Useful Qualitative Research Examples for Writing

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How do adolescents talk about self-harm? qualitative study

The objectives of the research The authors of the study emphasis on the aims and objectives of the study, the abstracted explained the intended audience, the reasons for the research and how self-harm among young adult can be managed by health practitioners. The main of objective of the study according to the authors [>]

Qualitative safety research at m&g resins

The type of qualitative research that is being implemented is safety knowledge management, and safety climate and behaviour research. The components utilized to link the relationship of a safety-first climate in the workplace are leadership support, safety knowledge, and safety motivation to measure the overall safety performance.

Quantitative and qualitative research education essay

For the research work, the basic RESEARCH QUESTION is factors effecting production planning and control with reference to performance measurement To address all such questions the methodology used is Qualitative and I make use of Quantitative methods to analyse the statistical data, which to be collected during research work. Blends in with natural [>]

A thousand miles: a qualitative research study on successful long distance relationships

The purpose of this study was to explore the experiences of individuals in successful long-distance relationships and help present and future couples in maintaining this kind of relationship. The researchers chose to study the experiences of individuals in a successful long distance relationship.

Major characteristics of qualitative research education essay

Therefore to transport out his research qualitatively, the research worker would wish to utilize instance survey as the method for the research worker to carry on this research. Fraenkel and Wallen suggested the same and as follow; Participant Observation, the research workers really take part in the state of affairs or puting they [>]

Quantitative and qualitative 2

The objectives of the project were to instigate public dialogue of the topic and the foundation for a more extensive intervention. Most of the study was carried out in the community, except for a small number of in-depth interviews and one womens Focus group discussions held at Jijenge!

Establishment health centres remote villages health and social care essay

Preventable and catching diseases are the major causes of high mortality rates and lend to a great extent to the load of unwellness in developing states like Pakistan. In peculiar, the National Programmed for FP and PHC represents the largest graduated table intercession for the bringing of FP and RH services in the [>]

distinguish between qualitative and quantitative data essay sample

Qualitative data and quantitative data are generalized types of data. Lastly, the primary advantage of qualitative research is its ability to obtain deep and in-depth descriptions of data.

Case study qualitative

In the Philippines, one of the existing problems of the Department of Education is the low level of reading comprehension of students. The fundamental reason of reading is to make sense of text, to learn and to engage in the ideas that are articulated.

Qualitative data analysis techniques | example analysis

Data is compared and contrasted and the process continues until the researcher is satisfied that no new issues are emerging. According to Potter it is also called conversational analysis, a method that look at the pattern of speech, how particular words are used and how people take turns in conversation.

Kkv review quantitative and qualitative research essay

They also agree about the nature of qualitative research, the definition of falsification, and the importance of design social inquiry. Both articles seem to agree that this is the more appropriate way to measure qualitative research.

Qualitative methods for social health research

In an attempt to understand the experiences of the current crop of students, this paper will analyze the themes of stress, academic performance and coping strategy through a focus on the interview results of four students who responded to questions that are related to the themes. When asked on How satisfied the participant [>]

Dissertation qualitative method of research, to achieve

Safety and efficacy of 4% hydroquinone combined with 10% glycolic acid, antioxidants, and sunscreen in the treatment of melasma. Efficacy and Safety of Tranexamic Acid in Melasma: A Meta-analysis and Systematic Review.

