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Annotated bibliography on alcoholic liver disease (ald)

Alcohol reduces the level of antioxidants that can eliminate the ROS which leads to increase the oxidative stress in cell and causes cell injury Mann et al, 2003 alcohol induced liver disease is a main cause of mortality worldwide. Shen et al, 2010 The role of sirutin 1 and AMPK activity in alcoholic [>]

Annotated bibliography: positive psychology and education

According to the Handbook of Positive Psychology in schools, positive peer support networks such as SWPBS aid in bringing together school communities to foster a positive, safe, and supportive learning cultures which in turn improves a child's emotional, social, and behavioural well being. A meta analysis was conducted by Seligman et al.with the [>]

What factors should determine the action to take if an incident arises in which an employee does not have the authority to make a decision, but delayed action could enhance the problem

The writer puts the welfare of the patient, while making all the decisions that should be made regardless of the level of authority of the employee. For instance, in a case where there is a fire break out and an employee has to choose between the safety of a person and the safety [>]

Origins of america’s civil war

USA: Oxford University Press, 2005 This is a comprehensive book that covers the history of the Southern states in detail from the first people that settled here to the modern-day. It illustrates some of the deeper meanings and feelings behind the Georgia state flag, as well as the attitudes of the people that [>]

Annotated bibliography on differentiated instruction in the classroom

However, other key findings include a summary of areas that need further investigation such as the impact of differentiated instruction on teacher efficacy, the teacher's response to adopting a new model, the differences between differentiation and tracking and the impact of teaching experience on the teacher's ability to differentiate instruction. A key finding [>]

Annotated bibliography: mental health issues in prison

Some of these gaps include not knowing how mental health services are used with the juveniles and families and lack of knowledge of the course of the mental health disorders. Mental disorder and victimization in prison: Examining the role of mental health treatment.

Annotated bibliography – sex differences in jealousy

Sex drive, attachment avoidance and being the victim of a past sexual infidelity was shown to be a significant predictor of higher sexual jealousy in both sexes, but with men in particular. Sex differences in jealousy: The moderating influence of infidelity experience and sexual orientation of the infidelity.

History of the russian mafia

In the 1970s the use of the term mafia was used to describe the black market and those KGB members who extorted them at the cost of all.Mrs. One element which is universal and first used in the Soviet Union to describe the mafia was " a group that is characterized by profit-oriented [>]

Objectivity and subjectivity: dating stereotypes in how to date a browngirl, blackgirl, whitegirl, or halfie by junot diaz

This is where it becomes obvious that while males initially appear to be in control of the dating scene due to their knowledge of what would impress a girl, they are actually controlled by these very ideas. Overall, this story is a good read for those who want to be entertained by the [>]

Why is gibran still famous until now

The author assesses how the trend has changed over the years in coherence with the change in relations between America and the Middle East. The author acknowledges the capability of Arabs to adapt to different environments This article will help in determining the origins of Khalil Gibran and other Arab writers from his [>]

Annotated bibliography on psychology theorists

Thesis and Scope: Liu examined his 1926 paper and his previous works, The Curriculum and How to Make a Curriculum, and The Curriculum of Modern Education to look for continuity of theory. 528549 The purpose of this article is to remember Ralph Tyler's contributions to education and curriculum design.

Women who have won the nobel prize after 1993

It has discussed the history of women who have won the Nobel Peace Prize, therefore, the book is in relevance with my topic. The article is utilized from Ebscohost and has discussed the Nobel Peace Prize winners for 2011.

Annotated bibliography for scope of nursing practice

5, 195-197 This article has been helpful in collecting and gathering useful information related to the topic of nursing practices as the main focus of this article is to describe the standards and scope of nursing practices. 9, 403-409 This article has been helpful in collecting and gathering useful information related to the [>]

Migration and economic/media development – 4

The work explains the reasons for migration with respect to the positive and negative impacts that faces countries of emigration and immigration The authenticity of the research is pegged on the consistency of the findings to those of other researchers in the differing economic blocks and the reliance of the work by commission [>]

Aannotated bibliography example

The chapter commences by providing a deeper assessment of the history of the Boehm's curve that provides a vertical scale representation ratio for the statistical section of software engineering. The research provides a deeper assessment of the possible changes, amendments, and alterations that are important in software engineering.

