Useful Controversial Essay Examples for Writing

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Muhammad ali – one of the most controversial egyptian leaders in history essay sample

From the modernization of Egypt to the building of a united Arab nation, his actions effectively led Egypt into the 20th century as a powerful entity, and his accomplishments bred ideas of revolution and unity within the Arab people that had not been seen since the days of the prophet Mohammed. Throughout the [>]

Why is taking a gap year controversial?

First and foremost, the reason why people choose to take a gap year is they have just taken a high-pressured exam to graduate high school and they need to have time to think about their future career. On the other hands, the biggest disadvantage of gap year option is that many people will [>]

Why is the operation of many tncs in less economically developed countries so controversial essay

Big industries ' use local sub-contractors from Asia or Northern Africa; they no longer need to resort to foreign direct investments to benefit from the advantages of relocation.'TNCs have many negative points in the way that they run their companies in LEDCs:* Due to the fact that Transactional companies are owned by a [>]

Captain john smith a controversial figure in america history essay

Captain John Smith was remembered as a villain for the few suspicions over the stories he wrote and for the problems he faced in his voyages. Kroph, who was known to be the first to disprove Smith's stories, declared in his book Captain John Smith of Virginia, published in 1890, that he does [>]

Controversial globalization topic that interests you (poverty, environment, jobs/outsourcing, human rights, pollution, loss of national sovereignty, ect

When Globalization is looked at from the perspective of information, it is found to be really good and very beneficial for countries which are remote when it comes to communication, Globalization brings a lot of awareness in the world, the technological changes and the various other changes which are taking place is all [>]

Controversial statements in psychology

Most of the times, a mental health problem is also seen as disturbing or distressful state of mind that will interfere with the normal functioning of an individual. Psychologist's states in their research that a lot of obsession cause increases the stress level in an individual thus leading to a mental health problem.

Arthur miller’s death of a salesman – controversial tragedy assignment

The play Death of a Salesman, by Arthur Miller, is a tragedy because it's hero, Wily Loan, is a tragic figure that faces a superior source, being the American dream and the struggle for success. Miller designed the play so that Wily could be a tragic hero and for this he needs to [>]

The controversial topic of alcohol advertisement

And most of the blame goes to Alcohol advertisement, which has been always a controversial topic to discuss, some says it's very much responsible for encouraging drinking and some says drinking is personal choice, but here it's not the matter of does it encourage drinking or not, but is alcohol industry playing the [>]

Conduct some independent research on a controversial public policy (at any level of government) addressing some aspect of techno

The Freedom of Information Act The Freedom of Information Act was created to grant citizens the right to access specific types of federal agency records. On the other hand, federal agencies need to carefully interpret and understand the laws which govern the processing and releasing of requested information by the public.

What exactly is abortion and why is it so controversial?

An abortion is a procedure, either surgical or medical, to end a pregnancy by removing the fetus and placenta from the uterus. Abortion is one of the most divisive and controversial issues of our day.

Article on a controversial subject

Article on a Controversial al Affiliation) The Electorate, Changes and Politics Follow In an article, published in the New York Times, written by Andre Kohut, in 2012, it is indicated that gay marriage or same sex marriage is no longer a controversial issue taking into consideration the changes on the perspectives of the [>]

The controversial issue of flag burning philosophy essay

The proponents of the amendment for protection of the flag define the flag as a " cultural artifact with meaning significance, and usage determined by the particular system employing it". The proponents of the flag burning amendment believe that the burning of a flag does not fall under the protection of the First [>]

Why is the declaration on the value and importance of universal museums so controversial

Despite the fact that for most of their being the participants to the universal museums Declaration have fed the justification for colonial authority, their great collections do present unequalled opportunities to uncover the relationship of the universal and the particular. This would include interactions involving armed conflict and takeover as well as trade [>]

Bilingual education has been a controversial topic education essay

The students who participated in the dual language programs were closer to closing the gap between them and native speakers of English, while the students who were in English immersion came in last, and the students who were in transitional bilingual programs were in between. The conclusion of Thomas' and Collier's research was [>]

Controversial health information management issues

Many people believe that the American healthcare insurance protect only the interests of the greedy private insurance companies rather than the interests of the common people. As protection of privacy is taken as a serious matter in the HIPAA regulations, big companies and researchers were forced to take extreme care while using the [>]

Why is the kyoto protocol such as controversial agreement essay samples

The Kyoto Protocol is a meaningful course of action intended to reduce the global greenhouse effect, and because of continuous discussions by world nations, it has evolved to a realistic and adaptable piece of documentation. Countries should make the tough decision of ratifying the protocol and, as action is being taken they can [>]

The macbeth’s witches and their controversial nature

The nature of the three witches in Shakespeare's Macbeth is a controversial subject. Though not illusions of Macbeth's mind, nor evil beings in and of themselves, the three witches are outside manifestations of human vice, which appear for the purpose of providing temptation to the unwary, giving voice to their secretly abhorrent desires.

Question and conformity: a controversial juliet’s womanhood

In the scene, Juliet's new identity of an independent woman is forged through her vigor in dealing with Paris and the Friar proving her strengths in men's domains. The Friar places her into a category, while her conversation with Paris reveals her newfound dynamism springs not from her own dissatisfaction with her place [>]

The controversial langston hughes essay example

The intent of this paper is to describe the controversial character of Langston Hughes. Berry suggests that this disagreement was the chief inspiration for the maturity of Langston Hughes.

A controversial nature of 3d-printing

In this essay, 3D-printing as a form of manufacturing will be investigated to determine the advantages and disadvantages which it brings to the present and future of industrial design, engineering and other creative sectors. The only part of the weapon which is not 3D printed is the firing pin, which in the case [>]

The controversial issue of neurohacking

Now, that we have gotten the gist of what neurohacking is and what an ethical issue is, we will delve deeper into this theory looking into its history, how it is an ethical issue, and the problems that arise with it. The second condition for an ethical dilemma is that there must be [>]

Sin taxes are one of the more controversial taxes out there

Libertarians in a number of countries have been campaigning for the legalisation of drugs because they believe that the choice to use drugs is an individual one which the government has no right to interfere in. This situation hardly seems fair to the majority of the population, and because of that, it's a [>]

Controversial ad

Using the big 5 tools of analysis, will give a quite general Idea of the meaning of the ad, and this idea will be close to the one in the mind of non-religious people, however or a religious audience there will be more to It. In the case of a non-religious group there [>]

Controversial business practices

Business in the Past and the Present: What Changed Along the Way Over the last cascades there has been a clear shift in business practices through the re-structuring of business organizations, mainly from a Customer-satisfaction Orientation to one of utility-Generation. Examples of Controversial Business Practices The Bimbo Group is the leading company in [>]

A controversial period in united states’ history: the fight for women’s right to vote

Even though women in the United States have equal opportunities to education and the workplace as well as the right to vote, many women still argue that they are overly sexualized by the media and are not paid equal to that of their male counterparts. When the movement first started, its main goal [>]


Some of the pro-life members think that the reasons women should not be able to abort is that the mother is ending an unborn child's life and if the mother is old enough to get pregnant they are old enough to have the child. The pro side of legalizing abortion is known as [>]

Controversial topics- beauty pageants

Since 1921 beauty pageants have been the roots of society's delusive portrayal of beauty and until they are stopped, they will continue to cause detrimental impacts on a female's perception of her self worth. The majority of Miss America winners have been 'undernourished' on the BMI scale, or Body Mass Index, a relation [>]