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Genetics and the individualized therapy of vestibular disorders

Mutations in MICA, TLR10, and NFKB1, all of which are associated with the immune system, have been associated with differences in the occurrence and rate of progression of SNHL in sporadic MD patients. In addition to the isolated vestibulopathies, dizziness, and episodic vertigo is found in combination with moderate or severe hearing loss [>]

Fluid bolus therapy in pediatric sepsis: current knowledge and future direction

The worldwide burden of sepsis in pediatric intensive care in terms of morbidity and mortality remains high and is a key healthcare priority. Yet, in the face of many unanswered questions and associated harm, the imperative to investigate the role of FBT in sepsis exists.

The four deadly sins of implicit attitude research

For example, responses may or may not be fast and efficient, respondents may or may not be aware of the purpose of the measure, may or may not intend particular outcomes on the measure, and may or may not be able to intentionally alter responses on the measure. This suggests that the evaluations [>]

Diagnosis of covid-19 pneumonia based on graph convolutional network

Limited by the insufficient training samples and the great number of parameters in deep learning structures, the ACC of the above methods based on 3D-CT images is not satisfied. As the equipment information is usually acquired and is an essential feature to images, we propose to utilize the task of predicting equipment type [>]

Psychiatric advance directives and artificial intelligence: a conceptual framework for theoretical and ethical principles

The Joint Crisis Plan involves the patient and the care team in a negotiation process with a third-party facilitator who may be a mental health worker, a family member, a trusted person, a custodian, or a lawyer, and the quality of the document could be assessed with a " quality of crisis plan" [>]

Recognition of procurement functions in an organisation essay sample

2 STATEMENT OF THE PROBLEM The Public Procurement Act of 2004 established the National Public Procurement Authority which is the regulatory body for all public procurement in the country. The procurement process in North America usually begins with the review of an organisation's spend portfolio, and the development of appropriate strategies, and proceeds [>]

Clothing store case study

Maria B.s a brand that reaches to all sectors of both the traditional and urban female fashion demand through a unique combination of pricing and the diversity in the fashion lifestyles that she offers. About Us, 2004) However, the council's main attempt to collaborate the efforts of fashion designers failed partly due to [>]

Ethics modules

Question1: If disclosure of a subjects involvement in a specific research study can be potentially harmful to the subject, and the consent form is the only record linking the subject to the research, which of the following would be most helpful: Your answer: Obtain a waiver of documentation of informed consent. Points Earned: [>]

Spectrum of hypertension and high blood pressure biology essay

Treatment of high blood pressure and its associated complications will increase the load on the wellness attention system and loss in the quality of life for 1000000s of patients. The enzymatic cascade of RAS is initiated by release of renin, an aspartyl peptidase by the juxtaglomerular cells located in the sensory nerve and [>]

Generation, gender, and leadership: metaphors and images

This article explores the metaphors and images used by different generations of women to describe women's leadership in higher education and the impact on their careers and career ambitions. It will examine: The metaphors and images masculinist organizational cultures in universities use to legitimize the low percentage of women in top leadership [>]

Tourism and social exclusion in the dominican republic

It is the oldest and one of the most developed tourism areas of the country, and it continues to grow. In due course, the growth of the tourism industry became a " peaceful" method of attaining long-lasting political power and financial control in the markets and politics of the South.

Problem statement and plan of analysis business essay

Identification of Disruptive Growth OpportunitiesCompanies that express the need to build disruptive growth opportunities usually have one of the two options at their disposal namely; being able to compete against non consumption that in the end lead to an establishment of what is commonly referred to as the type one disruption or they [>]

Upsee 2009

1) 1 only 2) 2 and 3 3) All 4) None of these 4. 1) 1 and 4 2) 2 and 4 3) 3 and 4 4) None of these 13.

The improvement of quality education education essay

ICPIC encourages the improvement of quality education and promotes the setting up of regional centres of Philosophy to help in assisting and designing of PFC and philosophical enquiry courses. Membership to this organisation is open to all those who believe in the philosophical enquiry approach and encourages teachers to share and bring their [>]

India’s ban of chinese toys- wto report essay

1 per cent by mass of plasticized material.* Of the sampled toys that children generally put in their mouths, 29 per cent exceeded the phthalate limit.* Of the 24 samples picked randomly, 14 were found to be from China and 2 from Taiwan 57 per cent of the China-made toys and 100 per [>]

State administration for industry and commerce economics essay

Of the total retail sales in China, the government targeting to get more than 5 % online shopping sales by the end of the Twelfth Five-Year Plan. Therefore, in aggregate, the effects of this group on the retail sector and the economy as a whole should be more apparent, driving the consumption level [>]

Introduction of information security systems cis4385

DDoS middle c.replay d.smurf Grade: 1 User Responses: c.replay Feedback: a. SQL c.web Grade: 1 User Responses: Feedback: a.