Qualitative aspect of drug action

For example the ratio of the dose of agonist to produce a specific effect in the presence of the antagonist to the dose required in the absence of the antagonist is calculated. Mathematically Kd is k2/k1 where k2 is the rate of dissociation of the drug from the receptor and k1 is the [>]

A qualitative study on facebook literature survey media essay

The aim of this research is to look into the needs, for someone to choose a social network to present an enhanced image, and the conflict with the real self. Impression construction involves both the process of determining the kind of impression one will try to make and choosing how one will go [>]

A qualitative analysis of the types of goals athletes set in training and competition

A Qualitative Analysis of the Types of Goals Athletes Set in Training and Competition Research has proved that goal setting is an effective techniquefor enhancing performance in sport. Theoretical implications of the study include giving a picture of the lives of athletes, nature and range of goals they set, their functions, and how [>]

Evaluate if youngs is a good investment. in this answer you need to consider any qualitative factors that might affect your recommendation

The good reputation has provided the company with a real opportunity to expand in the future hence a good investment. The current ratio of Youngs shows an upward trend and the trend is likely to continue into the future, this indicates an increase in its ability to meet short-term obligations.

How to write an attractive assignment quickly and qualitatively

Make sure you understand the following things: When you are trying to find the best way to start an assignment, you need to write on paper what you think. Once you have determined your main ideas and arguments on the topic, you can write them down as a plan to start writing a [>]

Qualitative design

A visit was made to the place of research before the real study for the researcher to introduce herself to the concerned authority and the students concerned, as well as to obtain the background information that covers the research topic. This was important because the researcher needed to familiarize herself with the concerned [>]

Introduction qualitative analysis, though there is much more

In government setting, rationality becomes practical if the involved decision makers and the stakeholders agree on values, nature of the problem and the solution to such problem with total avoidance of engaging in politics and conflict of interest. In this approach, the decision makers has to assess the implications of each program and [>]

Qualitative and quantitative risk analysis

Qualitative risk analysis is commonly used where there is certainty of the project and the level of the risk is minimal so that the project can be implemented without any risk assessment. Qualitative risks are again commonly preferred over the quantitative risk analysis in areas where the risk categorization of risk is required [>]

Quality issues in qualitative research

Quality Issues in Qualitative Research Quality Issues in Qualitative Research The following are some of the issues, in general and specifically regarding the research on Fine Motor Skill Disability. With regard to this particular research, it is important for the researcher to use a variety of individuals in answering the research questions.

Qualitative study on teenage pregnancies psychology essay

The final cause for the inadequate efficacy of cross-national comparisons, according to Arai ' the uniqueness of the UK in conditions of demography, discrimination and youth evolution'. Arai additional disputes that the more degree of sexual directness and the frequently connected senior quality of sex education in some EU nations such as Germany [>]

Examining qualitative and quantitative studies with casp

The comparison of the study was study and control groups are used for comparison as a result of finding out the efficacy of Contractubex gel. The outcome of the study was the gel should be effective in preventing scarring after the subjects receiving laser removal of tattoos.

Phenomenology and interviews in qualitative research

They write a description and explanation of the phenomenon, maintaining a strong relation to the topic of inquiry and balancing the parts of the writing to the whole. Following that, the research develops a textural description of the experiences of the persons, a structural description of their experiences, and a combination of the [>]

Qualitative research

The research on effects of computer interaction on teenagers was chosen to be a qualitative research, because it is a system of enquiry that seeks to show a largely narrative and holistic descriptions for the researcher to understand better concerning this given social phenomenon. The researcher visited the place of research earlier to [>]

Qualitative research: a case study of wendy’s

Purpose of the paper This paper aims at enumerating the importance of qualitative research in the improvement of profitability and rising of the market share of Wendy's. Summary, lessons, and recommendations form the last part of the paper./p> Body Role of qualitative research in helping Wendy's expand further in the United states The [>]

Qualitative tests used for carbohydrates biology essay

Also along with concentration the amount of sugar was varied to find the sensitivity limits and the limitations of the test. It is the preliminary test used to detect the presence of carbohydrates in a sample.