The global burden of diabetes

The researchers from the University of Sheffield appreciate the importance of diabetes prevention in reducing morbidity and mortality, and in this study, they collect data from national policy documents in the UK to determine the persons charged with preventing diabetes. The findings ascertain the effectiveness of physical activity in preventing type 2 diabetes [>]

Business-government trade relations

The paper provides an analysis of government-business relations based on various areas including reasons for government intervention in trade, methods for promotion and restriction of trade as well as the global trading system. Saysana, 2011, explores the social-economic impacts of fair trade as applied in the concept of coffee certification by the government.

Modeling spatial economic impacts of an earthquake

This book basically discusses the scientific analysis of the earthquakes from the geological point of view and attempt to outline the various scientific tools and methods available that can be utilized to study the various impacts of earthquakes on the society. This webpage also discusses the societal impact of earthquakes including discussing how [>]

Annotated bibliography on business ethics

A deep researcher was implemented based on an ethical climate questionnaire to see the relationship and interaction between ethical climate and work engagement. In general, this is not a broad research on ethics, it focuses only on the relationship between ethical climate and work engagement.

Relationship between emotional intelligence and acdemic achievement: annotated bibliography

Thus the aim was to examine the effect of EI using MSCEIT on continuous assessments and final exam results of first and final year medical students in Malaysia. The aim of the present study was to analyse the predictive validity of cognitive ability and emotional intelligence on the scholastic achievement in a sample [>]

Christianity–gospels vs. old testament

Dennis Hinks posts a very well-described online journal article found at for people to learn the true meaning behind the whole idea of being a Christian and how the Bible is God's Holy Word that this religion does follow as well as what this religion does and does not recognize, how scripture [>]

Law of world trade organization

In this regard, such agreement can be recognised as the Agreement on the Application of Sanitary and Phytosanitary Measures, which focuses on regulating the adoption and the usage of measures by the members of WTO, towards ensuring food safety and safeguarding the health of the humans, plants as well as animals from varied [>]

Linguistic examples of hypercorrection

Linguistic examples of hypercorrection of Linguistic examples of hypercorrection The two websites I have searched out on the Internet that are related to my topic are WiseGeek and Interesting Thing of the Day. Along with the grammatical error, which cause to hypercorrection, the use of personal pronoun and the occurrence of the preposition [>]

Interstate agencies: the port authoritys birth and operation

The New York port authority: An interstate agency to develop the facilities of the greatest harbor in the world. In this book, Galvin seeks to outline the impact of the constitutional provision on business and economic environment in the United States, especially in New York.

In what ways are the concepts of trauma and memory central to the historical development of psychoanalytic ideas

Ways through which the concepts of trauma and memory central to the historical development of psychoanalytic ideas s: What is psychotherapy Historical development? Apart from being a therapy, psychoanalysis is a technique of comprehending the mental functioning as well as the steps of growth and development.

For book parenting after divorce

In this research Parkinson et al.tried to figure out the perception of the adolescents regarding the parenting arrangement fairness, division of assets and support of child after the breakup of their parents. In this research Ottaway conducted a literature review on the intimate relationships of those individuals whose parents experienced a divorce.

From world war to waldheim

The purpose of the study was for healthcare ethics." The majority of the essays examine the intersection of social ethics and bioethics in terms of the influence of culture, political theory, and legislation on the valuing of life, but they rarely relate these topics to healthcare ethics in particular. The authors compared parent-perceived [>]

Foster care higher education

Primarily, the study was a look at the experiences of students in university who were in care by authorities until their age of emancipation. The focus was on how foster care can be a good motivation and exposure for the youth in foster care to aim at achieving tertiary education.

The virgin suicides, the crying of lot 49, detroit – an american autopsy – life full of scandals and misfortunes

The paper " The Virgin Suicides, The Crying of Lot 49, Detroit, An American Autopsy - Life Full of Scandals and Misfortunes" is a perfect example of an annotated bibliography on literature. The town is broken due to a long period of war.

English annotated bibliography

This article will help me see both the negative and positive effect the media has on the people, so I may find useful information from this citation. This article talks about disordered eating, and how it is linked to body shapes and images presented in the mass media.

