: There should be 40 undergraduate courses and 20 graduate courses to be taught in the fall so that total faculty salaries are kept to a minimum of $160, 000.

Quantitative decision making-transportation

Quantitative Decision Making-Transportation The term balanced transportation problem is referred to the situation when the total supply of a particular product equals the total demand of it. The transportation of numerous amounts of similar products is the main objective of transportation problem which are primarily stocked up at an assortment of origins [>]

Quantitative decision making

In addition, the event is difficult to forecast for it is critical for the company to evaluate the impact of the natural disaster to worldsteel demand. Figure 1: Global GDP & Steel Demand Source: Taccone The earthquake and tsunami in Japan had negative impact on its economy, leading the country into the depth [>]

Quantitative technique

How would you identify whether an optimal solution to a problem obtained using simplex algorithm is unique or not? a)What is the difference between a feasible solution, a basic feasible solution, and an optimal solution of a linear programming problem? )What is the difference between simplex solution procedure for a amaximization' and a [>]

Master of arts in quantitative analysis for business

I have a desire to make educational and professional progress in the field of business management because of my huge interest in this field. Through the research, I have come to know that the name of university would be the most suitable university, which can help me fulfill my aim to get a [>]

Quantitative the amplification reaction in rt-qpcr is

This is in addition to the use of primers, inthe PCR process of both normal PCR and RT-qPCR, thus is a further adaptation ofthe process. The actual three step process of PCR remains the same inboth RT-qPCR and PCR.

Quantitative summary of “phenomenology of dream-reality confusion”

Researchers stated the difference between deja' reve and DRC was in DRC one is unable to know for certain the origins of the impression or memory. The announcement described the research study including a brief description of DRC and the measuring scale.

Quantitative research design is the sta

The hypothesis is generated via a number of means, but is usually the result of a process of Inductive reasoning where observations lead to the formation of a theory. After statistical analysis of the results, a comprehensive answer is reached, and the results can be legitimately discussed and published.

Quantitative research

An equal number of ADN and BSN nursing instructors view the Disrhythmia Management Course to be Important Abstract The purpose of this report is to compare the number of nursing instructors who view Disrhyrhmia management to be important in the BSN nursing program with those instructors from the AND program. The IRB was [>]

Quantitative analsis of a case hightower department stores

ANALYSIS OF THE INDUSTRY AND THE COMPANY The intensity of rivalry was high in the industry. The second alternative is to order 0 pig, 258 bears, and 740 raccoons.

Review of quantitative research designs

Descriptive statistics may be best for a research situation that requires a pattern be established from a set of data. Such research requires descriptive statistics to establish the trends and provide a visual impression of the research.

Information technology and quantitative management media essay

The International Olympic Committee, Badminton World Federation and the concerned countries were all in a flurry of dealing with this unexpected incident and the players involved in the case were waiting for the punishment as criminals for the verdict. The charm the Games lies in the fierce competition and the unpredictability of the [>]

Bhs 420 quantitative reasoning (module 2-slp)

Specifically, I hope to learn how the manic aspect of Bipolar Disorder assists the creative process, how the depressive element constrains the artist, and how the balance of the two phases of Bipolar Disorder contribute to artistic expression. I am interested in how the totality of bipolar, i.e, both cycles, combine to render [>]

Quantitative research proposals

Observational research: Through observations in our research, we found out that there were more patients suffering from myocardial damage in rural areas than in urban areas. Conflict of interest in medical research, education, and practice.

Good draft quantitative proposal research proposal example

The paper will then describe a survey design rationale for the survey design evaluate data collection method evaluate the sample size evaluate the survey instruments evaluate the research variables and lastly check on the data analysis and interpretation of quantitative data. How many companies have well-established crisis management plans?- What is the frequency [>]

Example of quantitative methods and analysis research paper

55% of the respondents who were a total of 11 respondents preferred watching the movies from home. The chart following in the next page shows the frequency with which the respondents attended the premier of movies at the cinema.

Quantitative methods for decision making

The description of the entire structure of decision is appropriate but it would have been better to have information on amounts of funds that are available to purse either of the alternatives. Generally, to arrive at the appropriate decision, it is important to employ different strategies.

