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Homoeopathic medicines against fruit rot of apple

Of 13 homoeopathic medicines were used for the management of carbendazim resistant mutant of Penicillium expansum. Table 1: Percentage Control Efficacy of carbendazim individually and in mixture with homoeopathic medicines against resistant mutant of Penicillium expansum on PDA medium.

Medical get their dull shade in the wake

Said to taste unique in relation to the general cuppa Joe, green coffee bean has caffeine that is connected to weight reduction green coffee bean has caffeine that is connected to weight reduction. Be that as it may, the weight reduction claims of green coffee extract is exceptionally challenged.

Memoirs of a yikpata camper essay

The calls just kept coming in, my social media handles were buzzing out of control, I did not even know which of my phones to answer because I was carried away with the chat in the vehicle and the whole camp fantasies going on in my head. The moment of truth was finally [>]

Defending barbie

They all want a Barbie to play with and to be like her because of her meaningful message that Barbie can be anything she wants and so do they. She is not a plastic doll who was named Barbie but a bridge and an instructor guiding children to their future.

History of social psychology

It was therefore the development of such and other crises that brought about the two perspectives of critical and experimental Social Psychology, with different scholars and researchers aligning themselves to the perspective they believed to be the perspective that best study and explain human behaviour. Most of the researchers that carried out experiments [>]

Improving the village economy in india

The government of the India giving more focus on the development of the watershed development programme since independence but now in the recent two decade the emphasis on the development of the water source and conservation of the natural resources. In the 11 five year plan the government of India is give the [>]

Capability of change essay sample

The care and interest Montag now has for the rest of the world is what makes him distinct from the rest of the fire crew and society. After reading books, Montag knew that he had to do something about the firemen and the action of destroying all books.

Coping strategies on psychological effect of teenage pregnancy

How she responds to these challenges is dependent on her emotional maturity or lack of it, This is just one of the reasons aside from the psychological consequences of teenage pregnancy that became our drive to pursue and conduct the study with regards to the psychological effect of teenage pregnancy and their coping [>]

The challenges of fair trade

The higher sale price in Fair Trade coffee comparing to the conventional coffee is claimed to be the most direct benefit to individual rural farmers who participate in Fair Trade. Even if the cooperatives and organizations are willing to lower the certification fees, the net cash income for growers participating in Fair Trade [>]

Julie was perfect – creative writing

Bowdon's wife who was not a skier and would have to spend the day with only each other for company. So, what have you done that's so bad?" Jen asked with a friendly smile on her face for the first time".

Roosevelt sources question

In the political field the government was strengthened but i still gave the public people the ability to vote out the government and so by calling Roosevelt a dictator was not true.3. Source E shows Roosevelt pouringmoneyinto the new deal, but at the bottom of the picture it shows how the money is [>]

Introduction to social media plan proposal marketing essay

To put it differently people use the social web instead of the old media for all the services supplied. The influence economy is compelling the people to become more open and social.

Compare the operations of tesco and panda

It is the biggest retailer in UK market and one of the most powerful companies in its area all over the world. The style of leadership at that time is Laissez faire, which can give employees enough space to exert, the culture was appropriate to the people within the organization, it did fit [>]

Bullying in the workplace essay sample

An analysis of the issue will include: a definition of workplace bullying, typical behaviours associated with bullying, profiles of both the bully and the victim, and the effects of bullying on workers and the organization. I agree with this article, and believe that bullying in the workplace is a serious and often overlooked [>]

How is the genre established in the film the others essay sample

As this film does not have sound apart from instruments playing, the director had to rely on the picture and movements of the actors/actresses to get the genre of horror across. Examples of this is the windmill, it is a classic horror scene.

Mo tzu’s against music essay

Music has always been a form of expression in Chinese cultural history, whether it is among the musical festivals of the common people, or the extravagant operas held in the courts of the ruling class aristocracy. Indeed, Mo Tzu's argument is in the classical Chinese notion of Music, one that could not be [>]

Essay dialog essay

The abundant coral reefs off the northern coast of the island are home to a huge variety of colorful tropical fish within easy reach of the shore. There is a beautiful hike up to the Seven Wells on the north of the island or the absolutely beautiful cable car ride up to the [>]

Here you can find how to write an article review

The format of your article should always match the style of the quotation that your professor assigned to you. We hope that now you have a good understanding of how to write a review of the article.

