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Youth culture in japan.

The History of Youth Culture in Japan In order to understand youth culture in Japan, it is necessary to examine its history in comparison with youth in the United States and the United Kingdom. Advanced Consumption Culture and Youth Culture: After the Second Half of the 1970s From the latter half of the [>]

Igbo race and world theology religion

Further, Uzoigwe expresses how deep-rooted the choler still remains in the uterus and bowels of the Igbo adult females and work forces.he states, " Although the Igbo seem to hold forgiven their countrymen for what they did to them, the cicatrixs of the pogrom and the desolation of the civil war will stay [>]

Seminar on ubiquitous computing essay

For example, a context-aware map might use the information that the user is away from home, has no appointments, and that the time is 6: 00 in the evening to determine that the user could soon be interested in dinner. The idea behind natural interaction is for the computer to supply services, resources, [>]

Faith-based coping among arabic-speaking refugees seeking mental health services in berlin, germany: an exploratory qualitative study

The sharp rise in numbers of Muslims in Germany has inevitably led to a significant shift in the sociopolitical landscape within Germany and in Europe. This included questions regarding the nature of the war and conflict they fled back home, the experience of their displacement journey, and current challenges faced or experienced following [>]

Tele-education 18627

For this case, the signals or information transmitted do not arrive at all the receiver at the same time, for example, the question raised by the lecturer might not received by the students at the same time and this is not a good environment for Tele-education system. This study covers the background of [>]

Comparison of alginate utilization pathways in culturable bacteria isolated from arctic and antarctic marine environments

All the genomes contain the genes encoding the 5 key enzymes involved in alginate utilization, except that the kdgF gene is absent from the genomes of 5 strains. Most of the aly genes are clustered in the alginate utilization gene clusters, which belong to PL6, 7, and 17.

The roles of embryonic transcription factor brachyury in tumorigenesis and progression

In addition, the role of BRACHYURY gene in developing mesoderm, morphogenesis, and cell fate is evolutionarily conserved. Formation of mesoderm tissue requires a regulatory loop in which Xbra activates the expression of a member of the FGF family and FGF maintains the expression of Xbra.

The normalization of conservative gender politics in chile and the role of civil society

After the end of the military dictatorship, some protagonists of the women's movement became members of the national women's secretariat, thus shaping the gender politics of the young democracy. The study of Chilean women's movements is based on a literature review of the role of women's movements in transition and on a secondary [>]


The development is proportional to the reinvestment and accumulation of the profit in the free. These are the City of Beijing in China, City of Manchester in the Great Britain, and the city of Nairobi in Kenya.

Fabrication and analysis of reynolds experiment setup

Flow in Pipe For flow in a pipe or tube, the Reynolds number is generally defined as Where: - - is the mean fluid velocity in D is the diameter - - - - - is the dynamic viscosity of the fluid is the kinematic viscosity is the density of the fluid Q [>]

Islamic banking and mutual funds finance essay

In 1980, the process of economic liberalization started in both nations by presenting the idea of privatization, but the results were different from those of governmental uncertainty in Pakistan and the economic climate was poorly handled under the reduces to govt involvement. Shariah-compliant ways of funding like Musharaka mudaraba and motivated so that [>]

Internal factors affect change of leadership in organization

The purpose of the present study is to investigate whether negative work-related health attributions are separate from ill-health, and if the concept contributes to the understanding of negative attitudes towards the job and the organization, and turnover intentions.1. The present study The purpose of the present study was to investigate the role of [>]

Acca paper p1 governance, risk and ethics june 2011 assignment

Any change in the risk profile or environment of the KAPLAN PUBLISHING 5 ACCA P1: GOVERNANCE, RISK AND ETHICS rganisation will necessitate a change in the system and a failure or slowness to respond may increase the vulnerability to internal or external trauma. Governance actions that will be implemented In order to ensure [>]

The effect of mobile technology intervention as business solution to customer satisfaction

To determine if the patients will be satisfy with the mobile technology, to know if there is a significant effect using mobile technology than the existing process and to determine the difference between the existing process and the process applied by mobile technology to the end user and to the hospital. THE PROBLEM [>]

The financing problems for manufacturing industry economics essay

There is a wide disparity between the ownership rates in the rural areas and the other parts of the country. In the 1950's, the advent of the digital computer and associated technology and its initial application to manufacturing was seen as a watershed event.

