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If, is of the opinion that the

If, however, the complainant is represented by a Pleader or by an Officer conducting the prosecution, or if the Magistrate is of the opinion that the personal attendance of the complainant is not necessary, the Magistrate may dispense with his attendance and proceed with the case. On the question whether the complainant's death [>]

Everyone’s opinion

Some of the opinions that deserve to be respected include public opinion, opinion polls, and normative opinions. Opinion polls are usually conducted to get public opinion on important matters of the state that affect the economy, market trends and policies that determine governance.

Ap govt: chapter 6: public opinion and political actions

1980's second largest number of immigrationswhat was the goal of the Simpson-Mazzoli Act?-it requires that employers document citizenship of their employers -things to stop illegal immigration from mix and central latin america ONAP GOVT: CHAPTER 6: PUBLIC OPINION AND POLITICAL ACTIONS SPECIFICALLY FOR YOUFOR ONLY$13. 90/PAGEOrder NowHow have these demographic changes affected political [>]

Wild ride summary and opinion

Wild Ride In the article d A Wild Ride the points out the dangerously thin ice that the US economy is skating on. The article reports on the success that the 1998 cuts had in the midst of the Asian crisis and the collapse of a major American hedge fund.

‘mid-term break’ by seamus heaney and ‘second opinion’ by douglas dunn

Clearly, this shows the narrative is written in the first person, giving a personal and intimate edge to the composition and shows the reader that Heaney is the narrator. As well as having the effect that the time goes slowly, it calls to mind the notion that Heaney deliberately conveys harsh, precise facts [>]

The opinions of celebrities

I, personally, claim that the opinions of celebrities are more important to younger people than to older people. Hence, I think most of the younger people are affected by their adoring celebrities imperceptibly and more essential are the sentiments of them to younger individuals than to older individuals.

Opinion essay writing sample essay sample

But today, in the tech era, where smartphones, tabs, video game consoles are the dominators, it is necessary to go outside in the sun and play for a plenty of benefits. Teaching the importance of playing outside in detail and clearly to the teens is necessary.

Whither now, opinion modelers?

The parallel rise in Internet-based interactions and social networks, which have allowed to observe at least the expressed opinions and to follow the patterns of connections between people and their reactions to various types of messages, has allowed the models to get closer to quantitative description goals, at least for some of the [>]

Ethical opinions on computer confidentiality in health care

The Basic Guidelines in the Functions of the Health Database The patient should be informed immediately upon the availability of the computerized database. Proper explanations should be given to the patient regarding the accurate and dependable medical data that the computerized database can give in order to support the health care of patients.

Analysis and opinion of the fault in our stars assignment

The Fault in Our Stars by John Green is a work of art, and is one of the best books by the author. Instead, Hazel finds out that she is the one who is left to live in the world without Augustus.

Andrew carnegie. opinionassignment assignment

Andrew Carnegie was also a hero because he donated over $1. Because Andrew Carnegie created Jobs, accepted the competition in the world, and he donated lots of money to worthy charities he was a hero.

The rationale of the supreme court’s decision in citizen united (the majority opinion by justice kennedy)

The movie was considered by Federal Election Commission as an electioneering communication due to the political nature of the movie and because Citizen United aimed at purchasing airtime on a video on-demand service on a cable television. The rationale of the Supreme Court's decision in Citizen United When pronouncing their verdict, the majority [>]

Roe v. wade, 410 us 113 (1973) (opinion of blackmun, writing for the majority, parts 5 11 or v xi )

In the second trimester, medical practitioners argue that the abortion poses a threat to the health of a woman and thus state could protect the women by regulating abortion. During the third trimester there was a need to protect a foetus by restricting abortion but Blackmun argued that since the moral and medical [>]

Task and opinion among two or many individuals

In our everyday life, each of mustlives according to some standard that the quality of the food we intake, thetype of transport we will travel to go to work, in terms of communicationalso. So to be able to take care of elderlypatients in the healthcare domains, we need to show interest and has [>]

The term public opinion

Direction, as a characteristic of public opinion, allows individuals to predict the most likely results of a certain issue, concern, and the like. As for intensity, intensity would refer to the depth of feeling towards a certain issue and or concern.

