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Personal statement for entrance into the mba program

I first discovered an interest in business administrative work when I initially left my homeland to seek new and exciting endeavors to further my own innate knowledge and to gain experience in the business world as well. Through my travel to the UK in the past I have found myself drawn to it [>]

Admission to nyu

Essay Living in a region for most of my life that is extremely hot and arid makes the concept of global climate change a bit of a mystery to me. Recently, I was able to visit some friends in Europe and the effects of global climate change were made more real to me.

Who is the professional who has inspired you the most and why (e.g.. an economic theorist, an entrepreneur, a politician, etc.)

Whereas it is common for individuals to idealize and emulate people that if accomplished a great deal during a relatively short lifespan, the underlying reason for my appreciation of the founder of Kaspersky laboratories is not based upon the overall amount of money that he has been able to accrue during a relatively [>]

Who is the professional who has inspired you the most and why (e.g.. an economic theorist, an entrepreneur, a politician, etc.)

Whereas it is common for individuals to idealize and emulate people that if accomplished a great deal during a relatively short lifespan, the underlying reason for my appreciation of the founder of Kaspersky laboratories is not based upon the overall amount of money that he has been able to accrue during a relatively [>]

Why i want to study law

In order to be able to justify the worth of this field, I must be honest, passionate, have a sense of justice and service towards my country and be very insigtful. The Sense of Justice: Empathy in Law and Punishment.

Why i want to get a masters degree in accounting

Admission Essay I am confident in myself that I have the necessary skills and experience to fulfil the requirements of achieving a master's degree in accounting. With my accounting knowledge, I introduced for the first time in the firm the concept of a savings and credit society, to which I was unanimously elected [>]

Why did antifederalists oppose constitution

The first reason anti-federalists resisted ratification of the Constitution was the way the executive branch was established. The anti-federalists felt that the real check on the power of the federal government should be the state governments.

The concept of religion and theology

According to the viewpoint of non-Christian religious, religious traditions are the authentic means to salvation and one of the rudiments of Gods' plan of redemption. Similar to the views expressed by non-Christian religious, the religious viewpoint of Christian also stressed that salvation is one of the means of attaining redemption.

Admission to a doctorate of psychology

We fail to open the doors of our hearts and listen to the woes of those in need due to our inability to decide on the things that we can do to improve the lives of people around us. Although the position requires a person to have at least ten years of work [>]

August comte

Auguste Comte Auguste Comte was a famous French philosopher who is deservingly considered to be one of the " fathers" of sociology. The main idea of Comte was to restore the society, which was damaged by French Revolution, with the help of science and his positive philosophy.

Research in psychology

Agriculturally, the spies were to see whether the land was " fat or lean". Agricultural research was to see if they were in the right region.

No need for topic

American Politics Introduction We the People is an American political history book, which depicts the exact happenings in the American history beginning with the past, present and the anticipations in future. Through the arguments brought forward by Ginsberg et al, it is very evident the authors want a change in the judicial system [>]

Application for the william d yaxley memorial scholarship

I am a firm believer that everything and anything is possible to those who have the tenacity to achieve. I used to be a factory laborer for the past nine years before I decided to go back to school and finish my education.


NSU is renowned for its exclusive use of highly credentialed professors who conduct lectures and researches and have worked with professional therapy societies in the USA. The US Department of Education acknowledges that NSU is the country's most culturally diverse university, which offers students more than just academic learning.

Important reasons for choosing richard stockton college

Having been a patient, I have reason to believe that a major factor in the healing process is the reassurance from the healer and the importance of the patient understanding the disease, its effects and ways of overcoming it. I will look forward to being part of the science program around Lake Fred [>]

Columbia business school mba application

Even if there is a very similar case to the one I have read about in my books, the solution and cause given in the book may be different. This learning is stored in a person and should be logically connected and to attain the answers I need in real life.

Compare and contrast organization development and organization transformation. how are they similar or dissimilar

Organizational development and transformation define the nature and scope of change within an organization. However, there exist some differences between organizational development and transformation, although both concepts deal with the aspect of change within the organization.


This is evident from the association with the steps. The procedural information in this manual is useful.

Application/extenuating circumstances

For most of the time, I felt I had nothing for which to live. I had to look for something to do if I was to remain relevant.