Exploring consumer perception about premium watches in indian context

The instance delved into several facets of the perceptual Fieldss associated with consumer behaviour with the aim of happening the most appropriate attack to foster the chances of the Xylys trade name. No technetium The liberalisation of markets.the lifting disposable income.exposure to western life styles.and the demand for the new coevals to set [>]

Examining the conceptual framework of feminism essay

Gender believing adopts this feminist stance, with small or no alteration or retouching and with few or no disclaimers, so that it is conventional gender believing to situate work forces as the culprits of female-oppression and favoritism in a society which is viewed as male-dominated, a society in which this sad scenario is [>]

Comedy and british identity essay

It is the perceived differences and the way we talk about television, especially that of British and American television, that led me to this study of British television and specifically at the reflection of the dynamic of the British and American relationship within television. Examining the development of the industry helps to understand [>]

The hidden curriculum assignment

8 In the fifth school the majority of the families belong to the capitalist class. The answers are in the book and in one's understanding of the book; the teacher's hints when one does not know the answers are to " read it again" or to look at the picture or at the [>]

The human environment relationship environmental sciences essay

The Stockholm Conference in 1972-at Stockholm adopted " Declaration on the Human Environment " and " Declaration Principles " In short, the Declaration states that the man is both creature and moulder of his environment and the protection and improvement of human environment is major issue for the survival of human race. The [>]

Cobbler scam essay

This was one of the worst scam in India that cheated the poorest people of the society and benefited a lot of rich and elite people. On the basis of the complaints, the police carried out its own investigations, and a diligent officer in the office of the Registrar of Cooperative Societies decided [>]

Credit link capital subsidy scheme

1 crore.he rate of subsidy has been enhanced from 12 per cent to 15 per cent.the admissible capital subsidy is to be calculated with reference to the purchase price of plant and machinery, instead of the term loan disbursed to the beneficiary unit.the practice of categorisation of SSI units in different slabs on [>]

Visual merchandising in line with apparel, book essay

The success of the program will be reflected in the better presentations, displays, indoor and outdoor communication about the stores. Visual Merchandising is the way we can differentiate between the products and create an image which matches to that of the value proposition of the store.

Internet service provider narrative

I had to install the greylisting service on the new server and everything was? ne but it was a huge change. I also set up a provisioning source for the mail system and a test package to test the PayPal payments.2.3.

Miracle of life

Baby's 1st experience to feel his sense of touch Baby's 1st experience of the impact of light and sound We cannot say exactly how the baby feels by conscious awareness and memory, but we cannot assume that he is insensitive to all the factors.' mneme' Recording by the unconscious memory of all the [>]

Content and formal schemata in esl reading essay

In fact, in the case of both content and form, what we are interested in is the interaction between the content and form of texts and the content schemata and formal schemata, respectively, of readers. The title of this article is taken from the perspective of the reader, the research design of the [>]

Real exchange rate determinants in ghana economics essay

Previous empirical studies on the determinants of the real exchange rate in Ghana have ignored the possible effects of the 1983 economic reforms as well as the effects of the changes in the BOG's behaviour in NFA holding. The task in this approach is typically to estimate the extent of misalignment, which is [>]

The overall agri environmental performance environmental sciences essay

The present paper places the movement within the analysis of a conflict between two symbioses, between the community and the environment on the one hand, and between the corporation and the state on the other. In order to show the degree of the community's rejection of the mine to the state and corporation, [>]

Business analysis of eu yan sang international limited essay

The company is group of companies operated in Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore and Australia by senior direction of the company. The company name is Eu Kong is made up of the words " Yan " and " Sang ".