Discuss the various forms or methods of obtaining public opinion data. to what extent if any should politicians be responsive to public opinion data should polls dictate war policy

Online survey This has become one of the most popular methods of conducting opinion poll of burning issues and public policies. Part 2 Politicians should be very responsive to the public opinion as they are representative of people and primarily represent their interest in the government.

Discuss this question(showing in the details set) more likely to discuss philosophy knowledge and opinions no source are needed)

As such, it is arguable that relativists are committed to cross-cultural tolerance as all cultures are perceived. In this case, we can conclude that the relativists universally are committed to cross-cultural tolerance.

The manipulation of public opinion history essay

Hitler explained the symbolism included: " In the red, the societal thought of the movement while in the white, the nationwide idea; in the swastika, the mission to tussle for the triumph of Aryan man. Hitler had a large effect on the world while he was in control of the Germany as he [>]

How far do you agree with this opinion?

Lloyd George was under enormous pressure from the worst affected from the war France and also his electorate, which had voted him in on the promise of punishing Germany to the full extent of his ability. As a result of all of these factors, it became clear to Britain that was not happy [>]

In your opinion does shakespeare marginalise women, or praise their strengths essay

However, some people argue that Shakespeare in fact, praises women's independence and strength through the inclusion of characters such as Bianca, who do not rely on men; she is the only female survivor, suggesting that Shakespeare believes women can survive in the patriarchal society, by themselves, independent of men. Overall, having looked at [>]

Opinion about cultural imperialism assignment

Positive because artificially injecting the culture of one culture into another will enrich the culture of a country. And also, the negative impact that is brought by cultural imperialism as mentioned before will separate and stir up culture in a country.

This of public opinion. statistical analysis is

In some Western countries ' public opinion polls' or ' Gallup Polls' are held to assess the opinion of the people on the performance and policies of the government and the holders of office and on matters of public importance. Even a slight drift in public opinion is investigated and its repercussions on [>]

Credit cards: advantages, disadvantages, and personal opinion and analysis

One of the advantages is that the lender or the issuer of the card has no right to increase any rates of one's existing balance. The lender of the card has no right to change the limit credit of the borrower unless the owner agrees and approval is done.

A personal opinion on biomedicine 10537

Caught in the midst of the flurry of arguments, we have to make a clear distinction between the black, the white and the grey. We have to carefully sort through the jumble of right and wrong, of good and evil; we have to search for what our values are, and where our ethics [>]

Communication opinion

This paper will discuss the idea of collaboration, effective communication, and differences in cultural In healthcare communication, one-to-one communication is crucial because it can have many advantages as well because the message is not misconstrued. Communication in a can team can harness goals because the diversity of opinions that are present.

Rq2 reflect on this statement by ladd and give express your thoughts and opinions

Therefore, deaf hood may provide a clue unto the continuous process and struggle of the deaf people in explaining themselves to the community. To summarise, deaf hood is a concept that primarily aim at the individual and collective self- exploration of deaf people.

Opinion of christopher columbus

The Americas had been largely cut off from the rest of the world, and Columbus' interactions with the Native Americans had opened the Americas to trade thereout. It is arguable that the Americas would have been exposed to the rest of the world at some time, but Columbus had been the first.

Public opinion is the most significant agency influence essay

Public opinion offer we to knew what is the public thinking, and how the public perceive an issues.that is a lot of agency that can spread the opinion of the public, it can be separates into 2 group which is non-media and media. For example is about the prediction of the octopus to [>]

Opinion essay sample

Among the major reason for its importance is the fact that the bureaucrats give a clear definition of policies, make rules to interpret the law, assist the government in law enforcement and also coordinates the working of the government. Being in the iron triangle the bureaucracy has the potential to stop any bad [>]

Opinions about gender roles in cultural context

The following themes form the basis of the interview: opinions about the preferred sex of first babies, how household task is divided between boys and girls, whether boys and girl were disciplined differently at home, the roles of fathers and of mother, who should be main a family's provider, head of the house [>]

Dante’s and khayyam’s opinions of sin

He was a nihilist who believed in nothing, and the idea that death was merely death prompted him to live his life to the fullest while he could. This in itself is already extremely blasphemous, and shows that Khayyam lived a life without regard for the concept of God or religion.