Psychological research examples: correlational & qualitative

The sample size for this study would have to be reasonable large, in excess of 100 children, meaning a number of schools from different regions of the country would have to be approached. Subsequently a visual attention test would be administered and the children would be reassessed on a yearly basis for end-of-year [>]

Features of qualitative and quantitative research

In this methodology we understand the complexity of human nature and learn the trends of a society. Quantitative Research This research type reflects more classification of features through statistical models and explanation of conclusions The researcher exactly know precisely what they are going to get from their research The researcher has tools, software [>]

A qualitative study on technology and its effects

To be able to get through with the study, I aim to present the ideas supporting technology's effectiveness in education through addressing the question " How is technology able to improve the learning procedures and progress of students of the present modern generation?" The qualitative approach has been proposed for the completion of [>]

Qualitative tests for carbonyls: aldehydes vs. ketones essay

The tests used are: 2, 4- dinitrophenylhydrazone test, Tollen's Test, Benedict's Test, Chromic Acid Test, aka Bordwell-Wellman Test, Schiffs Test, and Iodoform Test. The Schiffs Test is a chemical test for the detection of aldehydes.

Food advertising and marketing directed at children and adolescents in the us qualitative article reviews and analyses

In the opinion of the authors, from the literatures and study findings they reviewed and analyzed prior to writing the article, it is apparent that children and adolescents is a key force in the food market. Article Review and Analysis Epistemologically, the author of the article sets out to gather the ' what' [>]

Introduction to qualitative research

Whenever, a research is conducted it is necessary that the researcher ensure that the secondary research be comparable to that of the research that is being conducted. There is a need for the researcher to have a second look at the stream of information being provided.

Main features of qualitative research essay sample

The main features of Qualitative research In social science we have the problem that social systems are very complex, and it is not possible to identify all relevant variables and constructs and include them in a comprehensive theory of the phenomena under study. According to quantitative researchers, complications of qualitative analysis can be [>]

Qualitative versus quantitative research methods

A research practitioner using qualitative data will rely on their experience in a specific field of study to make determinations about the data achieved, often with a focus on sociology or psychology to emphasize the phenomenon of human actions and emotions. Through data modeling or correlative research, the researcher can determine whether specific [>]

Literature review of reflexivity in qualitative studies

Therefore, the author, being aware of the contribution of good reflection to a reflexive process of clinical learning and application of knowledge, aimed to apply a similar critical and reflexive approach to the process of reviewing and critiquing the literature relevant to this research study. Therefore, the author structured the literature review as [>]

Quantitative vs qualitative research assignment

Whereas there are many variations on the different types of techniques, Domegan and Fleming view the most commonly used types as: {text: list-item} {text: list-item} Domegan and Fleming, define observational research as: _'...refers to methods of generating data which involve the researcher immersing himself in a research setting, and systematically observing dimensions of [>]

Balancing qualitative and quantitative risk management

THE NEED TO BALANCE THE QUALITATIVE AND QUANTITATIVEASSESSMENTS IN RISK MANAGEMENT RISK ASSESSMENT In order to control the health and safety of any business, there are certain things that must be controlled and risk is the foremost thing. The researchers who are assessing the qualitative work must have a clear understanding of the [>]

Qualitative article analysis

The four areas of knowledge management in relation to innovation discussed were knowledge construction, knowledge embodiment, knowledge dissemination and knowledge use. In addition, the participants recognized that the role of a knowledge worker was essential to embodiment of knowledge and consequently innovation.

Qualitative social research

Creswell lists a number of qualitative procedures and also presents a number of characteristics of the said method. Browsing the journal entitled Human Relations yields quite a number of researches and this is one of the articles: The transformational leader as pedagogue, physician, architect, commander, and saint: Five root metaphors in Jack Welchs [>]

Discussing evidence based practice and qualitative research nursing essay

A qualitative research article will then be reviewed on how the research for that study was carried out, and how reliable the evidence is in the article, by using the Thorax Hierarchy of Evidence Other pieces of evidence will then be discussed contradicting the article. This was so that the most appropriate articles [>]

Rationale for qualitative research management essay

The research process can be best described as a cross-sectional study and involved three phases This phase primarily involved setting the tone and direction of the main research by defining the parameters to the research questions and the key objectives of the research. As the author wanted to expand his exposure to the [>]

The future of qualitative research

Summary The article is about the future of qualitative research. The significance of the article is that it has explained various issues that touch on the future of qualitative research.