To what extent is iago presented by shakespeare as a tragic assignment

Machiavelli, therefore the historical context of the play can be said to play a part in the characterization tot Ago as he clearly demonstrates the Elizabethan view of a Machiavellian character as he uses explicit means as a way of gaining power and status, which can be seen in the way that he [>]

Law sources of islamic law religion essay

2 Secondaly as there is the nass of the Qur'an, meaning, in this instance, an unambiguous text or judgment, then there is the overt or general meaning of the Qur'an, then there is the dalil of the Qur'an by which is meant a particular type of implication, there is the mafhum of the [>]

Eating disorders in teenage girls and young women

I do not think that there is enough help in the world for the huge amounts of teenage girls and young women who are trying to overcome Anorexia Nervosa and Bulimia Nervosa. They are distressing for the sufferer's family and friends because they cannot understand her self-image regarding the need for food and [>]

Comparison essay between oedipus the king and death of a salesman

In order to consider the extent to which pride applies to Sophocles' Oedipus The King and Arthur Miller's Death of a Salesman, consider the following: Oedipus and Willy both take extreme pride in their professions, their pride blinds them from seeing the truth of their situations, and their pride ultimately leads to their [>]

The intrinsic vs extrinsic psychology essay

That's the manner to monitor the athletes to get an evolution in psychological skills to improve a better performance analyzing their own strengths and weaknesses and and thus introducing detailed and specific benefits in the athlete's performance bringing the confidence that the goals are achieved. It is not secret that the best technique [>]

Relation between psychological well-being and internet usage

Two major paradigms have been utilized in attempt to describe interactions between psychological well-being and internet usage: a deficiency paradigm which points out that the use of media is the consequence and compensation for unsatisfactory face-to-face interactions, and a global use paradigm, where internet usage are considered to be universal in terms of [>]

Economic not humanitarian factors history essay

The leading decline thesis historian, Eric Williams, argued that the abolition of slavery came about because the system of slavery no longer had the significance it used to for the British economy.[5]This is evident from Britain's declining exports to its West Indian colonies in the years leading up to emancipation. When the slave [>]

Policies of expansionism during the colonial era

According to " Bartolome de las Casas on Spanish Treatment of the Indians, from History of the Indies", the Spanish took the matter of converting the Native Americans very seriously and often handled it violently. The French wished to secure alliances and coexist with the Native Americans and base their empire around policies [>]

The great patriotic war 1941 – 1945 essay sample

The involvement of Russia and other states of the former Soviet Union in the Second World War is known as the " Great Patriotic War". In the summer of 1941 the Soviet Red Army was the largest in the world, but nowhere close to being the mightiest.

David suzuki

A lot of people know about his goals to help the environment and how to get involved in it because of the books that he writes. You will be helping the David Suzuki Foundation to aid in protecting the nature and our quality of life.

The european works council law european essay

In 1989 the Community adopted the Charter of Fundamental Social Rights of Workers, which, although not a binding document on the Member States, promoted, inter alia, the information, consultation and participation of workers concept. The draft Directive on " The establishment of a European Works Council in Community undertakings or groups of undertakings [>]

Shakespeare, welles, and style: auteur techniques in othello (1951)

In this essay, I will be analysing the personalized interpretation of the source material Othello by William Shakespeare by Orson Welles for the development of the film noir genre.[1] As an " auteur, Welles used novel cinematic techniques to create an altered visualization of the text to achieve filmic effect and the richness [>]

The good, the bad and the ugly: the winding road to self-discovery in robert penn warren’s all the king’s men

A staunch supporter of the principle that the " end justifies the means," Willie resorts to blackmail and manipulation to do what he feels is best for the state and his administration. Jack Burden is transformed from an unfeeling man to a caring individual only after the death of his close friend and [>]

Alu elements

In close proximity to the centre of the Alu element itself, is a recognition site for the restriction enzyme Alu I, of which its name is ascertained. If a chromosomal locus contains the sequence AATTT, the reverse transcriptase enzyme will produce a nick the polyadenalated tail of the Alu transcript hydrogen bonds to [>]

The history and background of drug addiction

The patterns of correlations across the two waves of the study were correlated with conduct disturbance resulting in substance use in both males and females, but depression leading to smoking, drug use and, to a lesser extent, alcohol use in girls. In a current study, Cleveland, Feinberg, & Jones, authors and researchers of [>]

Positive and negative externalities of flu vaccination economics essay

P A subsidy provided by the government will shift the demand curve from D to P by the amount of the subsidy. Firms can deny the ease of entry and exit in to the market as the customers cannot afford to leave.