Nursing care plan essay

Vasculitis is a narrowing of the inside of a blood vessel that can obstruct the flow of blood to the tissues. 0 albumin is a protein that is formed in the liver and that helps to maintain normal distribution of water in the body.

Managing peoples activities and roles and organisation essay

This is the chief ground why the enlisting procedure and the methods related to it are possibly the most of import and with the highest precedence in the HR direction. The function of the HR directors in this procedure is to give valuable advice sing the Torahs of employments that apply in the [>]

Waste generation in india environmental sciences essay

Each human activity produce waste but quantity and composition of waste differ by lifestyle, and with urbanization life of people is changing with very high rate, as per ministry of Urban development and Ministry of environment of Government of India this present speed of urbanization will result in increase of urban population upto [>]

How can delhi traffic be more human centric sociology

As portion of the thesis the writer will loosely research the impact of people in the Delhi conveyance system and its different aspects. South territory is considered to be the most flush of all residential territories of Delhi.

The piano lesson

The trauma at the heart of this family history is precisely the traffic in human flesh echoed in the song, the sale of the totemic figures depicted on the piano's legs. The Ghosts of the Yellow Dog, the ghosts of Willie and Berniece's murdered father and his hobo companions, and the ghost of [>]

Du journalism syllabus assignment

The Delhi College of Arts and Commerce was the first to start this prestigious course and today five colleges of the University of Delhi are proud to offer the same. The controller of examination, University of Delhi, South Campus will conduct the Central admission test with the help of the Dean, Faculty of [>]

Representation and democracy in britain, 1830-1931 essay sample

Much of the discontent was caused by the economic downturn following the ending of the Napoleonic Wars and the demobilisation of c. The franchise extension of 1884 was to be the ' herald of far reaching changes in the elemental structure of society'.* The new electorate would be the means to the end [>]

Solution to auditing and assurance service: 1,12,b, 3

Key questions include " Are the accounts valued correctly? " and " Are expenses allocated to the period benefited? " Classification and understandability assertion: The objective is to establish with evidence that presentation and disclosures are properly classified on the financial statements and that financial statements including footnotes are understandable to the financial [>]

Strategies for financing real estate development in ghana

0 Theory of the Real Estate Industry and the Provision of Finance......................29 2.2. 4 AIM The chief purpose of the survey is to lend to a better apprehension of the fiscal patterns and jobs on the growing of existent estate houses in Ghana.

The alpha point our heritage theology religion essay

There are many aspects of it: the shock of the colonial experience with all that this brought in its train, the introduction of Western model as a universal value, the now widespread shake-up of this model, the systematic intra-national impoverishment of the third world, and also the ambiguity of certain traditional African values. [>]

At&t u-verse marketing plan assignment

The marketing goals are on track for achievement and the progress of the U-verse is not lagging from any elements that compose the strategy and positioning of the product. In order to meet the future needs of its customers, AT&T needs to expand its U-verse infrastructure from fiber-to-the-node to fiber-to-the-home.

Philosophical foundation and present scenerio law constitutional administrative essay

The Act provides that instead of " writs", orders in the nature of Mandamus, Prohibition and Certiorari will be issued by the High Court and instead of writ Quo Warranto, the High Court would be entitled to issue injunction against the usurper to the office in question instead of asking him as to [>]

Malaysian studies revision note essay

From the social aspect, the Japanese invasion worsened the relationship among the races in the country because the Japanese were against the Chinese and on the side of the Malays. The primary role of the Judiciary in this matter is to act as an institution that defends the supremacy of the Constitution and [>]

Customers investors estate essay

During the class of this research work I was provided with an chance to interact with the figure of people to have their responses for questionnaire gave a glance of the behaviours of people and how a research worker should continue to arouse the responses comfortably. With the shifting of more and more [>]

Legal requirement in a host country essay sample

It is bordered to the north by Burma and Laos, to the east by Laos and Cambodia, to the south by the Gulf of Thailand and Malaysia, and to the west by the Andaman Sea and the southern extremity of Burma. Its maritime boundaries include Vietnam in the Gulf of Thailand to the [>]

Cream bell essay

It is estimated that only 30% of the entire market is " organized" and the industry meets the classic definition of a fragmented industry, that is, one where there is an absence of market leaders with the power to shape industry events. INTRODUCTION TO CREAM BELL ICE CREAM Cream bell ice cream is [>]

Geothermal heating were researched engineering essay

Since the burning of fossil fuel and the start of the industrial revolution, the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere has substantially increased. Some of the solar radiation is reflected from the earth's surface and the earth's atmosphere.