This in my opinion, the city has a

The question arises, is the action brought by the City likely to besucceeded by the standpoint of law? Therefore, withdrawing the bid is definitely a breach of contract by the side SoftX.

Opinion essay

When your not doing school break it's bad for you because your not taking time to take the rest and relaxing you need. While thinking about breaks I just like the idea of longer breaks since then I will have more time to plan out stuff with friends and it would be easier [>]

How does public opinion influence policy making politics essay

The fundamental representation of democracy is the provision of a method through which public opinion and public policy are dependably and frequently interacted. The suggestion follows from the contingent model of public opinion's weight on policy which affirms that the degree to which a policy is affected by judgment is related to the [>]

My opinion on school free essay sample

For those of you that think that, you might actually wanna try school and listen to people not just show up and be bored. Explain this to me...there is seven days a week and five of those days we are in school.

Philosophy plato& personal opinion

The start of the essay will be devoted to deciphering the ethics and ideals of Socrates' philosophy and describing the three key components being Socratic method, irony and ethos as well as how they are engrained with Socrates' belief that, " the unexamined life is not worth living. Questioning is the key to [>]

The divergent opinions of smith and rousseau: natural sociability and criticisms of the division of labor

He argues that the division of labor is derived from a natural propensity to exchange goods Smith also asserts that man has natural sympathy and thus yearns for others to share in his pain and in his joy. He claims that inequality arises from the natural inclination to share in the success of [>]

The effects of public opinion on joseph mccarthy history essay

Once in power, it was easy for McCarthy to captivate the hearts and minds of the American people. The public was in disbelief of the audacity for McCarthy to attack the army.

Opinion vs. research based resources: obamacare

In the first article, Wilensky focused on the 3 major issues with America's healthcare, the number of uninsured, the rising costs, and the percentage of the low quality of health services being received, Obamacare really only addresses the first of those problems. Using logic and mathematics, the author, determines that Obamacare will be, [>]

If firmly rooted in public opinion but should

If it does not, the laws so enacted lose their appeal to the minds of the citizens and the foundation of loyalty is shaken. But this is not the entire appraisal of the relationship between law and public opinion.

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion

So the question, if everyone is entitled to their own opinion could find ease answer in the article 19, in which is stated that Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through [>]

Posters, pamphlets and prints the ways and means of disseminating dissident opinion on the eve of the dutch revolt

Protestants thought of it as the year when the? door of the gospel? first opened in the Low Countries and others, looking back on 1566 from the perspective of the successful revolt in 1572, spoke of it more generally as? the first freedom of the Netherlands?. Some Calvinists, for example, disliked the idea [>]

Nursing: a personal opinion

This in my opinion is a noble profession of fulfilling the medical needs of a patient and providing the best care to him to make him forget his pain and agony. Williams enlists the results of a survey pointing out that despite being a noble profession, Nursing ranks low in desirability as a [>]

Following opinions. the man in the street is

If the measure succeeds at the popular vote, the credit for it goes to the people and not to the legislature. And if it has admirably succeeded in Switzerland, it is due to the tranquillizing influence of Swiss party system.

Different opinions from barbara ehrenreich and david brooks essay

The article The Limits of Policy by David Brooks discusses the importance of government policy and how government policy will affect people's lives. David Brooks points out that government policy will have a slight effect on living conditions of the poor.

The strengths and weaknesses of opinion

The two positive strengths that I possess which contribute to my personal life, my career, and my learning team are a positive attitude and patience. My positive attitude and patience are my strengths that I am proud of.