Identifying an unknown contaminant using qualitative and quantitative tests

The flame test is relatively simple because the unknown and a known are burned to see what color the flame is. Objectives: The objective for Week 1 was to perform a solubility and flame test to narrow down the choice of what the unknown could be.

What is qualitative longitudinal research

A further issue arises of course in this case: a commitment to a QLR study may be as much of a commitment on the part of the researcher as it is the respondents. Like any follow-up or research design in which respondents are returned to, careful thought needs to be given to the [>]

Qualitative research through a focus group

The researchers wanted to know how the customers felt about the company and the company's product. So, into a native research study, the researchers could have found out what the customer's like most about the brand, where the customers shop most for the brand and when they shop for it.

Outline and evaluate the use of one qualitative method

In addition to this previous statement, Gratton and Jones believe that this can become a negative point if the researcher does not keep the participants on topic, stating that ' participants may be tempted to provide false data to make an impression upon others in the group'. Moreover you are able to gain [>]

Quantitative and qualitative wk3

A spanning tree, in this case, is that part of the tree that contains all the vertices and is in the form of a complete tree on itself. On the other hand, minimum spanning tree refers to the sub-graphs that have the least summation in terms of weight and lengths.

Qualitative analytic methods

Qualitative Analytic Methods and Thematic Analysis Number Department Qualitative Analytic Methods and Thematic Analysis Qualitative analysis refers to a data analysis method that aims to investigate the in-depth reasons behind human behavior and decision-making processes. Research Question What is the theoretical and practical understanding of thematic analysis as part of qualitative approaches to [>]

Qualitative research

Qualitative Research: Teaching abroad Affiliation: Themes The three themes evident from the interview are: working abroad leads to better employment in the United States as the individual is deemed to have gathered basic and better teaching experience. The first is that teaching abroad leads to a re-evaluation of an individual's personal values having [>]

Qualitative analysis

The experimental procedures show the identity of the substance but not the amount of the present agents.2. In the first part of the experiment, it has to be shown the different characteristic reaction with the cations and the anions.

Qualitative research methods in organisations

The culture of a social group is made up of these complex networks of meaning and the key task of ethnography is to develop an interpretation and understanding of culture. Experience is given a lot of importance in organisations and autoethnography enables the researcher and the organisation to use this experience in a [>]

Research paper on qualitative research designs

In Pilnick and Swift's article, the quality of qualitative research in nutrition and dietetics is evaluated and reviewed. The qualitative design used is a literature review, dividing the literature used into the specific criteria and debates in order to properly organize the issues at hand, focusing first on the establishment of the problem [>]

Free research paper on fundamentals of qualitative analysis method

The failure of the system was finally attributed to the length of the project, which was influenced by the lack of a sponsor for the program. Upon comparison of the available data on the EIS project and growth and managerial patterns in the company with the conservative attitudes of the executives, the lack [>]

Qualitative research essay sample

The objective of the qualitative study titled " How Employment Offering Enhances Employees' Intentions to Recommend the Organization as an Employer? The Role of Social Identity and Communications Distinctiveness", by Dorothee, Florence and Nathalie, was to determine the relationship between good employment offering by organizations and the likelihood of existing employees to recommend [>]

Qualitative management research

The question is how to develop qualitative research activities in terms of paradigmatic conceptions, methodological practices, and ways of theorizing that match the complexity and uniqueness of entrepreneurial endeavors. However, the potential of qualitative methodologies in providing answers to questions about phenomena related to management and organizationsciencehas been hindered by the confusion about [>]

Purpose analysis we have to use qualitative

PurposeNowadays the entry threshold of thecleaning industry is low, business is easier, and the classification ofcleaning jobs is not clear, which causes the whole cleaning industry to bemixed up. Marketanalysis is a quantitative and qualitative assessment of the market.