A brief discussion about the cognitive theory

Piaget focused his attention on the origins of knowledge as they manifest in children, he was not interested in the amount of information children possessed but in the ways their thinking and inner representations of outer reality changed at different stages in their development, becoming increasingly intrigued by some of the replies he [>]

Concept of beauty – africa

In addition to making the girl fat, the older women that are in charge of her also teach her the secrets of becoming a great wife. The process of fattening a girl is not always carried with the consent of the girl.

Infant attachment styles throughout the lifespan psychology essay

Ainsworth and her colleagues were able to link the type of responses to the infant's signals, from the caregiver, with the infant's development into one of three attachment styles; secure, avoidant and anxious-ambivalent. Due to similarities in the characteristics of attachment styles and the ratios, the results of this study indicate that there [>]

Ignorance of physical health in mental health

According to the World health organization " Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being, not merely the absence of disease and infirmity". With the socio-cultural context, stigma and stereotyping are the major barrier of physical health in mental health.

A case study on amazon

The plan of action of Amazon is reflected by its brand and the chain of clients with a huge developing client database, its conveyance channels and easy to use web store front Amazon for this situation benchmarks the business-to-purchaser technique catching up the coordination idea and making a harmony in the middle of [>]

Most nazi propaganda was ineffective essay

Not all the propaganda in Nazi Germany was successful but I believe that overall propaganda was massively successful in gaining Hitler and the Nazis support and influencing Germans with Nazi ideas and attitudes. By dominating all aspects of society many Germans were well informed about the policies of the Nazis and the success [>]

Shadow economies essay sample

2 Definition and Extent of the Shadow Economy According to Friedrich Schneider, a leading expert on the underground economy, the shadow economy can be defined as " those economic activities and the income derived from them that circumvent or otherwise avoid government regulation, taxation or observation". The chart below summarises the size of [>]

Chapter 1. down the rabbit hole

A caucus race and a Long tale Alice gets to the bank and meets birds and other animals of the land. She tells her the dream she's had and runs off to tea.

Chronology of events in pakistan from historical perspective

BRITISH PERIOD 1757 Battle of Plassey and British victory over Mughal forces in Bengal; conventional date for beginning of British rule in India. INDEPENDENT PAKISTAN 1947 August Partition of British India; India achieves independence and incorporates West Bengal and Assam; Pakistan is created and incorporates East Bengal and territory in the northwest; Jinnah [>]

The therapeutic approaches to treating phobias

A large component of treating phobias is the knowledge that specific phobias relate to one isolated situation or object. Conditioning is widely believed to contribute to the development and treatment of phobias.

The benefits of ethical behaviour commerce essay

Ethical statements imply the employees, business associates, and the larger community a consistent portrait of the company's operating principles that need to be adhered, why the cpmany exists, what it believes, and how it intends to act to make sure that its activities comply with its professed beliefs. Ethical standards also play important [>]

Editorial: arterial aging and age-associated arterial diseases

The inflammatory regulatory cascades are the key signaling that drives the cellular changes involved in the adverse arterial wall remodeling thus facilitating the exponential increase in mortality and morbidity related to hypertension and atherosclerosis. Aging increases the deposits of the advanced glycation end-products, the long-lived molecules of advanced glycation of extracellular matrix in [>]

English essays – hitchcock movie of rebecca

Although both the novel and film reveals society's wish to keep the sexuality of women under control some of DuMaurier's message lost in the translation of novel to film. However, Rebecca's death suggests that both novel and film are in agreement that patriarchal society views Rebecca actions as immoral and that her death [>]

Facts of b. (f) a is sued

The question is whether A, the acceptor of a bill of exchange, knew that the name of the payee was fictitious. The fact that A was in the habit of shooting at people with intent to murder them is irrelevant.