Leadership: a personal opinion

One of the arguments to show that situational leadership is not manipulating is to agree to the main goal of the organization. In other words, If we are in an organization, a professional should not think at any time that he is being manipulated and to measure that is to know how relative [>]

About government shutdown and opinion assignment

My article says that this Is not the first government hoedown. My article says that this is not the first overspent shutdown.

Fact or opinion review

They want to drive Christians and Jews out of vast regions of Asia and Africa." This is President Bush's opinion of what the Terrorist want. This is the fight of all who believe in progress and pluralism, tolerance and freedom." This is the president's feelings on what was to come.

Opinion paper – business law class

The Supreme Court ruled that the contracted workers' rights would be violated by such background checks, since previous drug use or counseling for drug use would not be relevant to their present contract with NASA, and that the opinions of previous employers could not be used to decide whether JPL could use these [>]

Importance of experts opinions in search for knowledge philosophy essay

To answer the question of ' how important are the opinions of experts in the search of knowledge' I will carry out an in depth analysis of three main aspects. I believe that an analysis of these three dimensions, extended by an examples of my everyday life and based on specific areas of [>]

Black studies 1019–opinion paper–choosing two topics and describing their ideas and how they affected african americans in the

BLS 1019 Introduction to Black Studies - Opinion Paper #4 Marcus Garvey's calls for a " Back to Africa" movement inspired Malcolm X to embrace Islam and traditional African cultural heritage as a solution to the repression and hatred of white America, whereas the Satyagraha of Mahatma Gandhi was the key which opened [>]

But seek related facts and opinions beyond those

Inspite of its handicaps, the inverted pyramid technique is here to stay in the news columns and in a specially adapted form, in the news-casts. The Completeness of a News Story: Completeness is next characteristic of news story.

My opinion

I think that the concept of people management and its role in the sustainability and competitiveness of the organization is directly proportional to one another. Producing sustainable competitive advantage through the effective management of people.

Which storys main character undergoes the biggest epiphany in your opinion why (in other words, which main character undergoes the biggest change)

Whereas other stories are capable of discussing and analyzing the way in which a particular point in time allowed for a character to develop a new idea about life, the particular short story in question takes the idea of epiphany to a new level; revealing a situation in which the entire existence of [>]

Describe portia’s suitors, and discuss her opinions of them essay

We learn in the very beginning of the conversation that Portia is feeling down and sad at the world, because she feels " curbed by the will of a dead father" She feels that it is unfair on her that her father has set this challenge to all the suitors that will now [>]

What impact does the media and public opinion have on american foreign policy

This is very important for the image of the country and it affects the way that people in America feel about themselves, their country and their government. The media have a role in providing information about what the government does, and this helps people to decide which party to vote for.

Seeing things differently equal different opinions philosophy essay

Sense of perceptions is usually the first way of knowing used by the human before they start to interpret the data and give their answers or opinion regarding the things they see. When a person start to ' see' the things, the nerve receptor of their organs will start to convert the data [>]

Report on opinions concerning priorities and a particular policy

The major responsibility of the Mayor is to improve the prosperity and wellbeing of the City and its dwellers. As per the views of the Mayor, one of the major objectives of London is to be noted as one of the leading cities both at home and worldwide in environmental improvement.

Both on the job and beyond the workplace, psu graduate business alumni have long contributed to making the world a better place

There are various criteria upon which the evaluation of the companies can be done in order to determine which other companies have made it better to make this world a better place to live in.two of the most common criteria include: Corporate Social Responsibility Ethical Behavior The above two mention are the basis [>]

My opinion about the film raise the red lantern

In the movie, it is the master who decides the concubine to spend the night with, and the concubine who is chosen gets the advantage of being given a luxurious treatment. This is the reason as to why there is the aspect of competition for attention in the movie.

Journal opinion article

According to The Labor Department, a substantial increase was observed in the final demand of producer-price index, a month earlier than it was expected. However, in order to foresee the price pressure expected to build on the economy, PPI is used which shows the sign of inflation.