The efficiency market hypothesis finance essay

The " market efficiency" term is used to explain the relationship between information and the stock price in the capital market literature. If the stock market is efficient that the price will reflect the true values of the stock, then, the scarce saving will be efficiently allocated to productive investment and this investment [>]

Conservation agriculture in dryland maize based systems biology essay

Maize and helianthuss are the most of import harvests, and the North West is the major manufacturer of white corn in the state. The specific aims of the survey will be: To look into the good effects of Lupin, Faba beans, Hairy Vetch and Rye grass on corn productionTo measure the response of [>]

Tesla and gm proposed merger

Current State of the Market: The is the largest in the world for the auto industry, but due to the saturation of automobiles available in the, it is not a market of rapid growth. A report by the Chinese Office of the State Council states, " The automobile industry is an [>]

Gown rental management and information system

Text = String. Text = String.

Training factors affecting performance

Energy systems * alactacid system * lactic acid system * aerobic system Energy Systems The human body requires energy for its organs to function, internal processes to take place and to power muscular contractions for movement * Energy in the human body is stored in the chemical bonds that join atoms and is [>]

Data analysis industry porters five forces analysis management essay

We can assess the attractiveness of the student housing sector using the Porters Fiver Forces of competition analysis that looks at the profitability of the industry as measured by the rate of return on capital relative to the cost of capital as determined by the five competitive forces that play upon the industry. [>]

The role of network the impact of information technology assignment

Since the design, construction and maintenance of buildings and infrastructure are essential for economic development and sustainable growth as well as for the quality of life of citizens, the answers to many of the challenges facing Europe depend on the construction sector".1. 2 Purpose and objectives of master thesis The purpose of this [>]

Facebook case study essay sample

The company had grown to over 60 million users and was expected to grow to 200 million by the end of the year, and Microsoft had recently invested $240MM at an implied valuation of $15 billion. Zuckerberg and Moskovitz agreed to spend the summer of 2004 in Silicon Valley because they had friends [>]

Marketing research on a wig store in vienna

Purpose of Research Project The purpose of the research is to find out if there is potential growth for a wig business in Vienna, and what kind of wigs are the most demanded. In addition to that, as of the current situation we do not have any specific targets for the prices we [>]

The european economic area marketing essay

The information which we would like to request from you, will be categorized into the following: BackgroundRationaleObjectivesMethodologyReportingTime ScalePayment What is the brand image of the Coffee Max brand? What particular aspect/s of the customers' attitude toward the existing packaging would you like the research to focus onIs there are a specific customer preference [>]

Consumer e commerce market marketing essay

Hence it will be interesting to study the overall business models in the e-commerce space, and more specifically the challenges and impact the e-retailing industry will have on the Indian market. Amazon's market share is currently about a third of the total e-commerce industry in the USA[7].

Used simple rule based approaches english language essay

He also points out that successful question comprehension and answering depend on understanding of which parts of the question have information known to the person asking the question, and which part is the request for desired information, i.e, the focal idea of the question. The objective of this task is to reduce the [>]

Westin pune

Shaniwar Wada The historic palace of the Peshwa rulers became the seat of political power during Bajirao reign and became so conspicuous that to this date the palace has become the symbol of the city and itsculture. It imparts training in all branches of the film and television industry and is known for [>]

Hike snowman oryx and crake

Snowman finds the remains of a man in the bathroom, and the woman of the house lying in the king-sized bed. Before he had determined a solution to his plight, he was at the mercy of the pigoons.

Report on banglalion wimax ltd.

We are supposed to do a report on " Prospects of Wimax Industry Development in Savar Area" In this report we have discussed about the prospects and possibilities of Wimax industry and Banglalion. Objectives Broad objective To find out the prospects of wimax industry and Banglalion in Savar.

Trends in developing countries biology essay

24 % of the population is in the age group of 65 and older in Japan. Most of the new growth is likely to occur in small towns and cities.