Wireless and new technology

In the study, Islam and Doyle focused on the advantages brought about by the use of wireless technology specifically the mobile SMS in communication among the developing countries, specifically one of the poorest countries which are Bangladesh. The results of the article contributed in the determination that the applications of wireless technology are [>]

Reforming america’s health care system – consumer-driven health care and money-saving solutions – implications for providers, payers, and policy-makers

Overall, the book is a highly informative source of understanding the weaknesses and strength of the American healthcare system and the benefits provided by the system to the American citizens. Overall, the book is a useful and significant source of acquiring a detailed understanding of the current practice of the healthcare system and [>]

Uncertainty reduction theory annotated bibliography

How does age coincide with computer mediated communication? -Are different styles of computer mediated communication dependent on geographical location? * Key Terms: Uncertainty Reduction, Asynchronous Communication, Interrogative Strategies, Question Typologies, Content Analysis * Thesis: Results suggest that the interrogative strategies we engage in to achieve interpersonal connectedness are sometimes different in computer-mediated communication [>]

Annotated bibliography on the impact of tourism

For example, the economic impact of the tourism is the major positive impact on the economy of tourist attracting country. The tourists also cause the pollution in the environment which is the major impact of tourism in the Hunter Valley and the associated areas.

Annotated bibliography: swetman security service homeland security threat preparedness assessment

This scholarly journal article addressed the results of survey research conducted by Kiki Caruson, an assistant professor and McKnight Fellow in the Department of Government and International Affairs at the University of South Florida, and Susan A. MacManus, a Distinguished University Professor of Public Administration and Political Science in the Department of Government [>]

Standardized reading assessments

The CAT/5, or California Achievement Test 5th Edition, is a nationally acknowledged standardized test that is applicable, not just for the grades K-6, but all the way up to the 12th grade. STAR Reading assessment testing, as presented by the Renaissance Learning site, is a program of testing that claims to include the [>]

Economics: annotated bibliography

The anonymity axiom is used to evaluate the income distribution between the rich and the poor. Nothing else is measured in this part of the analysis to see how income is distributed among the population.

Annotated bibliography on police officer mental health

A in depth five year study of 359 police officers involved in the Buffalo Cardio-Metabolic Occupational Stress Study to determine the if the frequency, type, recency of specific types of stressors encountered and associated with police officers were associated with PTSD symptoms. Jeffrey Mitchell created the original CISD in 1974 using a small [>]

Educatiional outreach programs

Retrieved August 28, 2011 from The credibility of the authors is in the fact that they are pharmacy practitioners who have expertise and professional knowledge on the issue of drugs and its effects. Retrieved August 26, 2011 from The writer is an educationist with several years of practical experience in pedagogy [>]

The impect of sox and its implications in the financial sector

Ettredge, Chan Li, and Lili Sun The Impact of SOX Section 404 Internal Control Quality Assessment on Audit Delay in the SOX Era. Summary: Covering another aspect of the internal control of audit and accrual quality, this study provides us with facts that deficiencies and weaknesses in internal control have been the main [>]

Light in interior architecture: annotated bibliography

Architecture and space are always defined by light." Architecture is the masterly, correct and magnificent play of masses brought together in the light and our eyes are made to see forms in light", said Le Corbusier.light become more important part of the interior architecture. The Church of the Light clearly pointed out that [>]

Annotated bibliography on learning and teaching

The book describes standardized testing as being outdated in this era, and it calls for an educational program that caters to the needs of all students. Consequently, this book is practical to both teachers and educational reformist as it not only highlights the problems in the existing educational testing programs, but it also [>]

Child abuse and domestic violence victims

L, & Keen, S.M. Child abuse and neglect is a book that covers different causes of child abuse.

Annotated bibliography on masculinity in world literature

The second part of the article gives a compare and contrast with explanations as to why the women in Achebe's novel differ from those in Nigerian female writers' who focus more on female characters in their novels and whose purpose it is to counter the notion of masculinity. In contrast to literature that [>]

Segregation in the public schools in chicago

The schools in Chicago areas as compared to those in the metro regions are some of the most segregated schools in the country. This article is an example of the segregation of white kids and their discrimination in public schools as opposed to the usual African American children being discriminated against.