A journal opinion article

China had been the global leader but trend changes in the year 2001 and favorable political, economical, and social factors that currently prevail in the United States could be the reason. Foreign investors' confidence in the United States could have motivated by increased exploration of petroleum in the nation because the rise in [>]

To summarize, analyze, and give my opinion on “fight club” essay sample

" The first rule of Fight Club is: you do not talk about Fight Club. I promise you that the only reason why you would not enjoy Fight Club is if you happen to be a complete moron.

Free opinion essay example

He contends that, despite the determination from, the liberals, democrats and their union supporters to have the wage increased, almost everything about minimum wage is false. The article is against a proposed increase of the minimum wage.

A journal opinion article and address an economic issue of current interest to wall street journal readers

Impact of Reduction in Oil Prices Decreasing demand for oil around the world has driven oil prices to a two-year low. This will help mitigate the impact of falling oil prices on consumer spending, greater fuel demand, and reduced investment in oil projects.

Journal opinion article

The current crisis and the Ukraine dependency upon Russia has given the current scenario an outlook of the Cold War. With the increase in the rates, Ukraine is subsequently left with the impact of higher debts to pay and the time running out on them, the E.

On book ( ideas and opinions) by albert einstein

Religion is the endeavor of mankind to be thoroughly and clearly conscious of religious values and goals and expand their influence. The function of education is to promote a young person develop with fundament principles of science and religion.

Letter opinion and suggestions to restaurant

I am a regular guest in your chain of restaurants so it was pleasure for me to hear that the new one is situated near my living place. I may say that colours and decoration appeal to me and help to relax during the visit.

Police officers opinions on the use of non-lethal weapons in combating crime essay

The research focuses on finding the perception of the police community on the use of non-lethal weapons. Are there points of concern from the point of view of the police force regarding the use of non-lethal weapons?

Society’s opinion on beauty: forms and perspectives.

What society has come to realize is that the kind of beauty we think about is not reality. People say that looks should not or do not matter, but in the real world it does to themselves and others.

Communication opinion paper

Communication opinion paper Effective communication incorporates the basic elements of communication because communication is just not an expression that exploited from ones mouth but it actually begins most to the person that can understand. In accordance communication concepts the elements of communication is you act as the sender/ receiver it is important to [>]

Communication opinion paper

It is important to recognize not only the content of the message, but also the nonverbal communication that you may be sending as well." Feedback is the receiver's response to the message and indicates how the message is seen, heard, and understood, and often how the receiver feels about the message and/or the [>]

Opinion of macbeth

Shakespeare effectively uses contrast to show the effect of ambition and evil on humans, the contrast between Duncan and Macbeth influenced me to change my opinion on the idea that anyone can be a good leader, Shakespeare does this by presenting Duncan as an excellent king, who is very trusting and gullible and [>]

Catch me if you can: general information, summary, my opinion

The story of this biographical crime film is based on the true story of Frank Abagnale Jr, who also wrote a book about his life in 1980. Frank, the real one, told after the film was released, that about 80% of the story was accurate.

Film viewer opinion paper

There are a few things that a person should consider before choosing a film.* First, you need to analyze the person or people that are going to watch the film with you.* The relationship between you and those watching is important. If a movie was * enjoyable people will quote the scripts for [>]

Crime drama: opinion on murder cases in a popular genre

A crime drama like Criminal Minds appeals to our sense of intelligence and helps us to understand the mind and actions of the criminal. I believe that there is no crime greater than the taking of a human life and we all want to see the murderers get caught and brought to justice." [>]

Giving an opinion on the choice of a song for jasper jones closing credits

It is without a doubt that Alive is the perfect choice for the closing credits of Jasper Jones, as it not only relates to the story, but connects with the audience in a way that makes them feel as though they are experiencing the characters' hardships alongside them. The first verse of Sia's [>]

Discuss arizona v. fulminante, 499 u.s. 279; 111 s. ct. 1246; 113 l. ed. 2d 302 (1991); please list those cases listed by justice white in the majority opinion and also listed in the harr and hess discussion of voluntariness in the text.