The market segments retailing formats economics essay

Concerning the above issues, it is critical to understand the competitive landscape in China retail market, the success factors, the factors lead to the loosed to local retailers, consumer buying behaviour in China, and what does the future hold for retailing in China. To address the issues raised in the problem statement, the [>]

Chapter 1 accounting tb flashcard

Answer: FalseDifficulty: 1Objective: 3 Terms to Learn: supply chain The value chain refers to the sequence of business functions in which customer usefulness is added to products or services.21. Marketing Answer: dDifficulty: 1Objective: 3 Terms to Learn: marketing 102.__________ is the delivery of products or services to customers.a.

Celebrity endorsement narrative

A well-managed celebrity endorsement has the ability to convey to the customers that the celebrity is benefiting from the brand, and they will too. The key to the process is the simultaneous activation of the brand and celebrity nodes.

Contribution of reader response theory in the study of literature

In the first chapter the rise of English is traced, in order to approach the methods in the teaching of English which were employed when English was established as an academic subject in the universities of England, which further leads us in the direction of New Criticism. It opposed the idea of locating [>]


The existence of the American people as a phenomenon is one of the clearest imaginable illustrations of the force of learning: with a multitude of genetic roots, it demonstrates a collective mental programming that is striking to the non-American. In the case of the desired, the norm is statistical: it indicates the values [>]

Cp rice global marketing assignment

Objectives The objective of this report is to find out the background of the company, as Rice is specific product and Singapore is a trading partner. The types of rice that have to reserve are Fragrant Rice, White Rice and Broken Rice.

An extended and customised technology acceptance model business essay

Identifying new factors/constructs and besides modifying some concepts of the original UTAUT theoretical account The significance of the proposed survey is in mensurating behavioral purpose and use of nomadic payment services utilizing UTAUT theoretical account as its conceptual foundation, and the survey aims to lend to the design of a movable theoretical account [>]

Microfinancing: a solution to poverty?

With the goal of harnessing the capacity of the poor women to earn income, the microfinance program has been the center of many services provided for by the bank to its partner-beneficiaries. The article of Mainsah presented several contentions which demonstrate the success of the Grameen Bank in addressing the challenges of [>]

Growth drivers in india for retail sector economics essay

With a contribution of 14 percent to the national GDP and employing 7 per cent of the total workforce in the country, the retail industry is definitely one of the pillars of the Indian economy. However, in spite of the recent developments in retailing and its immense contribution to the economy, retailing continues [>]

A study on mutual fund in india

The report presents the results obtained from the research analysis in order to find out the reason for the redemption of the investors from the Kotak fund and also to compare the performance and portfolio of its competitors. 1)Data Collection Method: Secondary data were used for analyses such as and performance of various [>]

The debate regarding the effectiveness cultural studies essay

The purpose of this chapter is to give an outline of the core debates that will be investigated throughout the course of this work, and to give some elucidation to the different issues that will be mentioned. The rationale behind this research is the challenging of a number of received wisdoms as to [>]

Remembering the prophets bible theology religion essay

In order to gain a new perspective, we need to travel into the history of the church to see how the way we have learned to think about church is now out of touch with the reality of our changing world. Much of what we do seems incompatible with the way of Jesus [>]

The gap between ethical policy and ethical practice business essay

Goldman Sachs, one of the biggest investment banks in the world, had a big stake in the cause of the financial crisis. Some scholars state that the problem is that even if a company has a code of ethics, that follows good practice in terms of development and design, a gap between policy [>]

Coso presentation

Objectives fall into three categories: - Operations relating to effective and efficient use of the entity's resources - Financial reporting relating to preparation of reliable published financial statements - Compliance relating to the entity's compliance with applicable laws and regulations Components Internal control consists of five interrelated components: Controlenvironment; The core of any [>]

Challenges in hrm

This perspective, underpinned by human capital and strategic human resource theories, claims that the real value of HRD practice should be measured in terms of its contribution to organisations as opposed to the value of learning for the individual. Each of the above themes has implications for the work of the HRD practitioner [>]

Relationship of independent variables with fdi economics essay

The FDI decision on the hand, hinges on the characteristics of a particular country or location and the level of investment. As Chakrabarti concluded that FDI has a sensitive relation with many variables and literature is not clear in defining the determinants of FDI.