Research methods quantitative

Purpose of the Study: The purpose of the study is to determine the impact of aircraft noise on the health and the wellbeing of the communities exposed to the noise.3. The methods will be designed to measure the connotative meaning of the impact of the air crafts noise on the wellbeing and health [>]

Quantitative methods and analysis

The mean and standard deviation for this sample are calculated and compared with the competitor using t-test.# Loan Processing Time 1 4 2 5 3 6 4 7 5 8 6 2 7 10 8 4 9 3 10 4 11 5 12 7 13 7 14 12 15 3 16 4 Mean [>]

Quantitative analysis for management

SOLUTION: Let A1 = gallons of crude A used in Regular A2 = gallons of crude A used in Premium A3 = gallons of crude A used in Super B1 = gallons of crude B used in Regular B2 = gallons of crude B used in Premium B3 = gallons of crude B [>]

The exit from quantitative easing

The exit from CEQ was primarily conducted by reducing rapidly the most flexible asset on the Boss's balance sheet which Is the amount of Its bills purchases from private banks, to match the rapid decline in the amount of excess serves. The advantage of this strategy was that the exit of CEQ was [>]

Imposing consumption tax

Basic concept According to the dictionary, Zakat iscalled or, it is an annual tax on Muslims comprising percentages of personal income of every kind to aid the poor in the Muslim community.[zakat] Research aim The research aim is to determine the possibility of imposing consumption tax on Saudi consumers beside zakat and how [>]

A critique on a quantitative study of diabetes

For people with type 1 diabetes this is usually the case, but for those with type 2, aside from excess consumption of carbohydrates and other sources of sugar, the presence of adipose tissue adds up to the additional glucose circulating in the body, creating the need for additional insulin. Carbohydrate and fiber recommendations [>]

Quantitative methods and analysis – polling research paper

The purpose of this paper is to determine the importance of polling and how they can be used as a tool to predict sentiments of a specific or a general population. Polling or the survey of public opinion can be traced since the 19th century parallel with the development of the printing press [>]

Aims and outcomes of the quantitative revolution in geography

The ' Quantitative Revolution' in geography refers to the era in the 1950s and 60s when the subject adjusted to a more scientific approach seeking objectivity in the testing of hypotheses and theories. Spatial science involved the presentation of human geography as a key component of social science, which concentrates on the role [>]

Quantitative methods report examples

Arithmetic mean and median of the total returns and the average annual growth of dividends of Better Value Ltd Arithmetic mean The mean also referred to as the arithmetic mean, is the sum of all the numbers in a particular set divided by the numbers in the set. The mean of the total [>]

Quantitative glucose test essay sample

Finally when all of the results of the controls were recorded the test was repeated on the samples A, B and C and compared to that of the controls to obtain how much sugar was present within the samples. The time taken for the loss of colour from a standardised solution of permanganate [>]

Quantitative analysis of salicylates by visible spectroscopy

Introduction: The purpose of this lab was to learn how to use a spectrophotometer to measure the amount of light absorbed by different concentrations of salicylic acid, compare those concentrations to our unknown sample and to use the data collected to compile a graph showing the levels of absorbance of the different concentrations. [>]

Report on quantitative research methods in statistics

The paper focuses on analyzing the use of research methods in Okello's article " learning and Teaching college algebra at University level: Challenges and opportunities- A case study of USIU", published in Journal of Language, Technology &entrepreneurship in Africa. In most studies, the mean and the standard deviation of the distribution are the [>]

Quantitative methods and analysis essay examples

The results and the conclusions made overwhelmingly supported the notion that, the use of entertainment media extensively hurt the academic performance of the children on the grounds that the children gives less concentration to their studies and too much concentration to entertainment media. Furthermore the objective of this survey was to construe whether [>]

Integrating ethnographic and quantitative research

This need to study the cultural differences demonstrates how Psychology and Anthropology are important in the field of research since they provide data for the development of knowledge. Such studies are also needed to support their claims and recommendations regarding the importance of cultural differences in social studies.

Essay on a critique of a quantitative research report

It states the aims of the study that is to find whether there exists a relationship between patient's condition and hospital lighting. The problem is to find the existence of a relationship between lighting in hospitals and patients' status.

Quantitative critique

From the title the focus of the study is understood including what was studied, who was studied, and where the study took place. The results section highlighted the findings from the study and makes the reader want to continue reading the article.

Quantitative easing program report sample

For instance, at the time of inflation in the economy, Federal Bank in order to stimulate the economy and to evade the inflationary pressures, initiates selling the financial assets like treasury bonds in the general market and since the private investors have more faith in risk free investments, they start purchasing the securities [>]