What can stern school of business offer you

It is in knowing what I want and passionately love doing; that I have come to appreciate what the Stern School of Business will offer me. At both personal and professional level, I stand a chance to gain impeccable knowledge and experience from the Stern School of Business.

Why i want to attend virginia state university

My intention to take the Accounting program is because I would like to manage the family business and help in the administration of finances. It is my belief that I will be considered for a slot to attend the institution.

The position of deloria on the reasons why the indians would join the wild west

First, based on the perspective that the Indians were considered primitive of an inferior culture as compared to that of the Whites and Americans in specific, Deloria examines a number of issues pertaining to the aspect of stereotyping on the image of the Indians. Such a point of view is supported by the [>]

My dreams is an iconic it professional

All the years of my work, I was analyzing the strength in my inner- person to explore the possibilities of information technology with an addicted passion to find a support mechanism to ensure Information Security. With all my humble submission, I seek your approval for my candidature as a research fellow in the [>]

Freshman college admissions paper

This paper is for my admission essay to Illinois I have applied to ISU as I feel that it is the right place for me considering my background so far and that it would launch me into a career after my undergraduate program. I have sought information about the intramural program at ISU [>]

Wake forest university school of business

Early in my academic career, I learned that I have a gift for logic and a strong attention to detail that naturally drew me to the accounting profession. I have the background and enthusiasm for new technology that will allow me to become a future leader in my field.

Accounting paper

The company expanded rapidly and by the end of the decade the firm had 84 establishments. The financial results of the company for fiscal year 2008 are discussed in the paragraph below.

Joining cornell university

I seek to join the College of Arts and Sciences at Cornell University for a major in Biology. In joining Cornell University for a major in Biology, I aim at finishing the Introductory Biology Cluster that is a pre requisite in my medical career.

Cultural event report

On arrival at the event, it was crowded, colorful and the festivities mood was in the air. The mood that greeted me and other tourists made me conclude that this was one of the best events in the country.


However after the first century AD when the camel began to be used to cross the sandy Sahara, a network of trade routes emerged, and the Savannah belt of Sudan, being at the center of these trade routes was greatly enriched by the trade of gold, salt and slaves that passed through it. [>]

Why i want to gain education at monroe college

The field of interest that I would like to pursue is Information Technology. The certification examinations that the college of Information Technology can give me a head start once I pass them.


According to me, good education is transformational and after considering the direction of my chosen career in business, I knew that the United States was the perfect place to pursue my undergraduate studies. This is the other reason that is inspiring me to study business in the United States.

Specialization in clinical or nuclear pharmacy

My exposure to the pain and trauma of my parent's patients has made me particularly conscious of how physically vulnerable humanity is to the ravages of disease and has made me conclude that good health is the basis of happiness: everything else, including economic prosperity, comes in at second best! A career in [>]

Statement of professional goals

I want to become a successful manager, which would be possible if I get a higher degree in the field of hospitality management. I am sending this application to get admission in the Master's in Hospitality Management program.

Discussion 3

I tend to agree that women were not primarily involved in the practice of witchcraft, but it was a wave of belief during the medieval generation that the devil was using women to lure men into his cult, Perhaps. Sienna went ahead and preached that women sorcerers were turned in and executed because [>]

University cover letter

I am a hard-working and results-oriented individual who likes to have definite goals to work hard for. I would like to believe that I am a born leader one who can work with a team towards common goals and dreams.

Claremont college. pitzer college

I am a member of the Latin club, the president of the Celebremos program and the Jewish club. I learnt to take up my responsibilities and keep up my beliefs and convictions in the process.

Why i want to get master’s degree in forensic science

Even though I have taken Psychology as a minor, I eventually developed great interest in it, particularly in Forensic Psychology and the investigative part of forensic science. I have given careful consideration for the subjects and every course I have taken was with Forensic Science in view.

Iontophoresis use in physical therapy ( therapeutic modalites)

In iontophoresis, electrical stimulation is applied; thus, applying iontophoresis in patients with demand pacemaker may interfere with the function of the pacemaker and eventually could alter the heart rate. Although iontophoresis is occasionally used to control pain in patients with known malignancy, precaution is still necessary as it is known that electrical stimulation [>]

Gm foods are safe for human consumption

These assessments established GMOs to be by and large safe without multigenerational outcomes; nevertheless, they suggested that more research be executed on the health effects of GM foods use in mammals. That said; it is wrong to deny the fact that autonomous critical assessments have so far established GM foods to be safe.