Case study instructional notes

It is important to communicate the benefits of the ERP implementation and to provide effective training for everyone who is affected by the change in business processes.2. The Future of ERP in Manufacturing and the Supply Chain 1.

Performance improvement in development of systems commerce

However, the writer suggested that the betterment of the PMS is a uninterrupted procedure that involves altering steps to reflect the new thoughts and penetrations brought to the Organisation through creativeness and other development activities. He said, " To concentrate on merely one, such as fiscal public presentation fails to recognize the part [>]

The handbook for infrastructure economics essay

Thus, economic efficiency is measured not by the relationship between the physical quantities of ends and means, but by the relationship between the value of the ends and the value of the means.... Njoh states unequivocally that this is the central theme of his paper " Africa lacks the quality and quantity of [>]

Unisys ltd essay sample

Unisys has economies of scale due to large production facilities but the cost base is high due to economic situation and cost of manufacture in the US. The capital outlay for a new entrant in the industry is high due to the setting up of high technology manufacturing locations, research and development costs [>]

Vbnm – college essay

At the end of the 20th century, American art was considered equal in quality and vitality to art produced in the rest of the world. But it was also due to the growth of New York City as an important center for publishing and the arts, and the immigration of artists and intellectuals [>]

Negative impact on the surrounding area tourism essay

The purpose of this chapter is to define the reasons for choosing certain methods, and giving explanations of the research, as well as the research limitations of the methods. This chapter will combined both the literature review and the methodology in order to see if the outcome is negative as the main aim [>]

Crude oil in india economics essay

C: UsersuserDesktopupes logo.jpg CERTIFICATE OF ORIGINALITYThis is to certify that the dissertation work titled " An Analysis on the impact of import price inflation, exchange rate instability and external shocks on India's Imports from Iran " is a work of the student and is being submitted in partial fulfillment for the award of [>]

Space matrix strategic management method

The following are a few model technical assumptions: - By definition, the CA and IS values in the SPACE matrix are plotted on the X axis.- CA values can range from -1 to -6.- IS values can take +1 to +6.- The FS and ES dimensions of the model are plotted on the [>]

Industrial relations and pending employee litigations management essay

Growth of India petrochemical industry is playing a major role in the growth of the economy and the development of the manufacturing and other sectors. The fiber intermediate sector registered a demand growth of 6% in 2011 and is expected to grow at 7.

National bank of pakistan

We would also like to thank all the staff members of the National Bank of Pakistan, who gave us some of their valuable time to answer all the questions we had regarding their job and working of the HR department and also for providing us with such accurate knowledge of their system especially [>]

The study of personality marketing essay

In addition to the personality of the consumer being of interest to the marketer, brands are also thought to have personalities. The creation and communication of a distinctive brand personality is one of the primary ways marketers can make a product stand out from the competition and inspire years of loyalty to it.

The attention system of language english language essay

Statistical results show that while the intuitive judgments by the paticipants are deviating in Q4, Q5, and Q7, the frequency distributions of the answers to the rest of the eight questions are in agreement with the assumptions by the attentional factors. Due to the theoretical nature of the research questions and the current [>]

An analysis of walt disney’s cinderella

Walt Disney's Cinderella was used in elementary school reading groups to investigate the ways that children understand messages regarding gender and the influence of peercultureon the production of meaning. The findings indicate that gender and gendered expectations were essential to the process of interpretation and the construction of eaning for the children.