Introduction zones based on factors like vegetation

The paper singles out the issue of desertification, among the many environmental issues in Eritrea, expounding on the Eritrean flora, the reason behind its desertification and further pointing out the major strategies that the government has put in place to make its fight against desertification a success as it stands. The zone covers [>]

Editorial: marching toward 100% whole genome sequencing

Whole genome sequencing becomes a critical tool to determine the extent of restructuring and to assist in deciphering the mechanisms of genome rearrangements. In this Research Topic, a collection of eight articles touches upon various aspects of whole genome sequencing, encompassing challenges to obtain 100% genome sequence coverage or reliable reference genomes, mapping [>]

Book review the immortal life of henrietta lack essay

Rebecca Skloot wants Henrietta's story to be told, and the injustice or her family by not receiving any kind of compensation or benefit from all that the HeLa cells provided to medicine especially since she had no knowledge or consent in the matter. One of the biggest contributions of the HeLa cells were [>]

How is human nature changed from technology?

The basic reason for the development of propaganda can be described as how to take advantages from the technological enhancement and the internal of human nature. In spite of the technology enhancement that improve the appearance and the hardware of propaganda, the people who are easily be allured by propaganda can be described [>]

What the butler saw

There were six main characters in the play, these included the doctor, the secretary, the wife, the bell boy, the psychiatrist, and the police man. The audience found the performance of the actor playing the part of the doctor to be very comical with the extent the play went to just because of [>]

Public administration assignment

Riggs believed that the degree to which each component of a society differs from another In function Is measurable, and that measures of functional differentiation an be used to locate the three societal types along a continuum. Monroe also considers the prismatic model a reflection of Western standards, and urges Riggs to study [>]

Narrative report on ‘vertigo’ assignment

The story refers to the way in which the plot is presented, the ' personality' imposed onto it by the ' storyteller and the way in which it is interpreted by the viewer, including all of the information that is inferred and assumed by the viewer. In the film Vertigo the distinction between [>]

Introduction to curriculum and pedagogy education essay

Since curriculum posses major impact on all educational activities, every educational institution has a curriculum that is in accord and appropriate to the position, function and rational of these institutions. The final step in Tyler's rational; evaluation is the process of examining vitality placed by the curriculum to those finalised educational objectives.

Environment debate club

A platform for debating and establishing issues forenvironmentThis is the first of a three partinterviewwith Mashaed Hasan Simanta, the executive Program director of the IBA-JUEDC.Md. SIMANTA: IBA-JUEDC is a non-profit Debate association that was founded in 2008 with a goal of promoting the development of our debate skills in IBA-JU.

Microenvironmental factors affecting toyota

The microenvironmental factors that affected the introduction and sale of the Toyota Prius were it customers, competitors and publics. The biggest factors of the Toyota Prius' microenvironment are media and the government.

Nationalism and case study of northern ireland history essay

The predominant role of nationalism and the high interest in it has led to extensive literature on the topic and many scholars published works and studies on it in a number of other fields besides political sciences such as psychology and sociology. The Dictionary of International Relations names two usages of the term [>]

Atlantic computers case essay

After an initial marketing meeting with a few key players, Jowers had input from the head of the server division, the director of the division's R&D team, and the director of new product marketing. I think the software is a key selling point to the company, and not charging for the software undermines [>]

Effect of the internet on brain and cognition

The idea behind this study is that, theoretically, one individual and the Internet can form a sort of transactive memory system in which the individual feels that the vast stores of knowledge on the Internet are readily accessible at any time, and the individual will feel much more confident in his or her [>]

Pest analysis of nokia and motorola

There is no doubt, that with the invention of the telephone, telecommunication has become one of the essential innovations of human being since the 19th century, and at the present time, companies which support worldwide dialogue as premier leaders are the celluler phone manufacturers. Paul and Joseph Galvin, the masterminds of the firm, [>]

Reflectiv wring on a personality development theory

Growing up I was always considered by other to be a very brilliant child and I eventually developed the feeling that I was. In the sixth grade I did the Grade Six Achievement Test and attained a pass to attend one of the noblest institutions in the country.

