Useful Lab Report Examples for Writing

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Lab report paraphrasing

The number of harmonics involved in the calculation determines the accuracy of the Fourier series. The term, total squared error, is used in defining the accuracy of the original signal in the Fourier series.

Drvvt test – lab report example

Above Testing for the absence of anticoagulants will result in immediate clotting is a sample of blood using the method of aPTT.4. Vitamin K is an essential contributor in the synthesis of a number of proteins that participate in blood coagulation and also anticoagulation.

Introduction – lab report example

Introduction Coral Reefs: Coral reefs are the most diverse and beautiful of marine habitats and are also known as " Rainforests" of the ocean. One of the most dominant is the sea anemone Aiptasia pallida, members of the phylum Cnidaria, which contains zooxanthellae.

Evolution lab report assignment

On the other hand, hypothesize that the population of finches on Wallace Island will decrease as well as their clutch size and their beak size would stay the same size because of the small amount and variation of seeds available on the island, resulting in a possible distinction of the species on the [>]

Physics lab report

Materials * Ticker Tape Machine * Ticker Tape * Tape * Ruler * Pencil * Graph paper Carbon paper Procedure * A piece of Ticker Tape and a Ticker Tape machine were taken.* Ticker Tape machine was plugged in.* One side of the Ticker Tape was attached to the back of a participant.* [>]

Microbiology lab report/sauerkraut fermentation

Fermentation is one of those processes that are extensively used and studied as tool in food processing and production such as the production of beer and milk, as well as its role in spoiling of various foods, such as the spoilage of wine. The leaves are removed form the heads of the cabbages, [>]

Design, synthesis and pharmacological tests of leukotrienes a4 hydrolase inhibitors as potential targets of interest in cancer treatment – lab report example

Scheme 2: Preparation of 3, 5-diacetoxy-stirene While addressing the topic of trans-resveratrol, the research does not make any contribution to the area of cis-resveratrol synthesis and application. For the synthesis of the resveratrol analog, we need to prepare the corresponding nitro derivative from the respective aldehyde using the methodology developed by Dauzone as [>]

Heat transfer lab report

1, convection from the water to the surface of the cylinder is the rate limiting heat transfer mechanism. The temperature-time plot gotten by applying a lumped-parameter analysis to the Aluminum cylinder was compared to the plot obtained from the thermocouple located closest to center of the cylinder.

2 classical experiment – lab report example

The necessary components, then, are a survey instrument, access to a selected panel of adults, and research about which products to include in the questionnaire. The overarching question for this research study is: Does the advertising of a particular product in a given market increase its sales when compared to products that do [>]

Ice – lab report example

We then repeated the whole experiment three times using the same medicine bottles and noted the time taken for ice pieces to melt in each trial as follows Ice pieces in bottle number 1 2 3 4 Surface area of the ice piece in cm3 60 50 40 30 Average time in minutes [>]

Enzyme catalysis lab report essay sample

The cause of this is a decrease in the energy needed to activate the reaction of the substrate molecule to from products. This also includes the measurement of the amount of oxygen produced and accumulates the ratio of the enzyme-catalyzed reaction.

The ib lab report format

Variables Variables Control of the variables Independent variable State your independent variable and the range, if applicable, and also the number of repeats How will you manipulate your variable? State the uncertainty of the instruments used.

Enthalpy of solution lab report assessed essay sample essay

Since the heat content value is means that energy is lost.likely due to heat to the surrounding.which in this instance was the H2O. It seems as the experimental value is really good since the literary values is within the scope of the experimental values uncertainness.

Enzymatic reaction lab report assignment

The factors that change the rate of the reaction can be the increase of the temperature, concentration of salt, and the pH level. Methods and Materials Reaction as a function of time In this part of the experiment, a blank solution was prepared by combining 4, 450 Pl of Ph 7 buffer, 50 [>]

Lab reports assignment

The body of the lab should be single spaced. This is not meant to be a summary of the lab.

Biology osmosis lab report assignment

The following hypothesis was made in regard to effect of the concentration gradient on the rate of diffusion: The higher the concentration gradient, the faster the rate of diffusion. The independent variable in the experiment was the concentration of the solution, and the dependent variable was the rate of diffusion.

Formal lab report format

Introduce the background material your reader will need to understand the experiment and all parts of your report? If the procedure in the lab manual was followed exactly, it is sufficient to state the following: " The experimental procedure used for this experiment was outlined in the CHEM 123L lab manual, Experiment #1.