A person who influenced my decision to become a designer

In the field of graphic design, one of the most admirable persons that influenced my decision to become a designer is Jacob Cass. His philosophy in terms of creative designs is quoted, to wit: " I believe that quality is the one article of trade which cannot be compromised and this is clearly [>]

Racial discrimination in university admission process

A university is an educational institution built for the development of advanced learning, and they are expected to accept students who have the ability to learn on a developmental level. Diversity should not be interpreted as a race factor but should be based on the skills and intellectual potential different students offer in [>]

Essay on admission services – admission essay

Without any knowledge of what I would get to see and no hold on English I was afraid of how I will meet people and be able to communicate. When I had not gone to America, I had a fear of being socially unaccepted, but that experience had made me a more confident [>]

Biochemistry at indiana university

I took my time to make the best out everything I had, and that made me better at what I did. I have undergone various hurdles in my life, and I believe that education is a step closer to achieving what I want.

Personal statement

Having graduated from the University of Miami with a Bachelor degree in Business Administration on May 2014, it was my plan that I pursue something even better that took me " out there" in the world and brought me closer to international accounting, global financial strategies, management of global production and technology, international [>]

Special education

Despite being a job opportunity, I believe that I have an in-born interest to teach young children, for I have the patience that is needed to work with the families. I have learned that positive relation with parents is essential in promoting the communication and cooperation for the teacher to understand and meet [>]

Research article analysis

The problem stated in the research relates to how innovative leaders can come up with approaches that can lead to the organizations engage in sustainable initiatives. The interviews were used to get details on the experiences of the leaders in coming up with designs that touch on sustainability initiatives.

Job application letter

With the purpose of the Standard Operating Procedures position centering around the concept of containing internal operational procedures for the Standard Army Management Information Systems, I am striving to infuse my past experience in logistics into this role with the Ohio Army National Guard. I sincerely hope for the opportunity to discuss this [>]

Personal statement for university application entry

Brunel University maintains a very high quality reputation in Saudi Arabia and in the United Kingdom for its dedication to creating sophisticated business leaders equipped with not only the fundamental skills of business understandings, but with practical life skills offered by trusted instructors versed in multiple domains of knowledge. Later, after relocating to [>]

Goals and interests

Observation of how people with different cultures interact in the company, I got specifically interested in studying the Canadian culture that I found interesting. My goal is to further my education in English and to obtain in-depth knowledge in Canadian culture.

Radiology technician and technologist

1146065 RESUME OBJECTIVE My objective is to combine the quality of self-motivation with my learned skill in radiography over the years to help promote the growth of the organization by brining on board very dynamic and innovative approaches to the role of the radiography in your organization. What is more, my entire tertiary [>]

Biography on dr. kaoru ishikawa

He made significant contribution in fields of total quality process, total quality control and total quality improvement by developing the concepts of Quality Circles and the cause and effect diagram that is also referred as the Ishikawa diagram or the Fishbone diagram.Dr. The concept of Quality Circles is currently applicable in innovation, improving [>]

Interest in joining the college

With the experience, I know that the college has brought me to my future because through it I have a permanent opportunity to follow a passion for computer software engineering. In addition to studying software engineering, I am attracted to the college since I am looking forward to working with the diverse group [>]

Reasons for choosing uc san diego

The area around the university has many entrepreneurial communities who have good relationships with the university. The University of San Diego.

Personal statement

I want to pursue this program because it would add to my education and career growth thereby expanding my knowledge of the workings of the business world and provide me a higher platform to prove my worth in giving a new direction and leadership to the business world. The subjects taught during the [>]

Rules of evidence

Therefore, one can understand the fact that principles such as materiality and relevance may be used interchangeably to refer to the relatability of a piece of evidence to the issues in a case. Some of the evidence that was admitted in the trial include: The 9-1-1 call that had been made and a [>]

Architecture personal statement admission essay

I do believe that my desire to be able to pursue this field stems from the fact that most of my teenage life I have spent it travelling the world and also that I once got directly involved in building. Traveling the world has made me realize that our cultures are also incorporated [>]

Reflection paper

Many of the characters in the book explain suffering, death and the road to recovery from the events that traumatized them. In the novel, the suffering of Ka's father is also the dew breaker.