An inquiry into the good philosophy essay

One of the most serious problems is that of fact and meaning in pure experience. And that " the will is fact of pure experience" and that true reality " is not simply an experience but something with meaning".

Assignment on economic condition of bangladesh

GAP Growth The government has targeted to achieve the GAP growth rate of seven percent in FYI 2011-12 based on assumptions of further improvements in the global and domestic economy and taking into account the expected impacts of reforms initiated in various sectors. In FYI 2011-12, the government has targeted the rate of [>]

Hunger in kenya essay

Considering the hierarchical structure of Kenyan health system, basically, the health system of Kenya is governed from the top level down to the bottom level by the ministry of health. The availability of the best and the most sophisticated health services are present in the national level hospital, with the next best level [>]

A doll house – 2

Nora's fancy dress costume, the Christmas tree and the Tarantella dance symbolized the movement towards freedom of a woman victim to her society. Nora's position in the home was like that of the tree.

Causes and solutions to domestic violence in american society

By realizing the causes of poverty and a lack of education, the issue of domestic violence can be dissected in this sociological phenomenon. A lack of education in relationships and the tendency of both parties in the relationship rely on dysfunctional approaches to stress and communication, resulting in the violence that relies on [>]

Allied powers between the conferences yalta and potsdam

The most major change was that the war had ended, and this altered the mindset of the allies greatly. Furthermore, immediately after Yalta, Russia began the sovietisation of the areas it occupied, and did this without any consideration to the policies of the allies in the west.

Distributing condoms to high school students

No adult can determine the mindset of a youth and if the student decides they want to become sexually involved it is important that they are aware of some of the contraceptive methods. One of the concerns of a parent would be that providing the condoms and teaching about them would increase the [>]

Technology affecting communication

It does seem to reason that the beginning of this process was slow to start, due to the delinquency of other advancement. But none achieve the capacity due in large part to the uniquely human ability to use language" In the beginning of the human exploit of communication, for the basic premise of [>]

Carbon tax in australia environmental sciences essay

Carbon dioxideis considered to be a heat-trapping" greenhouse" gas, and the purpose of a carbon tax is to protect theenvironmentby penalizing emissions of carbon dioxide, which may causeglobal warming. The Australian carbon price is technically an emissions trading scheme, as it operates on the basis of permits that can be traded, but initially [>]

How colors affect emotions

Take for example the calming effect of the colors light blue and white to the mind and body to a person. These colors that we are attracted to are the source of our motives.

Free speech & the internet argumentative essay

In 1977, the Supreme Court ruled that the Internet " is a unique medium entitled to the highest protection under the free speech protections of the First Amendment to the U.S. The courts ruling was that the internet is a unique medium and it is entitled to free speech protections guaranteed under the [>]

Discovery of huttusha archeological site history essay

The great temple is one astonishing monument found in Huttushi that was a dedication to Arinna, the god of storm and goddess of the Sun. Hattusa, a sprawling city was the beating heart of the entire empire and was hard for the archeologists to appreciate due to the fact that the foundation of [>]

Unforgettable day in romania

I will rely on this quality of mine to a very great extent both in the course of the curriculum and my career as a medical practitioner. The process of childbirth is a never ending miracle and the more I have heard from my mother the greater my yearning has been to specialize [>]


There are some of the basic concepts of e-commerce that applies to understanding the difference of the relationship formation and maintenance in the market space and also in the market place. Furthermore, since the scope of the e-marketing is huge, there was a decision to create 3 categories in order to cater all [>]

Applications of probiotics in the body

Diverse group of bacteria are the part of this ecological system, each group of microbe has a specific role and site of colonization building a faithful chemistry in-between the microbes and the harboring body systems. The coexistence of microbes within the body is essential as they play a crucial role in the anatomical, [>]

The genius of john bardeen

If indeed achievements and great works is the trademark of a man of great intelligence then it would not be difficult to heap accolades and to celebrate the genius of John Bardeen. Bardeen was not agreeable to the fact that William Shockley was considered as the co-inventor of the transistor and share the [>]

How police officers learn professional ethics assignment

Braswell " one of the most defining characters of the police occupation is the potential use of coercive force, especially deadly force, to impose the will of the state and another defining yet less well-understood characteristic is ethics" Exactly as Law, medicine, business, or further occupations are distinguished by ethics that direct people [>]