Andre crouch and his significance to gospel music

He made his debut as a gospel singer with the Church of God in Christ Singers. He is regarded as one of the first black gospel artist to crossover to mainstream contemporary Christian music.

Trends in supply chain management

The Role of Logistics and Supply Chain Management in Determining the Competitiveness of a Peripheral Economy. With reference to the topic at hand, this sources is relevant as it provided in-depth data regarding the effects of market trends on the marketability of the logistics and supply chain industry.

Different characteristics between modern chinese women and traditional chinese women

This chapter in Images of Women in Chinese Thought and Culture is one of the most essential one to analyze the qualifications of traditional Chinese women. This article can also be quite resourceful when used in carrying out a research on the characteristics of the traditional and modern Chinese women.

Annotated bibliography on “cache power optimization”

This way it improves memory and system performance and it provides up to 21% of average reduction in Network Latency and power consumption is reduced by 7 % with a maximum of 23%. This paper introduced a new concept called filter cache to reduce power Consumption and it helps in understanding the tradeoff [>]

Migration and economic/media development – 2

Naerssen and other authors in this book explore the topic of migration, transnationalism, remittances and knowledge transfer. The authors of this book explore the effects of migration in fostering international relations and global integration.

Science and faith annotated bibliography

The Frontiers of Science and Faith: Examining Questions from the Big Bang to the End of the Universe. Science and the Study of God: A Mutuality Model for Theology and Science, Wm.B.

Women and their race in usa media

Women and their Race in the USA Media Outline: Women and their Race in the USA Media Introduction a. Portrayal of Women in the Popular Media.

Analysis of study about nurse-led outpatient management of children with asthma

The authors, in a previous study, have already demonstrated and suggested that the effectiveness of outpatient management led by a nurse is comparable to that of a pediatrician in terms of airway hyperresponsiveness and quality of life. The study aimed to assess and determine the difference in costs between outpatient management of asthma [>]

Annotated bibliography: female genital mutilation’s treatment as cultural relativism

The article also goes fully in depth in the efforts that are being taken to eliminate FGM and how the women that go through it deal with the physical and psychological effects that come from it and what more can be done to support them. The article will be useful in discussing the [>]

Hipaa and security breaches

HIPAA and Security Breaches HIPAA and Security Breaches Boston-area hospital to pay 5 million to settle HIPAA violation paver security breach The author states that a Boston area hospital was made to pay an equivalent amount of$1. To show how this venture is the OCR is imposing penalties in the millions all to [>]

Leading employees to financial literacy | annotated bibliography

The task of financial literacy is first tied to understanding the elements that represent the project such as the gap in knowledge of individuals and understanding applicable financial principles and concepts. Clark further states that the economy and the " position" individual holds in society relates to the outcome of financial literacy.

Example of truth and deception annotated bibliography

The article concludes that a baseline standard for ethics in advertising needs to be created to gain the trust of consumers. Retrieved from Northrup's article gives an example of how unethical advertising is proliferating on the Internet.

Hersey-blanchard situational leadership theory

Graeff concludes by stating that performance is affected most by the ability and maturity of subordinates in line with the situational leadership theory. In his article, the author defines the four levels of maturity that is exhibited by subordinates and evaluates the validity of situational leadership.

To demonstrate how the field of’globalisation studies’has moved on

The author of the journal article is Sasskia Sassen from Columbia University at the department of Sociology in USA. To this end, the author reiterates that the change in dynamics have been due to the shift to ' centrifugal multiplication of specialized assemblages' from ' centripetal articulation of nation states.' The sources of [>]

Contaminants in surface water and groundwater

This paper discusses the sources of pollutants and their identification in rivers and streams across the United States. As an organization, WWF's mission is to decrease the impact of human activities on nature and reduce pollution.

Do conflicts management styles affect group decision making

The article while analyzing the integrative, avoidance and distributive approaches, favors the integrative approach hypothesizing that the group using the integrative approach will have the highest level of effectiveness in their decision making process as opposed to the other two because it encapsulates several perspectives therefore fostering positive, subjective and objective outcomes. This [>]

Annotated bibliography on health risks with paid work

This paper first explore the symptoms of stress that are reported by women workers as well as the discussion of the working conditions in part-time and officials jobs that affect women workers' stress. Gender on the Line: Technology, Restructuring And the Reorganization of Work in the Call Centre Industry.