Criminal justice statement of purpose

Having worked very hard to gain a solid foundation in the criminology and criminal justice discipline both during my studies and my work as a police officer, I believe that I am ripe to leap into graduate studies in criminal justice at the Tarleton State University. As a capable and dedicated individual, with [>]

Purpose to contribute to the enhancement of research

ment of purpose After joining Garyounis in February 2008 as an in the Parasitology Department, I learned that I want to contribute to the enhancement of research in my field, which will have direct relevance to Libyan public health and education. I aim to pursue Master of Science in Medical Parasitology in your [>]

Undergraduate college common application for transfering

Keeping in view my aims and the level of competence that I intend to achieve, I believe that Abc University is one of the institutions which can provide me with ample opportunities for the fulfillment of my aims. If I am given the right opportunity to study for a graduation degree in business [>]

Goal statements

GOAL MENT After graduating with a bachelor of science in psychology, I saw the need to pursue my master's degree in mental health counseling. The ultimate goal is to start and operate a non-profit organization in the future to carter for the increasing number of mentally challenged persons.

Nancy foner & george fredrickson (editors). 2004. not just black and white: historical and contemporary perspectives on immigration, race, and ethnicity in

Globalization and Poverty Since the devolution of the world economy from 2008 to the present, scholarly inquiry into the expansion of poverty rather than capital have been hard pressed to articulate how this widespread phenomenon previously classified as the blight of ' others.' Indeed, traditional models of the race/class dyad now fall short [>]

Life experience and education

This early foundation in the interest of engineering has been encouraged by my family and has driven me to achieve a higher degree to be able to compete in the age of globalization. I have acquired a sense of duty and commitment to excel in my studies and achieve the highest levels that [>]

The value of work

I began to access more books and articles on the topic, and within the space of a week, had learnt all that I, within the limits of my resources and intellectual capabilities, could about the topic. As a concluding statement, therefore, I would say that I decided to pursue an undergraduate degree in [>]

Transfer personal statement

My interest for the law was further enhanced when I became a member of the pre law society during my studies at UCLA. My dream is to complete my law studies in order to practice as a lawyer in the United States of America.

Engineering management

I hope to complete my graduation in Dec 2014, after which I am willing to continue my education in the field of Engineering Management at a reputable university. I am of the opinion that learning is a lifelong process and the only way of bringing improvement in one's life.

Long-term and short-term goals

Moved in part by his success, and in part by my own desire for a thriving career, I have chosen to continue my postsecondary education. Consistent with what I feel to be a fact about my life so far, I am not satisfied with reaching the minimum standard of performance and instead, I [>]

Watching movie then writing

One of the unethical practice that had been outlined in the movie was that the brokers or the agents of investment organizations were providing wrongful information to their clients/investors and they were trying to sell more and more collateralized debt obligations to their clients even when they knew that the investors will end [>]

Professional soccer or accountant

I was prompted to act because I was good in figures and changed my mind to pursue an accounting course at the higher level. I promise to attain my accounting course dream if given a chance at one of the prestigious colleges.

Narrative statement for school of radilogical technology at va medical center

I believe it will give me the opportunity of watching my ambitions and dreams come to reality. I hope that you will consider my application and grant me the chance of doing what I love most: adding life to people's days.

The little princess

However my parents are forward looking and they instilled in me a desire to acquire knowledge and for this they supported my decision to move to the US for higher education. When I landed in the States I got a taste of freedom and for the first time I was on my own.

Theology arguments that the bible is the word of god

333271 No.of Pages 6530 In Elmer Town's enlightening book containing " Arguments that the Bible is the Word of God" we come to understand the importance of finding out the authenticity of these arguments if we are going to believe it is true. Empirical studies about the Bible being the Word of God [>]

Candidates full name admission essay samples

As I have now transferred to Canada, and my family is with me, I was able to focus more on my studies and eventually, I know academic performance would significantly improve. I am convinced that I have the tools and the determination to excel in such a stimulating and challenging environment.

Cross-cultural realtionships

The school gives the students the ability to be exposed to a diverse group of students and faculty members. Due to the importance and the proliferation of diversity in the workplace attending a school such as NYU can be extremely beneficial.


In case of management philosophy, the management needs to evolve with the varying needs of the time and circumstances. References Ashkenas, R, Ulrich, D, & Jick, T.