The effectiveness of the violence against women act criminology essay

This paper looks at the Violence against Women Act signed by congress in 1994 and its effectiveness as well as the results of mandated batterer intervention programs in the United States. Funding and implementing the VAWA promoted education and training for judges and had them remand perpetrators to batterer intervention programs which had [>]

Editorial: interaction of nanomaterials with the immune system: role in nanosafety and nanomedicine

In this perspective, it is of major importance assessing the interaction between ENM and the immune system, since in all living organisms the immune system is deputed to defending and maintaining the integrity of the body, and its failure is cause of damage and disease. The Research Topic " Interaction of nanoparticles with [>]

Barilla case study essay

The JITD proposes to rather than send product to the distributors according to their internal planning processes, they should look at all of the distributors' shipment data and send only what is needed at the stores. They could try to reduce their own distributions costs, inventory costs, inventory levels, and they manufacturing costs [>]

Reproduction in a mountainous region called the

The whole process of multiplication involves two elements, that is, Jack the sperm and Alice the Egg. Walter and Krause and Rajesh argue that most of the times it is Jack who pays Alice a visit because her surroundings are quite dangerous hence she is always indoors.

The followings are the rights of coparceners in

The followings are the rights of coparceners in the coparcenary: There is unity of possession and the right of common enjoyment in the joint family property available to all the coparceners. According to Privy Council " there is community of interest and unity of possession between all the members of the family and [>]

Atp-gated p2x receptors in health and disease

In the nervous system, ATP-gated P2X receptors are expressed in neurons, glia and vascular cells and are characterized by a variety of distinct properties. The trafficking and targeting of P2X receptors.

Editorial: multiple stressors across ecosystem boundaries

To further this research field on the combined impact of stressors across ecosystem continuums, Bruder et al.provide a novel perspective to include food-web characteristics and biotic interactions in analyses of multiple-stressor effects on ecosystems. The observed link is likely relevant for a wide range of organisms and prone to observed local and global [>]

Vodafone marketing mix indroduction marketing essay

Vodafone appeals to new customers and aims to keep its existing ones by emphasising the uniqueness of the brand. Beckham is supporting the campaign to promote Vodafone live! in the UK and in other markets.

Analysis of economies based on data into stage 1, 2 and 3

And the data provided in the spread sheet, the countries can be divided into: Factor Driven Economies [2] Efficiency Driven Economies [3] Innovation Driven Economies [4] This distinction is primarily based upon GDP per Capita as well as share of exports of mineral goods in total exports.[5] Stage 1 Factor Driven Economies: Vietnam [>]

Reality versus glorification of war: close readings from here, bullet

Here, the speaker describes war as " a language made of blood", meaning that war is gruesome, bloody, and something that is not to be taken lightly, a sentiment carried throughout the collection. Furthermore, it is these differences between the reality and glorification of war is what create a culture that supports and [>]

Leonid brezhnev the leader of the ussr history essay

Extreme tensions between the United States and the USSR had developed after World War II due to the division of postwar Europe and the issue of the spread of communism, which led to a nuclear arms race between the two world powers. Brezhnev initially made a series of successful attempts to improve lingering [>]

Oscillations trumped by behavior: a link between sensory and direct electrical stimulation of cortical activity

A commentary on Behavioral modulation of stimulus-evoked oscillations in barrel cortex of alert rats by Venkatraman, S, and Carmena, J.M. In fact, the authors show a direct, inverse correlation between the amplitude of the stimulation-induced oscillations and the strength of whisking during stimulation; they also demonstrate that this inverse relation with behavior occurs [>]

Fleeting trusts and moldy crusts

Primo became keen to the inner workings and motives of these camps fairly early on in his journey, realizing that " if we want to keep [our names], we will have to find in ourselves the strength to do so, to manage somehow so that behind the name something of us, of us [>]

Reyes photography – a digital marketing plan assignment

RPR also wants Sam and Ella to spread the word about the services of the brand and their personal experiences with the brand from the friendly, competent and efficient service, to the beautiful photos and videos created and that it is worth every peso invested. RPR emails and SMS' to Sam and Ella [>]