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Debbie green-vargas biography

Debbie grew up In California and at the age of 16 she was named All-American after her team swept SABA Nationals. Debbie Green-Barras Biography ay pollinate in California and at the age of 16 she was named All-American after her team swept after 2008-09 season.

Beyonce knowles biography

She was in talent shows, and a singing group, formed by her father, including her cousin and a couple of friends. Beyonce always had a love for music, even when she was a child.

Buddy rich biography

Just six months later, Buddy was billed " Traps the Drum Wonder" where he was paid to travel all over the world to perform his talents on the drums in some of the world's biggest venues, including regular acts on Broadway. At the peak of his childhood career, Buddy was reportedly the second [>]

World history biography: queen elizabeth i

The birth of Elizabeth and the subsequent divorce of her mother showed that in the olden days the girl child was less importance in succession. The Queen was weary of the society's perception of a woman's rule and due to this she made herself the Supreme Governor of the Church of England.

The biography of langston hughes

Charles and Mary's daughter Caroline was the mother of Langston Hughes. Hughes in 1902 Langston Hughes was born in Joplin, Missouri, the second child of school teacher Carrie Mercer Langston and James Nathaniel Hughes.

Interperative biography of leonardo da vinci assignment

It was during this time period that he wrote to Duke Oxfords in which he stated that he was a military inventor and engineer that could make indestructible bridges and safe chariots, at the end of the letter he also stated that he was an architect, sculptor and a painter. Maria dell Gracie, [>]

Dave brubeck an introductory biography film studies essay

However, once it was discovered that Brubeck was unable to read music, the Dean considered not allowing him to graduate, and it was only through the music teachers' intervention and a promise never to teach that the Dean reconsidered and allowed Brubeck to graduate in music. His unit was deployed to Normandy after [>]

Tony randall biography

Tony Randall was best known as a grand actor in hits such as Templeton the Rat and The Odd Couple, but he was also a great father and husband. It was obvious to Tony? s parents and friends from a very early age that he wanted to have a major career in acting.

Johnny depp biography

Johnny Depp is one of the greatest actors we have nowadays, his chaotic childhood life, Depp's achievements within his career, movies that relate to things that occurred in his life as a child and young adult, and movies that have made Johnny Depp memorable. Willy Wonka in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, a [>]

Bill gates biography

During their time in high school Bill and Allen offered most of their time to the computer science teacher and even wrote a scheduling program for the school. This resulted in the computers crashing and Bill being banned for a while.

Biography of bunny walters

Bunny Walters is a New Zealand musician that reached fame in the early 70's, with his rise through the charts to the #4 spot with his single ' Brandy', to the low points of his career, where he disappeared from the spotlight due to a conviction. This is further displayed by his role [>]

Malcolm x biography

During his teenage years, he dealt drugs, was a hustler, and was the leader of a gang of thieves in Roxbury and Harlem He was in prison for robbery from 1946 to 1952, which lead him to convert himself, and join the Nation Of Islam his brother Reginald was also a member and [>]

Olafur eliasson | artist biography

With this, he is implying that the spectator must engage to the piece and make the connection as part of the aesthetics of the installation". I see potential in the spectator in the receiver, the reader, the participator, the viewer, the user.' Olafur Eliasson.

An exploration of the biography of edgar allan poe and its influence on his writing style

The tragic life of Edgar Allan Poe is behind many of the symbols in The Case of the Tell-Tale Heart, The Pit and The Pendulum, and The Raven. The liberation of the prisoner in The Pit and The Pendulum enhances the correlation between the life of Edgar Allan Poe and his most famous [>]

Outside the bell jar: a biography on sylvia plath

Her mother, in efforts to help Sylvia get over the grieving of her father's death, reenrolled her in fifth grade at a local school. Through her flawless writing and unconventional ideas, Sylvia Plath has opened a new door in the literature world.

Biography on william shakespeare

Module William Shakespeare born in the year of 1564, born to John Shakespeare. When William Shakespeare initiated his work in the theatre, he and his men were supported and secured by powerful dominating men.

Jeffery dahmer: case study and biography

With the usage of acid he removed the meat from the skulls and saved them as fulfillment trophies of his series. His crimes were so horrific that he will be known as one of the worst serial killers in the world.