Qualitative research research paper examples

In order to accomplish the objectives of this paper as stated herein, this paper will scrutinize present, the literature review, the methodology used, discussions and finally the implications deduced from the study.- Literature Review In Kezar,, the study seeks to establish the importance of education to one's future. In their study UNICEF [>]

Qualitative analysis of adolescent’s online risks on instagram

This statistics about adolescent usage of internet and social media raise the concern for the parents and society of the risks and consequences that technology may bring to the developments of these youth. The primary goals of this research are to: develop a better understanding of how adolescents engage with others online by [>]

Quantitative and qualitative research study

Basically, in this quantitative research the criteria used included the identification of the problem, methods of carrying out the research, the findings, the barrier to the implementation process and finally the discussion. The research component of evidence based practice is the identification of keywords and combination of these terms to recognize appropriate sources [>]

Qualitative research designs

Barriers to Qualitative Dementia Research: The Elephant in the Room. Barriers to Qualitative Dementia Research: The Elephant in the Room.

The issue of consent in qualitative research nursing essay

The researchers need to ensure that the proposed participants understand in detail the nature of the research and are aware of the consequences that may accompany their participation in the studies. In the event that a patient is seen not to have the capacity to consent to participate in a research study it [>]

Chose the qualitative versus quantitative approach

The research question proposed for this evidence would be to allow the use of qualitative inquiry in order to understand the experiences and practices of nurses and the environments of medical provision. The choice of this qualitative was because it incorporates practice-based evidence into the real world activities for nursing professionals.

Validity of qualitative research

Validity or qualitative research The concept of validity applies to qualitative research, to some extent, as it applies to quantitative research. The scope of validity in qualitative research is, however, limited and the concept of credibility, that parallels validity, is more applicable in qualitative studies.

Brinkmann s 2009 literature as qualitative inquiry the novelist as researcher qualitative term paper examples

A particular attention was paid to the analysis of the main concepts of each theory applicable to a certain occurrence. 1 Analysis of Veronica's Personality Using Psychoanalytic Approach According to psychoanalytic approach the mind has three areas, namely: the preconscious, the unconscious, and the memory.

Similarities and differences of quantitative and qualitative research methods

Quantitative research tends to disassociate itself from the research processes and metrics used to measure research questions may lack the depth of insight that a qualitative research provides. It is the research that relies on the ' nature of the investigation to determine and unravel the research itself'.

Qualitative and quantitative social/behavioral inquiry

The main purpose of qualitative research is to achieve a well-rooted understanding of human behavior as well as explanations as to what regulates human behaviour. 1980s and 1990s saw the evolvement of novel methods of qualitative research aimed to cure the probable problems with reliability as well as inaccurate methods of data analysis.

Qualitative design-analysis interpretation

Qualitative Design-Analysis Interpretation Name: Institution: Qualitative Design-Analysis Interpretation Part 1 The process of research requires an extensive analysis of the data gathered in order to certify the postulated hypothesis. As such, the Grounded Theory approach is a collection of repetitious techniques used for the analysis of qualitative data in order to build data [>]

Qualitative biomechanical analysis on how to properly shoot a free throw research paper example

The wrist of the player should be bent to the rear in extension so as to offer support to the ball and also provide the propelling force for the shot.- The backswing The backswing phase consists of all the movements involved during the crouch by the shooter and preparation for the shot. Dynamics [>]

Quantitative and qualitative research essay sample

Determining which type of method to use depends on the property of the subject matter as well as the objective for the research. Although it is not easy to address the staffing problem it is very important to take the first step in finding solution to this problem because patient outcome depend on [>]

Qualitative article analysis essay example

The main questions of the study are: 2-Has it been successful in exploring the reason of the phenomenon? In this study, the selected qualitative research approach of data collection and analysis was proficiently capable of illustrating data with a wide range of possibilities.