Science friction lab report

The smallest amount of force was the rolling friction. A: The largest type of friction was static friction.

White rat dissection lab report assignment

After the Bible based lecture the speaker comes off stage and someone introduces the next song from the song book to sing before covering the Watchtower, The watchtower discussion is a one-hour question-and-answer overage of a recent article on a Bible topic published in their main religious journal, The Watchtower after reading a [>]

Stoichiometry lab reportnew essay

Calculate the number of moles Of Cacao; EH from the mass you weighed out and record in the table below. From the balanced equation calculate the number of moles of Niacin required to react completely with the Cacao; EH and record in the table.

Chromatography lab report assignment

Food dyes separate into different colors as they move up the piece of chromatography paper because, when the solution gets absorbed into the paper, it dissolves the color in the ink spot that you have made. When we put the piece of chromatography paper in the solvent, the paper absorbs that liquid due [>]

Precision and accuracy lab report

Last, the average mass of water and standard deviation was calculated, confirming the results that the buret was the most accurate measuring device. The unknown metal was placed in the cylinder next, and the displacement of water was recorded as the volume.

Pill bug lab report

In the experimental maze there was a longer left side to see if the pill bugs became discouraged the farther they went to their food so that they may turn around and go down the other path. There were some pill bugs that took a left turn but then turned back around and [>]

How temperature affects reaction rate

Hypothesis: I predict that the higher the temperature, the higher the Reaction Rate will be. Therefore I predict that the Reaction rate of the 40 C heated Lime Stones and HCL acid will be higher than the 35 C heated Lime Stones and HCL acid.

Central processing time and its performance – lab report example

The second task Suit Sort took a longer processing time compared to the last task Color Sort with Preview. The processing time is dependent on the complexity of the task to be performed and the type of hand used if either it is the dominant one or the non-dominant one.

Separating out plain pins – fluid power – lab report example

The group of pins was separated into two varying groups based on the pin size. The first groups were selected from the first forward stroke while the second group was selected from the backstroke of the double acting cylinder.

urine analysis lab report essay sample

There are countless tests that can be taken during a urinalysis that can help to show any abnormalities in the urine and rest of the body. Once the filtrate moves to the loop of henle, as it descends, water is highly permeable and sodium is impermeable to the membrane of the loop of [>]

Lap – lab report example

Experiment #2: The Size of the Moon Viewing location and other present if any ment of Purpose: The purpose of the experiment is the measurement of the angular size of the moon. The angular size of the moon refers to the number of arc degrees the width of the moon occupies in the [>]

Chemistry lab report

The heat given out by the reaction was recorded using the formulaHeat given out by the reaction= heat absorbed by water5. The heat given out by the reaction was noted using the formulaHeat given out by the reaction= heat absorbed by water5.

Volumetric analysis: lab report

0 mL Molarity of NaOH solution 0. Molarity of NaOH solution = 0.

Osmosis and diffusion lab report introduction assignment

When the concentration of the environment outside of the cell is lower than the inside of the cell, this is called a hypotonic solution. A hypersonic solution is when the concentration of outside the cell is higher than the inside of the cell.

Bio lab report

The volume of vitamin C needed to decolourise 1% of DCPIP solution is recorded.8. A graph of the volume of the vitamin C needed to decolourise 1% DCPIP solution against the concentration of vitamin C is drawn which known as the standard curve.

Engine lab report

13 14.02 0. 5 14 3000 28.

The nature of theory – lab report example

Criteria for Effective Use of Theory Sutton and Staw asserted the following in regard to what theory is not: 1. What theory is not.

Science research, predictions, & observations – lab report example

The feather is going to flutter and float gently in the friction of the air, and stay in the air longer than the rock, even if they are the same size. There is no friction from the air to influence the feather, on the moon." The weight of an object is different on [>]

Lab report

Potassium oxalate is added to the FeC2O4 precipitate, which produces a slightly basic solution for the oxidation of the ferrous ion to the ferric ion, by hydroxide, H2O2. The following reaction takes place: H2O + HO2- +2Fe2+ 2Fe3+ + 3OH- The OH- ion concentration of the solution is high enough so that some [>]

Effect of temperature on larvae growth – lab report example

For a time period of about three days, the evidence obtained from the insects that are associated with the body is found to be very accurate and in some cases, it may be the only that can be used in the determination elapsed time since the occurrence of death or when the body [>]

Di box – lab report example

The change in the signal level is directly proportional to the turn's ratio in the primary and secondary coils. The DI box, though playing a small part in the audio chain is not to be overlooked.