3501 statute the aspect of voluntariness was reliant on elements such as time of arrest and arraignment, the knowledge on part of defendant of the crimes for arrest, the administration of Miranda warnings to the suspect. Humphrey, the people of the state of Colorado challenged the trial court's decision to suppress the statements [>]

Rizal’s works: an inner depth of suppressing one’s opinion

But on the other hand, we know that the opinions of some people could actually be a deadly blow to some people, it's more of like a deadly weapon. To think about it, yes his views were deadly to the Spaniards, but after when I think things over again I came up with, [>]

Good opinion essay example

Understanding of this piece has been a challenge to many people, but in light of the ideas that motivated John Cage to producing this piece, one can understand the motivation behind its creation. The silent piece was appropriate and effective in its time, in that it passed the message Cage intended for the [>]

Film viewer opinion paper

It is also important to take a look at other works of the director, if there have been good reviews constantly given, the film might be worth watching, though it is not also a guarantee because directors are also artists who may make a masterpiece and one that is not satisfactory. No matter [>]

In your opinion, what is the best approach to addess the the ethical problems presented by computer technology

Use of traditional laws for computer crimes can provide a good solution to deal with computer technology related ethical problems. In case of computer related crimes, the government of a country should use traditional laws to prevent people from doing any kind of criminal activity using computers.

The role of the media in shaping public opinion about the current situation of terrorism in the world

The paper " The Role of the Media in Shaping Public Opinion about the Current Situation of Terrorism in the World" is a wonderful example of a term paper on social sciences. Certain countries govern acts of terrorism against adversaries both in the international and domestic domains.

Analysis and your opinions

Gaddafi would be called a servant of his desire, who would jump from one desire to the other to gain happiness and would eventually end up being more frustrated instead of contended. When one person has dissuaded his soul with persistent torturing and violent acts, how would he be able to feel joy [>]

Public opinion

Still, the government should be responsive to public opinion because it needs the backing of the public for re-election. As can be seen from the discussion, the government tends to attend to public opinion, which is evidenced by the occurrence of major government policy shifts as soon as major public opinion shifts occur.

The fear to fail: my opinion on the student fear factor by rebecca cox

The workload was overwhelming and I felt as if there was no way that I was going to pass any of my classes. I had talked to my sisters after the first week of college and that is the exact advice that I was given.

Using technology to revolutionize cooperative learning: an opinion

Electronic devices such as the Kindle, Nook, and iPad allow members of a cooperative group to share with each other passages out of the books they are reading, highlight passages so others can note what one thought was important in the text material, and make notes for the other members of their group [>]

Professional’s opinions about schizophrenia

Schizophrenia before the age of thirteen is called childhood-onset schizophrenia since rarely, children as young as five or six show signs of it." Schizophrenia is the term applied to a severe form Of mental disorder that exists in all countries and cultures and is more prevalent than you might think". There is never [>]

My opinion on glory road

The director of the movie James Gartner chose to direct Glory Road not because it was a sports movie, it was that the other layer of racism and the time period. The reality of the story and the importance of it forced the director to make it.

Student’s opinion on new smoke-free policy

Students may find themselves being peer pressured to smoke because it's "the cool thing to do", or "everyone is doing it". With the amount of people who smoke today, it's simply bound to cause a mess.

The tempest: characters, theme, and personal opinion essay

In his drama The Tempest, Shakespeare combines the supernatural dimension with real, when describing the details of the royal intrigues in the Kingdom of Naples. Shakespeare's play The Tempest is a story of the magical loss and restoration of the man's power, wherein actions develop in the unchronological order, simultaneously showing past and [>]

Opinions about online schools

In conclusion, online schools just are not suitable for students who are seeking to get the most out of college. They cause you to get lazier, you are never sure if you are attending a creditable school, and online schools just do not provide you with enough knowledge.