John dillinger: a biography

By the time that Dillinger was in the sixth grade he was the leader of a neighborhood gang called The Dirty Dozen. Dillinger and some of the more prominent members of the gang managed to steal tons of coal and sold it to neighbors at a discounted price, until a railroad detective caught [>]

The biography of mary jemison

Introduction The biography of Mary Jemison depicts three cultures, ly, the colonial frontier, the mid-late 18th century culture of the Seneca, as well as that of industrial American republic, and takes the perspective of a woman ' residing among adversaries.' Mary Jemison was born sometime between 1742-1743 to Jane and Thomas Jemison, Scotch-Irish [>]

Robert frost biography

A poet is nothing without his style, and Frost is short, sweet, and to the point. Without the basic quintet structure in The Road Not Taken, or the simplicity of comparing a budding leaf to gold in Nothing Gold Can Stay, or even the blunt reality that life goes on in Out, Out, [>]

Biography of jean jacques rousseau

Rousseau traced his love of republican Rome to the reading of Plutarch that he and his father used to do. Rousseau saw this and was so overwhelmed by a flood of insights evoked by it that he spent the rest of his life trying to put into words what he had seen in [>]


Answer: I enlisted for the army after the First World War whereby the army needed more personnel due to another world war. I maintained my position in the army and was later promoted to a senior Sergeant.

Discussing the relationship between gender and genre in “orlando: a biography”

In Orlando: A Biography, she tackles and bends the concepts of gender roles and gender identity and, on the other hand, deals with the subject of biography and novels. First of all, it is compulsory to define what is considered a biography and what is considered a novel, so that it is possible [>]

Biography of sophie scholl

The White Rose mission was to bring awareness to the citizens of Germany about what Hitler was doing to the Jews. The trial for Sophie and her brother was a short trial.

Biography of charles darwin

The people began to question the traditional ideas of the church. Charles Darwin played a huge part in the creation of criminology and continues to do so.

Biography of walt disney

Walt He has also brought a lot of inspirational quotes into this world as well as Disney Land and Walt Disney World. Walt Disney had implied about Disney land is " It has that thing the imagination, and the feeling of happy excitement -I knew when I was a kid".

Biography of spartacus

In his army of runaway slaves, he was known to defeat successions of Roman attacks called the guerilla welfare. He was a gladiator for his army, and one of the great brave soldier.

Donald olding hebb: biography and theories

Hebb believed that the learning was related to neural activity and current data of the time could not explain the phenomena. Another contribution to the field of learning was Hebb's arousal theory.

A.r.rahman biography

Generally regarded as the finest Indian film composer of his time, Rahman produced music for nearly 35 widescreen releases during his first five years in the industry. His star on the rise, Rahman proceeded to compose music for six films in 1993 nd nine in 1994, including the score for Ratnam's Bombay, the [>]

Example of convert my sources to apa format biography

LEED: Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design Green Building Rating System Version 2.1. The Cost and Financial Benefits of Green Buildings: A Report to California's Susatainable Building Task Force.

Michael jackson: a brief biography

It is fair to say that Michael Jackson was the greatest entertainer of his era. The eccentric aspects of Jackson's personality and behavior also contributed to his fame.

Biography and works of john von neumann

One of his vital contributions in this field was the development of a logical design for computers that paid attention to such considerations as data storage and the processing of instructions. The von Neumann architecture-also known as the von Neumann model is a computer architecture based on the description by John von Neumann [>]

Biography on anton van leeuwenhoek history essay

For the substantial number of years linen draping seemed to be the only profession that fortified his indulgence in any commercial prospect to an extent that at one point it appeared that the draper would be his social attire for the rest of his life, which could have introduced a drastic paragraph in [>]

Editing a babysitting biography i wrote

In the capacity of a certified CDA, I have worked as a Child Care Provider Assistant in a family day care center, where I babysat children for almost 7 years. I love my profession and am positive that I can take excellent care of children.

Cindy sherman artist biography

All of the portraits are of her but none of the works are in any way a self-portrait of Sherman. In this series, Sherman responds to the criticism of the centerfold series, and switches to a vertical format in order to do away with the vulnerability of the characters.

Biography of colin powell history essay

He was offered to be part of the National Security Council, and a job in the Secretary of Defense's office. He eventually took the job in the office of the Secretary of Defense, and moved his family there in May of 1977.

George w. bush biography

Growing up, he was the oldest of six children from his mother and father, Barbara Pierce Bush and George Herbert Walker Bush. Bush's grandfather, Prescott Bush, was a progressive Republican senator from Connecticut and a banker on Wall Street His father was also involved with politics, he was a businessman, diplomat, a vice [>]

Biography of trey songz

The group was entirely made to keep Trey's interest and skills in music. Trey also plans to come out with a new album in the near future.