Auscultation and spirometry – lab report example

Ausculating the lungs of is defined as a procedure of listening to the breath sounds with the help of a stethoscope. The tidal volume of an individual is the amount of air that an individual can move in the lungs during the breathing procedure.

Microbiology lab report assignment

Fifth organism is unable to utilize the carbohydrate but does use the potent, the by-product is ammonia, which raises the pH of the media and turns it fuchsia. When the Kava's reagent was added to the SIMI tube, the top of the medium turned a ruby red color which indicates a positive test [>]

Chemistry beverage lab report

If the density of the beverage is 1. Construct a Results table and record the density of the beverage and the estimated percent sugar concentration.

Electron beam lithography – lab report example

Reducing the beam spot size results in a decrease of the linewidth. The beam spot size is determined by two factors - the beam current, and the numerical aperture - and hence, linewidth is also affected when a change is brought about in any of these factors.

Gram negative unknown lab report

The issue is that this obliges various tests with the end goal that I should have the capacity to identify the microorganisms. For this test I basically got my loop and was able to stab the media and find out my gram positive unknown.

You will be analyzing the lateral pass in rugby and the spike in volleyball – lab report example

Rugby lateral pass and spike in volleyball a) Skill ification Skill ification is a system based on the notionthat movement skills are predicted by factors such as: preciseness of a movement; the presence of a definite beginning and ending of the movement; and the effect of the prevailing environment on the skill's performance. [>]

Lap – lab report example

Experiment North Circumpolar Motion Viewing location and other present if any ment of Purpose: By tracking the apparent motions of stars relative to two set points, the North Star and the earth's surface, the observer visualizes his relative position on the earth's surface and appreciates the rotation of the earth. By pointing one [>]

Osmosis lab report

10 grams, at time 45 minutes difference in mass of -0. 19 grams, at time 60 minutes difference in mass of -0.

Chromatography of photosynthetic pigments | lab report

The retention value for each one of the pigments and the concentration of chlorophyll a and b were calculated, and all of the results were put in tables. That means that a smaller amount of light managed to pass through the pigments of chlorophyll a and b.

One – lab report example

That is, the smaller the URL the lower the number of packets and the bigger the URL, the higher the number of packets. The third one is of the length, 64 units.

Gene therapy: lab report

The Offender tubes were filled with poll of solution 1 before the yeast was added to them. The supernatant were discarded and the pellets were suspended in poll of solution 2.

Physics lab report – what keeps a stopper moving in a circle essay sample

With the paper clip against the tube and the string pulled taut, measure the length of the string from the top of the tube to the stopper. With the paper clip against the bottom of the tube and the string pulled taut, measure the length of the string from the top of the [>]

Metalurgy lab report assignment

The main aim of the laboratory experiment was to examine and to compare the macrostructure and hardness of different carbon content metals, starting from 0.%C, 0. The composition of this phase is simply the same as the overall composition of the alloy in the operation.

Seven dimension of wellness – lab report example

Notably, it involves all the process of living, achieving, and growing in life so that an individual can maximally experience the potential to being well being; hence, wellness is living life to the fullest without any form of intolerance. Hence, fulfilling the seven wellness dimension means achieving a healthy and happy life.

Fermentation lab report

The purpose of the experiment is to test the effect of five different temperatures on the rate of carbon dioxide production in yeast. The original energy source of glucose is in the form of molasses in the lab.

Surface area and volume using different volume agar cube lab report essay sample

Conclusion and evaluation The table 1 indicates that the rate of diffusion into 2% agar cubes does not depend on their size; no matter what was the size of the cube, NaOH travelled 0. Table 2 says that the higher the surface area to volume ratio the higher the diffused to possible distances [>]

Serology – lab report example

In the blood, hydrogen peroxide is degraded by peroxidase of hemoglobin into hydrogen and oxygen, turning the solution basic. This ensures that any change in the solution results from the reaction of hemoglobin with hydrogen peroxide.

Physics lab report essay

The period of swing decreased as the period increased.AAA. The theoretical equation for the period of a pendulum is giving by.

Lab report the effects of drugs on cardiac physiology assignment

The second phase of the experiment was to connect the pulse transducer to the index finger or the right hand. The area between the peak of the R wave and the peak in the pulse group was highlighted using the I-beam tool.