Example of medical marijuana and legalization annotated bibliography

Cohen reviews the status of medical marijuana and discusses the need to make the regulatory status consistent. On the limits of supremacy: Medical marijuana and the states' overlooked power to legalize federal crime.

Annotated bibliography on overproduction of corn

The author creates awareness in us by emphasising that, the rate at which corn is overproduced is as a result of the consumers being contented with food that is unsecure, cheap and with a lot of chemicals, which is destructive to their health. The author adds that cord needs to be taken with [>]

Annotated bibliography on engineering an image smoking and the youth market

This trend reversal holds ominous consequences for the health of the younger generation and for the economy, as health care costs for tobacco-related illnesses are expected to rise in relation to the upsurge in tobacco use. Part of the industry's rationale is that young people are less likely to be as informed of [>]

Veal a j leisure and tourism policy and planning 2nd ed oxon cabi publishing 2002 annotated bibliography

The study uses three case studies in European destinations to look at the success and failings of eco-cultural tourism as a business and the way in which a third destination can use this to create a strong and sustainable tourism attraction. The Journal of Tourism Study Vol 4, No.

Women’s rights and culture

Top of Form Bottom of Form " The Space between Culture and Womens Rights". Top of Form Bottom of Form " Womens Rights and the Respect for Local Culture: The Price for Freedom?" Triple Pundit RSS.Web.

Keystone pipeline issue on u.s. economic and environmental perspectives

19, October, 2012 Daugherty states that the president destroyed tens of thousands of employment opportunities when he denied Keystone the opportunity to build the Keystone XL pipeline. The New York Times, October 18, 2012.Web.

Annotate we dare not postpone action by cct

To the extent that we do not listen in love, our influence in society is limited to " a weak, ineffectual voice with an uncertain sound" We confess that we often prefer stability to upheaval, even when upheaval is the necessary precondition for the establishment of justice. We proclaim that, while our context [>]

Resources regarding english 1 writing

Retrieved from This site has a lot of the same information as the " Types of Writing" site, but adds to it. After getting an idea of the type of paper I am going to write, this site would fill in the details of what is expected and gives extra help on how [>]

It is not good to make friends relying on the social networking

The relationship between facebook and the well-being of undergraduate college students: Maria Cyberpsychology, Behavior and Social networking, 14 no 4 Maria Kalpidou is the head of psychology department of the Assumption College. The relationship between facebook and the well-being of undergraduate college students, Maria Cyberpsychology, Behavior and Social networking, 14 no 4

On the book damned by chuck palahniuk

Although the book is a collaboration that focuses on Novels and articles by Chuck Palahniuk, it is very comprehensive on any work done by Palahniuk. In this website, the author of the article ' Chuck Palahniuk's Damned: Damned if you do' Justine Jordan comprehensively review the Palahniuk's ' Dammed' giving a picture of [>]

Annotated bibliography

To possess means of production The people in China had the freedom to the means of production. According to Mattick, the instruments of labor and subjects of labor are the two types of means of production.

Early language development in children with exceptionalities annotated bibliography

The article reviews the role of the parents on the development of the language in children. The nature and the quality of the environment are one of the most fundamental things in the development of the language.

Annotated bibliography on military healthcare

Retrieved from This credible source provides a substantial overview of the Military Healthcare Services and answers a number of questions such as: What Is the Purpose of the Military Health Services System? and What Is the Structure of the Military Health Services System? along with many other more specific issues related to [>]

Introduction to the annotated bibliography

Out Group Relationships by religious minority and majority adolescents; 3) Redefining Firm Boundaries in the Face of the Internet: Are Firms Really Shrinking; 4) The Anthropology of Online Communities; 5) Digital Dating and Virtual Relating: Conceptualizing computer Meditated Romantic Relationships; 6) Online Communication and Adolescent Relationships. And as follows are the abstract and [>]

Nursing: an annotated bibliography

I am aware that there is a shortage of nurses in the global level, mostly due to the increase in the human population all over the world. I have a soft spot for the elderly, as I am very close to my grandparents, and I would want to have them be cared for [>]

Protestant ethic and the enlightenment in america by benjamin franklin annotated bibliography

The author explores the comical references to the protestant's virtues of calculating behaviour and rationality in the nineteenth and twentieth century, ever since Max Weber discussed the close association between the Protestant ethic and the spirit of Capitalism. It was the 200th anniversary of Benjamin Franklin Death and the Pennsylvania History Journal devoted [>]

Cyber security, network and computer systems administrators, and computer programmer

This article describes the trends in the field of information technology as well as the reasoning for the current increase in the cyber-security field. Human errors and violations in computer and information security: The viewpoint of network administrators and security specialists.