Leo program

After the arrival of my adorable son, and the finalization of my divorce, I returned to school yet again, leaving my boy in my mother's care. I was first exposed to English as a young girl of 19, on my arrival in the USA.

Program change application

With this understanding, I believe that the passion I have in financial sector supplemented by a study in Master of Science in Finance will help me meet both my career and professional goals. I believe that the backbone of every organization is its financial security, and this further motivated me to change my [>]

Sweet potato pie by eugenia collier

It really shows the reader a glimpse of the life of a family of African-American sharecroppers in the early part of the 20th century. The symbol of the piece of pie and the bag it is in is very important to the story.

A person to bring

My grandfather was with me to attend to a complaint with a class adviser who practiced favoritism, during graduation and especially proud to pin a medal for exemplary performance in academic pursuits. If I had the opportunity to bring any person - past or present, fictional or nonfictional - to a place that [>]

Education as the key to success in life

As a college student, I feel that it is my duty to help student alumni in any way possible. I know that my dreams of attending college are soon going to become a reality.

Statement of purpose to apply for the catholic university of america in engineer management program

My project was according to the standards set by the university and hence I achieved an " A" grade owing to all my efforts and hard work that I put in for completing the project. Hence, I want to polish my skills as a manager and a leader in the IT project management [>]

Appeal for reconsideration to join graduate certificate in public health

I have a lot of experience in this field as I have volunteered in hospitals for over three years and have worked in both administrative and scientific posts. I am willing to take a GRE test, and /or sign up for extra courses in order to be admitted into this program.

Psychosocial, behavioral, and biological aspects of chronic diseases

Behavioral psychosocial have implicated on the in the development of chronic diseases. Issues of the human body and chronic conditions Stress has a major impact on the mood, sense of individual being, physical condition and behavior of individuals.

Why i want to be a students of boston university

Given the chance to be a part of the school's glorious tradition, I hope to be able to contribute to its goal that includes research to attain academic excellence. My diligence as a student would be the virtue that I would want to exercise as a part of the institution's population.

Creating memorable performances for film & television

I chose to study at Lee Strasberg Theatre & Film Institute because of the institution's great reputation and besides, it is the father of method acting and I am convinced that this form of acting will help me do better as an actor. I am therefore convinced that my goals of studying in [>]

The uniform commercial code (ucc)

Unconscionability exists in a contract where there is no equality in the bargaining power of the parties in a contract. Under UCC 2-302, the person who has a better chance of getting out of a contract due to unconscionability is the person to whom goods were sold to in an unfair contract or [>]

Variable and fixed costs

On the other hand, managerial accounting focuses on providing information that is essential and is found within the company so that the management of the company can use that information to effectively operate it. The role of managerial accounting profession in the business environment today is providing foundation in management, strategy and accounting [>]

Explain your reasons for wanting to become a doctor of ostepathic medicine

It was at this defining moment that medicine became the cornerstone of my career ambitions, both to improve the health care system in my native country and to give me the skills necessary to make a difference in promoting better health through medicine domestically and internationally. I believe the role of a competent [>]

Watch the video, and answer the question

This means that men are the perpetrators of domestic violence. YouTube, Feb 11, 2013.Web.

Why i want to study at santa clara university

I was perplexed when I realized that the university ranked among the topmost business schools in the state of California. By donating my time as a team member in the basketball team of Santa Clara University, I will add value and be a source of motivation to the team.

Admission essay on master program social, cognitive and affective neuroscience

Therefore, I believe this is the time and season to pursue a Master's Program in Social, Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience. It is based on these facts that I, therefore, apply for a Master's Program in Social, Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience.

Personal statement

At home and even during my professional life I have come across a diverse range of people who have different views and ideas as compared to my views and ideas. But the issue is that I always believe that the ideas that I have are quite superior and as a result of this [>]

College admission

While I recognized that in implementing these methods, the story would potentially be made more difficult to read, I felt they were necessary to add a touch of originality and fresh perspective to my work. I then began to consider the nature of work and entertainment that has popular appeal.

Academic suspension from west virginia university

My advisor further advised me to drop the other units that were giving me challenges and pick PE and GEC classes, but then I would not have sufficient credits to fill the required 12 credits that I needed for the semester. 0, and I hope to get the opportunity to do so next [>]