Osmosis lab report assignment

The result was that the more sucrose in the bag, the greater the final mass. The dependent variables are the final mass of the bag, the change in the mass of the bag, and % change in the mass of the bag.

Lymphatic and immune systems – lab report example

This amplifies that the intensity of the signal detected classifying an illness early enough before is blows to the entire body of the patient. However, the Western Blot test takes its time to establish the status of an antibody, and that is why most of its results are negative.

Biology protein lab report

The objective of this lab was to measure the amount of protein from a piece of beef liver. Introduction The main objective of this lab was to measure the amount of protein from a piece of beef liver, and then use the spectronic 20 to discover the concentration of protein found in the [>]

Microbiology lab report assignment

The lack of growth in the Penitently Alcohol agar plate confirmed that my unknown was gram negative. The growth in the Heighten Enteric Agar plate confirmed that the organism was not shillelagh nor salmonella.

Gummy bear osmosis lab report assignment

Hypothesis: My hypothesis for this experiment is that the Gummy bear will absorb more of the plain tap and sugar water and the salt water will shrink the gummy Procedure: Materials- 3 clear cups, one spoon, 3 gummy bears, timer, tap water, salt, sugar, ruler, and beaker Fill one cup of tap water, [>]

Vsepr – lab report example

5 no SF4 MX4L 120 yes XeF4 MX4L2 90 no PF5 MX5 120 and 90 no SF6 MX6 90 no 3.2. 0 no NF3 120 0.

Product design and prototype making – lab report example

The main aim of the report was to come up with a question list following the inquiry from the client. The report also aims at improving the interpretation of the needs of customers and taking the necessary actions.

Volumetric analysis chemistry lab report

In this case though, finding the molarity of the acid used in the reaction is then used to determine the percent of that acid in a vinegar solution and compared to the standard value for % acid present in vinegar. It must be understood that the number of moles of the reacting NaOH [>]

Physics example lab report

Clipboard: Cork: Rubber: Sandpaper: 1 BlockMu=. 72 Static Friction Coefficients calculated: Clipboard: Cork: Rubber: Sandpaper: 1 BlockMu=.

Lab report assignment

Hint: Read and study the explanations within the lab for assistance. Take a screens of the output.

Biology lab report

Many factors effect dissolving, such as how fast you stir the life saver in the water, if you stop stirring the life saver, the mass of the life saver, and the temperature of the water. To make our experiment better, we should have accurately measured the temperature of the water.

Reacting acids and bases lab report

The purpose of this lab was to determine what happens when and acid reacts with a base, and how to detect a neutralization. Discussion The purpose of this lab was to determine what happens and how to detect when an acid and a base neutralize.

lab report format for meteorology lab essay sample

Then, you will graph some of the weather data to draw conclusions about the relationships between the data. Objective: The objective of this lab assignment is to determine how we can use weather data to predict the weather.

Wet amounts and hanging drops – lab report example

For the Vaseline to be in touch with the slide and the depression to be above the culture drop, the depression slide was upturned over the cover slip. This was meant to assist in making observations close to the edge of the culture drop and not in the middle.

Lab report-drosophila melanogaster essay

According to Chi 2 Test values of 71 individuals tested the expected offspring would occur as follows: 40 wild wing-ebony bodied: 13 wild winged-ebony bodied: 13 vestigial winged-wild bodied: 4 vestigial winged-ebony bodied flies. Out of the 71 flies observed we found 40 wild winged wild ebony body.

Thermodynamics of borax lab report assignment

This experiment was inducted to determine the standard entropy and enthalpy of the dissolving reaction of borax in water. The thermodynamic properties of the reaction helped to determine the change in heat and spontaneity within the system.

Rapid colony transformation of e -coli with plasmid dna – lab report example

Incubation: The DNA is added and the cell suspension is kept at 0C.the cations are thought to neutralize negatively charged phosphates in the DNA and the cell membrane.3. Samples of both the cell suspensions, one with just the E-coli and the other with E-Coli with added plasmids-are put on two plates with two [>]

Lab report chemistry matriculation experiment assignment

Lab report chemistry matriculation experiment 5 Example chemistry lab report matriculation experiment 4. What is the conclusion for lab report chemistry experiment 5 redo titration using sodium theosophical.

Enthalpy of solution lab report assessed assignment

This has a lot of heat loss to the surroundings since heat is easily radiated to the surrounding air. Also, the weaknesses might cancel out a little since stirring the solution generates heat and the poor apparatus makes the solution loose heat to the surrounding air.