Biography of georg cantor

His mother's name was Maria Anna Bohm and she was catholic and his dad name Georg Waldemar Cantor. Cantor overcame the objection of being an engineer from his father and decided that he would go a different route in life and do what he really loved and was passionate about.

Biography of andy warhol

Warhol's advertising pieces in the 1950s got his foot in the door for later adventures in the art world in the 60s. Also, in 1962 Andy Warhol realized that the silkscreen method was the perfect way to repeat his images.

President theodore roosevelt: biography

Roosevelt's domestic policy was shaped by enforcing the Sherman Antitrust Act, the first piece of federal legislature to outlaw monopolies. Yet another piece of Roosevelt's foreign policy was the Roosevelt Corollary to the Monroe Doctrine.

Biography of vice presidential candidate sarah palin

Sarah was the third of four children, born to Charles who worked as a teacher in Skagway and Sally Heath who worked as a secretary in a school. Being the governor of a resource rich state, Sarah Palin had the daunting task of keeping off lobbyists while at the same time ensuring that [>]

Brett favre biography

Brett Favor is one of the best quarterbacks if not the best to play the game. Favor looked to take over the starting position in the first half of the third game.

The biography of nelson mandela

Nelson Mandela was born in Madiba clan in the village of Mvezo, Transkei, on 18 July 1918. When Mandela was 16 it was time for him to take part in the African traditions to mark his entrance into manhood.

Karl marx: biography and influence today

This is where Karl Marx was baptized at the age of six in the same church of his father converting later in 1824. What drew me to Marx is the drive he had to accomplish so many things and this was the start of Black Lives Matter.

Cultural biography of things-kopytoff

What are the recognized " ages" or periods in the thing's " life," and what are the cultural markers for them? How does the thing's use change with its age, and what happens to it when it reaches the end of its usefulness?

Princess of diana: a biography

She was born on July 1, 1961, and did not have a name until Diana was three days old she was given the name Diana Frances, her parents gave her then name Diana because they liked that name, and they gave her the name Frances after her mom. Life after divorce Diana was [>]

Joseph proust biography

Other than being a chemist, Joseph was a teacher at the Chemistry School in Segovia and at the University of Salamanca which were both in Spain. Joseph Proust lived in the time of Napoleon's invasion of France and Spain.

Biography of chanakya (kautilya)

He was the first man to envision the first Indian Empire by unification of the various small kingdoms in the Indian subcontinent. As he was born in the village of chanaka, he was called chanakya, Dr.

A biography of nikola tesla

For the first time in his life, Tesla was able to earn a decent salary and live a decent life. New York: SoHo Books, 2013.

Biography of hershel “woody” williams

Hershel " Woody" Williams may have done a lot in the 17 year he spent in the Marines, but the most memorable is the actions that took place on the island of Iwo Jima on the 23 rd of February in 1945. That was the day in history that the then CPL Williams [>]

Quick biography of benjamin franklin assignment

" Ben" Franklin was born in 1706 as the tenth son of a soap maker named Franklin and his second wife, Folder. Then there have been many cases in which the same man may not be able to sleep because he has wronged another, and he knows he has done wrong.

Biography and impact of charlotte angas scott

However, Scott wanted to obtain a degree, so she received her Bachelor of Science in Mathematics degree from the University of London with first class honors in 1882 and her Doctorate in Mathematics from the same university in 1885. Due to her success in England, Arthur Cayley, her mentor, recommended her to the [>]

Mexican history – biography of miguel hildago y costilla

While Miguel Hidalgo is notable for a number of reasons, the primary reasons for his notoriety is because of the rebellion he enacted. In terms of the rebellion, perhaps the most prominent personality elements consisted of his religious affiliation, which gave the rebellion a moral center and contributed to Hidalgo's leadership ability.

Alexander hamilton: biography and impact

Then later in life, he has led him to the beginning of his government life and the creation of the Federalist Papers. The letter found itself in the hands of a man by the name of Hugh Knox, who in a stroke of inspiration that changed the course of history, published the letter.

Shel silverstein: biography

In 1984, Shel won a Grammy for the Best Children's Album for Where the Sidewalk Ends. He won many awards and accomplished great things in the poetry world.

Biography of presidential candidate barack obama

Obama is the first African-American nominee for the President of the United States, coming from the domains of a single major party. His works include as a community organizer and a civil rights attorney and after that he served at the Illinois Senate for a period of 7 years.