Distributed application development

Since the first solution increases the programming complexity, while the second one increases the cost of the system, the research challenge was to determine how far to go in pushing for better performance without compromising the advantage of the software approach 1. The home node retrieves the object update records and calculates the [>]

Academic research akunna onyedum


Stories animate human life english literature essay

They play an intricate role in acculturation, that is, in forming and reflecting the tastes, manners and ideologies of members of a particular society.'[2]Fairy tales, according to Zipes, are not only valuable as literary works of art, but, because they have the power to influence the reader, they are ideological documents which serve [>]

The germination and seedling of mutiny english literature essay

By virtue of his name, this bright angel is conscious that wisdom is obtained through transgression and disobedience, and acknowledges that the route to enlightment and to the knowledge of good and evil is filled with pitfalls: "[L]ong is the way / And hard, that out of Hell leads up to light". Satan's [>]

A solubility of sulfacetamide using surfactants biology essay

The aim of this product is to investigate the use of different types of surfactants on solubility of sulfacetamide. Anionic surfactants were found to be the most effective surfactants in improving solubility of sulfacetamide.

Publication and distribution of digital assets biology essay

In private watermark technique, a private key is used to embed watermark to the host image. The watermark for copyright protection is used for both the owner of the digital assets and the authorized user[7].

Theobromine as a potential cough suppressant biology essay

The aim of this project was to investigate the solubility of theobromine, in particular its solubility at pHs of the stomach and small intestine. Solubility investigated at acidic pH of stomach and neutral pH of intestines showed theobromine to have a solubility of what is reported in water of 0.

Classes of ribonucleotide reductase biology essay

The levels of dNTPs in a cell are dependent upon the activity of the enzyme ribonucleotide reductase, which catalyzes the rate-limiting step of dNTP synthesis. The overall goal of this project is to confirm the results from the screen regarding XRS2 and to characterize the interaction of Xrs2 with elevated dNTP pools.

Media democratization and its effect on mass media essay

If we combine the social aspects of new web applications with technological developments such as the ever dropping price of hardware, the rise of wireless communications and the massi? ation of mobile phones, we can start to see mayor changes in a lot of aspects today's advertising relies on to be e? ective. [>]

Chapter i

The success of the business depends upon the quality of the service offer and delivering the service consistently. The most important factor for the success of the project is the quality of service provided to the customer, which includes customer's privacy, speed of internet and the atmosphere in the caf.

Audience analysis

The five layers of any given audience are giving the speech; thus, the audience is the most important component of speechmaking. And, in a nutshell, that's the purpose of doing demographics: to embed within your message the acceptable parameters of your audience's range of needs.

Information about states in india essay sample

Maharashtra is bordered by the Arabian Sea to the west, Gujarat and the Union territory of Dadra and Nagar Haveli to the northwest, Madhya Pradesh to the north and northeast, Chhattisgarh to the east, Karnataka to the south, Andhra Pradesh to the southeast and Goa to the southwest. Population: As per the 2001 [>]

Comparative brand equity of hutch and airtel cell phone delhi essay

A SUMMER TRAINING REPORT ON " Comparative Brand Equity of Hutch and Airtel Cell phone " [pic] SUBMITTED IN PARTIAL FULFILLMENT OF THE REQUIREMENT OF BACHELOR OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION PREFACE This dissertation presentation is a Part of the course curriculum of the MBA. OBJECTIVES OF STUDY The objective of the study is to [>]

Consumer behavior study notes

Consumer behaviour is a process Buyer behaviour: the interaction between consumers and producers at the time of purchase.* Exchange is an integral part of marketing Consumer behaviour involves many different actors Purchaser and the user of a product may not necessarily be the same person * Another person can also act as an [>]