System requirement specification and analysis information technology essay

This system includes a GUI, a database to keep track of information about stores and restaurants, and a section to implement the different functions of the system. For example, this would include a search function to allow users to find services and utilities on shopping mall based on the information in the database [>]

Food safety scheme and risk assessment essay sample

The implementation of on-farm food safety programs has managed these risks, and the risk is considered low as surveys of dairy products have not detected significant levels of chemicals in Australian milk and dairy products. In addition, risk assessments were conducted on the proposed scheme for egg and egg products and during the [>]

Details theses example

The aims of this study are to study the impact of the iPad in the instruction of English, how the iPad has enhanced interaction between the teachers and the students and how the use of the iPad has changed the perception of students towards learning. The mission of the Higher Colleges of Technology [>]

Problems & prospects of women entrpreneurship

Objective of the study The overall objective of the study is to identify the problems and prosperity of women entrepreneurship in Bangladesh. The objective of our study is described in below: a) To identify the present status of women entrepreneurs in different sectors and the role of women entrepreneurs in the national economy, [>]

Institutional structures

The presence of the Kurdish Party is a constant political risk associated with Turkey, and the high unemployment, especially in the east, is a factor in the country's economic risk. The majority of the notable strategic approaches for operating in South Africa are related to the governmental and economic institutions of the country.

A critical research on the indian endeavor to achieve regional and strategic global dominance in foreign direct investments (fdi)

The business environment of the country is the last focus, leaning towards the study of the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of India, the foreign investment policy of the country, and the operational risks that should be considered in doing business in the aforementioned. The effect of the weakening investment client together with [>]

Table of content

Macroeconomics became the dominant interest of economists between the 1950s and 1970s largely due to two factors: first, the development of national income accounts which allowed us to systematically measure national economic performance for the first time; and secondly, that governments had both the duty and the ability to stabilise the growth of [>]

Yeast and different carbohydrate substrates essay sample

That is, the substrate becomes attached to the enzyme using the active site of the enzyme using the lock and key theory. The concept being that the cork would be placed onto the mouth of the conical flask and as the Carbon Dioxide is produced through anaerobic respiration, it rises up and goes [>]

Drama and play

In the Middle Ages, the services of the church used to be in Latin, and the Bible was therefore, beyond the comprehension of the common people. In comedy it implies the removal of the obstacles or the clearing away of the misunderstanding which has hitherto been hindering the good fortune of the hero [>]

The overall global competitiveness index 2011-2012 rankings are #1 switzerland essay sample

In fact, 84% of FDI in the 2012 came from or through eight countries: Switzerland, UK, Japan, France, Germany, Luxembourg, The Netherlands, and Canada.- UNCTAD reports output of goods and services by 82, 000 TNCs and 810, 000 of their foreign affiliates had FDI stock of $20tr in 2013, total sales of [>]


In the middle of the pyramid, in Tiers 2 and 3, are poor customers in developed nations and the rising middle classes in developing countries, the targets of MNCs' past emerging-market strategies. The perception that the bottom of the pyramid is not a viable market also fails to take into account the growing [>]

The banking industry of pakistan finance essay

Sehar Saeed This study is undertaken to explore the determinants of high banking spreads in the banking industry of Pakistan. The study is based on the following objectives: To identify the determinants of high banking spreads i.e.profitability in the banking industry of Pakistan.

Sports nutrition market in india

Properties and application of whey Because of the functionality of whey, it finds use in the manufacture of various fields and products. The reason of this expansion has been the increase in demand of the whey based products and rise in global prices of these products.

Human rights and discrimination issues essay sample

In 1830, Congress enacted the Indian Removal Act which empowered the President to negotiate with the eastern tribes for their relocation to the west of the Mississippi River. Since Saratina and Malevina are the states of the United States and people living there being the Native Indians, this essay has highlighted the problem [>]

Future-time-span as a cognitive skill in future studies

When the field was, to a certain extent, expropriated from the thinkers and leaders, the state of mind, or skill, which had guided the thinkers in the fashioning of their evaluations of the future, was lost to the researchers of Future Studies. The Psychoanalytic Approach According to this approach, the perception of time [>]


This module aims to provide students with an overview of theories and explanations of crime, the nature of crime and offenders, and social and legal responses to crime, in order to encourage a critical appreciation of these important issues. The objective of criminology is the development of a body of general and verified [>]

Compliance of local authority tax by small and medium enterprises (smes) in nairobi

Compliance costs: the costs to taxpayers and others of paying taxes, over and above the tax itself Single Business Permit: is " a permit that allows the conduct of a business or trade, including a profession or occupation, within the area of a local authority. Tax administration practices: the interactions between taxpayers and [>]

Assessment 2 tutorial activities

The main sources of law in this country are found in: * The laws made by the common wealth, state and territory parliaments and under the auspices of: * The Australian constitutions; and * State and territory constitutions; * Case law, which is found in the decisions of federal and state courts; and [>]


Section 7 outlines the significant body of international legislation and policy on the rights of children with disabilities to an inclusive education in mainstream schools, and the important role of accessible ICTs in achieving these rights. 3 The United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities The UN Convention of the [>]