Garrett morgan: a biography

In order to confirm his theory, he decided to apply some of the fluid to the hair of a neighbor's dog. This was a challenge that Morgan had to overcome during his life, because of society at the time.

Biography of margaret thatcher

Thatcher was very family oriented and passionate about her career, she always had a desire to be active in politics and she knew that she was destined for greatness in her career for years to come. Before Thatcher became Prime Minister, she was elected to be the Member of Parliament for Finchley in [>]

Biography of friedrich nietzsche

The World as Will and Representation in 1818 by Schopenhauer's who had some what of a pessimistic view of the current world and was an atheist at the time this book came out Nietzsche was twenty-one this formed many of his ideas. With the publication of Human, All Too Human in 1878 on [>]

Reclusive mockingbird: a biography of nelle harper lee

She was large, tough, and masculine, while he was small and had no taste for the rough-and-tumble games of the rest of the boys in the town; their friendship was unlikely, to say the least. Once, in a fit of frustration, she threw her entire manuscript out of her apartment window and into [>]

Lata mangeshkar: a brief biography

It is the class, creativity, critical acclaim and cultural impact, not to mention the consistent commercial success of her musical output that has set her apart from her contemporaries and has given her the status of proverbial ' Melody queen of India'. Most of the stalwarts in Indian Classical music have praised her [>]

Benjamin franklin biography assignment

Soon he started his own print shop and he started to write his own newspaper, The Pennsylvania Gazette. In 1757, he went to England to represent Pennsylvania in its fight with the descendants of the Pen family over who should represent the Colony.

Robert alexander mundell – a biography

Life Story Mundell was born and raised in the west end of Kingston, Ontario, Canada, and at the age of 22, he earned his Bachelors Degree in Economics from the University of British Columbia, and received his Master's Degree from the University of Washington in Seattle. Mundell was at the University of Chicago [>]

Anna pavlova – ballerina biography

Anna Pavlova, a famous Russian ballet dancer best known for changing the ideals for ballet dancers, was the first to make ballet popular in America and the rest of the world. Soon, Pavlova grew in gracefulness and could stand in a way that her body formed a beautiful line where she was able [>]

Summary of the biography of edgar allan poe

In 1831, Edgar Allan Poe went to New York City where he had some of hispoetrypublished. He moved to Philadelphia in 1838 where he wrote " Ligeia" and " The Haunted Palace".

Free biography on history

She played a very instrumental role in the movement of women rights of the 19th century in America leading to the introduction of the women suffrage in the US. She engaged in the activities and movements in order to push for the abolition of slavery in the US.

Biography of eiichiro oda

His talent was further noticed by the Weekly Jump staff when he got Gold Honors in the Hop-Step Awards in 1993 with his work Ikki Yakou. A few months later, he broke into the pages of Weekly Jump with the second incarnation of Romance Dawn, published in issue #41 of 1996.

Professional bio biography

She assists in preparing and management of pipelines and forecasts, allowing for streamlined allocation of resources and effective time management. Fiona, in the past, also brought her considerable skills to the UNCF as an executive assistant to the President and CEO, where she was responsible for account managing a monthly dashboard, documenting the [>]

Example of biography on biographical sketch of helen marie gurley brown

Later on, she moved to Kenyon & Eckhardt and became a copywriter in 1958-1962. In 1988, she became inducted in the Publisher's Hall of fame.

Biography of emiliano zapata

He was born in a peasant family on August 8, 1879 in the village of Anenecuilco, in the southern state of Morelos. As Zapata persisted in agitating for rural land reforms and for the rights of the campesin, he was drafted into the Mexican army.

Biography on elizabeth barrett browning

In The Letters of Elizabeth Barrett Browning, there is a chronological account of how her love for the Mr. Sonnets from the Portuguese is a collection of love poems which was inspired by the pure and true love of her husband.

Biography of paulo coelho

Biography of Paulo Coelho: The purpose of this report is to provide both an outline and a summary on the Paulo Coelho. He was born into Catholicism, yet spent much of his life as a Buddhist, an atheist and ultimately returned to Catholicism.

Example of autobiographical or refection paper biography

Given the numerous counseling theories I have learned, the Holland theory of types is the discipline that best describes my personality and suitability to my career. With these personality traits in mind, it is clear that my skills and interests are best suited to the field of career counseling.