Health and social care or children and young people’s settings essay sample

Partnership agreed that they would work together to: Develop commitment to, and ownership of the strategic process Develop effective partnerships that can create innovative, effective and joined up interventions to improve the health and well-being of the whole community Foster partnerships that are based on principles of integrity, common understanding, transparency, trust, mutual [>]

Biogeochemical cycles

It is one of the most important cycles of the Earth and allows for carbon to be recycled and reused throughout the biosphere and all of its organisms.[citation needed] The global carbon budget is the balance of the exchanges of carbon between the carbon reservoirs or between one specific loop of the carbon [>]

Traditional healing system

The utility of the Siegler-Osmond model can be demonstrated by comparing a shamanic medical model, an eclectic folk healing model, and the allopathic biomedical model on 12 dimensions: Diagnosis Etiology Patient's behaviour Treatment Prognosis Death andsuicide Function of the institution Personnel Rights and duties of the patient Rights and duties of the family [>]

Online dating in india

Here my objective is to study this dating pattern and objectives of my research are as follows: To draw regional profile of the users of these dating sites. The main idea of this dissertation is to provide an insight to the status of online dating in India and do these sites replace the [>]

Waste management

One of the solutions recommended is the involvement of the private sector. This investigation discovered that the main contradictions include the nature of solid waste, the limitation of so-called " Pareto Efficiency , the presence of externalities, free-rider issues, low-income areas, and a decided lack of accurate information and the prevalence of asymmetric [>]

Ranbaxy laboratories

Ranbaxy is ranked 8th amongst the global generic pharmaceutical companies, and has a presence in 23 of the top 25 pharmaceutical markets of the world. Following are the expectations from the Pharmaceutical Industry in the times to come and how Ranbaxy should strategise to reap in the opportunities of the changing times.

Role of managerial accounting flashcard

The two dimensions of managerial accounting are: A.a decision-facilitating dimension and a decision-influencing dimension.B.a decision-facilitating dimension and a financial-influencing dimension.C.a decision-influencing dimension and a cost-minimizing dimension.D.a cost-minimizing dimension and a profit-maximising dimension.E.a decision-influencing dimension and a profit-maximising dimension.35. The cost of resources supplied but fresh is known as: A.practical capacity costs.B.the cost of [>]

Case study of fdi in india vs china

Objective of the Study:- a) To analyze the pattern and direction of FDI flow in India.b) To identify factors those are responsible for comparatively lesser flow of FDI to India c) To identify reasons for regional imbalances in terms of flow of FDI.d) To review FDI policy of India e) To address various [>]

Youth and economic development in the 21st century africa

1] Other countries have turned to a range of measures to reduce the gender disparity in access to education one illustration is the provision of free uniforms and books to girls in Kenya. The success of the struggle for leadership change in Egypt and other places by the youth can be attributed to [>]

Double taxation relief: belgium

In this Agreement, unless the context otherwise requires - the term 'Nigeria" means the Federal Republic of Nigeria including any area outside -the territorial waters of the Federal Republic of Nigeria which in accordance with international law has been or may hereafter be designated, under the laws of the Federal Republic of Nigeria [>]

Consumer behavior – online shopping

However, this research will try to identify the main factors influencing the online consumer and will, therefore, try to limit these to a few in order to be able to investigate the effect on the online consumer. Having this knowledge we continue to identify specific factors that are of importance when the online [>]

Engineers are builders of a nation essay sample

The State of West Bengal in India provides one of the best examples of intensive commercial farming.* Extensive Commercial Farming: It is a system of agriculture in which relatively small amounts of capital or labour investment are applied to relatively large areas of land. 088 From this study, myriads of constraints are always [>]

Clinical research

Boudewyn and Liem suggested that the longer the duration and the more frequent and severe the sexual abuse, the more depression and self-destructiveness is likely. 4 JOURNAL OF CHILD SEXUAL ABUSE In a large random community study, Romans, Martin, and Mullen found that of their 252 participants, 26% of the participants reported sexual [>]