Abstracts annotated bibliography examples

However, the results point to the benefits of face-to-face interaction for inexperienced staff, and the benefits of the speed and manageability of e-learning for busy, more experienced staff. Aim The aim of the study was to determine the attitudes towards and use of e-learning among academic staff in nursing and midwifery.

Miami dade police department questionnaire

Reading Notes -racial profiling is the reason for the interview -a well worded questionnaire -A brief section of concise terminology clarifying definition and intent attached -Clear intent to stamp out blatant racial profiling -positive response from interviewee, clarity in responses Strong Response Notes An intense subject answered well Clarification of definition is very [>]

Gender, work and organization

Doing, Undoing, or Redoing Gender: Learning from the Workplace Experiences of Transpeople by Catherine Connell This article outlines the way of and impact of doing transgender and its repercussion for the experience of and transformation of gender imbalance at work. However, the article does not talk of other forms of favoritism as it [>]

Diversity in law enforcement

The focus of the research article was to identify as well as conduct and analysis of the number of people belonging to different races and working in law enforcement agencies and to identify the various strategies that are being used by these agencies in order to attract as well as hire individuals belonging [>]

Why divorce rate is increasing

This study is very useful to study the reasons for increasing the divorce rate in Japan and the role of the legislature in this regard. White conducted a research study on " Determinants of Divorce" and the aim of conducting the research study was to evaluate the causes of divorce in the 1980s.

Young goodman brown annotated bibliography

The author presents the scenic elements of the forest and the village without ambiguity. The author resonates on the contradictory extremes of misguided attitude and false perception in the belief of ' a blackness power.' Besides, Carlson clarifies on Brand and Brown's perception of super natural power.

Example of college student’s emotions annotated bibliography

Liora Birnbaum, 'The Use Of Mindfulness Training To Create an ' Accompanying Place' for Social Work Students' The author accomplished a good study on social work student's emotions about their field, how they feel overwhelmed and struggle to schedule time and adequate space to process their experiences. The students stress and irrational beliefs [>]

Annotated bibliography on the effectiveness of implementing blogs in reading classroom for adult english learners

They also showed that the blog-based activities that were most useful in learning were the previewing tasks of other students and the feedback they provided; the receipt of comments; and the reading of others' blogs. This article described the results of a study that investigated whether the reading level of students improved with [>]

Annotated bibliography on the effectives of dialogic reading in early literacy

The paper intends to summarize the report of a study conducted to investigate the construction of the dialogic reading inventory as a crucial tool that can be used to accessing the behavior of parents as well as children. According to the analysis and the outcome of the same, the total number of parents [>]

Children with adhd being medicated rather than being taught social skills annotated bibliography

Lougy et al.discuss methods of teaching children with ADHD in terms of their delayed skills: " For many pre-schoolers and early school-age children with ADHD, appropriate social skills are delayed". The authors go on to do this for all manner of problems that the ADHD child experiences and offer practical advice to support [>]

The role of employees’ mental well-being and the need to eliminate depression and alcohol intake in the workplace

The journal provides solutions to managers on the problem of mental un-wellness. The journal also covers extensively the reasons that deny employees sleep and hence has sufficient information regarding the source of the problem and the solution to it.

China’s one child policy annotated bibliography

The article from the Washington times also stated that the policy is particularly lethal for girls as families feel the need to have sons to survive and maintain the family line. This article supports the thesis statement on how the increase in the aging population is bad for china and so china's one [>]

Hierarchy or prestige in hospitals annotated bibliography examples

It offers a better understanding of five variables that determine the effectiveness of moderation on the strength of hierarchal-powerful obstacles: the type of a group's work, if the choice of group leader is appropriate, how a leader's psychology changes with the addition of power, whether the impact of hierarchy is positive or negative [>]