Free research paper on psychobiography: blair waldorf

Considering the different roles which she has played during the show, it is correct to state that she is not only full of life, but the trait of being open to experiences is demonstrated via the creativity and intellect behind her public dealing and scheming. Her intense resentment for Dan Humphrey especially after [>]

Joan of arc a biography english literature essay

There was unrest and internal war in that territory between the Armagnacs which was the party of Charles VII; King of France, and the Burgundians, followers of the Duke of Burgundy who supported the English. Duke Louis of Orleans; the King's brother and John the fearless; the King's cousin were always struggling to [>]

Product design and development biography examples

As earlier stated in the discussion question, I am a scholar who is interested in furthering my education in the product design and development. I am determined to achieve this through working hard in the courses I have now and learn as much as I can to better my skills.

Alexander hamilton biography

During the commemoration of independence on 4th July 1789 at the then Nation's capital in New York City, Hamilton was in charge of the main oration. In his position as the first secretary of the treasury, Hamilton took a nation that was stalled in huge debts and gave the nation one of the [>]

Good example of biography on anthropologist franz boas

Boas also collected ethnographic data of the Inuit culture that he took to the University of Berlin and the Royal Ethnological Museum in Berlin as artifacts. Boas spent quite a lot of his time trying to debunk the mythology that there existed inferior and superior races in the world.

Free biography on the bad girl book essay

Summary: The bad girl is a marvelous and suspenseful love story of a teenager girl and boy. On one hand the boy was very soft and polite while on the other hand the girl was very rude and repulsive.

Reginald rose biography research paper

The Museum of Broadcasting Communications states that Rose was " one of the major players in one of the outstanding television playwrights to emerge from the " Golden Age" of television drama anthology series". It is probable that this element of his work will be what he is remembered for in the years [>]

Family and consumer science biography examples

As the younger brother of this wonderful, affectionate and dutiful brother of mine, let me take this opportunity to share with you some of my personal thoughts on Felix's transformation to becoming a fine man over the years. Aside from this, he was also good in public speaking and had a strong convincing [>]

Elizabeth blackwell biography examples

As was common in the 40s of the 19th century in America - in the medical schools of both the New and Old World girls were not enrolled. Despite the objections of fellow students and the public, she became the first female graduate of the Medical School in the United States.

Free academic auto biography sample

Perhaps if I spent more time working with my professors to understand the interpretative skills required to understand the literature, I might have enjoyed English classes more. By doing so, I will be able to handle difficult work that ventures from the realm of my passion and into that of my profession and [>]

Biography of galileo galilei – the scientific revolutionist

He applied for the chair of mathematics at the university of bologna but he did not get it. In the fall of 1609 he began to study the moon and it phases.

Auto about my life biography sample

I had to go through the social adaptation and that was kind of tough for me. So I do not have a lot great remembrances of my school life, and, telling the truth, it was kind of relieve to graduate.

Sample of biography

I am the 3rd child among the 3 children of my parents. Ma'am got really angry he made us stood and insisted us to tell what kind of business we are in.waaaahhhh, I was the leader of our group, so I explained all things.

Tecumseh biography example

Tecumseh was cognizant of the fact that the infiltration of the Americans was leading to the decline of the Indians. Harrison was cognizant of Tecumseh's traveling and in his absence he made plans to destroy the Prophet's Town.

The meaning of rip van winkle biography examples

In the instance of Rip's village, the people had remained the same, although they had aged significantly, and the land was the same. Changing regimes: The case of Rip Van Winkle.

Family background biography example

This was due to the internal wrangles that rocked my family and my parents marriage in my early age. The Navy was the ideal place for me as it provided me with a platform to serve my nation and at the same time meet my desires.

Bruno mars: biography, songs, albums, & facts

Mars received his nickname, " Bruno," while he was still a baby." The name Bruno came from baby times," older sister Jamie explained." Bruno was always so confident, independent, really strong-willed and kind of a brute hence the name Bruno and it kind of just stuck". For people who still believe in the [>]

Elon phd in energy physics” ( editors, para.2).

At age 17, he moved to Canada to attendQueen's University in Kingston, Ontario." After two years he transferred to theUniversity of Pennsylvania, where he extended his studies to complete a doublemajor in physics and economics"." After leaving Penn, Elon Musk headed to Stanford University in California to pursue a PhD in energyphysics"." He [>]

Michael jackson biography: facts, childhood, family life

As Michael Jackson started to grow up he started to get more and more famous than he was. Michael Jackson had many different albums and most of the albums that he made were very popular.

Biography of george washington

The election was the beginning of the federalist era. The cabinet helps advise the president.