Chemistry- “pennium” lab report flashcard

800 Conclusion: The purpose of this lab was met because the atomic mass of " Pentium was calculated using the isotopes of Pentium- the ones that were made before 1982 and the ones that were made 1982 and after. The average mass of a pre-1982 penny was grams, and the average mass to [>]

Ilab report template assignment

Task 10, Step 1: Paste a screens showing the sequence of commands that you used to issue the " extended Ring" command on the Branch router, Question: Why was it necessary to use the extended Ping command as opposed to the simple version of the command? Question: According to the crypto map, What [>]

Biology osmosis lab report assignment

The intake 02 and the parallel elimination of CA in the lungs and is called gas exchange with the environment or otherwise breath. In physiology respiration is defined as the transport of 02 in the body from the outside air to the cells within tissues and the transport of CA in the opposite [>]

Osmosis lab report assignment

After the beakers were filled to the appropriate amounts they were then labeled with the different sugar concentrations. After the tube was filled up halfway, each member then tied up the open ends of the bags tightly with string.

Lab report about examination of protozoan cultures

Despite differences in locomotion and the varying plant-like and animal-like organelles, all protists share key characteristics and functions that allow them to feed, grow, and reproduce processes essential for survival and common to complex organisms. The oral groove is like a mouth, taking food in with the help of cilia, which direct and [>]

Simple distillation lab report assignment

Fractional distillation is almost the same as the simple distillation, the only preference is that in a fractional distillation, fractionating column is used which is attached at the top end of the pear-shaped flask and it is connected to the condenser as well. In order for the boiling point of the mixture to [>]

Ochem lab report distillation assignment

Distillation Objective: To illustrate the use of distillation for separating a mixture of two volatile liquids with different boiling points. During the initial stages of the distillation, continue to maintain a rapid boiling rate.

Microbiology unknowns lab report assignment

We inserted the needle in the unknown bacteria and then we inserted the needle into the agar to the bottom of the tube and pulled it up along the slope of the slant. By the color of the broth with the unknown bacteria turning red we determined that it is a positive result.

Ecology lab report assignment

Payne examined the relationship between reservoir water retention times and phytoplankton algae production in the summer.Dry. Their study showed that reservoirs with typically short retention times, such as reservoirs on the Cooks River, are more susceptible to hyperthyroid effects and higher chlorophyll a concentrations when retention times are increased even moderately.

Mortar – lab report example

Results a) The result of the experimental study has put forward the bond prism strength to be 6989.b) However the shear prism strength was 5 Mpa c) The masonry mortar cylinder average strength was 93. Also it got reflected in the shear test as the mortar was slipping away while applied between the [>]

Health psychology lab report assignment

This means the difference between the mean values of Group 1 and Group 2 is small enough, that could the difference could be due to chance e. The SIRS was created in 1967, based on a study of young Navy personnel and their experiences.

Copper cycle lab report

Any attempt to alter the original data or use a different set of data in the analyses contained in this report is an act ofacademicdishonesty and will be penalized as such. Some marks will be allocated to the completeness of your data.

Microbiology lab report assignment

We are interested in the renewal of exploration following rearrangement of objects within the open field apparatus used as the initial novel surroundings for the rats. Subjects were placed in the middle of the open field maze with no objects in it.

Lab report free essay sample

In the lab performed on September 24, 2010, animal behavior of the isopods was recorded, specifically in the climate that they preferred. Our hypothesis turned out to be correct, and in a ten minute observation, more isopods were located in the wet environment after data was recorded.

Sorting device for metal stampings experiment / fluid power – lab report example

The devices like single displacement cylinder, pressure gauge, control valve, push button valve were the main ones included to proceed with the experiment. It was seen that when the push button is pressed the lower pressure gauge went to " 6" immediately.

Mid – – lab report example

Initially, the layout and planning of the building involved the consideration of the strategic location of the various rooms, walls, openings like doors and windows and also the number of floors to be constructed. The layout of the foundation was designed in that it allowed the building to be effectively connected to a [>]

Matlab report bingo card assignment

Unfortunately found this assignment much more difficult than the previous one; therefore I could not get the bingo card to work in the way that I would have liked it to. However could not get the code to work so I removed it.

Enthalpy of reactants lab report assignment

A known volume of water is poured into the cup and a thermometer is placed through the lid and under the surface of the water. When the chemical reaction occurs in the cup, the heat of the reaction is absorbed by the water.